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The Top Ten Cryptocurrency Blunders: A Must-Read Guide for All Investors

The Top Ten Cryptocurrency Blunders: A Must-Read Guide for All Investors

Are you eager to maximize your returns in the cryptocurrency market? If so, it's crucial to avoid common pitfalls that could lead to significant financial losses. This comprehensive guide will delve into the ten most critical errors crypto investors often make, which can result in substantial monetary losses. By understanding and avoiding these mistakes, you can ensure that your investments not only avoid unexpected setbacks but also thrive, leading to significant profits that can potentially change your financial future.

#1. Not Doing Your Own Research (DYOR)

One of the most common blunders for investors is the lack of thorough research before diving into an investment opportunity. It's easy to get excited, especially when a friend boasts about a lucrative altcoin investment that promises astronomical returns. However, it's essential to avoid getting caught up in the frenzy and instead take a step back to educate yourself. 

This includes learning about reputable exchanges, secure cryptocurrency storage, and tax implications, as well as delving deeper into the specifics of individual crypto projects. By conducting your own research, you are taking control of your investments and empowering yourself with knowledge.

When evaluating research and projects, two crucial factors come into play. Firstly, verifying the project's authenticity and examining the token distribution is essential. To accomplish this, CoinmarketCap or CoinGecko can be used to analyze the coin or token. Delve into the data, focusing specifically on the price movement and trading activity. The trading volume should be substantial, indicating genuine interest and market participation. Additionally, the token should be listed on at least one reputable exchange.

Source: CoinGecko

With the basics covered, it's time to delve into more in-depth information from secondary sources. Explore cryptocurrencies on websites such as Messari, Binance Research, and CoinBureau, which provide comprehensive introductions to projects, their core teams, and objectives. Be sure to examine the profile section on Messari, which offers valuable insights into a project's background, token distribution, and other essential details.

It is essential to consider how tokens are allocated. It is favorable when tokens are distributed broadly among the community, indicating a healthy sign. Conversely, it raises concerns if a small group, often the founders, possesses most of the tokens. Additionally, it's essential to investigate the backgrounds and credentials of the founder, CEO, and other key team members. Videos featuring these individuals can provide valuable insight into their expertise and vision.

Source: Markethive.com

Previous interviews offer valuable insights into their progress in realizing their goals. Also, if they conduct regular meetings or webinars open to the public, it indicates transparency. Another key indicator of their credibility is their ability to follow through on their road map. At this stage, you should have gathered sufficient information to assess the project's authenticity and potential for long-term success.

#2. Opting For Inadequate Crypto Exchanges

Choosing the right exchange is a make-or-break decision. Many beginners and experienced cryptocurrency users fall into the trap of selecting the wrong exchange platform. The severity of this mistake can vary greatly, but it's crucial to start by verifying the exchange's authenticity. Unfortunately, many individuals are deceived by fraudulent crypto exchanges, underlining the need for vigilance in this crucial step.

Exercise caution when encountering sponsored advertisements for cryptocurrency exchanges, even when they appear on trusted news websites. Conduct thorough due diligence. Look into online discussions on Reddit, X, Bitcointalk, and other forums to see what users say about their experiences with these exchanges. 

Additionally, investigate the exchange's leadership, including the founders' backgrounds and the company's history. Just as you would carefully vet individual cryptocurrency projects, it's crucial to apply the same level of scrutiny when evaluating exchanges, particularly those that are less well-known.

Next, ensure the exchange aligns with your investment approach. This involves checking if the exchange provides the specific tokens you want to purchase. Most exchanges will meet your needs if you focus on investing in well-established large-cap tokens. However, if you're interested in smaller-cap tokens with greater risk but the potential for high returns, you'll need to be more discerning in choosing exchanges.

While specific cryptocurrency exchanges boast an extensive catalog of digital assets, others, like Coinbase, have a more limited selection, comprising only a few hundred options. Nevertheless, Coinbase's strict adherence to regulatory standards as a publicly traded company in the US ensures the implementation of rigorous security protocols. This sets it apart from many other exchanges, which lack similar oversight and may not inspire the same confidence level.

Beyond security and coin allocation, consider whether the exchange's features align with your trading style. As a beginner, you may prefer an exchange with a user-friendly interface. If you're more seasoned, verify that the exchange offers the advanced trading features you need. Many exchanges cater to diverse skill levels by providing basic and advanced platforms, but exploring your options is essential to finding the best fit.

Finally, ensure the platform you consider using accepts your currency and does not charge excessive trading fees. High fees can ruin a successful trading day, especially when more affordable options are available.

#3. Impulsive Decisionmaking With No Strategy

The third mistake to avoid is entering the crypto market without a strategic approach. As the saying goes, 'Failing to plan is planning to fail.' This adage holds particularly true in crypto, where impulsive decisions often lead to regret. By establishing a well-thought-out strategy, you can confidently navigate the market, making informed investment choices rather than relying on chance. With a solid strategy in place, you can feel secure in your decisions and confident in your ability to navigate the market. 

A solid strategy serves as a guiding framework, protecting you from making rash, emotional decisions and keeping you on track despite the influences of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) and the fear of missing out (FOMO). With a robust strategy and the discipline to stick to it, you can progress steadily without getting derailed.

Crafting a winning approach requires a tailored plan that suits your unique needs. Some general principles can serve as a guide. Start by setting clear and measurable goals rather than vague aspirations. Consider your comfort level with risk when setting these goals. For instance, someone in their early years without family responsibilities may be more inclined to invest heavily in cryptocurrency, whereas someone older with dependents may take a more cautious approach.

Regarding your cryptocurrency investments, you need to determine your comfort level with risk. Will you diversify your portfolio with smaller, more volatile altcoins, offering more significant growth opportunities but with higher uncertainty, or play it safer with established large-cap coins that provide more stability but limited upside? Additionally, should you hold onto your investments for the long term (HODL) or engage in active trading? This decision ultimately hinges on your personal risk tolerance and the trade-offs you're willing to make between security and potential returns.

Regardless of your investment approach, remember this crucial rule: never put in more money than you can comfortably part with, and refrain from taking on debt to fund your investments—it's simply not a risk worth taking. New investors, in particular, should resist the urge to amplify their bets with excessive borrowing, such as crypto leverage trading. Additionally, be sure to cash in on your gains periodically. Failing to do so is a common pitfall, so make it a deliberate part of your strategy, and you'll be grateful for it in the long run.

#4. Relying on a Centralized Exchange Instead of a Personal Wallet

Fourth on the list is a crucial security oversight: neglecting to self-custody one's crypto. To clarify, self-custody means having complete autonomy over your cryptocurrency by storing it in a personal wallet that only you can access and control. This approach is akin to keeping your physical cash in a personal safe rather than relying on a bank. For optimal security, self-custodial wallets are the recommended choice. Newcomers to the crypto world may wonder why they shouldn't simply store their funds on a centralized platform like Coinbase, Kraken, or KuCoin, but there are important reasons to avoid this approach.

Keeping some of your assets on these platforms for easy trading might be practical. However, there are risks when entrusting your assets to third parties online. Trusting the entity you are dealing with is essential, as some dishonest individuals are in the industry. A recent example is Sam Bankman Fried, who was once highly regarded in the crypto world but ended up causing significant financial losses to many. As a result, it's imperative to exercise extreme caution when dealing with online asset storage.

A second drawback of centralized exchanges is that, regardless of their trustworthy nature and rigorous security measures, they can never provide a guarantee against cyber-attacks. The cryptocurrency industry has witnessed a staggering $2.85 billion in losses due to theft from various exchanges and custodial services since 2012, demonstrating that no platform is entirely immune to breaches. Not even significant exchanges like Binance are immune, as evidenced by a hack they experienced in 2019 despite their robust security measures.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are attractive targets for cybercriminals due to the potential for substantial financial gains if their security measures are compromised. Malicious individuals seeking to take advantage of vulnerabilities in these platforms constantly threaten them. Additionally, regulatory uncertainties pose a risk for exchanges, as they may be subject to sudden closure or asset seizure by government authorities. An example occurred in 2021 when South Korea closed down 11 exchanges allegedly engaged in fraudulent activities.

Finally, there is a perpetual threat of financial collapse and insolvency. In such a scenario, users' assets could be at risk. The likelihood of this increases if an exchange fails to perform regular proof of reserve audits. Therefore, it is not advisable to keep assets on exchanges. Due to these concerns, the risks associated with storing assets on exchanges outweigh any potential benefits. As Benjamin Cowen, CEO of Intothecryptoverse.com, aptly puts it, "Treat exchanges like public toilets. Get in, do your business, and get out.”

So what should you do instead? You need to self custody your crypto by holding a non-custodial or self-custodial wallet. Non-custodial wallets are a broader category encompassing various wallets where users control their private keys. A non-custodial wallet can be browser-based or software-based, like Trust, Solflare, or Exodus, where users control their private keys. Although the wallet provider still bears some responsibility for safeguarding your assets, you have ultimate authority over your cryptocurrency.

Self-custodial wallets are a type of non-custodial wallet in which the user has complete control over their private keys and is responsible for managing their funds. They are hardware wallets like Ledger or Trezor in which the user has complete control over their private keys and is solely responsible for securing their assets. In both cases, the user controls their private keys and manages their funds. Still, the level of control and responsibility can vary depending on the type of wallet.

#5. Neglecting To Back Up Seed Phrases and Passwords

Another common security mistake is neglecting to create backups of seed phrases and passwords. A seed phrase is a set of words your cryptocurrency wallet generates and serves as the master key for managing and retrieving your funds. In the event of device failure, loss, or theft, your seed phrase is the only way to regain access to your assets stored in the wallet. 

Storing physical copies of your seed phrases and passwords may seem inconvenient to some people. However, considering the importance of safeguarding your finances, it is essential to prioritize security over convenience. It is crucial that these backups are kept in a tangible format. Avoid saving seed words digitally on your device at all costs, as this dramatically increases the risk of your cryptocurrency being stolen by malware or cyber criminals.

Consider choosing between a paper backup method or engraving the information on a steel card for added security. Ensure that you store this vital information in a secure location. Additionally, take into account the security measures for your cryptocurrency exchange accounts. Implement two-factor authentication, and remember to store the backup codes needed for account recovery securely. Losing access to your phone can lead to being locked out of your account, resulting in a cumbersome verification process to regain entry. Prevent this potential hassle by documenting and safeguarding the codes along with your seed phrases in a secure container or safe.

#6. No Risk Management Plan

Effective risk management is essential for achieving long-term success in the crypto market. It is commonplace to become impulsive and deviate from your initial investment strategy. Staying composed during a bullish market is crucial to avoid making hasty decisions. Therefore, having a risk management plan tailored to your investment approach is vital.

A crucial rule of thumb for all investors is investing only money you are comfortable potentially losing.  If you're an active trader, consider implementing risk management strategies such as stop-loss orders and profit-taking limits. These tools enable you to lock in gains when the market is favorable and limit potential losses when it turns sour. By doing so, you can avoid the need for constant market surveillance, providing peace of mind and a more hands-off approach to investing.

When managing risk, adopting a cautious mindset that extends beyond trading to include withdrawing your assets, also known as off-ramping, is essential. Many fall prey to a common mistake: sending funds to the wrong blockchain via an exchange. This mistake is easily preventable, but it can have irreversible consequences, and even with the help of wallet providers or exchanges, rectifying the situation is not always possible and can be highly stressful. To avoid this, take the precautionary step of sending a small test transaction to confirm the successful funds transfer. While this will incur some gas fees, it's a minor cost compared to the potential risks involved.

#7. Falling For Scams

Be cautious of fraudulent schemes, which are a significant concern in cryptocurrency and are closely related to managing risks. Conducting thorough research and remaining vigilant are essential to avoid falling prey to such schemes. Adopt a skeptical mindset and stay alert to potential red flags. Empowering yourself with knowledge of common fraudulent tactics is key to protecting your investments.

Some typical fraudulent schemes include Ponzi schemes, which rely on flimsy foundations and promise high returns but fail when new investments dwindle. Scammers may also attempt to attract victims to questionable investment platforms where funds are deposited but never returned. Another tactic is phishing attacks, where fraudsters create fake websites or emails to deceive individuals into revealing confidential information like private keys or wallet passwords.

Another insidious practice is pig butchering, a deceitful scheme in which individuals build a fake online connection with their targets and then manipulate them into divulging sensitive financial details or transferring funds. This deceptive tactic, akin to the tactics of the "Tinder Swindler," is prevalent in financial fraud. Moreover, cryptocurrency scams frequently exploit the influence of celebrities, using their images and names to deceive unsuspecting followers. Falling prey to such scams can have devastating consequences, not only draining your finances but also taking a heavy emotional toll on your well-being.

#8. Falling For FOMO 

The following three mistakes are rooted in emotional biases. Although intuition has its place in some regions of life, it's essential to separate emotions from rational thinking when making investment decisions. The fear of missing out (FOMO) is a common psychological trap, and it can cleverly manipulate investors into making impulsive choices.

Theodore Roosevelt once pointed out the negative impact of comparing oneself to others on happiness, quoting, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” “This concept can also be applied to investing. During times of positive market trends and when your peers are succeeding, it can be tempting to abandon one's investment strategy and lose focus.

The proliferation of social media has exacerbated the problem, as overnight successes and compelling forecasts of price surges create unrealistic expectations. For instance, many individuals were convinced that Bitcoin would soar to $100,000 during the previous market upswing despite falling short. The allure of this narrative led people to hold onto their investments for too long, neglecting to cash in when they should have. 

This reinforces the importance of developing a strategy tailored to one's risk tolerance and grounded in thorough research rather than following the crowd. Tuning out the noise and focusing on your approach is essential, a lesson closely tied to the following common pitfall: having inflated expectations, particularly among those new to the market.

#9. Inflated Economics

High hopes can sometimes result in significant letdowns. Viewing cryptocurrency investments as a means to rapid wealth can result in severe financial setbacks when reality fails to match these lofty expectations, particularly in the short term; investors often make ill-advised choices. Such mistakes include impulsively selling during market downturns or investing in high-stakes assets without adequately evaluating the risks.

It is crucial to have a solid strategy and adhere to it in order to succeed. By remaining patient and disciplined, your chances of success are higher. Should you experience good fortune in cryptocurrency, you must exercise humility and discretion. Boasting about your wealth can attract unwanted attention, and there have been disturbing instances where individuals who publicly flaunted their crypto gains online became targets of criminal activity. It's wise to keep your accomplishments private and avoid drawing unnecessary attention to yourself.

#10. Quitting Prematurely

Lastly, a common pitfall is surrendering too soon, which can cause investors to forfeit potential profits. The market's tendency to experience significant fluctuations can be intimidating, and those not prepared for such instability might quickly sell their assets during downturns, putting themselves at risk of losses. Exiting too early could result in missing opportunities for potential gains.

Successful investors are resilient and endure challenges, adapting their strategies and gaining knowledge along the way. Having a long-term perspective is key. While prices may experience significant fluctuations in the short run, it is essential to maintain a broader view. Viewing a bear market from a longer-term standpoint can offer a more positive outlook. 

Patience and holding onto investments can eventually lead to significant gains. Sometimes, you just have to “hold on for dear life” and wait for your fortunes to moon. Finding a balance and following the profit-taking strategy mentioned earlier is prudent. It is crucial not to let short-term market trends distract you from your crypto journey and to keep the perspective of how far the cryptocurrency industry has come since its inception. 

This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.



Editor and Chief Markethive: Deb Williams. (Australia) I thrive on progress and champion freedom of speech.  I embrace "Change" with a passion, and my purpose in life is to enlighten people to accept and move forward with enthusiasm. Find me at my Markethive Profile Page | My Twitter Account | and my LinkedIn Profile.






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The Fourth Bitcoin Halving is done How Has It Stacked Up Historically? What can you expect in the coming months?

The Fourth Bitcoin Halving is done. How Has It Stacked Up Historically? What can you expect in the coming months? 

The Bitcoin halving, a highly anticipated and pivotal event in the cryptocurrency industry, has finally taken place. As history has demonstrated, when the supply of new BTC is reduced while demand remains steady or increases, Bitcoin tends to reach record levels, significantly impacting the entire cryptocurrency market.

The Bitcoin halving event has sparked concerns about its potential impact on Bitcoin miners, which could, in turn, affect the value of the cryptocurrency and the broader market. This article explores the Bitcoin halving, examining its historical effects on the crypto market and its implications from the most recent halving in April 2024.

What Is The Bitcoin Halving?

It's important to differentiate between Bitcoin, the network, and BTC, the digital currency, to understand Bitcoin's halving. The Bitcoin network is a series of data blocks, each with a record of BTC transactions and a link to the previous block, forming a chain-like structure called a blockchain.

Bitcoin (BTC), on the other hand, functions as a virtual medium of exchange that incentivizes specialized computers, known as miners, to gather and validate outstanding Bitcoin transactions. These transactions are then bundled into a block and linked to the decentralized ledger, referred to as the blockchain. As a result of this process, the miner is rewarded with a predetermined quantity of Bitcoin.

Source: Techopedia

The BTC reward is sourced from two different places. The initial source is the coinbase transaction, also known as the block reward, which is the origin of the name for the Coinbase Exchange. The second source of rewards is miner tips, which are transaction fees paid by users who attach BTC tips to their transactions to expedite their inclusion in blocks.

Source: bitcoin.com 

A fascinating point to note is that Bitcoin initially did not involve any transaction fees due to the presence of primarily empty blocks with no transactions. However, as the use of Bitcoin expanded, the number of transactions rose, leading individuals to add fees to guarantee the inclusion of their transactions in subsequent blocks.

Unlike transaction fees, which fluctuate, block rewards are predetermined and hardcoded into the system. The generation of new Bitcoins is automated. Initially, when Bitcoin's first block was extracted in January 2009, the reward was 50 Bitcoins; however, it has since decreased to 3.125. 

This reduction results from the Bitcoin halving mechanism, which systematically slashes the block reward in half every four years. The initial block reward reduction occurred in November 2012, followed by subsequent reductions in July 2016 and May 2020, with the most recent one occurring on April 19th of this year. 

Source: Coindcx

According to fundamental economic principles, prices tend to rise when demand remains steady or grows while supply decreases. In the context of Bitcoin's halving, a 50% supply cut should theoretically lead to a doubling of its price. However, past trends have shown that the price surge following each halving has been even more dramatic, primarily due to the concurrent rise in demand for the cryptocurrency.

Let's take a step back to appreciate the remarkable growth of Bitcoin. When it first launched, only a small group of around a few dozen individuals owned BTC. Fast forward to today, and that number has skyrocketed to over 200 million people worldwide. This surge in adoption has had a profound impact on the value of BTC, causing its price to rise exponentially. What's truly astonishing is that since its humble beginnings in July 2010, when it was worth nine cents, BTC has returned a staggering 720,000 times its initial value. This historical growth is a testament to the potential of Bitcoin and its ability to generate significant returns for investors.

What Has Been the Outcome of Previous Halving Events?

The results of past halving events have shown significant price increases for Bitcoin. For instance, after the first halving in November 2012, Bitcoin's price surged from about $11 to $1,100 in November 2013. Similarly, following the second halving in July 2016, the price jumped from around $650 to almost $20,000 by December 2017. In the third halving, Bitcoin reached over $69,000 the following year.

Historical examples indicate that the decreased availability of newly generated Bitcoins following a halving event may result in greater scarcity and, thus, elevated prices. It is crucial to recognize that although a relationship between these factors exists, it does not necessarily indicate a direct cause-and-effect relationship. Multiple elements, such as market sentiment, adoption patterns, and macroeconomic circumstances, also play a role in influencing price fluctuations.

This brings us to the current halving, with Bitcoin's widespread recognition reaching an all-time high. Some pundits believe that this increased awareness has already been factored into the current market price, leading to a relatively stable future for BTC. On the other hand, others contend that the introduction of spot Bitcoin ETFs has generated a consistent flow of investment, which, when paired with the impending reduction in new coin supply, will likely trigger a rapid and dramatic surge in price following the halving.

What About The Bitcoin Miners?

Halving Bitcoin has an immediate and significant effect on miners, who experience a 50% reduction in their earnings from block rewards. This drastic cut can alter the profitability of mining operations, potentially leading to a shift in the cryptocurrency mining landscape. Following the latest halving event, the payout for successfully mining a Bitcoin block dropped from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC.

About a week before the halving event on April 13, the value of a single Bitcoin plummeted from over $67,000 to $62,000. At that time, with the block reward standing at 6.25 Bitcoins, an individual miner would receive a payout of roughly $387,500 for each block of Bitcoin successfully mined.

By April 20, the bitcoin price had stabilized at around $64,000, meaning the new 3.125 BTC reward was roughly $200,000. However, reducing mining rewards could pose difficulties for smaller-scale mining operations in the post-halving period: the increased processing power and energy required to produce new coins pressure miners' profit margins. Numerous predictions have been made that several major Bitcoin miners will struggle to stay afloat following the halving event.

The established, more prominent mining operations should have the financial means to upgrade their equipment and explore more efficient power options. Others believe that given their ample time to adapt to the impending Bitcoin halving, it's reasonable to expect them to be prepared. On the other hand, the halving event poses an existential threat to smaller, less-resourced mining entities, making their survival increasingly uncertain with each successive occurrence.

The Bitcoin halving in April 2024 stands out from its predecessors. Unlike in the past, the crypto landscape has shifted due to the influx of new mining operations, leading to decreased profitability as the growing number of miners share the same rewards pool. 

Another notable shift this time is that the block reward is no longer miners' primary source of income. According to reports, mining companies are expanding their business scope beyond traditional Bitcoin mining to explore alternative revenue streams, venturing into complementary areas such as energy harvesting, data warehousing, and AI development to boost their earnings.

So, How High Could Bitcoin Go?

Some experts believe that introducing ETFs has opened the floodgates to a new wave of investment that could propel Bitcoin's price to unprecedented heights. Moreover, these ETF inflows may also serve as a buffer, mitigating the severity of any future downturns in the cryptocurrency's value. Historically, Bitcoin has experienced drastic declines of over 70% following market peaks. However, the subsequent correction may be less severe, with more seasoned investors entering the fray and accumulating more significant stakes in BTC.

If ETFs are not the driving force, central banks could step in to make an impact instead. In a new development, central banks can allocate 2% of their balance sheets to cryptocurrency starting January 1, 2025. In 2022, the Central Bank of Switzerland expressed interest in purchasing BTC. A significant BTC purchase by a major central bank might trigger a peak in BTC's price. On the other hand, it could also signify the start of the blow-off top phase of the crypto bull market cycle, similar to when MicroStrategy acquired BTC in mid-2020.

Source: Coinmarketcap

Historical Decline Of Bitcoin Dominance. What That Means For Altcoins

The impact of Bitcoin's halving on the broader cryptocurrency landscape is closely related to the shift in market dynamics that follows this event. Analyzing the changes in Bitcoin's market share after the halving is essential to understanding this phenomenon better. This market share, known as Bitcoin dominance, represents the proportion of the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies attributed to Bitcoin alone. However, it's worth noting that historical data on Bitcoin dominance is limited and does not extend back to the first-ever Bitcoin halving in November 2012.

It's probable that altcoins still needed to hold a substantial portion of the market during that time, which limited their influence. Additionally, the entire cryptocurrency infrastructure was still in its early stages, making this point somewhat moot. What's intriguing is that following the second Bitcoin halving event in July 2016, Bitcoin's market dominance decreased by around 4%. This implies that investors shifted their focus away from Bitcoin and towards altcoins. Notably, even when Bitcoin's value plummeted by 40%, its relative strength compared to altcoins failed to rebound.

In other words, BTC is considered the go-to choice for cryptocurrencies' safety. Therefore, a significant 40% drop in BTC's price should have increased BTC's dominance since other cryptocurrencies would have likely decreased in value as well, causing investors to move their funds into BTC. The fact that this shift did not occur could be due to the overall immaturity of the cryptocurrency market.

Despite this, Bitcoin dominance plummeted by 60% during the 2017 cryptocurrency boom, dropping to approximately 40% of the overall market capitalization. Notably, this decline occurred towards the peak of the 2017 cycle, specifically in December 2017, indicating a high level of speculation in alternative cryptocurrencies at that time.

Following the third Bitcoin halving event in May 2020, BTC dominance dropped by 14%, a threefold more significant decrease than the aftermath of the second halving. This considerable decline implies that investors shifted their funds away from Bitcoin and into altcoins even faster after the third halving. Similarly, during the 2021 crypto bull market, Bitcoin's market share plummeted by approximately 35%, falling to around 40% of the total market capitalization, mirroring the trend seen in 2017.

In contrast to the 2017 scenario, this phenomenon occurred earlier in the cycle, emerging around April 2021 and persisting until April 2022. This prolonged rotation into alternative cryptocurrencies implies a more enduring trend than the 2017 cycle, which is reasonable considering that most alternative cryptocurrencies lacked significant utility until 2021.

The brief historical data indicates some unique trends in altcoin dominance for this cycle. BTC's dominance could decrease significantly, up to 40% after the halving, but only around 10% as we near the next cycle's peak. Additionally, altcoins may demonstrate greater resilience during the next crypto bear market.

The significant 40% decrease in BTC's dominance may seem surprising. Still, it becomes more understandable when considering the rising influence of stablecoins and the recent approval of spot Ethereum ETFs. As we move closer to the next bullish crypto market phase, the market capitalization of stablecoins is expected to see substantial growth, while ETH's market cap is likely to increase following the introduction of spot Ethereum ETFs.

How High Will Altcoins Go?

The critical factor is the extent and duration of the rally that altcoins may experience. It is important to note that the prices of altcoins are closely linked to the price of BTC. Altcoins perform well when BTC's price is stable (trading sideways) or increasing slowly. This scenario tends to prompt traders to seek opportunities in more speculative cryptocurrencies due to boredom.

Source: Investopedia

The experts at Coinbureau recommend analyzing altcoin performance compared to Bitcoin by applying conventional stock market measures. They suggest looking at the "Beta to Bitcoin" concept to gauge the volatility of altcoins with BTC. As a general guideline, altcoins with a market capitalization over $1 billion tend to have a beta of 2, meaning they are twice as volatile as Bitcoin. Those with a market capitalization under $1 billion have a beta of up to 4, while those with a market capitalization under $100 million have a beta of around 8, indicating significantly higher volatility compared to Bitcoin.

So if BTC’s price goes up by 2.5x between now and the cycle top, some large capital coins should eventually go up by around 5x, some mid caps should eventually go up by around 10x, and some small caps should eventually go up by around 20x. It is important to note that this is a general guideline and not a definitive prediction for every coin. It is crucial to emphasize the term "eventually" because these projected outcomes are not immediate and may not unfold simultaneously for all alternative coins.

It's a given that the growth won't be a steady upward trajectory; instead, there will be significant downturns and reversals, which will become more pronounced as the market reaches its peak. If Coinbureau's forecasts about dominance hold true, altcoins may experience prolonged periods at or near their record highs, unlike in past cycles. Conversely, this implies that they will face similar declines during the next downturn in the cryptocurrency bear market.

However, a catch could be that this phenomenon may be limited to well-established alternative cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, which have already inspired their own exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and could consequently exhibit the previously mentioned dynamics: unexpected high points, reduced volatility in downturns and potentially propped up by central banks. 

How Can You Take Advantage of Potential Gains?

It is essential to be aware of upcoming opportunities to maximize potential profits. There are three critical steps to take advantage of these gains. The initial step involves recognizing the key narratives expected to dominate the upcoming cryptocurrency bull market. This article explores the narratives likely to experience significant growth in the next bullish cycle.

Your next step is establishing a presence on the most suitable cryptocurrency trading platforms. The third is to remember that not all altcoins will surge in value simultaneously. If you notice specific cryptocurrencies surging in a particular narrative, avoid rushing to invest in them. Look for other cryptocurrencies within that narrative that have yet to experience a rally. 

Likewise, if your portfolio's cryptocurrencies are underperforming compared to the broader market, they may be experiencing a temporary delay. While it's true that some may never recover if you've conducted thorough research, likely, this won't be the case, and they'll eventually catch up.

This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.


Editor and Chief Markethive: Deb Williams. (Australia) I thrive on progress and champion freedom of speech.  I embrace "Change" with a passion, and my purpose in life is to enlighten people to accept and move forward with enthusiasm. Find me at my Markethive Profile Page | My Twitter Account | and my LinkedIn Profile.






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How To Add Hivecoin To Three Non-Custodial Software Wallets

How To Add Hivecoin To Three Non-Custodial Software Wallets 

Understanding the Role of a Crypto Software Wallet

A software or digital wallet is a powerful tool that simplifies and empowers your cryptocurrency experience. It's a handy app or site that securely stores your cryptocurrency keys, always at your fingertips, ready to be accessed anytime, anywhere with an internet connection.

This convenience puts you in the driver's seat of your digital assets, allowing you to manage them with ease and confidence. Importantly, non-custodial means you have complete control over your keys and funds, unlike custodial wallets, where a third party holds your keys.

Software wallets play a vital role in your cryptocurrency journey. They don't store your crypto; your coins are stored on the blockchain. Instead, they provide you with access to your passkeys, enabling you to transact with your digital currencies. This accessibility allows you to buy, sell, trade, or transfer crypto from your computer or mobile device without needing a physical device. Moreover, these software wallets are fortified with robust security measures, providing protection surpassing centralized exchanges. 

Today, we’ll explore three non-custodial software wallets that allow you to list and transact with Hivecoin. Hivecoin is a crypto asset that is part of the Markethive community. It is instrumental in creating transactional activity within the community as we prepare to list Hivecoin (HVC) on crypto exchanges, where it will be available for free market trading. 

Upon setup, each wallet prompts you to save a secret recovery phrase, a unique combination of 12 words. This phrase, best stored on paper and kept secure, not on your computer, serves as your key to access your wallet from any device. This feature ensures that even if you lose your mobile phone or access to your computer, your digital assets remain secure.

Solflare Wallet

The Solflare wallet is a comprehensive crypto wallet offering various features. It allows you to send, receive, and securely store tokens on the Solana blockchain. It also grants access to decentralized applications (dApps) on Solana, including decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms, decentralized exchanges (DEXs), and decentralized social media platforms. (DeSo) Additionally, Solflare offers a swap function that allows you to swap between tokens within your wallet.

Key Features

  • Send, receive, and store tokens on the Solana blockchain
  • Access to decentralized applications (dApps) on Solana
  • Support for staking Solana to a validator of your choice
  • Swap function for swapping between tokens within the wallet
  • Compatible with hardware wallets like Ledger
  • Available as a desktop and mobile browser app, as well as a mobile app on the App Store and Google Play
  • User-friendly interface with easy onboarding and advanced features for experienced users

Key Benefits

  • Secure and robust crypto wallet for Solana users
  • Easy to use, with a user-friendly interface and advanced features for experienced users
  • Supports multiple platforms, including desktop and mobile devices
  • Compatible with hardware wallets like Ledger for added security
  • Offers a swap function for swapping between tokens within the wallet

How to Add the Hivecoin Token to the Solflare Wallet

Once you’ve downloaded the Solflare wallet onto your device, which is comprehensively explained in this video, you can add the Hivecoin token (HVC) to your wallet. Adding a new asset to your wallet is a simple process. 

On your Portfolio homepage, you'll find an option to "Add new asset," as shown in the image below. Clicking on this will prompt you to enter the details of the new asset, including its token address and number of decimals. Once listed, you can send and receive Hivecoin to the Markethive Wallets and associated wallets where the HVC token is listed. 

The Hivecoin mint address is APRXuct2fy7yXeSPcS5r4pTdh6P34xhqj1Pio1dyc1j6
The token's representation has nine decimal places. Below is an image of Hivecoin’s mint token address and decimal places on Solana Explorer. 

Source: Solana FM Explorer

Exodus Wallet

The Exodus wallet is a popular cryptocurrency wallet with a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features for managing and securing digital assets. Here are some key points about Exodus Wallet:

Key Features

  • Exodus is a non-custodial wallet, meaning users have complete control over their private keys and funds. To protect user assets, the wallet uses advanced security measures, including multi-sig technology and cold storage.
  • Exodus supports over 319 cryptocurrencies and offers features like in-app swaps, staking, and NFT marketplaces. It also supports Trezor Model T and Trezor One hardware wallets for offline cryptocurrency storage.
  • Exodus's user interface is designed to be easy to use, even for beginners. The wallet offers a clean and intuitive design, making navigating and managing digital assets simple.
  • Exodus is available on multiple platforms, including desktop (Windows, macOS, and Linux), mobile (iOS and Android), and browser extensions (Chrome and Brave).
  • Exodus has received positive reviews from users and critics alike, with many praising its ease of use, security, and feature set.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to Use: Exodus is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for beginners to get started with cryptocurrency.
  • Security: Exodus uses advanced security measures to protect user assets, including multi-sig technology and cold storage.
  • Comprehensive Support: Exodus supports over 319 cryptocurrencies, making it an excellent option for users who want to manage various digital assets.
  • In-App Swaps: Exodus allows users to swap between cryptocurrencies within the wallet, making managing and diversifying their portfolios easy.

This short video explains how to download the Exodus wallet on your mobile phone, and here is a brief tutorial illustrating the desktop download. You can then synchronize both wallets.   

How to Add the Hivecoin Token to the Exodus Wallet

Once downloaded, you can add The Hivecoin token by scrolling down on your Portfolio page and clicking “+ Add More,” as shown above. 

That will take you to the Assets page. Click on the three dots next to ‘show all, ' and select “Add Custom Token,” as shown below. 

First, select the Solana Network, click Search, and paste the HVC mint token address. The Hivecoin mint address is APRXuct2fy7yXeSPcS5r4pTdh6P34xhqj1Pio1dyc1j6

Click on the Hivecoin display banner. A pop-up will appear asking to Add Hivecoin?  Click on ADD TOKEN. A message appears: “You’ll be able to send and receive this token.” 

Trust wallet

The Trust Wallet is a multi-chain self-custody cryptocurrency wallet and secure gateway to thousands of Web3 decentralized applications (dApps). With over 100 million users, Trust Wallet is one of the market's most popular and trusted cryptocurrency wallets.

Key Features

  • Trust Wallet supports over 100 blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Cosmos, Optimism, and many more.
  • Trust Wallet allows users complete control over their digital assets, ensuring the security and ownership of their cryptocurrencies.
  • Trust Wallet provides a built-in browser for accessing and interacting with decentralized applications (dApps) on the Web3 ecosystem.
  • Trust Wallet lets users store, send, and receive non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
  • Trust Wallet supports various decentralized finance (DeFi) and game finance (GameFi) protocols, enabling users to participate in DeFi lending, borrowing, and gaming.

Key Benefits

  • Ease of use: Trust Wallet is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for new users to get started with cryptocurrency and Web3.
  • Security: Trust Wallet prioritizes security, providing a secure gateway to the Web3 ecosystem and protecting users’ digital assets.
  • Community-driven: Trust Wallet has a large and active community that strongly emphasizes user support and collaboration.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on downloading the Trust wallet on your mobile phone and using it as an extension in your browser. 

How to Add the Hivecoin Token to the Trust Wallet

Again, it’s simple to access by clicking “Manage Crypto” at the bottom of your app extension on your browser. Enter the Hivecoin mint address, which is APRXuct2fy7yXeSPcS5r4pTdh6P34xhqj1Pio1dyc1j6. It’s also known as the contract address. It will then appear as shown in the image below. 

A Message To All Markethivers

To transact using any wallet, including the Markethive wallet, you must have a small balance of Solana’s Token, SOL, for transaction fees. These fees are minuscule, so a little bit of SOL goes a long way.  

Take the first step towards energizing our blockchain by acquiring one or more of these wallets, and let's work together to galvanize our Hivecoin network through frequent transactions. Every exchange of Hivecoin serves as a catalyst, stimulating community interaction and fortifying the connections that unite us.

The frequent exchange of Hivecoin within and beyond the Markethive network has a profound impact. Doing so fosters a thriving and dynamic blockchain ecosystem, bolstering its strength and adaptability. Additionally, it demonstrates Hivecoin’s real-world value and appeal among our community members, highlighting its practical uses and popularity.

This intensified participation significantly increases the token's worth and is crucial in furthering Markethive's vision. As it stimulates more activity on the blockchain, it strengthens Markethive's efforts to list Hivecoin on leading exchanges, ultimately expanding its presence and capabilities beyond the Markethive ecosystem.

Become a valued member of the Markethive Community Group and play a pivotal role in influencing Hivecoin's development within the dynamic Markethive network. Once in the group, you can send Hivecoin back and forth to other members. Enter your Hivecoin wallet address on the post with an active thread, and other members will send HVC to your wallet. You can then reciprocate by returning the HVC to the specific members. When interacting with members, quoting your HVC wallet address each time is advisable. 

Additionally, To increase your Hivecoin holdings, make a habit of visiting our faucet every day at https://gotco.in. Simply input your wallet address and complete the captcha to receive a reward of 0.00001 HVC. This wallet address can belong to your Markethive wallet or any other one you own. This faucet is just one of the many that Markethive plans to introduce to support our operations and make it convenient for everyone to access.


Editor and Chief Markethive: Deb Williams. (Australia) I thrive on progress and champion freedom of speech.  I embrace "Change" with a passion, and my purpose in life is to enlighten people to accept and move forward with enthusiasm. Find me at my Markethive Profile Page | My Twitter Account | and my LinkedIn Profile.






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The Causation Of Financial Nihilism Is Globalization Is This The End Of Globalism?

The Causation Of Financial Nihilism Is Globalization. Is This The End Of Globalism? 

For die-hard cryptocurrency enthusiasts, the drive to invest often stems from a deep-seated conviction that it's the sole path to achieving financial success. This sentiment is widespread, particularly among younger age groups. An increasing number of individuals are convinced that the only route to accumulating substantial wealth is to take bold risks with their limited financial resources, and this mindset is gaining momentum. Interestingly, this mindset has a distinct label: financial nihilism. This trend has been gaining traction over the years and experienced a sharp surge following the pandemic, primarily due to the influx of pandemic-related stimulus funds. 

The underlying principles of financial nihilism have the potential to impact societal dynamics and market performance significantly. In this discussion, we'll delve into the specifics of this mindset, its origins, the consequences of holding onto it, and the benefits of resolving it. We'll also suggest strategies for coping with these challenges in the meantime.

What Is Financial Nihilism?

Financial nihilism refers to a mindset that suggests achieving financial success requires taking drastic, high-risk gambles with limited resources. This term, introduced by entrepreneur and podcaster Demitri Kofinas, has been gaining traction, especially in cryptocurrency. 

Demitri's original definition of financial nihilism diverges from the abovementioned understanding. According to Demitri, financial nihilism is the belief or the realization that there is a disconnect between how much something costs and how much it's actually worth. 

The housing market provides an excellent illustration; social media has been flooded with images of residences in city dwellings like Toronto, London, Sydney, and New York City that boast astronomical price tags despite their subpar condition. Conversely, other online posts have drawn attention to the fact that these properties are priced similarly to authentic, centuries-old castles, prompting many to question the value proposition.

Another notable illustration of this phenomenon is the stock market, where most shares are valued significantly higher than the earnings of their respective companies. This trend is even more pronounced in crypto. A striking example is Dogecoin, which currently boasts a market capitalization surpassing the media giant Warner Brothers. 

Meanwhile, the cost of housing, stock prices, and the worth of meme coins continue to soar. Whenever it seems like this economic bubble is on the verge of collapse, governments and central banks intervene to reinflate it, ultimately widening the wealth gap between the affluent and the disadvantaged.

Source: Kirupa

This raises the issue of how the disconnect between price and value originated. According to Demitri, the root cause lies in globalization. For the context of this article, consider globalization as an economic approach that spans the world rather than individual nations. In essence, this involves relocating business operations from countries with high labor costs to those with lower costs, thereby reducing expenses and boosting profit margins.

Globalism has significantly impacted the world since the late 1980s, although it may not be immediately apparent. One critical effect is the notable drop in prices of many goods and services, which benefits the general population by allowing them to purchase more items than before. Additionally, globalism has led to increased financial gains for influential individuals. Furthermore, it has played a role in maintaining low interest rates, especially in Western countries.

This is because the nations selling goods to Western countries used the proceeds to purchase Western government debt, thereby keeping interest rates low. This situation benefited ordinary individuals by allowing them to access more borrowing opportunities. Still, it has been even more advantageous for influential individuals who can borrow significantly more.

Unlike ordinary individuals who use borrowed funds to acquire consumer goods, influential individuals invest in assets, leading to two notable consequences. Firstly, the prices of essential assets, such as housing, have increased at a rate surpassing wage growth, while the costs of most consumer goods have declined due to international outsourcing. This disparity has resulted in the current disconnect between asset values and the overall economy. 

Secondly, this phenomenon has led to an unusual wealth accumulation among a select few powerful individuals who have greatly benefited from globalization, earning them the label of "globalists." Unsurprisingly, many globalists hold leadership positions or have significant investments in the world's largest corporations.

In past videos, Demitri pointed out that a small group of powerful elites have accumulated vast wealth and influence, enabling them to establish parallel systems of governance that wield more power than democratically elected governments. The World Economic Forum is a prime illustration of this phenomenon, and it's just the tip of the iceberg. 

By their very nature, these parallel institutions exist to promote the elite's agenda rather than serve the needs of ordinary citizens. Consequently, a significant gap has emerged between the interests of the average person and those of their governments, whose policies are ultimately shaped by the dictates of these globalist institutions.

The Effects Of Financial Nihilism On Society

Now that we've identified the roots of financial nihilism, we can delve deeper into its far-reaching consequences on society, the economy, and beyond. As highlighted in a recent article by Travis Kling, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of crypto VC firm Ikigai Asset Management, who has been instrumental in bringing the concept of financial nihilism to the forefront, he emphasizes the close relationship between financial nihilism and populism, which he defines as the perception that influential individuals are neglecting the needs and concerns of ordinary people.

This concept is closely related to global powers' influence and underlying agendas. Travis also emphasizes the importance of examining the root causes of financial nihilism. The stark disparity between housing costs and average earnings is a prime illustration. Specifically, in the US, the median home price is a staggering 7.5 times higher than the median income, a telling indicator of the issue.

Take a step back and look at the bigger picture: according to recent findings, homeownership has become an unattainable dream for 99% of Americans. Travis astutely observes that the massive financial and monetary measures implemented in response to the pandemic have exacerbated this issue, leading to a surge in financial nihilism. As a reminder, approximately $5 trillion was allocated towards pandemic relief, based on official records. Although a significant portion of this funding was distributed to individual citizens, most people went on to spend this money at the mega-corporations that belong to the globalists. 

The concept of universal basic income (UBI) is fundamentally flawed. The government's handouts would ultimately benefit wealthy elites, a point also raised by Demitri. Furthermore, the pandemic-related restrictions led to the demise of many small businesses, which were forced to shut down, while large corporations were allowed to continue operating. The policy decision to protect big business at the expense of small enterprises during the pandemic is a stark illustration of how the interests of powerful global elites often shape government policies.

The massive monetary stimulus during the pandemic resulted in the wealthiest 1% of the population now possessing more wealth than the entire middle class combined. This growing disparity in wealth distribution has been a persistent trend since the advent of globalization in the late 1980s, although it has intensified in recent years, potentially by design.

To reinforce his argument, Travis highlights two striking facts. Firstly, Millennials possess a smaller proportion of real estate value than previous generations of the same age. This means that when Baby Boomers and Gen X were Millennials' current age, they had a more significant stake in the property market. Secondly, Travis points out that total household wealth has increased sevenfold since the 1980s, yet Millennials only control a mere 9%. In contrast, Gen X holds 21%, and Boomers hold a substantial 51%, likely due to their greater advantage from globalization.

Initially, globalization positively impacted the average individual, reducing consumer goods prices and affordable asset values. However, over time, the benefits of globalization began to erode as ordinary people's wages failed to keep up with the rising cost of assets, mainly due to the outsourcing of labor and asset acquisitions by global players. This disparity is illustrated in the comparison between median income and the S&P 500, as shown in the graph below. 

During the late 1980s and mid-1990s, median income remained relatively stable in relation to the S&P 500. However, it experienced a sharp decline following the dot-com bubble in 2001 and again after the 2008 financial crisis.

So What Can We Do About It? 

Faced with such disheartening realities and numbers, it's only logical to wonder what steps can be taken to address the issue. According to Travis, who approaches this problem from a financial nihilist standpoint, stipulates,

“You take bigger risks. You feel driven to take bigger risks to try and leapfrog from your current financial position (mostly paycheck to paycheck; buying a home feels nearly impossible; saddled with student loans; salary increases not keeping up expense increases) to something more tenable. More comfortable. More baller. So you gamble. You. F**king. Gamble. You look anywhere for anything that can give you a 5:1, 10:1, 50:1 type of payout. Naturally, you look to literal gambling, which is growing at a breakneck pace.” 

Travis cites a surge in gambling revenue to bolster his argument, which is experiencing an even more dramatic upward trend than Nvidia's stock performance. Notably, US casinos reached unprecedented revenue highs in 2023. Travis further supports his claim with detailed statistics, including the volume of wagers on specific events such as the Super Bowl and data on zero-day-to-expiry options.

For those new to the concept, zero-day-to-expiry options enable wagering on a stock's direction by the day's close. These options have seen a meteoric rise, now accounting for 43% of S&P options trading volume, a surge that began during the pandemic. Travis suggests that a subconscious awareness of the drastic instability in current fiscal and monetary policies drives the typical individual to engage in this behavior. What's intriguing is that this average person may not even realize the underlying macroeconomic factors at play but instead is guided by a gut feeling that something is amiss.

Travis injects cryptocurrency into the discussion, calling it "The Roman Colosseum for asset price and risk-taking distortions.”  He notes that specific cryptocurrencies have yielded returns far surpass those of any zero-day-to-expiry option or meme stock. To drive his point home, Travis cites several examples. He then declares that crypto is, at its core, “ A populist movement. A countercultural movement. A YOUNG PERSON’s movement. Boomers don’t get it. It’s “our” thing. It’s the one thing we can actually beat Boomers at (so far).”

He anticipates that Millennials will inherit the $53 trillion wealth held by Boomers and invest a significant portion of it in cryptocurrency. In the near future, he foresees that this cryptocurrency trend will reveal unprecedented reckless actions. This projection is unfolding as anticipated, as various meme coins with little value are reaching market capitalizations in the billions of dollars.

The prospect of this scenario defining most of the crypto bull market is unsettling. Travis advises giving in and embracing it rather than fighting it. “You can wish that weren’t the case. You can wish the crypto market would be more sound-minded. More sober. More focused on providing solutions to real problems. More rooted in reasonable valuation methodologies. Less bubble-ish. But I believe those wishes will be left ungranted.”

This assumes that the situation will persist if the root causes of financial nihilism are not dealt with. Yet, there is a growing public awareness regarding the WEF's questionable motives and associated institutions’ less-than-favorable agendas and virtue signaling, leading to a rapid understanding of these underlying issues.

So, When Will The Causes Of Financial Nihilism Be Addressed? 

Acknowledging that economic globalization is the primary culprit behind this crisis is essential. Given that nationalism is the antithesis of globalization, it's logical to conclude that the antidote lies in economic nationalism. While this notion may initially seem radical, it's already gaining traction. The recent trends of onshoring and friendshoring, often mentioned in economic discourse, are, in fact, manifestations of economic nationalism. This approach involves reintegrating most outsourced operations, regardless of the expenses involved. This is where the first major hurdle arises – the significant costs that come with it.

It is often overlooked how globalism has positively impacted the everyday individual. Due to outsourcing manufacturing operations, the average person has benefited from lower costs of goods and certain services. Reversing this trend and bringing production back onshore would likely result in price increases for goods, especially when asset prices are already high, creating a challenging situation for the average person. This scenario is the opposite of when globalization began taking shape.

In stark contrast to the favorable economic climate of the 1990s, when commodity prices declined and assets were reasonably priced, the shift towards nationalist policies will bring about a period of financial strain, marked by rapid inflation and persistently high asset values that remain out of reach for many.

A promising trend is the potential for a surge in average salaries, with some indications that this upward shift is underway. As a natural consequence, the exorbitant earnings of the wealthy elite are likely to decrease in tandem. It's implicit that this prospect is unappealing to those at the top, who may even view it as an existential threat, given the staggering levels of debt they've accrued and cannot repay.

In other words, those with power are vested in suppressing wage growth for the general population, as increased earnings would erode their wealth and profits. Similarly, they cannot permit interest rates to climb, lest they face insurmountable debt repayment challenges resulting from the excessive borrowing they engaged in during the era of inexpensive credit that characterized globalization.

This shows why globalists are fixated on innovations like artificial intelligence. It enables them to maintain low wages and profit in an economically nationalist setting. Similarly, their enthusiasm for central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) can be seen as a means to manipulate interest rates and debt levels. Furthermore, it's notable that many nationalist-leaning leaders elected globally have ties to the World Economic Forum, suggesting that their allegiance may not be to national sovereignty but to the globalist ideology that aligns with the WEF's agenda.

Notably, ordinary individuals increasingly recognize this situation, leading to a decline in trust in established organizations. Demitri has consistently emphasized this point in his discussions. The main challenge in combating financial nihilism lies in losing confidence in the institutions responsible for implementing solutions, as global interests have influenced these institutions and have become corrupted.

The only viable remedy for the crippling effects of financial nihilism lies in establishing new organizations prioritizing ordinary individuals' needs over those of the powerful elites. This transformation is still in its infancy and may require several decades to reach fruition, much like the gradual rise of globalization in its formative years.

Navigating Turbulent Times Ahead 

The main question is how to address the changing dynamics during this period. More specifically, how can individuals cope with the impending peak in asset values and the rapid surge in goods prices? Both the timing and location factors influence the solution. Looking at the timing perspective, Travis's forecast about this being an exceedingly speculative crypto market cycle is accurate and is expected to persist. Additionally, his assertion that the crypto market will present the most outstanding returns among speculative asset classes also holds true.

When considering the increasing participation of globalist investors such as BlackRock in cryptocurrency, it becomes evident that investing in crypto presents a significant opportunity to enhance one's financial position in the near future. To prosper financially within a globalist context, it is essential to emulate the strategies of global investors. Many are now mimicking the investment decisions of influential figures like Nancy Pelosi. However, the challenge lies in exiting these investments at the right moment or, preferably, beforehand. Achieving this task is more complex than it may seem.

One of cryptocurrency's most exciting aspects is its transparency, allowing all transactions to be publicly visible. This unique feature enables individuals to monitor and track the investment strategies of experienced traders in real time, often providing valuable insights. By doing so, many people have successfully identified emerging trends, including the rapid growth of memecoins, before they surge in value.

This approach may only be viable in the short term. Beyond that, we may witness a widespread asset selloff as heavily indebted global powers attempt to settle their debts. This scenario presupposes that their efforts to manipulate wages and interest rates will ultimately fail, which appears probable. Those familiar with the CBDC narrative will understand that developing and launching such technologies is complex. Moreover, coercing people to adopt these technologies and actually getting them to use them are two distinct challenges, with the former being relatively easier to achieve than the latter.

If globalization efforts stagnate, the value of assets will decline, while the cost of goods and wages will increase. To thrive in this scenario, it's essential to adopt a diligent work ethic, particularly in sectors experiencing a resurgence of domestic production. Reestablishing local operations will necessitate massive investments of energy and resources. Strategically placing yourself near these industrial centers can provide indirect benefits, even if you're not directly employed in these fields.

This pertains to the second aspect of addressing the consequences of globalism, which is location. Assuming that globalists can establish CBDCs and similar systems, there will likely be certain countries and regions where their influence will be limited. These technologies may be less widespread or may not be present.  It needs to be determined which countries and areas these may be, but this should become clearer over time.

Source: Visual Capitalist

Countries less inclined to adhere to globalist principles, like the BRICS nations and their allies, often face the most adverse impacts from them. Even if the globalists do not succeed in introducing their dystopian technology, it may still be wise to consider moving, as certain countries may struggle to bring operations back onshore efficiently due to limitations in resources or workforce. Europe and the UK are especially vulnerable to this scenario.

In essence, navigating the challenges of globalism and its eventual downfall will require flexibility in managing one's finances, career, and home. We're operating in a globalized system, so it's crucial to mirror the investment strategies of globalists and be prepared to move to avoid their control. As we transition towards a more nation-centric environment, your ability to find meaningful employment will become more vital to your survival than your investment savvy, which may also require relocating to a new country. However, choose a nation that won't likely end up in a kinetic war because of its nationalism.


Editor and Chief Markethive: Deb Williams. (Australia) I thrive on progress and champion freedom of speech.  I embrace "Change" with a passion, and my purpose in life is to enlighten people to accept and move forward with enthusiasm. Find me at my Markethive Profile Page | My Twitter Account | and my LinkedIn Profile.






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How To Excel At Customer Acquisition Through Content Creation With Markethive

How To Excel At Customer Acquisition Through Content Creation With Markethive

How To Excel At Customer Acquisition Through Content Creation With Markethive

Acquiring customers is vital for a business's success, serving as the main driver for marketing efforts and overall business expansion. However, the process has become fiercely competitive and increasingly costly, with the customer acquisition cost (CAC) rising by over 60% in the last six years. This increase in CAC is due to various factors, such as increased competition, rising advertising costs, and changing consumer behavior, making it more critical than ever for businesses to invest in effective customer acquisition strategies like content marketing.

Navigating the crowded online landscape can be a significant hurdle as businesses flock to establish a presence through various digital platforms. However, these channels present a tremendous chance to stand out and acquire new customers through compelling content. By creating informative and engaging content, businesses can cut through the noise and take control of their customer acquisition strategies, empowering them to shape their own success.

It’s exceptional, customer-centric, search-engine-friendly content that resonates with audiences and drives conversions. Search-engine-friendly content refers to content that is optimized to rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs). This involves using relevant keywords that your target audience will likely search for, creating high-quality backlinks from reputable websites, and ensuring the content is easy to read and navigate, with clear headings, subheadings, bullet points, and short paragraphs. 

By creating search-engine-friendly content, businesses can increase their visibility and attract organic traffic. While most companies acknowledge the significance of digital content, it's surprising that only a few prioritize crafting high-performing content that delivers results. Instead, they churn out subpar material that lacks impact, leaving a gap in the market for those who do prioritize it.

The Link Between Customer Acquisition and Compelling Content

Today's discerning consumers are highly selective when choosing brands and making buying decisions, much like forward-thinking businesses that capitalize on digital platforms to identify and win over new customers. The significance of content in attracting customers stems from its ability to establish trust. 

More than outdated marketing strategies, including catchy slogans and aggressive sales pitches, are needed to grab consumers' attention or sway them; today, they seek out brands that demonstrate reliability and credibility. Studies have shown that 81% of consumers prioritize trust when making purchasing decisions, ranking it second only to the quality and value of the product itself. 

By offering informative and insightful thought leadership content, which refers to content that positions the brand as an industry expert and provides unique perspectives on industry trends and issues, businesses cannot only attract but also earn the trust of potential customers. This reassures them of the brand's credibility and reliability, instilling confidence in the effectiveness of content marketing as a customer acquisition strategy.

Image source: Edelman

To foster the trust that consumers hold in such high esteem, they turn to one key source: your content. By developing and disseminating consistent, high-quality content, you cultivate a reputation for expertise, infuse your brand with a distinct persona, and offer tangible benefits that assure consumers of your brand's capability to meet their needs. 

But how do you know if your content is effective? Measuring the success of your content marketing efforts is crucial. You can track metrics such as website traffic, engagement (such as comments, shares, and likes), and conversions (such as newsletter sign-ups, downloads, or purchases) to gauge the impact of your content.

Unlocking Customer Acquisition: The Surprising Power of Content Over Advertising

A Common Misconception
Many individuals mistakenly believe that marketing revolves solely around advertising. However, those intrusive messages and images that disrupt our online experiences are often more of a nuisance than an effective means of engagement. For most, attempting to read an informative article only to be bombarded with irrelevant pop-up ads is annoying and distracting. It's no secret that these tactics are largely ineffective, yet they come to mind when most people think of marketing.

The term' content marketing' describes content that genuinely assists individuals. This is the essence of effective marketing, and the primary objective of marketing is to attract new customers. Content marketing is effective because it is created by and for people. It is designed to educate, share insights, and inspire progress. Unlike traditional advertising, which often interrupts and annoys consumers, content marketing provides value and builds trust. It’s more successful in acquiring new customers because it focuses on providing help rather than pushing sales.

Optimize Your Online Presence Across Multiple Channels

Don’t Rely On AI
To improve your search engine ranking, focus on creating content that directly addresses the search intent behind the keywords and questions your audience poses. Avoid depending solely on AI-generated content. Additionally, content that performs well in search engines will likely be effective in email and social media.

The critical insight from AI-driven content marketing is that it should be leveraged as a supplementary resource rather than a substitute for human creatives. While AI platforms like GPT are increasingly adept at producing content that mirrors human tone and style, they cannot replicate the emotional understanding that underlies effective content marketing. 

For example, AI can help with content ideation, keyword research, and even content creation, but it’s the human touch that genuinely connects with the audience. Ultimately, the capacity for empathy sets human writers apart and drives successful content marketing strategies.

Content marketing is essentially centered around helping people. By offering valuable information and addressing users' concerns, content helps users even before purchasing. This approach aims to establish a strong connection with the audience, encouraging them to learn more about your brand and potentially become customers who see the benefits of your products or services in enhancing their lives. 

In an era when people are bombarded with information, building a connection with your audience by showing you genuinely grasp their needs is crucial for differentiating yourself from the competition. Advanced AI-powered content marketing tools can analyze the vast expanse of existing content and produce remarkably sophisticated, eerily human-like original content inspired by what's already available.

However, these tools lack a deep understanding of your target audience and the subtleties required to craft content that truly speaks to them. They're also unable to grasp your brand's distinctive character or replicate the unique voice and tone that sets you apart. These personal touches still require a human touch, emphasizing the irreplaceable value of human creativity and understanding in content creation. Your role in this process is invaluable and cannot be replicated by AI, making you an integral and irreplaceable part of the content creation process.

Content + Paid Advertising
As explained above, AI-generated content may fall short of achieving the objective businesses want through content marketing, but it’s becoming increasingly prevalent. It’s indeed getting harder, not easier, to acquire new customers through organic means. One way to supplement organic content acquisition is through paid.

Utilizing paid content marketing allows you to promote your existing content to your target audience in the online platforms they frequent. This can include strategies such as sponsored social media posts, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and native advertising. It is important to note that paid content marketing is most effective when combined with solid content marketing strategies already in place.

The authenticity of content marketing, once a beacon of uniqueness, has transformed. Content marketing values refer to the principles and beliefs that guide content marketing strategies, such as providing value to the audience, being transparent and honest, and focusing on long-term relationships rather than short-term sales. Integrating a touch of paid advertising doesn't mean compromising your commitment to these values. Instead, it adapts to the shifting external landscape that has altered the playing field.

The landscape of social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google has shifted, posing challenges for brands to reach their desired audience without utilizing paid advertising. Changes in platform policies, such as Facebook's algorithm prioritizing content from friends and family over brand content, and algorithms, such as Google's search algorithm that ranks content based on relevance and quality, have made engaging with the same audience through organic social media content increasingly challenging.

As the internet swells with information, a phenomenon known as Content Shock comes into play. The notion suggests that the quantity of content will continue to rise, posing challenges in capturing consumers' attention amidst their limited time and energy. In response, many companies are incorporating paid advertising into their content marketing approaches to cut through the noise and reach their desired audience.

While content marketing isn't solely dependent on paid advertising, incorporating paid strategies into your overall approach can be a valuable addition for some individuals.

Content + Banner Ads
Similar parallels can be drawn with banner advertising. When the first banner ad debuted in 1994, it boasted an impressive 44% click-through rate. Fast forward to today, and that rate has plummeted to a mere fraction of 1%, as internet users have skyrocketed from a mere 30 million to a staggering 5.35 billion. 

The internet's content has experienced exponential growth. To put it into perspective, the number of Google searches conducted every minute surpasses the entire online population of 1994, while the number of emails sent in a single minute is ten times that of the 1994 internet user base.

Therefore, the quantity of banner advertisements displayed to various online users has increased. Consumers have become weary of banner ads over the past three decades, ranking them as the second least trusted advertising medium in 2021. Nonetheless, banner display advertising remains the second most heavily funded digital format in the United States.

Banner ad spending reached $58 billion in 2022, representing more than 30% of digital advertising expenditures in the U.S., which is only 10% lower than search ads, which are the leading format. Forecasts suggest that this spending will increase consistently and surpass $78 billion by 2026.

Despite the underwhelming returns, marketers funnel their advertising funds into digital formats without hesitation.  I think banner ads still have a place in this modern marketing era, and if we could combine content marketing with banner ads to bring more traffic to our content, that’s a win/win in my book. 

Approximately 53% of content creators utilize advertisements to enhance their inbound efforts. They have successfully engaged with quality content by strategically reaching a relevant audience through search and social ads. The key lies in the content itself rather than the advertising format. When crafted into compelling content, ads enhance, rather than hinder, a robust inbound marketing approach.

The digital advertising landscape looked vastly different a decade ago. The majority of online ads were inadequate and annoying. The most advanced format available was the display ad. Unfortunately, most advertisements were intrusive and failed to target their intended audience. Interestingly, research shows that when content is boosted through banner ads, its click-through rate surges by a staggering 800%.

Numerous ineffective advertisements still exist, yet a different type is emerging—ones that could bring value to individuals. These advertisements assist consumers in discovering desired information, ads that amplify great content, and present it to those interested in the topic. Essentially, these ads can be considered inbound in nature.


Maximizing Returns with Content Marketing

Content marketing's proven effectiveness is the primary driver behind leveraging it for customer acquisition. A well-known marketing statistic reveals that leads generated through content marketing come at a significantly lower cost, with a staggering 62% reduction compared to traditional marketing approaches. This is primarily due to content marketing's ability to attract and convert new customers efficiently at a lower expense.

How To Excel In Customer Acquisition Through Content

To acquire customers through content, you must synchronize your content with the stages of the buyer's journey. While all website traffic is beneficial, particularly for new businesses aiming to enhance visibility, a deliberate approach is required for effective customer acquisition through content. This involves aligning your content with the phases of your buyer's journey.

As prospects navigate through the purchasing process, the type of content that resonates with them shifts. Initially, individuals who land on your website after conducting their first online search for a product or service are probably seeking educational resources to understand the challenges they are experiencing better.

As customers progress through their purchasing decision, they may require additional assurance that your brand is the best fit, and a detailed whitepaper or comprehensive case study can provide the necessary persuasion. The following visual aid can help you strategize the most effective types of content to allocate to each stage of the buyer's journey.

As you tailor your content to resonate with customers at each stage of their purchasing path, keep two key objectives in mind: provide potential buyers with the necessary information based on their current stage and incorporate a Call To Action (CTA) or another incentive to guide them to the next stage of the buyer journey.

Elevate Your Content Marketing with a Strong Blog Presence

A blog is the cornerstone of a successful content marketing strategy. While it's common knowledge that having a blog is essential, simply producing content, no matter how industry-relevant, and waiting for results is not a viable strategy.

To engage your target audience, it's essential to maintain a cohesive and customer-centric tone in your blog posts. Be deliberate and purposeful in your approach. Utilize categories to structure your content to match your content objectives, customer search intent, and buyer journey. 

Begin by conducting SEO keyword research and evaluating your current content. From there, establish a strong foundation for your blog by incorporating content optimization strategies and paying careful attention to the technical aspects contributing to its performance. This includes ensuring your blog is prominently featured on your homepage and main navigation, utilizing article page templates, setting up proper URLs, and other essential steps.

At the heart of a successful content marketing approach lies a website with a blog, which has outperformed all other marketing methods. Moreover, studies have shown that blog-equipped websites boast an impressive 434% increase in search engine-indexed pages, resulting in a staggering six-fold rise in revenue.

Image Source: First Page Sage

Utilize Valuable Gated Content

Valuable gated content, commonly called lead magnets, collects visitor details by providing them with something of great worth in exchange. Gated content takes various shapes, yet it consistently delivers a distinctive and superior offering compared to the content available for free to your visitors.

For instance, if your blog delves into the significance of content audits, consider offering a comprehensive downloadable resource that provides a step-by-step walkthrough of the process. Popular types of gated content that are widely utilized and proven effective include ebooks, whitepapers, checklists, templates, and instructional videos.

Produce Engaging Videos

Video has become crucial in digital marketing as the most sought-after form of online content. Most businesses (86%) have incorporated video into their marketing plans. Furthermore, industry experts forecast that a staggering 82% of internet traffic will be driven by video content by next year.

Explore innovative video marketing strategies, such as documenting daily experiences through vlogs, hosting virtual events and webinars in real time, and showcasing customer testimonials through user-generated videos. 

Markethive is poised to revolutionize these formats with its comprehensive video platform, virtual conference spaces, e-commerce storefronts, and broadcasting tools. Moreover, its decentralized blockchain infrastructure, spanning multiple cloud systems, offers a distinct advantage over traditional centralized cloud services like AWS and Cloudflare.

Showcasing Social Proof

Are you someone who reads reviews and testimonials before making a purchase decision? Well, you're not alone! Studies reveal that 88% of consumers place as much faith in online reviews as in personal referrals from friends or family. They typically peruse multiple reviews before finalizing a buying decision.

Showcasing social proof in your content can boost your customer acquisition potential. Practical strategies for achieving this include:

  • Interspersing customer testimonials and rave reviews throughout your online platform or website. 
  • Showcasing in-depth success stories that highlight your achievements with previous customers.
  • Featuring authentic content created by satisfied users, such as online reviews, product photos, and video testimonials. (User-generated content)

Building trust with potential buyers is crucial, and social proof helps achieve this by providing tangible evidence that you’ll deliver on your promises. Many customers rely heavily on social proof to make a purchasing decision. By including social proof material in your customer acquisition plan, you can significantly boost the chances of turning leads into paying customers, ultimately driving revenue growth.

Markethive’s Role In Customer Acquisition  

Markethive, the blockchain-driven social market broadcasting network, is revolutionizing the media landscape. Its unique iterations, integrations, and upgrades will make it the ultimate tool for customer acquisition for large companies, small businesses, and solo entrepreneurs seeking to craft and disseminate compelling content that resonates with their target audience. This will include press releases and sponsored articles.

In contrast to traditional social media platforms, you retain ownership of your content, assets, and resources. On centralized social media platforms, the content you share becomes the property of the platform itself. They may redistribute it for profit without informing you or seeking your consent despite your view that your content is proprietary.

Watch as this behemoth of all things digital media unfolds and grows, dominating various aspects of marketing and advertising, including customer acquisition, social media, inbound strategies, video advertising, content creation, email campaigns, banner display, and more. Equipped with customized storefronts for individual businesses, SEO optimization, and its crypto, Hivecoin, the currency of Markethive, it is a complete ecosystem tailored for entrepreneurs.



Editor and Chief Markethive: Deb Williams. (Australia) I thrive on progress and champion freedom of speech.  I embrace "Change" with a passion, and my purpose in life is to enlighten people to accept and move forward with enthusiasm. Find me at my Markethive Profile Page | My Twitter Account | and my LinkedIn Profile.





Tim Moseley

A New Wave Of Customer Acquisition Coming To Markethive

A New Wave Of Customer Acquisition Coming To Markethive

customer aquisition inbound marketing

Implementing a customer acquisition strategy is vital for any business looking to expand its customer base and foster long-term relationships with potential clients. This process involves attracting and nurturing leads until they are ready to purchase and ultimately converting them into loyal customers. A well-defined customer acquisition strategy helps businesses attract suitable leads and increases their chances of long-term retention. 

This article delves into the significance of customer acquisition, its purpose, and practical strategies for achieving it. However, what sets it apart is the exploration of Markethive's role as a customer acquisition channel. Markethive is not just a platform; it's a specialist that helps businesses accomplish this crucial objective. Businesses can significantly enhance their customer acquisition efforts by understanding and utilizing Markethive's unique features.

Why Is Customer Acquisition Important? What Is Its Purpose?

Customer acquisition is a cornerstone of business success. It's the process of attracting and converting potential customers into loyal clients. But its importance goes beyond that. Customer acquisition is about expanding your customer base, boosting revenue, and building a robust brand reputation. You can grow your business and establish a steady income stream by acquiring new customers. Moreover, satisfied customers can become brand advocates, spreading positive word-of-mouth and attracting more customers. In essence, customer acquisition is a key driver of long-term business success.

This process also demonstrates traction to outside parties such as investors, partners, and influencers. Consistently attracting and converting new customers is vital for maintaining a healthy and growing business, which pleases investors. The goal of customer acquisition is to identify a repeatable and systematic approach to attracting customers to your business rather than relying on passive methods that may not ensure long-term profitability.

customer aquisition channels and strategies

Customer Acquisition Channels And Strategies

Customer acquisition channels are the platforms businesses use to introduce their offerings to potential customers. These platforms can be organic search, organic social media, referrals, email, and more. Customer acquisition strategies can be categorized into paid and free, outbound and inbound marketing, and so on.

Content Marketing

Customer Acquisition Channel: Organic Search
Crafting captivating and pertinent content is a powerful strategy for attracting and engaging potential customers across various industries. By consistently producing fresh, exciting, and relevant content, businesses can effectively lure in their target audience and guide them toward their website, ultimately driving customer acquisition and growth.

Amid widespread deceptive advertising and declining consumer confidence, content marketing offers a gesture of goodwill by expressing, “We are passionate about our work and eager to provide our knowledge to you at no cost.”

Content marketing involves creating content relevant to your target audience and compelling them to act. The main goal is to connect with your audience and convert them into customers. This means each piece of content should have a clear call to action. Content marketing encompasses both creating content and promoting it effectively.


Customer Acquisition Channel: Organic Search
Blogging is a valuable strategy for businesses of various sizes, sectors, and target audiences. Maintaining a blog allows you to delve into diverse subjects, showcase expertise in your field, and establish credibility with your readers. Through blogging, you can consistently interact with your audience by sharing visuals for them to save, posing questions for them to respond to, or presenting compelling calls-to-action for them to click on.

When launching a blog, it's essential to have a solid foundation in place to ensure its long-term success. This includes having a reliable team of writers, whether full-time employees, freelancers, or guest contributors. Additionally, having a graphic designer and editor on your team can help enhance your content's visual appeal and overall quality, making it more engaging for search engines and your target audience.

Social Media Marketing

Customer Acquisition Channel: Organic Social Media, Paid Social Media
Social media can require a lot of effort for little reward if you don’t develop a solid game plan for its use. What networks are you going to leverage, and which ones are you going to avoid? Posting organically on social media may seem like shouting into a void. The key is accessing the right networks, which all reach a well-defined audience.

Social media can be time-consuming and fruitless without a clear strategy. But with the right approach, it can be a powerful tool for customer acquisition. The key is understanding your audience and choosing the platforms that align with their interests. By doing so, you can maximize your efforts and feel empowered in your customer acquisition strategies.

For instance, if your target audience consists mainly of men, Pinterest may be less beneficial since only 15% of men use the platform. However, if your audience comprises millennials, it would be wise to incorporate Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat into your social media strategy.

Video Marketing

Customer Acquisition Channel: Paid Search, Organic Social Media, Paid Social Media
Video production can be a complex process, but with the increasing affordability of high-quality cameras and the availability of freelance professionals, creating videos is more accessible than ever. Video marketing emphasizes the importance of high-quality content as a vital component of a comprehensive content strategy.

You can create engaging content for your audience by outsourcing script writing, editing, production, and animation to freelancers or production agencies. Video production's advantage is its versatility, allowing you to promote your content through various channels like search display ads, organic social media posts, and paid social media posts. Additionally, you can enhance your blog posts and pages by incorporating videos, which can better engage your readers and increase the chances of converting them into customers.

Email Retargeting

Customer Acquisition Channel: Email
The success of an email marketing campaign depends on more than just the content of the emails themselves. It's equally important to monitor the behavior of your email list and adjust your approach accordingly. For instance, when you gain a new subscriber, it's likely that they're interested in your business and want to learn more. However, if they do not engage with your initial emails, refining your approach by testing various calls to action to see what resonates with them is essential.

The clicks and unsubscribes in your email can offer valuable insights into your subscribers' preferences. The links they choose to click can indicate what they find most appealing, while those who opt out entirely can provide a glimpse into how your content is being received.

Sponsored Content

Customer Acquisition Channel: Paid Search, Paid Social Media, Traditional Advertising
Sponsored advertising takes various forms, from paid advertisements on search engine results pages (SERPS) to endorsements from influencers on social media platforms. Regardless of the platform you select, sponsored ads can help raise awareness about your products and services and draw new followers to your brand. You can explore various forms of sponsored content, like paid search results, product endorsements, and sponsored articles on relevant websites.

Customer Spotlights

Customer Acquisition Channel: Customer Referrals
Transforming satisfied customers into enthusiastic promoters can be a highly effective strategy for acquiring new customers. By empowering your existing customers to spread the word about your business, you can save time and money on other acquisition methods and tap into the credibility and trust they have established with their networks. This can lead to increased brand visibility, positive word-of-mouth, and, ultimately, the acquisition of new customers.

Invite customers to share their experiences. Seek out case studies, interviews, reviews, or user-generated content showcasing how your customers found your business and what makes it unique. Instead of promoting your company through paid advertising or social media, let your customers spread the word for you by sharing their stories.

Facilitate easy sharing of content. Although conveying a positive message can be effective, imagine the added value if your clients could readily distribute your generated content, such as social media updates, articles, or visual graphics.

Encourage a viral loop by having your customers share content that directs their followers to your business. Make it easy for them to share by providing Click to Share links for social media posts and including options to share via email. The easier it is for customers to promote your business, the higher the chances they will participate.

Search Engine Optimization

Customer Acquisition Channel: Organic Search
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complex process that involves various strategies to improve the visibility of your content in organic search results. While not an exact science, there are established techniques that can assist in boosting your content's ranking. One essential aspect of SEO is creating content that search engines can easily access, interpret, and include in search engine results pages (SERPs). 

To enhance your content's "indexability," you can include your primary keyword in the title of your post, provide alternative text for your images, attach transcripts to your video and audio materials, and create internal links within your website, which are essential for optimizing your content.

SEO has become a business's go-to customer acquisition strategy due to its ease and cost-effectiveness. As technology advances, SEO has become vital to marketing plans globally. Recent data shows that 64% of marketers actively invest in SEO, indicating its rising significance in the industry. Additionally, 75% of marketers believe their SEO tactics are highly effective in helping them accomplish their marketing objectives.

Product Pricing And Giveaways

Customer Acquisition Channel: All
More than words and promises may be required to persuade customers to purchase your products and services. Particular consumers may remain unmoved by influencer endorsements or recommendations from others. To attract these customers and build their loyalty, hosting giveaways allows them to risk-free sample your products or services. This hands-on experience can provide the necessary nudge for them to evaluate your brand as a viable choice seriously.

Another effective method of attracting customers is to utilize your product's pricing strategy, which can be promoted through every channel, including TV ads and customer referrals.  You could also rely on your product's pricing to naturally draw in customers. This approach is particularly impactful if your competitors' prices are significantly higher or differ from your pricing model.

Craft Compelling Landing Pages

Customer Acquisition Channel: All
Developing optimized landing pages is crucial for attracting customers. This strategy involves enhancing specific pages on your website to guide visitors toward your offerings. These pages serve as a gateway to your product or service, guiding consumers toward taking action. A well-optimized landing page provides valuable insights and features a solid call to action to drive conversions effectively.

To sum up, these customer acquisition strategies are interconnected and complementary. For example, social media platforms can disseminate SEO-optimized content featuring a call to action, encouraging readers to sign up for an email list. In other words, they work together seamlessly. 

Now that we’ve touched on the various customer acquisition channels and strategies, let's look at how this pertains to the Markethive concept, the direction, and how it will become an incredibly powerful social, marketing, and digital broadcasting platform.  

customer aquisition inbound marketing

Markethive: The All-In-One Channel For Customer Acquisition 

Markethive is poised to revolutionize the world of affiliate marketing, network marketing, and commission-oriented companies by introducing a groundbreaking Promocode system. This innovative approach, unprecedented in the history of marketing and customer acquisition, enables Markethive to create and offer customized promotional codes that can be redeemed for various valuable services, including money or cryptocurrency, press releases, banner impressions, targeted broadcasting, and more. By harnessing the power of these services, Markethive is providing a game-changing tool that can help businesses achieve unparalleled success.

We're revamping our dashboard services to feature a cutting-edge, multi-newsfeed interface. This upgrade will showcase innovative tools, including a page creation system, automated responders, tracking capabilities, backlinking technology, and blog broadcasting. These services are essential for every business and entrepreneur looking to thrive in today's fast-paced digital landscape.

Markethive is developing a system linking Promocodes to different subscription levels, groups, or individuals. Each entity is given a distinct code. These Promocodes will be incorporated into different websites under construction, like Hiveco.in. Every Markethive Entrepreneur One member will receive a personalized website with a unique code for marketing purposes.

Markethive's services and cryptocurrency giveaways will be promoted on these websites, and when prospects sign up, they will be connected with a designated entrepreneur and become their primary customer. This system rewards entrepreneurs with matching bonuses once the new member completes the KYC protocol, encouraging them to engage with the system. This is an exemplary example of inbound marketing.

As we progress and expand our services, including Hivecoin’s availability on exchanges and the upcoming ability for new customer acquisition with Promocodes,  Markethive's inbound marketing services will become more appealing to companies, allowing them to establish a seamless connection with us through a socket connection.

Markethive is set to revolutionize the affiliate and network marketing industry by offering its services to support companies and affiliate programs. Through its innovative Co-op system, customers will be generated and shared among members who contribute to the system within a specific Markethive Storefront. Essentially, members who participate in the Co-op will buy customers, providing a unique opportunity for growth and success in the industry.

Customer acquisition is the equalizer to everyone in Markethive and beyond. Markethive, a thriving community for entrepreneurs, is progressively integrating blockchain technology with decentralized data servers in every country worldwide. Through its innovative blockchain-based ecosystem, Markethive creates a level playing field for all businesses. Its robust inbound marketing platform is constantly evolving, covering every facet of customer acquisition, which is the cornerstone of success for any company.

This marks the initial phase. All the customer acquisition channels and strategies mentioned above are incorporated into the Markethive platform or will soon be, such as our exclusive email system and web page hosting, SEO systems, every aspect of marketing, digital advertising, video advertising, broadcasting services for social networks, and broadcasting services for the Markethive Blog system. In upcoming articles, further developments and revelations will be shared, so stay tuned!

Join us every Sunday at 8 a.m. Mountain Time for our weekly meetings, where you'll get a front-row seat to witness Markethive's transformation into a dominant force in the digital marketing and acquisition landscape. The link to the meeting room is located in the Markethive Calendar.

Markethive Social market digital braodcasting network

Editor and Chief Markethive: Deb Williams. (Australia) I thrive on progress and champion freedom of speech.  I embrace "Change" with a passion, and my purpose in life is to enlighten people to accept and move forward with enthusiasm. Find me at my Markethive Profile Page | My Twitter Account | and my LinkedIn Profile.






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Markethive Activity Report 5052024

Markethive Activity Report 5/05/2024

In this weekly report, we delve into the blockchain activity of Hivecoin within the Solana blockchain and have an insight into how Hivecoin's transactional activities have been for the week. As members invested in the growth and performance of Hivecoin, understanding transaction trends provides valuable insights into user engagement, network usage, and overall ecosystem health. 

At the heart of our analysis lies the recognition of transactions as the lifeblood of any blockchain network. Each transaction represents a node of activity, a testament to user engagement, and a contributor to the overall health of Hivecoin within the Solana ecosystem. By dissecting transaction trends, we unravel a tapestry of behaviors, patterns, and preferences that shape the trajectory of our digital asset.

Our primary objective in dissecting these transactional patterns is twofold: first, to glean actionable insights that empower strategic decision-making, and second, to optimize Hivecoin's strategic positioning within the vibrant landscape of decentralized finance (DeFi). Armed with a deeper understanding of user behavior and network dynamics, we can navigate the ever-evolving DeFi terrain with agility and foresight, ensuring Hivecoin remains at the forefront of innovation and adoption.

Hivecoin Blockchain Activity

  • The Hivecoin faucet offers a daily claim of Hivecoin, making it accessible to all users within the Markethive community and beyond.
  • The total faucet claims of Hivecoin as of this writing stand at 3,664, indicating a growing community of users actively engaging with the token.
  • Daily transaction counts on the Solana blockchain were recorded for the week spanning from April 28 to May 4th, providing a granular view of transaction activity over the designated period.
  • The total number of transactions processed amounted to 144, reflecting sustained engagement with the Hivecoin network. Analyzing daily transaction volume revealed fluctuations, with peak activity observed on April 28th and May 3rd, recording 31 and 30 transactions each, and relatively lower activity on April 30th, with 14 transactions. 
  • Hivecoin's blockchain activity reflects a vibrant and engaged community, and by actively sending coins back and forth to each other, members can further stimulate the blockchain activity and strengthen the token's presence within the Solana ecosystem.

 Community Engagement Report

  • This week, the community has shown remarkable dedication to enhancing the presence of Markethive on various platforms. 
  • A concerted effort was made to increase activity on the Markethive Bitcointalk page, aiming to foster vibrant discussions and interactions.
  • The community also turned its attention to the Markethive Trustpilot page. Numerous community members submitted reviews, sharing their personal experiences and feedback about Markethive's services.
  • These initiatives are part of a broader strategy to elevate Markethive's visibility and user engagement within the digital space.
  • The continuous active participation is expected to not only boost Markethive's online presence but also to attract new users and stakeholders to the platform.

We encourage the frequent exchange of Hivecoin within and outside the Markethive community because it serves a tremendous purpose. Firstly, it cultivates a vibrant and active blockchain environment, enhancing its resilience and dynamism. Secondly, it showcases the tangible utility and demand for the token among community members. 

Such heightened engagement not only amplifies the token's intrinsic value but also plays a pivotal role in advancing Markethive's mission. By bolstering blockchain activity, it bolsters Markethive's endeavors to secure listings for Hivecoin on prominent exchanges. This, in turn, extends the reach and functionality of Hivecoin beyond the confines of the Markethive platform.

In essence, this cycle of active participation fuels a positive feedback loop, propelling both the token and the platform towards greater recognition and utility within the broader cryptocurrency landscape. 

Join the Markethive Community Group and be part of those who shape the future of Hivecoin within the Markethive ecosystem!

God Bless Markethive!


About: Prince Ibenne. (Nigeria) Prince is passionate about helping people understand the crypto-verse through his easily digestible articles. He is an enthusiastic supporter of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Find me at my Markethive Profile Page | My Twitter Account | and my LinkedIn Profile.





Tim Moseley

Blugenics and Markethive Are Shaping the Future of Health with Gaditana Original Phytoplankton

Blugenics and Markethive Are Shaping the Future of Health with Gaditana Original Phytoplankton

The Genesis of Blugenics and the Historical and Ecological Significance of Phytoplankton 

Blugenics: Pioneering the Power of Phytoplankton 

In today's health-conscious society, the pursuit of wellness has led to a surge of interest in nutritional supplements. Essential foundational nutrition is missing from many modern diets, where foods lack nutrients from depleted, fertilizer-dependent soils. Forever chemicals in manufactured foods, daily stress, and other factors impair digestion, and the flora that make up the microbiome in the human gut exacerbate this situation.

Blugenics has revolutionized the field of nutrition with its innovative approach and expertise. The unique power of Gaditana Original phytoplankton is delivering life-altering results that have sparked a new era of excitement and well-being in the lives of its consumers. Blugenics is committed to providing the highest standards of quality and purity, instilling a sense of hope and optimism in an ailing population. 

Today, we delve into the history of Blugenics and the ocean’s superfood, phytoplankton. The breakthroughs emerging from phytoplankton and algae are among the most promising advancements in human and pet health. Blugenics is leading the way in this exciting new frontier, harnessing marine phytoplankton's potential as a nutritional powerhouse, enlightening and informing health-conscious individuals of its significance in shaping the future of health and wellness.

About Blugenics

David Hunter, the founder and president of Blugenics, was introduced to phytoplankton in British Columbia, where Tom Harper, who used about 200 strains, did the original work. In July 2005, David discovered the remarkable health benefits of Marine Phytoplankton, initially intended as shellfish nourishment. He was inspired to share this discovery widely by witnessing both a coworker's and his own dramatic health improvements, including the end of chronic migraines and allergies. 

David further investigated this pure source of nutrition, stating,  “We needed a consistent product—like a strain of tomatoes.” Blugenics settled on Nannochloropsis Gaditana Lubian, a holistic subspecies that Professor Carlos Lubian identified in 1997 off the coast of Spain. 

As David reported, “This native strain of phytoplankton is an ancient original heirloom seed plant. It grows so fast in three months; it’s thick like vibrant green ketchup. Each tiny plant looks like a green globe. It swims and has an intelligence. It is dead but alive.” 

This unique description of Gaditana Original phytoplankton sets it apart from other nutritional supplements, making it a compelling choice for health-conscious individuals. 

The phytoplankton are monitored for safety and lack of contamination, as it becomes a freeze-dried extract with only 2% moisture. “It is like a pancake, which we break and then put into a grinder to create the powder.”

Gaditana, a select strain of Phytoplankton, held great promise, but its path to commercialization needed to be more explicit, primarily due to regulatory roadblocks. Overcoming these challenges required six years of unwavering commitment and investment before the product could finally be brought to market.

The initial breakthrough came when a pharmacist, who was initially skeptical, was won over by the product's effectiveness in alleviating his acid reflux without the need for medication. This personal experience convinced him to stock the product across all his stores, marking the beginning of the product's widespread acceptance and growth. The next step was introducing this natural health supplement to a larger audience, including people and their pets, hoping to benefit thousands of lives.

David Hunter emphasizes, “The future of the planet is bright.” He explains, “We are futuristic farmers growing vitamins, protein, antioxidants, and oxygen. Our product goes from sea to stomach; we grow the product with minimal impact on the ecosystem. We are a phytoplankton company, not a supplement company.”

David is initially expanding Gaditana Original's reach in the United States, Australia, Mexico, and the Bahamas by leveraging network marketing and personal recommendations. He has teamed up with industry experts Eric Swaim and Paul Redmayne to establish Blugenics; a company focused on cultivating this grassroots approach. The strategic partnership with Markethive further strengthens our marketing and customer acquisition efforts, ensuring a wider reach and a more significant impact.


Blugenics Growing Facility 

Gaditana Original phytoplankton is cultivated in a cutting-edge facility, the only one globally endorsed under the stringent global food safety standards HACCP and ISO 22,000. Blugenics has obtained authorization from Novel Food for Marine Microalgae in Europe and a Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) rating in the United States and Canada. This endorsement ensures the product is free from toxins and entirely safe for consumption, providing you with absolute peace of mind.

Marine culture commences with safeguarded heirloom seeds cultivated in micro-filtered ocean water in enclosed tubes to ensure zero contamination. Blugenics takes in pristine ocean water off the coast of Spain, adds phytoplankton, and moves it through a thin tube in a temperature-controlled tank just 150 meters from the ocean. Later, the pure ocean water, now with phytoplankton added, is returned to the sea.

The facility has a million-dollar, 24/7 computerized safety monitoring system, backup daily manual checks, and a proprietary technique to maximize nutritional output. Blugenics is the exclusive grower of Gaditiana Original and boasts an in-house laboratory. 

Blugenics is taking a proactive stance in preserving the health of our planet by ensuring that its operations do not harm the environment. This mindset is crucial for mitigating the negative impact on the Earth, home to a diverse range of species, including tiny phytoplankton, millions of animals and plants, and humankind. By adopting these practices, Blugenics sets a precedent for other companies to follow and contributes to a healthier future for us and our planet. This commitment to sustainability resonates with eco-conscious readers, making Blugenics a brand they can trust.

What Are Marine Phytoplankton?

The sea's vast marine life has been a source of sustenance, excitement, and inspiration for humans for centuries.  However, the existence of these creatures relies heavily on tiny, single-celled organisms known as phytoplankton that drift in immense numbers in every drop of water in the ocean's upper 100 meters. These microorganisms are the foundation of the marine food chain and play a vital role in sustaining life in the sea.

Phytoplankton, the foundation of life on Earth, has a rich history spanning over 3 billion years. These microorganisms are responsible for creating the planet's atmosphere and supporting the growth of life. The term "phytoplankton" is derived from the Greek words "phyto" (plant) and "planktos" (wandering). Phytoplankton are not just tiny ocean plants but single-celled aquatic organisms that use sunlight to generate energy through photosynthesis, much like trees and other terrestrial plants.

Although phytoplankton is a small fraction of Earth's plant life, they play a vital role in aquatic ecosystems, supporting food chains in marine and freshwater environments. These tiny organisms are remarkably productive, producing half of the world's oxygen and contributing to 50% of global photosynthesis.

Their fossilized remains, deeply buried and compressed by the earth's geological processes, transform oil, a rich, carbon-based liquid that powers our vehicles. Moreover, studies indicate that they significantly contribute to the carbon dioxide cycle between the atmosphere and biosphere, thereby regulating Earth's climate.

Global distribution of ocean phytoplankton – NASA
Opacity indicates the concentration of the carbon biomass. In particular, the role of the swirls and filaments (mesoscale features) appears important in maintaining high biodiversity in the ocean.

The Power Of Gaditana Original 

Gaditana Original phytoplankton is a specific Atlantic Ocean Marine Phytoplankton and a nutritional powerhouse. It is rich in diverse essential nutrients, including omega fatty acids, vitamins A, C, D, and K, beta carotene, antioxidants, calcium, magnesium, selenium, iron, protein, and dietary fiber that supports healthy digestion. This microalgae contains all the necessary nutrients required to create and maintain cells, making it an optimal food source for those looking to boost their overall health and well-being.

Marine phytoplankton also offers a wealth of essential nutrients our cells require for optimal metabolic function. Its bioavailability is exceptionally high, with a 100% absorption rate. The cell wall is rapidly digested, allowing its nutrient-rich content to be quickly assimilated into the body. Furthermore, it bypasses the liver and enters the bloodstream directly, making it readily available for the body to utilize promptly.

Marine phytoplankton is rich in chlorophyll and various plant pigments, known as phytochemicals, which work together harmoniously as antioxidants. These antioxidants are accompanied by other nutrients, including astaxanthin, canthaxanthin, and zeaxanthin, as well as a diverse array of carotenoids.

Marine phytoplankton's appeal lies in its dual nature as a nutritious food and a natural energy source, not as a supplement or medication. It provides an instant energy boost, boasting 400 times the energy of any known plant. Its exceptional nutritional density makes it suitable for people and pets.

What sets Gaditana Original apart from the other phytoplankton you may find online?

Gaditana Original stands out from other phytoplankton options thanks to its unique origins and commitment to excellence. David Hunter, a key figure in the discovery of phytoplankton, has played an instrumental role in ensuring that the product meets the highest standards of quality and effectiveness.

He has previously created a few products for the conventional market, such as Ocean’s Alive, Karen, and Sunfood. However, he was persuaded to offer the product in tablet form for convenience. Unfortunately, he discovered that the product's effectiveness was compromised due to the addition of artificial binders and fillers during the tablet-making process, rendering it less effective. As a result, Blugenics Gaditana Original is now only available in its purest powder form.

Some phytoplankton products on the market are considered imitations or knockoffs. You can identify them by their low price. These products lack transparency, with no images of their production facilities, customer support contact information, or marketing slogans. Additionally, there is no online presence, including customer testimonials, authentic documentation, or a traceable history. 

These knockoffs are cultivated in artificial seawater, and when examined under a microscope, the phytoplankton appears damaged or abused. As a result, they are unlikely to produce the desired effects.

The Gaditana Original is a one-source ingredient untouched by artificial formulations. It’s not a man-made formulation. It is considered the closest thing to the natural source of nutrition available in the market, and it is believed to contain an undiscovered peptide (protein) that re-ignites the immune system. Considering that many health issues stem from malnourishment, it logically follows that pure nourishment, such as the Gaditana Original, can counteract the adverse effects.

Customer Centricity At Its Finest 

Blugenics and Gaditana Original prioritize customer satisfaction by adopting a "Product First" strategy, striving to positively impact the lives of millions through innovative health and wellness technology. You can trust in the expertise of David Hunter, the visionary behind this initiative. 

Additionally, Blugenics has partnered with Markethive, a top-notch marketing arm, to showcase the products through their storefront and co-op for Gaditana Original, creating a solid foundation for success. This collaboration ensures that everyone involved can thrive.

Phytoplankton was deliberately selected and tailored to serve as the fundamental nutrient source, forming the basis of all nutrition. Its position is unassailable, and, ironically, the nutrition industry has overlooked it, given that it's the master nutrient. It's only logical that phytoplankton, as the primary source, would possess greater potency than any other supplement.

We believe everyone should try Gaditiana Original just once. By experiencing phytoplankton's incredible potential and spreading awareness of its transformative effects, you join a revolutionary movement promoting well-being and vitality. We are committed to positively impacting people's lives, their pets' lives, and the environment, and we strive to achieve this in a measurable and meaningful way.

An 8-year market test in Canada has proven unequivocally that Gaditana Original Phytoplankton, if taken by the masses, will ignite one of the most significant wealth transfers in history by giving people the foundational tool of pure nutrition to control their quality of life, along with the marketing and customer acquisition tools of Markethive, the all-encompassing social market broadcasting network, to bring financial stability enhancing your livelihood.  
By joining the Blugenics Customer Acquisition storefront within Markethive, you'll collaborate with a talented team, utilize a wide range of resources and support, and experience the well-being and benefits of Gaditana Original, the planet's original source of nutrition.

See you there!


Editor and Chief Markethive: Deb Williams. (Australia) I thrive on progress and champion freedom of speech. I embrace "Change" with a passion, and my purpose in life is to enlighten people to accept and move forward with enthusiasm. Find me at my Markethive Profile Page | My Twitter Account | and my LinkedIn Profile.






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From Financial To Physical The Next Big Thing In Crypto – DePIN

From Financial To Physical. The Next Big Thing In Crypto – DePIN

Recently, there has been significant interest in decentralized physical infrastructure, also known as DePIN, within the crypto space. People are curious about the potential of this niche and which specific projects within it are worth noting. The latest detailed study, titled State of DePIN 2023 by Messari, aims to provide insights into these questions. This summary will highlight key findings from the report and discuss their potential impact on the cryptocurrency market.

What Is DePIN? 

The report commences with a concise delineation of DePIN, an acronym for decentralized physical infrastructure. It encompasses a cluster of ventures that employ cryptocurrency-based incentives to foster a range of physical infrastructure. These initiatives span from decentralized Wi-Fi systems, decentralized computing clouds, decentralized cloud storage solutions, and decentralized mobile networks to other similar endeavors. A salient feature that sets most DePIN projects apart, in addition to their crypto-based incentives, is the accessibility for individuals to contribute, provided they possess the requisite hardware.

Source: The Messari Report.pdf

The report highlights that DePIN solutions have the advantage of being more efficient, resilient, and high-performing than their centralized counterparts. Additionally, DePIN projects can rapidly innovate and evolve due to community participation, which gives them a unique edge over centralized projects. This efficiency and resilience not only make them attractive to investors but also instill confidence in their long-term viability.

Source: The Messari Report.pdf

The authors posit that DePIN initiatives possess a self-reinforcing mechanism known as a flywheel, whereby their growth and influence fuel further adoption and expansion. As these projects gain traction and popularity among users and service providers, they become even more potent and widespread, creating a positive feedback loop. The authors project that DePIN will substantially impact the global economy, with the potential to augment GDP by a staggering $10 trillion over the next decade. This ambitious projection underscores the transformative potential of these projects.

Source: The Messari Report.pdf

The authors go on to list the industries in which DePIN is currently causing significant changes. These industries encompass various areas such as digital maps in the crypto sector, energy grid management, home internet services, food delivery platforms, ride-sharing services, and, surprisingly, even pet and livestock-related projects. It should be noted that these endeavors are still in their initial phases.

The authors have categorized crypto projects in the DePIN niche into six categories: compute, wireless, energy, AI, services, and sensors. According to their analysis, there are over 650 cryptos across these categories, with a combined market capitalization of over $20 billion.

Source: The Messari Report.pdf

The DePIN projects have garnered significant interest from venture capitalists, resulting in substantial capital being invested. To put it in perspective, the top ten DePIN projects alone have collectively secured a significant amount of funding. It's worth noting that many of these projects continue to attract investments even after their initial coin offerings (ICOs) and the launch of their main networks.

It is uncommon for a crypto project to secure substantial funding after its ICO. However, when this does happen, it indicates that investors have tremendous confidence in the project's potential. The DePIN niche has attracted significant post-ICO funding, with numerous projects raising substantial amounts. The top ten DePIN crypto projects in terms of funding raised include Filecoin and Helium, each securing $250 million, RNDR Network with $100 million, Fetch AI with $75 million, Livepeer with $50 million, Really with $35 million, Hivemapper with $25 million, Andrena with $25 million, Braintrust with $25 million, and DIMO with $20 million.

DePIN Blockchains

Intriguingly, most of the nearly thousand crypto projects operating within the DePIN space are opting to deploy on a select few cryptocurrency blockchains. This observation encompasses both layer one and layer two blockchains, with Solana emerging as the most favored layer one choice among DePIN projects.

The authors cite the high speed, affordability, and use of the Rust programming language as reasons for this. Among layer two solutions, Caldera and Eclipse are favored for DePIN projects. These platforms offer flexibility, enabling DePIN projects to blend Ethereum's security with Solana's performance, as seen in the case of Eclipse.

In addition to layer one blockchains that prioritize DePIN, the authors highlight some notable examples. Iotex is one such example, which was already utilized by the US military for health monitoring trials in November 2021. Peaq, on the other hand, is still in the pre-launch phase, but it has already generated significant interest and excitement within the community.

The importance of DePIN adoption cannot be overstated, as it will have a profound impact on both layer one and layer two. The success of DePIN chains and projects hinges on the demand side of the equation, which is carefully examined in the second part of the report.

Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, the authors emphasize that DePIN revenues are fueled by utility rather than speculation. They highlight that participants in DePIN projects typically need to purchase and lock or burn their associated tokens in return for access to the decentralized service or product being provided. This characteristic aligns DePIN projects with traditional crypto coins, which are utilized for various purposes, such as payment of fees and staking.

According to the authors, DePIN projects consistently yield an estimated $15 million in yearly on-chain revenue throughout the bear market. Given the large number of DePIN projects, this amount may seem insignificant. The authors, however, need to offer a clear answer to which DePIN projects are the most profitable, leaving it open to speculation.

However, it is worth mentioning that Livepeer has developed a dashboard named the Web 3 Index, which monitors the earnings of major DePIN projects. Decentralized storage and computing are generating the highest revenue.

Source: The Messari Report.pdf

The authors highlight the evolution of DePIN projects, with many expanding their offerings to become comprehensive platforms providing a variety of decentralized products and services. They cite Filecoin, Helium, RNDR Network, and Bittensor as five notable examples of such platforms, demonstrating the diversification of DePIN projects beyond their initial scope.

DePIN Categories

In the next section, the authors divide the Compute category into its previously discussed main elements: Storage, Compute, and Retrieval. They mention that specific DePIN projects within the compute category, such as Filecoin and Akash Network, provide a “full stack experience.” 

Source: The Messari Report.pdf

In terms of Storage, it's suggested that DePIN could gain widespread acceptance by utilizing decentralized data storage. While other cryptocurrency projects and protocols have primarily adopted this technology, it's promising to see increased decentralization across the crypto space. This article provides an opportunity to delve deeper into the meaning of decentralization.

The authors highlight that Compute faces the opposite issue compared to storage. While there is an abundance of decentralized data storage but insufficient demand for it, the supply of decentralized computing power is lacking. Yet, there is a surplus of demand for it.

The authors note that decentralizing Retrieval poses a significant challenge, especially in maintaining competitiveness. This is primarily due to the fact that Cloudflare, a centralized retrieval protocol, currently serves 20% of all regular websites at no cost, making it challenging to monetize alternative solutions.

This relates to the next DePIN category the authors detailed earlier: Wireless. The growth of the total addressable market for decentralized wireless services has been exponential, and it's no surprise why. The demand for decentralized wireless services is rising as the world becomes increasingly interconnected. This category of DePIN has even earned its own name – DeWi, short for decentralized wireless – highlighting its significance in the industry.

The authors also divide this category into three parts: mobile, fixed internet, and Wi-Fi. Helium, in particular, is gaining significant attention due to its rapid expansion and popularity. As an illustration, Helium has collaborated with T-Mobile to offer affordable mobile plans across the US.

Source: The Messari Report.pdf

Data Sales
The authors decided to examine a new category not initially included in their list but gaining significant interest: Data sales. They point out the importance of data in a world that is becoming more digital. 

That is why they are optimistic about DePIN initiatives such as Hivemapper, which motivates individuals to map their local surroundings, similar to Google Maps but without a central authority. They also highlight other specialized DePIN projects, such as one that monitors noise pollution in a community-driven manner.

This relates to another category detailed earlier: Services. According to their perspective, they classify services into two types: horizontal services, like decentralized marketplaces for freelance work, and vertical services, such as decentralized ride-sharing systems.

The conversation shifts to the emerging DePIN category of  Vertical Ads, but surprisingly, they don't offer much insight into it. Notably, they fail to mention the Brave browser in this context. The situation is similar regarding energy-related DePIN initiatives, as they are also in the early stages of development.

DePIN Growth, Potential 

The report now shifts its attention to the supply side of the equation, specifically examining the remarkable growth and potential of DePIN nodes. The authors begin by presenting an interesting fact: The number of DePIN nodes continues to grow and has now surpassed 600,000. The graph below illustrates that the Wi-Fi map nodes are the most numerous, with more than 200,000 nodes being a part of the DePIN project.

Source: The Messari Report.pdf

The authors note a rapid increase in the quantity of DePIN nodes. This growth is attributed to DePIN initiatives addressing scalability challenges related to the expansion of physical infrastructure. Consequently, DePIN offerings are becoming more affordable and of higher quality. It is worth noting that the development of this physical infrastructure is being encouraged through the distribution of crypto incentives, particularly tokens awarded to individuals contributing to such infrastructure.

The tokenomics of these tokens are integral to the supply-side equation, and the authors recognize three distinct strategies. First, supply-based tokenomics encourages growth. Second, demand-based tokenomics promotes efficiency. Lastly, a combination of supply- and demand-based tokenomics strikes a balance between development and efficiency.

The advantages and disadvantages of the three methods are outlined in the image below. The authors also observe that certain strategies have been more effective for specific DePIN projects. For example, they note that projects that require a lot of hardware benefit the most from supply-based tokenomics, as it essentially rewards contributors with a large number of tokens. On the other hand, DePIN projects that are primarily software-based can expand by offering points that may eventually be converted into tokens.

Source: The Messari Report.pdf

In assessing the value of various DePIN projects, the authors recommend focusing on both the market cap and the fully diluted valuation. Their rationale is that DePIN projects often involve significant investments from venture capitalists, which can influence price movements. 

Essentially, the authors suggest that the demand for specific DePIN offerings may be tempered by the influx of tokens from initial project backers. They imply that lower-quality DePIN projects may encounter challenges and predict that many early investors will opt to sell once their portfolios have appreciated five to tenfold.

Before making any investment decisions, it's crucial to thoroughly investigate cryptocurrencies, especially those in emerging sectors like DePIN. While some experts recommend investing in blockchains that support DePIN projects to mitigate risk, this approach may not yield returns as substantial as identifying and investing in promising DePIN projects early on, with their potential for 100x growth.

Source: The Messari Report.pdf

DePIN 2024 Forecast 

The section of Messari's DePIN report that garnered the most excitement is the predictions for DePIN in 2024. According to the authors, the first theme you need to watch out for is the intersection of DePIN and AI, which is expected to play a crucial role in DePIN's development. DePIN AI has the potential to surpass centralized AI in terms of capabilities and effectiveness within the next one to two years.

The second important topic is the intersection between DePIN and meme coins. While the idea may seem odd, the authors acknowledge this and use the Solana phone Bonk airdrop as an example to show how these two can be paired. This also hints at a future where physical infrastructure is encouraged through the use of meme coins.

The third important aspect to be mindful of is the intersection of DePIN with zero-knowledge technology. By leveraging advanced zero-knowledge technology, DePIN could carry out a form of cyber attack known as a vampire attack on Web 2, which involves taking control of users' content and activity.

The fourth theme to watch is similar to the third but focuses on the intersection between DePIN and gaming. Think of it as GameFi on steroids, where the cryptocurrency elements of gaming are integrated with cutting-edge gaming technology, such as VR headsets, to create a more immersive and interactive experience.

The fifth theme to be mindful of is the intersection between DePIN and privacy, with a particular focus on decentralized virtual private networks (VPNs) as a critical intersection area.

The authors highlight a curious trend in DePIN: The intersection between DePIN and Asia, referring to the continent, is expected to yield unexpected results. They foresee multiple top 10 DePIN projects emerging from this region, with most still in the nascent stages of development.

What It Means For Crypto

The DePIN report's findings have significant implications for the cryptocurrency market. In essence, they suggest that the most successful cryptocurrency narratives and niches during the current bull market will be those that are not financially focused. A previous article on crypto narratives supports this and is reinforced by the fact that some DePIN projects have already acknowledged this trend.

Several crypto initiatives acknowledge that applications related to finance will face increased scrutiny. In contrast, DePIN presents a significantly lower likelihood of antagonizing regulators, and its credibility is evident. The increasing presence of DePIN projects on global app stores and their partnerships with established companies and brands demonstrate that it operates within a safer realm, particularly in regulatory compliance.

Given its immense potential and the nascent stage of most DePIN projects, the DePIN niche is expected to be highly unpredictable from an investment standpoint. While some tokens may experience astronomical growth, others will likely plummet in value or become worthless. Despite the risks, the long-term outlook for DePIN indicates that it will have a lasting impact on the cryptocurrency landscape, contributing to increased adoption and mainstream acceptance.

Previously, the main factors driving cryptocurrency demand were primarily based on speculation. However, real-world adoption may occur with the rise of DePin and other non-financial sectors. This shift could make everyday individuals feel more at ease using and putting money into cryptocurrency, consequently boosting further adoption and investment. Advocates believe that the ultimate goal of cryptocurrency is to decentralize all aspects of life. If that is the desired outcome, we are on the right path.

The reaction of centralized equivalents to the decentralized alternatives of popular products and services is a topic of much speculation. Some anticipate a similar response to DeFi and other disruptors of the traditional financial system, characterized by intense regulatory opposition, mainstream media-fueled FUD, and attempts to suppress their growth. However, DePIN networks have an inherent advantage that will make them more resistant to suppression, as they are generally more decentralized than most cryptocurrencies. This resilience will demonstrate the staying power of crypto.

This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.



Editor and Chief Markethive: Deb Williams. (Australia) I thrive on progress and champion freedom of speech.  I embrace "Change" with a passion, and my purpose in life is to enlighten people to accept and move forward with enthusiasm. Find me at my Markethive Profile Page | My Twitter Account | and my LinkedIn Profile.





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Revolutionizing Online Networking: Welcome to Markethive

Revolutionizing Online Networking: Welcome to Markethive !

In the digital communication world, Markethive wants to change how we connect, market, and do business online. It’s becoming a strong market network with the added power of blockchain, providing various free inbound marketing tools.

Markethive’s vision extends beyond traditional marketing platforms, as it provides a decentralized ecosystem that empowers individuals and businesses to connect, collaborate, and prosper in the digital era. Through the innovative integration of blockchain technology, Markethive introduces transparent and secure transactions, fostering trust and efficiency within its network.

"Elevate Your Digital Presence - Markethive.com, Your All-in-One Marketing Hub!"

Markethive offers a variety of inbound marketing tools at no cost, with a focus on empowering entrepreneurs and marketers worldwide. These tools include lead generation, social media broadcasting, content publishing, and campaign management, providing users with essential resources for success in the online business landscape.

As Markethive continues to grow, its steadfast dedication to nurturing a supportive and vibrant community propels it beyond the realm of just a marketing platform. By promoting teamwork and inclusiveness, Markethive leads the way in a new era of digital marketing, where the focus on creativity and collective success assumes a prominent role.


Markethive is a complete platform that provides various tools necessary for modern digital marketing. It includes blogging, email marketing, automation, social media monitoring, and analytics, offering users a comprehensive solution for their marketing needs. Additionally, the platform has features like landing pages and a content management system, making it a versatile choice for businesses and individuals looking to build and grow their online presence.


Markethive has an interesting origin, stemming from Veritech and evolving from automated marketing to inbound marketing. This platform emphasizes a collaborative approach among its members, which sets it apart from other similar platforms. Notably, Markethive offers an intuitive user experience coupled with advanced tools, making it a comprehensive solution for those looking to enhance their marketing strategies. This dedication to user experience and innovation is what makes Markethive a standout option in the marketing industry.


Users are rewarded for engagement and contributions, with the integration of various commerce platforms and blockchain technology ensuring transparency and privacy.

The integration of various commerce platforms and blockchain technology serves as a cornerstone for ensuring transparency and privacy in the ecosystem. leveraging the power of blockchain, users can be assured that their transactions and engagements are secure and immutable. Furthermore, the utilization of blockchain technology enables the creation of a decentralized environment, fostering trust and accountability. This innovative approach not only incentivizes user engagement but also promotes a sense of community and integrity within the platform. As users actively contribute and engage, they are duly rewarded, creating a virtuous cycle of participation and value creation.


At Markethive, users have total control of their data, as activities are decentralized and encrypted, ensuring privacy and sovereignty. Shadow banning and getting banned are impossible

In the ecosystem of Markethive, individuals possess complete authority over their data and activities. The decentralized and encrypted nature of the platform guarantees the preservation of privacy and sovereignty. Moreover, the architecture is designed in such a way that shadow banning and being banned are rendered impossible, allowing users to engage without the fear of such restrictions.

In the ecosystem of Markethive


Markethive is a comprehensive platform that provides a diverse range of services to its users. One of its key features is the provision of public profile pages, allowing individuals to showcase their professional and personal information in a centralized and accessible manner. This enables users to create a strong online presence and effectively network with others within the platform.

In addition to public profiles, Markethive also provides newsfeeds. Users can stay updated on the latest industry news, trends, and insights. This feature fosters a sense of community and ensures that users are well-informed to excel in their fields.

Furthermore, the inclusion of a blogging platform within Markethive enhances its utility by allowing individuals to share their thoughts, experiences, and expertise with a wider audience. This not only facilitates knowledge sharing but also contributes to the overall value and richness of the platform’s content.

Moreover, the availability of video channels adds another dimension to Markethives offerings, enabling users to engage with visual content and harness the power of multimedia for communication and knowledge dissemination.

Markethive is deeply committed to helping individuals attain financial success and expand their knowledge. The company’s dedication is evident in its innovative tools and resources, which aim to empower users on their entrepreneurial journey. Through a platform that encourages learning and collaboration, Markethive leads the way in creating an environment where individuals can thrive and reach their objectives. Continuously adapting to the evolving digital entrepreneurship landscape, Markethive stands as a steadfast partner for those looking to improve their financial prospects and broaden their knowledge base.

Education, Earning, and Growth

The importance of education is huge, especially in Markethive. It’s the key to unlocking many opportunities and helps with growth and success. At Markethive, there’s a strong focus on rewarding learning, showing a real commitment to its users’ development. By investing in the knowledge and skills of its community, Markethive sets the stage for people to thrive. This not only benefits the users but also boosts the platform’s overall growth and dynamism. So, making education a central part of progress sets a strong example in the Markethive community.


The adoption of blockchain technology ensures a secure and transparent system by leveraging its decentralized nature and cryptographic principles. With blockchain, users can have confidence in the integrity of transactions and data, thanks to its immutable and distributed ledger. This peer-to-peer network eliminates the need for intermediaries, leading to faster and more cost-effective processes.

Moreover, the exclusive banner program not only provides effective advertising but also serves as a powerful tool for brand promotion. By showcasing banners in strategic locations, businesses can capture the attention of their target audience and convey their brand message effectively. This form of promotion can significantly impact brand recognition and market visibility, ultimately driving customer engagement and loyalty.

ecosystem for entrepreneurs

In conclusion, the combination of blockchain technology and the exclusive banner program offers a robust foundation for businesses to ensure security, promote their brand, and reach their target audience in an impactful manner.

Markethive is designed for the new generation of business owners. It’s about providing people with free access, keeping their privacy safe, and helping them thrive. Members can use advanced tools to expand their businesses. The platform is committed to assisting business owners by offering them free access to marketing tools, education, and a supportive community while safeguarding their privacy. Markethive aims to help mold the future of business by offering the resources and assistance necessary for success in the digital era.

Tim Moseley