God loves us and offers us a way to become worthy. This is my story, this is my testimony!

I have been blessed with the knowledge of my own experiences with the spiritual war that rages around us. I have been blessed to know the Holy Spirit from the beginning of my life. I have been blessed to witness a miraculous healing. I have been blessed to be aware of and engaged in the removal of demons. I have been blessed to be thrown down hard and restored from that destruction. I have been blessed with visitations, visions, miracles of answered prayer. I have been blessed to see and recognize the End of the Church Age. If all of this was for any singular moment, that moment is today, for you and I will do my best to share this with you. The magnitude of my relationship with Biblical events, Holy Spirit engagement in my life is huge and miniscule and vast in scope. I have had to condense it to a Readers Digest version so I can produce this fast enough for you so the letter is timely and this year, not a decade from now. So for you, here is the Readers Digest version of my walk with the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit!

At the very earliest of memory at the age of 2.5 years I had my first Holy Ghost visitation. Not a dream, mind you, but an actual event. One that imprinted on me so strongly that it’s memory is as crisp today as it was moments after it happened. At that time and for some time, I did not know this was a Holy Spirit visit, but after growing old and having many other Holy Spirit visitations, and my life time of spiritual battles, revelations, etc. as you will read about, I can look back and know with absolute certainty; this was my first memorable visitation.

I was 2.5 years, it was a summer day and I was in my crib and awake. The room was filled with a wondrous golden light, similar to an afternoon sun setting light, but it glowed from within everything. The air had a smell that I can only be vaguely describe as that of Ivory Soap and tuberose. It is an incredible fragrance and overwhelmingly beautiful. If love had a smell, this was it. The moment also had such keenness to it, as if time had stopped. As I stood there, I distinctly remember laughing out loud as I held onto the crib railing and jumped up and down in total ecstasy. It was 1956 and the place was Jackson Michigan on Springfield Street. We were to be moving to San Diego later that year.

My next Holy Spirit visitation was at the Sleepy Inn on Garnet Ave and Mission Bay Drive in San Diego. I was now 3 years old or so I am assuming as we moved to San Diego in September the month I turned 3. Again, this is a memory I remember as clearly as if it happened yesterday. My parents, and older brother and sister were at the restaurant and left me to nap. I awoke while they were away and wandered into the bathroom looking into a mirror and remember clearly the bathroom had blue tile, a bluish green paint. The bathtub had a shower curtain with blue and yellow flowers on it and I was gazing at the door mirror when the air turned golden, the smell was that ivory soap tuberose fragrance and an overwhelming feeling of wellbeing filled me. It was timeless and I remember tears in my eyes from being so overcome by this love.

After that things pretty much settled into a childhood of little note until the tribulations began and my focus on God and discovery of my artistic talents, that being in about 4th grade or when I was around 8 years old I started having prophetic dreams. I also started painting Biblical scenes as I found myself drawn to these events, like Moses in the bulrushes, The Sermon on the mount, John the Baptist, The Crucifixion, made the majority of paintings I produced and was considered a child prodigy because these paintings were of the level of a mature artist with a command of anatomy, foreshortening and engaging the golden section. (I mention this because I believe I have been called to Jesus since before being born). But it was also at this time we were doing the air raid sirens, duck and cover in school and Kennedy was standing down the Russians and many feared a nuclear war, the Kennedy assassination, etc. So that can be construed as pretty stressful for an 8 year old kid. I had what I still refer to as prophetic dreams during this time. They were about red moons, famines, wars and strife and rioting and burning homes and stores. They also included huge distant thundering flashes of light, hurricane type winds and total destruction leaving behind a Martian like landscape, smoking and burning with great suffering. These became reoccurring dreams for about 10 years. Oh yes and the tsunami dreams too, were I was frozen at the beach unable to move from fear as huge 1000 foot waves approached threatening total annihilation. I still have these dreams to this day. Interesting since I was at one point a big wave surfer, the ocean is in my blood and I am drawn to the oceans, yet just recently I now live in Wyoming.

At the age of 12 my parents got divorced, it was a tough time. We moved from our comfortable middle class home into an apartment. It was at this time the UFOs started to appear to me. Mostly small trapezoid fluorescent blue shaped moving objects in oblique directions as they zoomed around on the horizon within my site from my perch on the second story bedroom. I also witnessed UFOs while at the beach and in the ocean as I started surfing at a very young age as the ocean is in my blood.
Junior High and High school were very turbulent. My step father took to beating me and sexually assaulting me from 8th grade to the summer before 10th grade. At that time I shot him during one of his drunken assaults on me, with my spear gun, after he had beaten my Mom knocking her through a plate glass window. I was also angered by the fact he was molesting my baby sister along with his daughters. The man was evil. I had to run away, because otherwise I was going to murder him.

It was 1967, I was 14 years old, the summer of love, and I packed up my clothes, and walked 10 miles to HWY 15 put out my thumb and began the adventure of being a run away. I thought I was headed to San Francisco, to be a hippy, but common sense stopped me to go to my Dad’s in Orange County. He convinced me to stay with him along with my step Mom Patricia. She made a big difference in my life, I was seriously damaged and she helped ease the pain and teach me confidence. So I entered into High School with a new family and during High School became the prima donna, with grade scores reaching nearly straight As and my illustrious artistic ability blossoming, I became a proud man of the flesh, the darling of High School academia. The recipient of many art awards for excellent throughout the State. I was warned by several friends who were Christian that I was in trouble but I ignored them, after all, I was magnificent. I even dabbled in their churches, but was not willing to embrace. Church seemed so hypocritical, with a history of violence and wars (or so I thought). I was about to fall and I did.

Right out of High School in my first year in college I went to a big party in the hills of Orange County (Loma Linda). I was there with a hot chick, everyone knew me, I was the number one high school artist in California, surfer, long blonde hair, straight A student. I was way too cool and I was drunk; I was also selling pot on the side, and smoking that too. Someone whipped out a bunch of coke (it was not coke, but that is what this guy named TR said it was) and every one snorted up, including me. What it was no one knows for certain. It wound up killing over 50 people, I survived, but it was like taking 1000 hits of LSD mixed with angel dust and strychnine. I literally lost my mind (This event took years to recover and I still suffer from some of the damages to this day).

I have distinct memories, more like snap shots after the event. The last thing I remember before the “cocktail” took effect was snorting up those lines, sitting in my Datson 2000 sports car with my date, then BAM blank. She told me much later what happened. She said I was talking to her then just stopped talking, stared at her, drooling, then went into convulsions, tore off my shirt, then ran off into the woods. She said others did similar things; many people fell down and died. The police finally came and a lot of people went away in ambulances. I only know what she told me.

I found myself wandering that morning, in the woods. Remember being in some small trailer or house, and looking into a mirror and what looked back at me still causes my heart to tremble. It was the most heart stopping fearful looking like demon that stared back at me (today I am convinced that is exactly what I did see).

The next 2 weeks I survived on the streets of Orange County, living on roof tops, eating from garbage cans and dumpsters. I had no inner voice; I was literally a wild animal. I only have visionary flashes during this time, sleeping under a truck, curled up in a dumpster, running from people, living on top of a roof in an industrial complex.
As time moved on I found myself walking in a neighborhood that I recognized, and that I was in fact naked, and caked in filth with matted long hair wrapped with an old dirty sleeping bag wrapped around me. I am sure I was terrifying to behold. As my first thought floated to the surface of my wreaked brain and it said, “Well Tom, now you have done it. You are going to have to learn to live with this”. As I continued my pace, mind you, I was still hallucinating but not as severe but to explain my visuals at this time, each step I took, looked like miles of sidewalk passed below me and it was a continues struggle to just keep from falling down from the vertigo and trails I was envisioning. But I kept walking, unknowingly headed home to my Dads on Spruce Cir. in La Palma. Then the next comment came from my inner voice, “I had a thought! I can hear myself again! Maybe I am going to be OK!” then I recognized my Dad’s house and knocked on the front door.

After being physically and verbally abused by my Dad, my step Mom stepped in and took me in, cleaned me and looked after me. A few weeks later I managed to get a job sanding aircraft antennas, and when I got my first check I bought a bus ticket to Santa Cruz and wound up living in a Chicken Coop then a Red Wood stump way in the back woods above Boulder Creek, as I recovered. This was a period of 2-3 years. It took that long to learn how to speak again. Not much occurred as far as visitations, or visions, perhaps the entire story is a miracle that I lived, survived and recovered. I suffered severe brain damage and to this day I still stutter occasionally or will lose complete thoughts in mid-stream. From reports of old friends that survived that party over 30 people went to mental hospitals and were still there years later.
That experience also humbled me for a time, yet my ego was to rise again as I recovered.

This was the beginning of my Santa Crus era. During that time after the first 3 years up in the mountains, I slowly got back into my artwork, albeit, it was totally changed and I remember the day as clear as if it was yesterday, the day I sat down and applied pencil to paper and a real beautiful drawing emerged. I was thankful and cried and wept that day and thanked God that my talent, though different, was restored.

I have always felt the presence of God and occasionally can see His influence on molding me. Looking back, the drug overdose changed me to the core. It is nearly impossible for me to explain the absolute pure fear I experienced in the depths of that overdose. The best way to explain it is the snow that old TVs showed when there were no channels. That was the state of my mind. And the only thing that kept me company during those 2 weeks was that pure adrenalin driven fear. I can safely say, I know fear! However, I still had much to learn and the flesh is powerful.

My recovery became a life time pursuit. As I began to assimilate back into society, I buried myself into surfing, Santa Cruz big wave cold water surfing. And I got good at that. I also moved forward with my artwork and got real good at that too. Started making decent money and making a lot of new friends, surfers and artist which also included alcohol, pot smoking, coke snorting and all the temptations that went with it. Joined a band, and at the older spectrum of my 20s was pretty much back to that prima donna status as I became the famous and very financially rich, extremely arrogant ass pot rancher in the late 70s.

It was during this time, we were having a small dinner party at my home in the hills above Santa Cruz, the pot farm. It was November and a big northern storm was approaching so you understand that the sky had those high altitude think Altostratus clouds. It was dark out as my friend and I went to the back yard to talk art stuff. As we talked we both witnessed a UFO that was 2/3rds the size of the sky appear overhead and towards the horizon. It was emitting a bluish green fluorescent color as a large circle with spokes that spread out from horizon to horizon. I mean this thing was huge, like the big UFOs in the movie Independence Day. As it moved towards us, it was also rotating slowly so the spokes of light moved across the skies. We saw this as powerful light emitting through the dense upper level clouds. In other words, the actual craft was not visible only this powerful outline and spokes of light emitting through the clouds as it moved from the distant horizon to right overhead then it just went out as if someone turned the switch off.

This is how that eventful night began. Other phenomena also began to occur and continued throughout the entire night. And that was a slowly occurring very bright bluish green fluorescent light from a single source growing slowly so that it finally got so bright, it lit the entire sky, from behind the clouds, as it would outline the nature of those clouds during it’s peak brilliance, then slowly it would then fade.

As we went back inside and told everyone what we saw, of course they did not believe us, but they did witness this other strange phenomena of this weird bluish light that from time to time would occur and it frightened everyone and everyone decided it best to go home. That included me driving my friend and his girlfriend home. They lived in Live Oaks across the street from the beach bluff. When we arrived at the beach house, we discovered all the lights were on, all the windows and doors wide open. This caused some alarm, so we entered the house cautiously. We discovered the cat in the middle of the room, all puffed up, growling, eyes dilated and the cat had defecated on itself. This caused even greater alarm.

Shortly after discovering the cat, the house began to shake liken to an earth quake and at the same time an intense fluorescent bluish green light began to stream into the windows at an oblique angle to the window as though the lite was coming in a similar fashion as sunlight would around noon time. As this continued the angle of the light was such that it began to fill more and more of the room as though the source of lite was slowly and deliberately moving closer to the ground. During this event, I went to the back door, holding onto the door jam, I hung out to look up. What I saw was a circular craft about 300 feet in dimension with a center orb of light surrounded by 5 more orbs of light contained within the bottom of the craft, with the orbs being the source of light. While gazing at the curiosity, my mind could hear or feel (to be more accurate) to let go and come with them. It was at that point my soul screamed and recoiled as I called out to God and withdrew back into the house. At this point the craft immediately shot straight up at such velocity that it took with it all the power lines from the adjacent telephone pole and several large limbs from a large live oak tree that was in the back yard. We immediately left or fled, back to the ranch where I lived and we stayed up most the night watching the skies. That night a power failure occurred from Monterey to Santa Cruz east all the way to Lake Tahoe. A few days later I received an anonymous phone call from a woman I never figured out who she was) who said she was a psychic that the craft I witnessed was called the Starship Jilseron and the captain was named Hilarian from the Pleiades star system. She further instructed me to go to San Jose to the Rosicrucian temple, ask to be allowed to the basement and Captain Hilarian would contact me there. I did go, Captain Hilarian was a no show.

This whole episode threw me into a search for God, for answers, into study and from that day on I have been seeking and studying.

I had another overdose shortly after this event, this time it was from overdosing on snorting coke and drinking vast amounts of vodka one night, while doing my artwork (I have an obsessive personality complex) so it was totally self-inflicted, rebellion of sorts. I was so out of control in full rebellion during this era of my life (Just thought to throw this in there in case you had not noticed) I would have died from a total heart arrest had my friend Tom Robinson not been there. He, a far superior drug abuser, knew what was happening, and put me into a freezing cold shower, made me drink some herb concoction and my heart came back and I lived!

2 weeks later as I was at my desk doing my artwork I had a very unusual Holy Spirit visitation. This was more like a warning. It made me sweat cold and tremble with the intensity to leave, immediately. It was like God stuck his finger into my head. “Stop doing the drugs, sell everything, pack it up and go”. I did, the next week, after selling everything that would not fit into my Fiat 124 station wagon; I left for Washington State and never looked back. In fact I stopped communicating with everyone I knew in Santa Cruz. I basically just disappeared. Then I went about seeking a new livelihood and to get away again, from the drug culture. I moved to Whidbey Island and took most of the money I had and bought up a lot of fossilized ivory (Mastodon mostly) and went about making museum quality scrimshaws with it. After a full summer of building up an inventory, I headed out to Seattle to sell it. I had less than $5 to my name when I headed for the ferry. When I arrived to Seattle, I parked in front of the first art gallery on 1st street, gas tank totally empty, put my last coins into the meter and walked in, totally on faith as I was now dead broke.

My work was well received and I walked out of that first gallery with over $20,000 and future orders for work in excess of $50,000. I continued going from gallery to gallery and came home with over $50,000 in my pocket and over $100,000 in future orders. To say I was elated was an understatement. I was humbled for the time being. Did I give God thanks, yes I did, but I still had a long road to haul. For many years during this era I made on average of $20k per month until the era of high interest rates in the late 70s hit (that story continues later on), My point of this story was the direct order from God I had received and I listened to it and was not only rewarded, but I avoided prison for life. Let me explain.

Years later, many years later, I returned to Santa Cruz and looked up a few friends. I found out most of them had gone to prison and many for life. These were the people that I was their direct supplier in the drug chain. Less than a month after I had left, the sting op went into action and within 6 months, everyone in my network was arrested, and convicted. In fact the rumor for a time was I turned them in. Later I was exonerated for that. Devine intervention?

The later part of that era on Whidby Island was pretty uneventful as far as spiritual events go. Life was good, I was plowing in the money as an artist for the first time in my life, I finally got a social security number and was making a good living away from the drug culture. Then the recession hit, orders stopped for my work, money ran out and I headed south to San Francisco as I had a vision to start a design and advertising agency.

So here we are in San Francisco, my little shop in the back of a warehouse grew as I acquired new customers in the electronics industry. It was 1984 and I had a small design and ad agency and was picking up customers like Apple, yep the Apple back when I met the Steve’s and they had a total of maybe 20 employees at a place in Cupertino called Taco Towers. This is where I met my first wife, she worked at one of my clients, we got married and ran the company together. By 1988 we were doing over $2 million per month. We were also burying ourselves in debt. We had new big BMWs, a fancy home on the San Francisco peninsula, Rolex watches, fancy vacations, you know all the trappings of a capitalistic material wealth oriented shallow life. It also created many challenges, one was the constant law suits caused by my perceived wealth, and the constant issues with employees, never on time, false work comp claims, auditing from the State of California, more lawsuits to collect from clients that just ripped us off. One such lawsuit was between two employees that stole my proprietary information, and then competed against us. That law suit cost me millions, lasted 2 years, and ended in a mistrial and we settled out of court by just walking from each other on Friday October 14th, 1989. The following Monday I discovered my office manager, who basically ran the operation during the lawsuit had embezzled all the money from the company and even used the line of credit and by doing so, also wiped out the equity in my home. I was basically insolvent. That day came to an end at 5:04 when we were hit with the Loma Prieta Earthquake, which brought the ceilings down in our office, collapsed the Bay Bridge, pancaked the Cypress freeway in Oakland and burned the Marina district, yeah, that earthquake. It also rang in the greatest recession prior to the great recession of 2008 in California.
Everything began to die in California after that earthquake as far as the way things were. I often suspected that earthquake had some type of judgment; it caused a pale over people. Several of my employees quit and moved out of California. The ad agency never recovered, even though I did dig the agency out of the debt load caused by the embezzlement, we moved to humbler locations. Eventually, I shut the agency down and took the remaining profitable business home with me to work from home as a freelancer ad agency. It was a smart move as this was moving me towards being a home based business from then on and doing so, we were back in profit. But the “writing was on the wall” staying in California so we moved to Washington State.

Even though Washington State was eventful in many ways, not much in the realm of spiritual things to really report, other than the miracle healing, and that is huge, read on. We had moved to the same city my wife’s Dad lived. This was an alcoholic family and that just brought on the chronic drinking and this is where I discovered that I had a drinking problem. I was married to it. By this time we had two children and the stay in Washington lasted from 1990 to 1995 when we moved to San Diego. Mostly because the weather drove my first wife into depression as well as into increased drinking and I was the subject of her mental and physical abuse. Yes, I was an abused husband.

The one huge event that did occur while living in Washington was my first wife was diagnosed with Gall Bladder cancer, it metastasized and the liver was failing. Her liver had swollen, she had severe jaundice (her skin was the color of a school bus) and the whites of her eyes were orange,. She could not even keep down melting ice chips and her urine was the color of black coffee. The doctors had sent her home on a Friday to get her affairs in order (which means go home to die). Note: She worked for the Lutheran church in Olympia called Gloria Dei. Pastor Rue was her boss. That church did have a prayer circle of around 25,000 members and I do know he said he was calling them in for her benefit.

That Sunday, (my first wife) woke me up with hysterical laughter. The sun was just breaking and I was not expecting hysterical laughter from her. She had lost all her body fat, looked like a skeleton the color of yellow, yet here she was laughing away. I asked her what was going on and she explained someone or something was tickling her all over her body. So I lowered the sheets and sure enough what I saw was hundreds of invisible fingers pulling and pushing her flesh from her neck to her feet. For over an hour this continued as we both were overcome by hysterical laughter then hysterical weeping, Back and forth, back and forth, then it stopped. We were exhausted. Right after it stopped she asked me to go to Burger King, order her 2 double cheeseburgers, large order of fries, an apple turn over and a large chocolate shake. So I did and returned to deliver her the meal. She literally wolfed it down. Later that week she had blood tests, normal and healthy. An MRI scan, reported a healthy and normal liver and gall bladder. By Friday the doctors were all in wonderment and she was back to vibrant health, shinning hair, her full body weight back and very grateful that God had restored her. (Interesting note: many years later we should divorce and she would go back into full rebellion against God and embrace talismans and new age reincarnation doctrine.)

Shortly after that she wanted to move to San Diego, so we put the home up for sale. Once it sold, since I was self-employed came the bank loan fiasco. And here is where I think I crossed the line into my true relationship with God and faith. You see, I knew the banks would not loan to me, because I was self-employed. Going against my best judgment, lacking faith and pushed to make a loan happen, I forged my tax returns to look like I made more than I really made. Everyone was telling me, go ahead, everyone does it, particularly my wife and the real estate agent.

I was sick of this, I was sick of the materialism and constantly pushing for bigger cars, bigger homes and more money. I was sick of the drinking, and I decided after I packed the home and was hitting the road, to call the mortgage broker and told her to tear up my loan application as I had lied and just had to walk the narrow path. She was surprised and the owners were extremely angry. I was a liar and a forger, but the forms had not been submitted yet and therefore I was not a criminal, thank God!

This was an important milestone in my life. I was learning what faith really meant. I decided if I could not buy this house based on the truth I did not want it. This was the first fissure that began the end of my marriage. This decision opened my mind to a lot of other vile offensives I thought was OK, because we all did them. Lying and cheating on invoicing a client, switching price tags at the Ross store. Using the tagger gun (my wife had a small retail shop) to put price tags from other garments on old ones and return them, disconnecting the mileage reading on the BMWs so it didn’t show the real mileage. These were common acts my first wife and I did and claimed to be Christian.

After I repented with the home loan fiasco, I put my foot down. Stopped the price tag game, became aware of my lying and fought it and repented. I started seeing all of this hypocrisy and it drove me crazy. I found it everywhere in my life and the purge began. Slow at first, but it began.

I had gotten lazy, didn’t want the confrontations with my wife, so for many years I sank into layers after layers of sin, depression, despair, self-loathing, and was numb to it. Something had to change and it did when we moved to San Diego as I began to awaken to what Matthew 7 truly meant and I was guilty! This was around 1996.
This is when I started building a vision I had been given to make an automated marketing system on the Internet. It is another great story how this all came to be, but I must interrupt here to share a story of answered prayers. Shortly after moving to San Diego I began building the system, to become known as automated marketing (the first of it’s kind) called Wavefour, that eventually became known as Veretekk, it was an inspired work and that inspiration continues to this day. Well into building this system Veretekk 1996, I was running out of money. I had no job, the wife worked at the Lutheran Church (little pay), I had no receivables as I was not running a “For Hire” design or development agency. I was building a subscriber based system and it was far from completion. The MLM company I was Master Distributor of called One Source had just crashed and burned and we were about to default on the mortgage, the electricity and phone were days away from being shut off. We were in dire straits.

Out of the blue, a voice said, pray to your father for help. Pray for money. I felt that praying for money was so “carnal” but then I was building a system from divine inspiration, therefore I gave it a shot. I had read how Jews prayed in the Old Testament, so I took my suit jacket off, got down on the floor in a prone position and began praying, I cried to my Father for money, I prayed, I rolled around, I cried more, after all this was His project and if He wanted it built then I needed money. So I cried out for money as I prayed like a holy roller rolling on the floor of my office. (Are you laughing at me yet?) Well then I got up and brushed off, sat down at my desk feeling somewhat spent, when a knock came at the door. So I opened the door and in comes my friend Norm Turgeon with $2000 in his pocket and hires me to build a Client Net database management system for his New Visions business. Just as he was leaving after giving me the $2000 comes his friend Jose Ardon (I think) and he had $2000 cash and wanted me to build him a website. I said of course and as he left along came my friend Jim Labarge with $2000 and hired me to build a website. Well within a couple of hours, 13 of my friends and associates had come to my home office in my garage and every one of them gave me $2000 to build this or that. Within 2 hours I had the mortgage covered and all the bills paid and enough to keep us going for 6 months. $26,000 just showed up like that unsolicited right after that prayer. God was getting my attention.

A similar incident to this happened again several times while building Veretekk. I will share those in sequence as the story unfolds.

When we moved to San Diego we started attended La Jolla Lutheran, the classic rich country club church. But when I entered the doors of that church, I clearly felt the presence of God there and this is where things started to happen.

I became pretty active there, for I was thirsty and hungry and was seeking the truth. One day as we pulled into the church parking lot, there was a used dirty funky old 1978 tan Pontiac in the corner of the parking lot. Curious, I ventured over to see who the disgusting, dirty street people were, there were a handful of them. Oh my, how my wife just screeched at me to stay away from them. She stomped off with the young children in tow to the church, disgusted in me.

This was the day I met Franky Gillespie, a retired Mafia Sicilian hit man (can I say that here no worries he is since dead), who had been released from prison because he was dying from skin cancer. There were some other “undesirables” there as well. I thrust out my hand and introduced myself and invited them to attend church services and the breakfast that followed. They followed me into church. They were dirty, smelly, sick lost members of the human race. I found myself serving the Lord and I loved these people.

Eventually Franky started attending Bible study with us in the living room of the church upstairs. One night with about 10 of us there, including the pastor, my wife, many of my friends, we had a full blown Holy Spirit visitation, time basically stopped, the sound of the city and busy road outside hushed, the light became golden and that ivory soap like fragrance filled the air. Everyone recognized this and many were looking around at each other stunned. My friend Franky was quietly weeping on the floor as he was overcome by the spirit and felt the love and forgiveness. I uttered the word “Wow”, and it ended as fast as it came. The time came back, sound, the lighting and air went back to normal. But Franky was not normal, he had been changed. He gushed out that he finally knew what Jesus was all about. He finally felt the forgiveness for his sins especially the ones he carried as a Mafia assassin. He came over to me, put my head in his hands and kissed me and hugged me crying and sobbing. I really loved that man! The story of Franky continues and deserves telling, for it is a classic story of the broken and downtrodden vs the haughty and wealthy, and trust me, this church was filled with the haughty and wealthy, and they despised Franky.

Franky was a WW2 vet, was in the Air force Delta Force and was dropped on islands in the South Pacific during World War 2. He was a decorated war vet and when he returned he lived in New York and Chicago and worked for the Mob as a wise guy. Basically, you didn’t want to take a ride with Franky. He got busted in the 60s and got sentenced to life in California. He got early parole due to he was terminally sick with cancer. He had bottles of morphine that he injected for the pain. Franky was a real character!

I asked the church and they agreed to let him live in the upstairs apartment and be the night watchmen and janitor of the place in return for room and board. Franky became very close to me and my son. The church royalty, (you know the wealthy hypocrites) did not like this new arrangement. I thought this was extremely ironic being everyone in the church was praying for a revival and the pastor often predicted that the train of revival was about to arrive. As they continued looking for this phantom train, I would often inform the pastor, that train had arrived that day Franky got saved, and what everyone was looking for they were blinded too, because that revival arrived as Franky Gillespie!

It didn’t take long, the pastor and the church president called me and asked to meet with me regarding Franky. Now, before I go into this, you must also know that the church president is a big wig politician and CEO of a big company. His 19 year old son was a heroin addict in recovery. Now, back to the meeting. At this meeting the president guy and the pastor told me Franky was trying to sell his morphine to the kids at the church and they told me they wanted me to tell Franky to move out and go away. I brought up the 9th commandment in regards to falsely witnessing against another. They would have nothing to do with it. They refused to face Franky and accuse him and let him explain. They refused to tell me or Franky who told them he tried to sell morphine. Sorry this is taking so long, but it is key to my life.

So on my door steps at my house I told Franky what had gone down. I was hurt over this and I loved Franky. He was angered, but then calmed down. He explained that the church president’s son had come to him one night at the church, with the knowledge that Franky had morphine, and offered to buy it from him. Franky got a bit nasty with the boy and smacked him around a bit, which explained the bruises on the kids face at church prior to and during this fiasco. I believed Franky, as I was around him all the time, as well as my family and kids. He was truly on fire for Jesus, born again and doing great with his life. Even his cancer had improved. At first I helped Franky move into a motel until we could find a better solution for an old guy dying from cancer. This was not good for him and it took it’s toll on him. We found it amusing the church pastor would not talk to him, answer his calls or call him back, yet on a daily bases Franky would find coupons for free ice cream on his cars window from the pastor. It was truly weird in every way. We eventually found Franky a retirement apartment in San Diego and helped him move there.

During this time, I was at church one Sunday as the pastor was talking about how Jesus healed the sick, fed the starving, helped the homeless, etc. and was reading Matthew 25:34-40 and I was compelled to stand and I did, I even put my hand up and told the pastor to stop reading as I walked up the steps and turned to members in the pews pointing at them in a strong commanding voice, (I think the spirit was in me) I convicted every one of those people in the pews for hypocrisy and apostasy. I went on about their foolish prayers for revival, that the train was coming, when I then pointed out the grave violations the church had committed against Frank Gillespie, violating the 9th commandment, and kicking him out of the church showing no justice but serving the almighty big buck donor as I pointed at him, then told them about his son the heroin addict that lied about Frank yet gave Frank no opportunity to face his accuser. I yelled Apostasy, Hypocrites, I am through with this church and if any of you stay as I leave you are as guilty as the church president, then walked out. 90% of that church left that day and none of us returned.

Frank died two months later, he was wracked with the cancer, but he died a saved man knowing he was loved by friends like me, my son, some of the people from church and Jesus. I felt a victory and was humbled by the whole affair. I learned about standing ground. I was becoming a warrior. By the way as a young child I always asked God if I could be a warrior for Jesus. Just thought I would add that here.

A year or so later, still building the social system and not making much income as development was still occurring (By the way Veretekk took 20 years of my life and I am still learning to understand the lesson from that venture) I was in dire need again for more money,. To be able to pay the bills and keep living, I knew God knew my needs but I started praying over it again, not the rolling on the floor praying, just quite praying. Boom! A few days later I get a phone call. It is an attorney who represents a client that wants to buy one of the many domains I own. He says they were offering $50,000 for it. I agreed and had a $50,000 cahier check via Fed Ex in my hands the following day.

A year later my Mom fell ill with a stroke then pneumonia. She fought for 6 weeks in the hospital and I visited her every day. My Mom, as weak as she was with the alcohol, when we were growing up, and as betrayed as we were that she did nothing while we were being molested, she was also facing her demons and fears and realizing that I totally forgave her and we became good friends until the end. She died in my arms at the hospital intensive care. She had expressed her wishes not to be kept alive by machines and had a living will to enforce this. The last day she was lucid she held my hands as we said good bye and we both cried tears. They were more about love tears because we both had grown strong in our faith in Jesus, but also because I saw into her deeper than I think anyone her entire life. She looked back and the love in her eyes was so clear. Have you ever looked into some one’s eyes that knows they are going to die? I have.

The next day the doctor called to come to the ICU as my Mom was going to be unplugged. She had slipped into coma right after I left the previous day. My sisters were there, Anne (my baby sister) and Carol the older one. I slipped my arm under my Moms head and held my sisters hands as they held hands with the pastor at the foot of the bed. As I began to sing Amazing Grace to my mother the room filled with the Holy Spirit, the light turned golden, the time stopped, the sound hushed and the air became sweet like clean sheets, soap and roses, like Ivory soap. I sang with great bravado belting out my Mom’s favorite song Amazing Grace, the Holy Spirt just roared with love and she died in my arms. This story just breaks me down every time I tell it. I just cry uncontrollably. The spirit was so strong. As I finished singing, the Holy Spirit effects faded, the sound of the ICU came roaring back, the light became harsh again, the smell of alcohol and ether returned.

My Mom shared that room with another woman; I know not who she was. But she was quietly sobbing and shared with us what she saw when my Mom died. She explained that she saw angels come from the ceiling and gently lift my Mom up and take her away with them. She soon after telling that story called the pastor over and accepted Christ as her savior, one last victory for my Mom in this world. Then the doctors and nurses came streaming in. They were filled with wonder. They experienced the air turning sweet, the lighting turning gold and the hush of the sound. They were stupefied as they asked us what had happened. All I could tell them is the Holy Spirit had been present for my Mom’s passing.

My Dad died a year after my Mom died; he had been divorced from my Mom for 30 some years. I was not there when he passed, it was somewhat uneventful and that saddens me. My Dad died from Alzheimer’s disease. But I do have a last story about my Dad too. Maybe it has connections to God’s great love and grace, maybe not, but it is worth spinning the tale over. You see, my Dad was not very kind, he was mostly angry. He was closed up and never shared anything. I never really knew my Dad much other than the stinging side of his punishments as a kid.

2 weeks before he died I and my little family were spending the day up in the San Diego Mountains in a small tourist town called Julian. We unexpectedly ran into my Dad and his wife and my older sister so we had dinner together that evening in Julian. My Dad’s Alzheimer’s was advanced and he thought I was his brother during world war 2 and we shared our plates of food with each other as he talked and talked about the war (WW2) and his experiences, the beach landings, the details, as if it had happened yesterday. I just went along as if I was his brother. I got to know my Dad better in those two hours than the rest of my life growing up combined. I saw my Dad as a giving man who risked his life to save wounded men that had been shot and shrapnel on the beach as he ran out onto the beach from his ship and carried them back to the landing gate. I heard his concerns about Hitler and the future of the world and America. It was a gift and it is the greatest memory I have of him. 2 weeks later he died in surgery. I miss him but I knew him.

How are you doing? I know this is taking longer than expected, but you know as you write, stuff is recalled and details surface, so hang on it just get’s better.

Next up, near the end of 1999 a successful friend of mine comes to me with an offer to use our company to produce the needed tech for a public reverse merger idea he had. This idea interested me so we could garner more revenue to build this vision I had so I moved forward with it. Long story short, the reverse merger is being conducted by mafia types and the attorney in charge has been barred for criminal securities fraud from such activity and at the same time I find myself getting demoted at every turn from Vice President, to Chief Operating officer to general manager to assistant engineer, you get the picture. I discover this is actually a big illegal Ponzi type scheme and I share my research with my friend and he tears up the contract, gives me the “Web Server” and $50,000 and all my tech back. So what happened in in a matter of 3 months we got our first server and another $50k to keep the vision going.

So about the same time as the other two previous stories again Veretekk was in financial stress. We had to expand our hardware in our data center, and we made a loan for $1 million for the equipment as well as a long term hosting agreement with Non Stop Net. This was based on us growing in the curve we had for about 6 months. So $25k per month was our commitment. Right after we signed this deal with Non Stop, they accused us of spam and shut our service down for 3 weeks while we scrambled to prove the accusations wrong. They did this because they were preparing to become a publically held company and the investors didn’t like them hosting companies like ours that relied on massive mailing, as we did, but we actually were just like Aweber and legitimate double opt in company. It was a political play on their part to garner more initial wealth in their IPO that backfired on them.

Needless to say, that 3 week shut down destroyed our client base so as we entered into the New Year I think 2001 with little revenue and we went into past dues with Non Stop and by March they demanded payment in full. With me so far? So we were scrambling to raise the money to save the company, when we got a phone call from their attorney informing us Non Stop Net just declared bankruptcy and we could have all of our equipment for free and our debt forgiven, if we moved it to a new facility within a week. We pulled it off and were blessed with $1 million dollars in equipment, our past dues forgiven and our new overhead with the new colo was only $1,500.00 compared to the choke hold of $25 grand per month and we recovered. Go back and read that again.

OK so where are we? I told you about my Mom and Dad dying, the amazing miracles with Veretekk and now we are in 2001, so what happens next is very troubling yet clearly God at work hammering me into a bell, and a song and well a hammer.

There is a lot that leads up to this epoch moment, but to keep this as short and on topic, I will dispense with the material events that led up to this, and focus on the amazing thing that occurred. After 17 years of being married to a malignant narcissist (which was literally killing me), my wife at the time informed me she was leaving me and moved in with a very good friend, my daughter’s horse trainer, leaving me with the kids. Leading up to this event (the kids and I) new something was up because stuff was disappearing from the house, like dishes, silverware, tables, chairs, you know small little things would just disappear. We suspected the house keeper. But the children’s Mom was coming home later and staying out in the car talking for hours on the phone. Silly me, I never suspected, until my friend Donna told me she thought she saw my wife moving into the apartment below her with my horse trainer.

A few days later my wife called me to come to her office at her gift shop to inform me (I had to play dumb) she had met another man (she didn’t know I knew who he was) and they had fallen in love and she was leaving me. You cannot imagine how excited and relieved I was to hear this. She had just admitted to adultery, to leave and move out to live with him, which, according to the Bible and God’s commands was the only possible way I was going to get out of this marriage and here it was, handed to me. I was released. Praise the Lord!

As I left her office and was around the corner of the building, I dropped to my knees and wept tears of joy as I raised my hands up and sobbed tears of gratefulness to the Lord and the war began.

The following accounts during this divorce have to be carefully separated as the amount of spiritual battling going on now was huge. But to account for every nuance would turn just this section into a major novel alone.

I was going to write a book about it, but the Lord has directed me to forgive and let it go and move on. I forgive you Teresa.

First of all you must recognize I was in a spiritual battle with a sociopathic narcissist. This divorce is what trained me to know all too well, the narcissist, and how to recognize them and how to engage in battle, which raged on for about 7 years. So bear with me, as this part of my life left me with plenty of scars, were I faced huge odds against me and experienced terrifying events.

I filed the divorce in early January 2002 even though my estranged wife kept claiming to want to go to marriage counseling and save the marriage. This tore me apart, as I knew counseling and pursuing repairing the marriage was the right thing to do, especially for our 9 and 11 year old children, so I engaged in counseling with a Christion or I should say a Protestant counselor.

Several months into this counseling, my estranged wife told me the computer I gave her had died and she gave it back to me. Later after picking it up I took it apart and used the hard drive to fix another computer and when I turned it on it booted up off that hard drive. I was not sure which drive this was because I have many, so I explored the files in the document folder and discovered it was my estranged wife’s and noticed a letter in a folder to her attorney. Curiosity compelled me to open that letter, and I discovered her strategy to lull me into counseling, while she plotted to build a case against me but needed time because I had all the advantages in the divorce. So, what was revealed was her true intent and from that moment on, I knew what needed to be done and a long nasty engaged divorce and child custody began, but I believe the Lord wanted me to see that, so I had no misgivings what so ever, because God wanted me free and clear from her as He had work for me.

During this time from 2002 to 2009 besides building Veretekk, I also built a $10,000 per month income with an MLM company within 3 months (that is a miracle in itself), fought the divorce and raised and homeschooled two children.

Like I said, there were literally 100s of small little events occurring during this time that were undoubtedly from the Holy Spirit, and this is one example of these small occurrences. I am a clean freak, but this time my compulsion to clean was off the Richter scale. I awoke early and started tearing the entire house apart cleaning out cabinets, scrubbing down inside and out the cabinets and shelves, scrubbing the floors and when I got to my office, I started throwing out old files and folders and pulling all the stuff gathered which is typical in an office and totally rearranging the office. OK am I painting a good picture here for you? I was Mr. Clean on steroids, definitely on a mission. During this cleaning mania, I came across a daisy pattern eye glass case I had never seen before that was behind a bunch of binders and books in one of the over heads in one of my desk sections. An area of storage I rarely went to.

So to my surprise as I open this case to see what was in it, there was at least 2 ounces of what appeared to be white crystal meth in a baggy and one of those glass pipes you smoke crack with. Well, I thought maybe one of the people that worked for me occasionally left it there. So I threw it away and continued with my manic cleaning and scrubbing. BTW: All the trash I was throwing out went out into the community dumpster.

A few days’ later 39 FBI agents showed up ready to bust my door in and tore apart my home and left with one computer and never told what it was about, but if they had found that Meth, I would have gone to prison. I have no idea how it got there, but I suspect why I found it when I did. This is what I am talking about occurred almost all the time during the huge divorce battle.

Another unique incident that deserves honorable mention is my piano. I had a 100 year old Starck Baby Grand. My son kept telling me the piano was making weird electronic sounds. Finally I heard them myself and confirmed that the piano was in fact bugged. So I conducted a test one night, I had a conversation and mentioned a web domain I owned (it was never hosted until the day before and installed advanced traffic technology) and mentioned that I had uploaded really nasty pictures of my estranged wife and her boyfriend near the piano as if I was talking on the phone. The nest day her IP address and her boyfriend’s IP address showed up at the site. The reason I knew their IP addresses was they had sent me email and the headers revealed that.

So it was revealed to me I was under surveillance for the most part of that divorce.

What I am saying here is these little things always happened which kept me one step ahead throughout this 7 years of terror.

During this time two very clear spiritual events occurred, one a ghost and the other another Holy Spirit visitation.

I had come to the conclusion many years prior that ghosts like UFOs are demons. Also keep in mind that throughout all of this history, I am pursuing Biblical wisdom, study, research and prayer. Thought you should hear that right about now. OK so the ghost story, yes I got them too.

The Bazaar Del Mundo restaurant in San Diego circa about 2005, my son and daughter and I love Mexican food especially in Old Town San Diego and our favorite restaurant was at the Bazaar Del Mundo. One evening while we were at a table in the back room of the restaurant, we first noticed our glasses started to behave strangely. After all it was one of those tall spool top tables with the high gloss resin type finishes and water under the glasses could explain the erratic behavior of the glasses roaming around on the table doing figure 8s and loop ty loops and stuff. When my daughter pointed it out I told her the very same thing. Moments later she called my attention as her rice was being flicked into her face by an invisible fork, my son and I both watched this rice being flicked onto her at least another 6 times. OK, so now I can add demons flicking rice at us at the Old Towne Restaurant at Bazaar Del Mundo.

About a year later I am guessing, but I know it was February, my son and I were taking a walk along the ocean at the La Jolla village along the bluffs. If you know where Boomers is, that was were. Along that walk you have a big beautiful grassy area up on the bluff surrounded by Torre Pines and then about 100 feet down the cliff is the beach, rocks, surf and ocean. We were headed south past Boomers with the Bluffs to my left, my son holding my hand to my right, and the ocean to our right. It was late afternoon, sunset time and blustery from a recent storm passing, the air was rather chilly, there were after storm (Mammatus) clouds, lots of mist in the air from the gigantic waves crashing, and the sunset was beginning to turn everything pink. As we neared the steps that go down to the beach at the bottom of the cliffs, we both experienced a sudden rush of warm tropical like air surround us as if an oven door had just opened, the sunset, the clouds, the air, the grass, everything turned immediate shades golden pink, the air became fragrant like Ivory soap and tuberose and the sounds hushed. Immediately to my left on the grassy fields of the bluff, amid the Torrey Pins an older fellow, with long white hair and white beard began to play his bag pipes “Amazing Grace” in the sweetest most amazing beautiful sound. Then right in step 8 beats off of his rendition a woman with long blonde hair wearing a long white gauzy flowing dress began playing Amazing Grace with her flute and it floated above the music of the Bag Pipes like a dove in a concert that brought me and my son to tears.

We just stood there, wide eyed, as time had stopped, as if the large waves had gone into slow motion as these two, out of sight of each other, but clearly in our perspective played on Amazing Grace and we were taken away on that music, tears flowing in our bubble of warmth feeling totally loved and all was good. This was the most incredible Holy Spirit visitation of them all. As we came out of it, and warmth dissipated, as the time sped back up, as the air came back to smelling of ocean, as the musicians faded away, my son looked up at me, with tears in his eyes, and he knew and even said, “we just met God huh Dad?” I answered yes, and we continued our walk as we talked about heaven and earth, the Bible etc. I was so thankful that God had just baptized my son in the Holy Spirit in my presence, what a huge blessing.

The divorce ground on, FBI raids, Police raids (the estranged wife filed charges I hired an assassin to murder her), CPS raids (children protection came follow charges I was a meth dealer), motions after motions, lawsuits after lawsuits, court ordered psychological review (cost me over $50,000 and results were I was healthy, the estranged wife was a sociopathic narcissist, I got full custody of the kids) even thwarted an attempted hit on me (yes she tried to have me murdered, not the other way around), followed by ex-cons following me all the time to threaten me, it was a total full scale war against me, but when it was done in 2008, I was triumphant, I saved the children and the divorce was finally signed in August 2009. I fought this divorce on my knees, praying for constant forgiveness for the enemy. I never took aggressive action, I only defended.
I only summarize all of this 7 years of terror, it was so overwhelmingly wicked even my divorce attorney agreed she had never seen anything like this and I would not have survived had I not retreated to the Lord and walked in His path. This war turned me towards the Lord in so many ways. There is one other amazing grace within these 7 years I must reveal.

Through this spiritual war via this divorce, I also raised and homeschooled my two oldest children and I built the heart and soul of a company called Veretekk. During this time not only did I develop literally 1000s of deep bonded friends, I also met my second wife, and the following is the summary of that story.

Around 2003, we had built a 3rd party system using Veretekk technology and with that our first web based conference room. I often sat in that conference room to be accessible to anyone that needed assistance with using our systems, while I worked. So you can imagine there were others that also hung out there, kind of like family. From the room you could communicate with others via audio, like Skype is today. So, what started to occur is I made a friend named Annette. She had a most soothing voice and I could tell she was truly a kind woman.

I have to illustrate here that my heart had been hardened and turned many dark shades of black particularly towards women because of the war going on with my divorce and the sheer betrayal that was part of that.

So entering my life was this kind sweet woman named Annette. She became a soothing voice at random moments, but always, she would calm me. Her concerns were genuine. This continued on for years, as we become best buddies like pen pals of the past, we also started communicating on AOL Instant Messenger. I could clearly tell she was lonely and just wanted to be friends. She felt safe with me and she made me feel appreciated and with no agenda. This went on for about a year when I signed off from our AOL chat by saying “I love you”. (May 01, 2005). It just came out, quite naturally. Then I went on my way, when I came home when I checked my AOL chat she had responded, “Those are big words mister”. I had to think about it, and I realized I had fallen in love with a woman totally based on her words, her voice and her heart, which was completely out of character for me. That was a major change in my mind and so I did the next appropriate thing, I invited her to visit, bought her plane ticket got her a Hotel room and in June of 2005 I waited to meet her at the airport. I had no idea what I was in for, and as I waited, down the escalators came this tall very thin beautiful redhead with a huge smile on her face as she approached me. It was love at first site, but there was still a long road to haul ahead of us, as I discovered she suffered from a debilitating disease called OCD. Our relationship began and it was whirl wind in many ways, but I knew it was something I had never thought I would experience, it was true love. This was the woman God had picked out for me. Not the other way around, where I picked her. We know how that went.

She left after that visit and we were connected now, but that connection was about to become an inseparable bonding. I had her come back out again to visit in September of 2005 and on that visit she got pregnant. Not to get graphic as that is not my intention or style, but we had a moment of weakness and we both succumbed and the next morning, when we awoke, I knew she was pregnant. She argued that could not be, but after doing a home pregnancy test it was confirmed, she was pregnant with our daughter Maggie.

I was in rebellion. Annette was 20 years younger than me, she had a horrid OCD issue, I was still in the throes of a horrendous divorce. I fought this love off and broke up with her several times, only to come back together again. Then when she was 3 months pregnant she came to visit and started spotting. The Doctor told her the pregnancy was at risk and demanded she stay in bed 24 hours a day and absolutely no traveling. Great! Annette was now bedridden to my bed and I had to care for her, feed her, shower her, massage her, and look after her, 24 hours a day until the birth. And on June 26, 2006 Maggie was born. God in His magnificent wisdom glued us together with this beautiful girl. Even though we still went back and forth in a tumultuous relationship, we eventually got married and as I continue this story, she will be mentioned as she and Maggie play a big part in all of this.

God sent me to the desert to be restored and to heal

The divorce was over in 2008, at the same time the economy sank and everything changed in business. It came to me to purge my material possessions especially my debts and this is the year that process began. I started by short selling my home, then my RV, then my cars and my credit cards. This took most of 2008 and into 2009 to complete. During that time I was inspired to move to Wyoming and get as far away from the coast, California and cities as I could. Hard to explain, I was just driven to leave. Why Wyoming? I was following orders. Wyoming, actually the Big Horn Basin is a rather God forsaken, barren, upper altitude desert. It is one of the darkest skies in North America with virtually no light pollution at night. The population of deer here far exceeds humans and the town I wound up at has a population of 80 people. I now live on a 400 acre ranch up against the Big Horn Mountains and enrolled my son for his last two years of High School in the local town public schools were prayer was practiced, the corruption of the big cities did not exist and classroom sizes ranged around 5 students. My son did well, making nearly straight As, lettering in Football and Wrestling, going to state championships and invited and went to the Boys State in the capital of Wyoming. It was a good move for both of us. Home school catapulted him into this.

My next big miracle occurred while living here. Shortly after moving here I went in for a full physical in 2010 and the doctors discovered a serious Cardiac artery issue. It was delaminating and I was rushed into surgery. My life was saved, but now I had a medical bill in excess of $138,000 after insurance paid their part. I was grateful to be alive, but depressed to be back into deep debt again. Now, here comes one of those out of the blue unexpected miracles. Well, you tell me. The phone rang about 6 months after the surgery and it was the hospital accounting department. I was waiting to hear the demand, when the lady on the line said she was with the part of the hospital that informs people when one of their benefactors chooses a patient and pays off their bill. This was the case. My medical bill was forgiven. I did not ask for this, I did not pray for this, but I broke into tears for I knew what this was.

In 2011 I had another weird event occur. This is a strange occult event. I cannot say it was God or it was demon, but it certainly was supernatural. When we moved to the ranch, in the front yard are 2 ornamental purple plum trees. I know this because I recognized them as they are one of my favorite trees. The first year here they actually produce a dozen or so large plums. I even have pictures of them. The next year those two plum trees turned into green choke cherry trees. I have no idea what the message was, I just know this occurred. I do not pray to those trees, however, I do eyeball them every time I walk near them.

This is the same area I do a lot of my power prayers at. And this is where I will pray 3 long nights in a row for important issues. The first time I powered prayed there, was when Veretekk was in serious trouble and we needed a real server tech engineer, as the ones we had were basically destroying the company and Veretekk was about to fail. For years our two original engineers we had via our “colo” vender, extorted us for hundreds of thousands of dollars, yet never ever resolved our issues, particularly our emailing failures, which had become chronic and I was just about to just quit and shut Veretekk down. After all, it was God that inspired me to build Veretekk, so out I went to my prayer spot at the fence and down I would go, praying for hours and on the third day my phone rang. It was one of our subscribers his name is Mariusz and he asked in his broken Polish if he could help us, when I questioned him, he said he was a server engineer. So against everyone else’s interest, I gave Mariusz the passcodes and IDs to access the servers. The next day he called me and said he had fixed the servers and the mail was good. He then proceeded to fix everything else and the problems stopped and Veretekk was back. Mariusz is God sent and continues to bless us beyond words.

The next year I needed my partner Mike’s assistance and attention to get thing back up to speed. You see Mike had a full time job at the time and his attention was practically nonexistent as during that time I ran things. But now Mike was needed. So I prayed over this for 3 days, if Mike could not come to our assistance who could? That Friday I texted Mike about my needs that I had prayed over for 3 days. My text crossed Mike’s text to me. What did Mike text me? He had just been unexpectedly fired by the owner. Out of the blue totally unexpected and now Mike was 100% available and again my prayer was answered immediately. Sorry about that Mike.

Now understand I am only sharing the really big events. Moderate and smaller things like this have now become almost daily to the point that I fully expect miracles and visions on a constant basis.

Back to my new bride Annette, whom I always assumed was a Christians. But due to her very extreme OCD, she never felt worthy of Christ’s sacrifice therefore, never fully accepted Jesus. With love and tenderness and several years of persuasion and a lot of prayers on Friday the 13th in 2012 she accepted the Lord. OK that is wonderful in itself and it is always reason to celebrate for everyone that is saved, but this laid the foundation of a miracle, and fulfillment and my most recent Holy Spirit visitation.

Around that same time Annette was living with me and my daughter Maggie, this had not always been the case. During our tumultuous relationship, we separated often in emotional battles often caused by the insanity of her OCD and my drinking and emotional scars from the previous marriage and recent divorce. But regardless we would make up and come back together, repent and pray for wisdom and healing, it was a very hot and heavy relationship indeed. She is a redhead, I am an artist (think Lucy and Desi) remember?

While visiting my son on an occasion in San Diego at his aunts place, he quite clearly and succinctly pointed out I was a hypocrite being that I was living with my girlfriend Annette and he made his point. I submitted that he was absolutely correct and I was in rebellion to God. The blind fold was removed. When I returned home I informed my bride to be, that we must get married and until then we must remain celibate. This we did and 9 months later we were wed. As I walked down the aisle with my bride on my arm, tears streamed from my eyes, as I knew this woman was the one that God had chosen for me. This woman and I were about to enter into a contract of marriage with Jesus Christ. I was overcome with joy. I could hardly speak. The whole event is a blur in my mind. To find that partner, the one who is anointed to be with you and vice versa is the greatest blessing I have received from the Lord. We married, Annette, The Holly Spirit and I.

And here we are now, looking at prophecy, walking together, living on 400 acres mostly isolated from the world, praising the Lord, working at home, home schooling, studying in and reaching out from our little house on the prairie working the best we can for the Lord.

Deep into study, I know that God is real, Jesus is Lord, and the Holy Spirit is very real and active in us. I know we are facing the very beginnings of the Tribulations that we are clearly in the End Times that the clock started on May 14, 1948 when Israel was restored with her people. I know we are in a huge spiritual war. I feel so blessed that God has walked with me in this life of mine and choose me to reveal His Holy Spirit to from such a young age. I am also grateful for my constant struggles, disasters, and calamities as that has built a character in me and a heart of deep empathy to reach out to others like you and share this. So you know that God, that Jesus is not just a history adventure in some Bible, not just an academic argument, not a Catholic perverted religion, but is real and alive and active right now. This is what I was commanded to do, after prayer to write this, at this time, just for you.

Because the Holy Spirit said you needed to know this side of God, to know the personal reality of Jesus, to understand the implications of this spiritual battle, that it is coming to a close and that in the new world, where Jesus sits as King, all corruption, evil, greed, idolatry, death, misery, lying, deception, will not exist. Are tears will be attended to, our broken hearts will be mended and we will be healed and perfect in that world in our relationship with our King.

I pray, looking forward to that future and I look there hoping that I will see you there. It is not long to that day. We are the last generation!

Also important to note, I am likened to Job, even two different pastors have recognized this in me. I have been under attack since I can remember, at about the same time the first visitation occurred, my older brother, who has showed me my entire life his absolute contempt and hatred towards me. At 2.5 years he threw me into a black paper wasps nest in the lilac bush. I almost got stung to death. I was able to out run the majority of them, but I still got seriously stung. He is 5 years older than me, so he was about 8 years old when he attempted to kill me the first time. Shortly after that attack, he and my older sister took me deep into the forests, and then left me as they ran off screaming a bear was coming to kill me. I was lost and I have no idea how I found my way home, but I remember being terrified. My older sister is 7 years older, so that would have made her almost 10 years old. His and her attacks on me have never stopped even right up to the current events of today.

My point is, I am a magnet of sorts (BTW: You have been warned). I have even been hit twice by lightning and have had two very near hits by objects from the sky. I assume they were meteors, one missing my head by less than an inch and capsizing my sailboat at sea in San Diego.

Praise the Lord! I did It Jesus. It finally wrote it all down. My God how I love you!

This is a condensed version of just my spiritual walk and experiences. It would take years and volumes to lay it all down, which I plan to do, if time allows it.

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  1. Praise the Lord, this year “2017” February I was diagnosed with diabetes 2 and congestive heart failure (10% injection). In 3 months of prayer and walking with the Lord, I have recovered 100% back to healthy heart (53% injection) and eliminated the diabetes. Praise the Lord.

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