Healthcare as We Know It Is About To Completely Change

Healthcare as We Know It, Is About To Completely Change

by Chris Lowe, The Daily Cut


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We’ve gotten so gloomy, it’s easy to miss the good things happening in the world…

Bear markets in stocks, bonds, and crypto… record inflation… spiking interest rates… a looming recession… a global energy crisis… and the threat of nuclear war as Vladimir Putin’s forces flounder in Ukraine.

The media is widely broadcasting these headlines. They’re serious. And they deserve our attention.

But they’re not the only things happening in the world.

And letting the doom and gloom suck you in can lead you to overlook the spectacular breakthroughs happening all the time.

That’s why, today, we’ll look at a new milestone in one of the tech megatrends we’ve been tracking – precision medicine.

This won’t just transform healthcare as we know it… It will also pave the way to spectacular returns for pioneering investors. It’s a new approach to disease prevention and treatment based on someone’s unique genetic makeup. And as you’ll see, it’s about to go mainstream.


Today, most physicians are working blind…

Sure, your doctor can prescribe you a battery of diagnostic tests.

And many of these – such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasound scans – are highly sophisticated.

But doctors still can’t see what’s going on inside your genome – your complete set of DNA.

And that’s often a fatal blind spot…

Our genome determines almost everything about who we are – from the shapes of our bodies… to our height… to our hair color.

It also determines what diseases we get.

We know of more than 6,000 diseases caused by mutations – or errors – in our genetic code.

And some types of cancer – including breast, ovarian, colorectal, and prostate cancers – are strongly influenced by our genes.

That’s what makes genome sequencing so revolutionary.

It allows doctors to see the diseases potentially written in our DNA. And with genome sequencing technology, doctors can move from treating those diseases… to preventing them before they happen.

All this is possible thanks to CRISPR gene-editing technology. It allows you to “cut” mutated genes from your genome and “paste” healthy ones in their place.

And doctors have already used this process to effectively treat certain genetic blood diseases, such as sickle cell anemia and beta-thalassemia.

Gene therapy is also the first promising treatment option for Leber’s hereditary optic neuropathy (LHON).

That’s a rare genetic disease that destroys the cells in the optic nerves in your eyes. And without an effective treatment, about 90% of those affected lose their vision by the age of 50.

There’s no cure right now… but a 2017 trial using gene therapy to treat LHON showed significant improvements in more than 60% of patients in a 12-month period.

They’ve even used gene editing to re-engineer the T-cells in our body to kill cancer cells.

Normally, cancers can evade our T-cell defenses. But doctors have re-engineered them to recognize when they’ve encountered a cancer cell… and kill it.

The problem is human genome sequencing has been too expensive and time-consuming to reach a mass market.


Your genome contains three billion “base pairs” of DNA…

DNA is made of two linked strands. These wind around each other to resemble a twisted ladder – also known as a double helix.

Each base pair forms one rung of that ladder.

So, we’re talking about a ladder with three billion rungs. And as you can imagine, sequencing those base pairs requires massive amounts of computing power… and sky-high costs.

But thankfully, that’s all about to change…

Over to our tech expert, Jeff Brown. He’s been tracking the advances in genetic sequencing. 

The cost to sequence a human genome was more than $100 million back in 2001. But those costs have fallen steadily year after year. Since 2007, this trend has accelerated at a pace even faster than Moore’s Law.

It’s the observation that the number of transistors on a microchip – and therefore computing power – double about every two years.

As a result, the cost to sequence a human genome hit $600 at the end of last year. That was a major milestone. That’s in the range for many to pay for sequencing their genome out of pocket.


Unlocking the secrets of our genome is about to get even cheaper…

That’s thanks to San Diego-based genetic sequencing giant Illumina (ILMN). It just launched a new line of sequencing machines called the NovaSeq X Series.

Now, to be clear… This technology is far more advanced than the at-home genetic kits companies such as 23andMe and use. Those home kits don’t sequence your entire genome… but about 0.1% of it. Then they use that sample to determine the likelihood your genes came from a particular individual or group.

The NovaSeq X Series sequences all three billion base pairs of your DNA. And it picks up any mutations you may have that can lead to disease. And these new machines are a major upgrade from existing whole genome sequencing tech.

Back to Jeff…

Illumina’s NovaSeq X machines will be about 60% more efficient than today’s sequencers. That will cut the cost to sequence a human genome to just $200.

At that price, health insurance companies can cover genome sequencing for patients. It will make business sense. Precision medicine means patients spend less time in ICUs, need fewer tests, and spend less on care.

It’s about precision medicine for the masses. And it’s happening now. Illumina’s new machines will ship in the first quarter of 2023. This will send the precision medicine trend into hyperdrive… and change healthcare as we know it.


Jeff says we’ve entered a “golden age” for biotechnology…

Most people just don’t realize it yet…

Look at the iShares Biotechnology ETF (IBB). It tracks the performance of the world’s leading biotech stocks, including Illumina.

It peaked a month before the tech-heavy Nasdaq… and has tracked lower ever since.



That tells us investors aren’t paying attention to the breakthroughs happening in the biotech world. Instead, they’ve been offloading their biotech stocks en masse… along with tech stocks and anything else they deem “risky.”

That leaves prices at 2015 levels for the world’s best biotech stocks.


That was seven years ago… when genomic sequencing was still in its infancy.

But it’s about to go mainstream. And when investors catch up to the golden age of biotech this will bring about, the sector will soar again.


I know it’s hard to seize opportunities like this…

As I mentioned up top, there are some serious problems in the world. And we’ve all got psychological scars from this year’s bear market.

But unless you think biotech stocks will continue to sell at 2015 prices forever… despite the breakthroughs we’re seeing with genetic sequencing… now is a great time to pick up some exposure to this tech megatrend.

Bear markets temporarily make the stocks you own less valuable. And that’s painful. But they’re also rare opportunities to buy quality assets at discounted prices. And thanks to the breakthroughs happening there… and the real difference this will make in people’s lives… it’s hard to imagine a more exciting sector than biotech to be invested in right now.

This year alone, medical authorities have approved four new genetic therapies. And according to scientists at MIT’s Center for Biomedical Innovation, there are thousands of trials underway that may see 40 to 50 new genetic therapies approved for clinical use by 2030.

The golden age of biotech is just getting started…


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Gold prices remain down as Fed stays committed to reducing inflation even as economy slows – FOMC minutes

Gold prices remain down as Fed stays committed to reducing inflation even as economy slows – FOMC minutes

The gold market remains under pressure but is not seeing any new price action as the Federal Reserve remains committed to tightening its monetary policy to cool down the growing inflation threat.

Although the U.S. central bank sees growing downside risks to the economy, the minutes of the September monetary policy meeting show that the committee remains focus on brining inflation down by raising interest rates.

“Participants reaffirmed their strong commitment to returning inflation to the Committee’s 2 percent objective, with many stressing the importance of staying on this course even as the labor market slowed,” the minutes said.

According to some market analysts, the latest minutes did not reveal much new information on U.S. monetary policy.

“I don't see much here that's a surprise. The Fed and market are aligned with hiking to around 4.75% and then pausing. Markets are largely unmoved on the headlines,” said Adam Button, chief currency strategist at

The gold market has largely ignored the hawkish sentiment in the minutes. December gold futures last traded at $1,683 an ounce, down 0.18% on the day.

The minutes also reiterated the Federal Reserve’s outlook that even if the pace of rate hikes slow, the central bank will maintain the restrictive level for some time.

“Many participants emphasized that the cost of taking too little action to bring down inflation likely outweighed the cost of taking too much action. Several participants underlined the need to maintain a restrictive stance for as long as necessary, with a couple of these participants stressing that historical experience demonstrated the danger of prematurely ending periods of tight monetary policy designed to bring down inflation,” the minutes said.

By Neils Christensen

For Kitco News

Time to buy Gold and Silver on the dips


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Significant Trends Impacting MLM With Markethive At The Helm

Significant Trends Impacting MLM With Markethive At The Helm

What are the most significant trends impacting multi-level marketing (MLM) businesses in 2022? The fast pace of change caused by shifting market demographics, rapidly evolving technology, and evolving consumer expectations are set to continue. In 2022, the direct selling industry will be affected by two significant trends: the booming gig economy and technology-driven shopping experiences requiring enhanced customer centricity from companies.

The Rise Of Entrepreneurship

The traditional definition of work is rapidly changing because of the global pandemic. In an overwhelming amount of cases, the necessity to find an alternate source of income or a job in a completely different niche has been critical. Moreover, people seek more flexible work situations to better balance work and life. 

More people than ever are working from home and have started up their own businesses beyond their regular employment, intending to work for themselves ultimately. New research suggests that three out of every five American employees now say they will stop at nothing to become their own boss. 

The survey also found that 60% of people have been inspired by their time in isolation to contemplate new career trajectories. Nearly half said that money was the number one resource they needed to pursue entrepreneurship. Besides the uptake of freelancers and independent contractors, many are turning to multi-level marketing or MLM.


Antiquated MLM Model

MLM has received a negative reputation due to some companies' business models that focus on recruiting “downline” and getting new distributors to buy the product rather than on actual sales to consumers, which puts them in the pyramid scheme category. This model has a proven failure rate of 99% because it drives recruitment instead of product, making it unsustainable for the long term. 

It’s an antiquated model and flawed concept that has broken the MLM industry. I’m sure many of us have been roped into the hyped-up promises and dream lifestyles of the top distributors in a company, exploiting our hopes and dreams only to alienate our friends and family and quickly fail as a result. These types of MLM companies are not customer-centric, and where the number of distributors far outweighs the customer base. 

MLM companies that are genuine have product offerings, MLM software, and eCommerce platforms in place. They provide people with a turnkey system and an affordable way to build and run their own businesses. They are responding by enhancing their customer centricity and providing field sales representatives with additional support and tools for customer acquisition, service, and retention.

Some Can – Most Can’t

Some Independent Distributors are savvy enough to develop their business by acquiring clients directly from their network of acquaintances and family members. This type of networking comes easy to them and is a beneficial and rewarding approach for the distributor and customers. However, the majority of distributor businesses don't thrive when they promote directly to their friends and family members. 

According to data, this method doesn't operate for most direct sellers. Over 70% of direct sellers don't make any money since they are not adept at generating, acquiring, and retaining enough customers to keep their business growing. It is especially true when the company fundamentally mandates the recruitment of distributors, selling the “hopes and dreams” concept or promoting inferior and ambiguous products. 

Image source: DSA

The Landscape Has Changed

Today, now two and half years after the onset of the pandemic, more people are taking an interest in deriving an income through direct sales companies. As of 2020, the Direct Selling Association reports a record-high 7.7 million independent representatives in the US who are building direct selling businesses on a full- or part-time basis.

With consumers now having unprecedented access to information via the internet and social media with a more comprehensive range of influences when exploring options and making buying decisions, companies need to be more customer-focused. 

Customer centricity drives growth.  High-quality, competitively priced products with a streamlined eCommerce experience will undoubtedly attract more customers and enhance loyalty and retention. For any business to be successful and flourish, it has to have an endless supply of customers.  


A Solution To The Direct Selling Problem

An innovative company that has been operating for over 12 years reached unicorn status in the direct sales sector, is debt free and thrives on its customer-centricity with tens of thousands of loyal customers as well as dedicated independent distributors worldwide. They have recognized the plight of most that try and fail in the MLM industry and have provided a solution. 

The concept was inspired by the likes of Airbnb and Uber and is known as the on-demand or Gig economy, providing independent contractors the ability to scale their businesses more simply and feasibly. Both companies have created an avant-garde marketing system that has disrupted their respective industries. This model has enabled millions of new business owners and provided them with customers on demand. 


Perfect Timing For Markethive To Set The Stage

As a social network, inbound marketing, and broadcasting system, Markethive sets the stage for the revolutionary wave of social commerce now coming into its own. The pandemic prompted increased users' engagement and comfort levels with social media. More than 300 million new social media users came online between 2019 and 2020, with 44%+ of the global population using social media. For many, social platforms are the entry point for everything they do online – news, entertainment, communication, and now commerce comes into the mix. 

The power of social commerce is poised to take over the world and is projected to grow three times faster than traditional eCommerce. By 2025, the global social commerce industry’s value is expected to reach $1.2 trillion. The revolutionary concept will create opportunities for everyone to participate in the worldwide economy as entrepreneurs – creators, influencers, buyers, and sellers, resulting in a power shift from eCommerce behemoths to a people-powered ecosystem of social commerce. Credible direct sales companies have embraced this concept of seamless selling through social media platforms, influencing users to become customers rather than enroll as distributors. 

Markethive – The Platform Driving Sustainable Business Growth

Markethive is “a buzz” right now, collaborating with the only direct sales company globally that has solved the problem for the many aspiring entrepreneurs that want to start a business. It is essentially a co-op marketing system that allows you to buy customers and is a new business model of Customer Acquisition. The innovative and disruptive marketing machine has been in development for the last two years and provides customers on demand. 

In other words, you just buy customers. These are consumers that already use the products, so every time they purchase them, you receive a commissional value for as long as they continue to order the products. It creates an unfair advantage and solves the age-old problem of the 99% of would-be independent distributors wanting to get into the business side of direct selling but are unsuccessful. 

Furthermore, customers, by definition, don’t want to be involved in the MLM business model; they just want to use the products and do so for various reasons. Providing a company has a superior and consumable product, it stands to reason it would have an ample supply of loyal customers. 


How Is Co-op Customer Acquisition Possible? 

So, how is the company able to provide this marketing arm? Instead of relying on its independent distributors, the company has outsourced its marketing strategy to a professional digital marketing firm using all social media methods, including Google ads, Facebook ads, Youtube, Influencers, podcasts, etc. This strategy significantly extends its customer base beyond its direct contacts and communities.

As a result, the influx of genuine customers is offered to the independent agents that have opted into the co-op customer acquisition program, thereby creating the opportunity for those who have difficulty recruiting the old MLM way. This breakthrough means it’s much easier for anyone wanting to start a business of their own and work from home because everyone can purchase Customers! 

The individuals that buy customers via the co-op marketing partnership with the company essentially build a team of agents, each creating their own business. This team effectively stays cohesive because if an agent opts out, the customer stays with the co-op. This allows for a more sustainable monthly income and a real residual income. It is a far more effective model than having to recruit more distributors that end up being their one and only customers. 

The Bottom Line

The unfair advantage of the customer acquisition model is the key to success. It makes sense to spend advertising dollars on buying active customers instead of purchasing potential leads. It guarantees better results as you always have an endless supply of customers on demand. 

The model also removes unfair disparity between skilled and unskilled representatives and between those with large and those with small contact lists. It levels the playing field as you’re just buying customers in an entirely duplicatable model. 

Markethive is proud to be the social and marketing medium to drive this Co-op Marketing Program. Actioned by Markethive Entrepreneurs in collaboration with the direct selling company, it’s more cost-effective to share advertising costs to acquire new customers. Aptly named "The Uber of Direct Sales," the worries about finding new customers are over, giving you the ability to grow a thriving business each passing month continually. 

We already have a dedicated team at Markethive piloting the project before the big reveal at the Phase One rollout unveiling later this month (October 2022). If you want to be part of the industry-disrupting project, please join us at the Markethive UBER of Direct Sales Group, where you can learn more and stay updated as we move forward.   



Editor and Chief Markethive: Deb Williams. (Australia) I thrive on progress and champion freedom of speech. I embrace "Change" with a passion, and my purpose in life is to enlighten people to accept and move forward with enthusiasm. Find me at my Markethive Profile Page | My Twitter Account | and my LinkedIn Profile.





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Connect Social

Connect Social

All right, happy Saturday, guys Welcome to our last Saturday connect social before the big launch, which is crazy to say we're one week away guys next week is the big party that we're going to talk about at the end of this. It's so great to have you guys joining us here today, um, if you've been here with us since we started these in August, it's so great! We love your support. If you're brand new here today welcome we're going to share with you everything about connect social, why people are excited about it, the opportunity for you, the bonuses that we have, who we are, what we're doing, and how this is a game changer. My name is Angel.


Chandler, I'm the chief marketing officer here with connect social and I've got with me, Carmine Carella today and uh. It's he's going to share with you all of sorry background noise. Here he's going to share with you all of the information on connect and uh, and he just does a great presentation. We will announce uh the bonuses for you guys still at the end here and talk about that party. If you have any questions as we go along here, guys go ahead and put them into the chat, and we will answer them at the end of the presentation.


Okay, we've still got some people coming in it's going to be a good day today, Carmine I'll pass it over to you. Thank you very much, Angel. I appreciate that welcome everybody. I appreciate your time on this uh Saturday afternoon at one o'clock Eastern time, like Angel, said it's our last presentation on Saturday before we go live at eight o'clock Eastern time next Saturday night, I'm very excited about that as well. We got some really cool things lined up for you, guys, uh, we're gon na do a three hour, Zoom kind of party and we're gon na launch this thing.


This is a historic event. I hope you guys understand where you're sitting right now in time and the opportunity within connect social. So, let's talk about what connect social is: let's talk about really what the main problem in this industry is, that connect social identify and – and this is what we really want – you guys to understand um what has gone on for the last 20 years or so Since big Tech started, is they give us this platform? They basically give us the opportunity to put all our content on there and get other people to get on getting on the uh platform as well, and then they monetize us. They monetize us with our data and they monetize us with our social influence and our word about the advertising so basically to give us the platform, then they make us the product um.


What we've done is we've seen these two problems and we put a platform together. That's going to fix that and we'll show you that business model in a second, but the main thing that we really want to take care of is the censoring that's going on and I'm not going to talk left-right. It doesn't matter, I'm just going to talk about you having the right to see and say what you want. Nobody has the right to take that from you, especially a platform that really should not be getting involved in what you see and what you say. So that's the main thing: it's that we get these platform forms for free, we become the product and then we get other people to get on get involved and get on the platform, create more content.


And then they sell that information, that data to advertisers and make a fortune, and it's sad because it's really fraudulent activity that they're perpetrating on these small business owners. So data is King. It's a 300 billion dollar-a-year industry, the wealthiest companies in the world. All collect data that's what this game is all about, but it's unverified data. What I mean by that is as long as your email matches up.


You could have two three twenty profiles on somebody's platforms and they really don't care. The bottom line is what they want is numbers, the more numbers they have, the more they can sell to advertisers. If you look at Apple Google Facebook Amazon and Microsoft, they doubled in size in 2020 alone. This is a massive industry. That's getting bigger!


Well, connect social is doing is we're collecting verified consuming data. I'm gon na explain that to you in a little bit more detail in a second, but the thing you have to understand is that if you're, a small business owner and you advertise with these companies, you're advertising to what could be fake people, some reports are saying Up to 800 million of Facebook's profiles are fake right now. Elon Musk is in a legal Court battle with Twitter because he doesn't want to buy them because he's finding up to 20 of bots. This is a real problem. That's going on right now and we're really showing people what we can do to give them an opportunity to help us build this out and also get paid for their verified data.


So what is connect social? It has a lot of components too, but I'm going to talk about just basically these three main ones: it's a social media platform similar to Facebook, with no censorship, and it's an app with local, brick-and-mortar businesses. It's an online shopping platform similar to Amazon. So what we're doing is we're taking the social media platform, meaning the member side and we're merging it. We're marrying it with the merchant side.


Now, this is all for small local businesses. Why? Well, because they make up 95 of the marketplace. That's number one and number two: we want to help the small business owner they're, the ones that got decimated between the virus and what went on the last few years and they make up the most of the marketplace. It's not the big corporations and they're going to do what they want to do anyway.


We want to bring it back to local shopping now. The difference is, connect shows, connect social, saves you money, and compensates you for your verified data and for your social influence and I'll explain that business model in a little bit more detail so the social network. What is it it's going to look just like Facebook, I'm going to show you a video in a few seconds to show you the actual beta of what this whole platform looks like right, connect social is built by people for people we built the platform, and Now, starting just next Saturday night, we need you to help us, build it out right, you're, not our product, but you're, a partner with this. We want you to come along and build this with us. We need your help.


We can't do this by ourselves. Neither could Facebook neither could Tick Tock, neither could Twitter neither could Instagram, they all needed us to build them out, but the only difference is we never got compensated for it. We just basically did it for them said. Thank you very much and they said wow. This is great and made billions and billions of dollars, and then somebody else came along and created another platform because they said this is a great business model.


We put a platform up and people build it for us. There are no Anonymous accounts with this. It's one account per person. What does that mean? It means that everybody's going to fill out a KYC and know your customer you're going to have one profile.


It's going to be verified with your driver's license. Why are we doing this one of the main problems right now that goes on in social media and social platforms – is that they're not verified and people have 10 20 different accounts and they bully and they Troll, and they put negative behavior out there. Whether they comment on people's stuff and they and bully them around and kids right now are really getting affected. By this. We believe it's going to be much safer for consumers and much safer for kids.

We will have terms and conditions without question, but it's going to be a platform that we believe people are going to police themselves because they're not going to want to get kicked out now. This is Jonathan Hyatt. As a social psychologist, he wrote those three books and he's at NYU in New York City and since 2018, he's been studying how social media has contributed to the decline of mental health in teens and the rise of political dysfunction. And this is about an hour and 45-minute podcast. I watched on the Lex Freeman show and he talks about all the things that are wrong with social media and he's got all the studies and all the statistics to back it up how young girls are hurting themselves at a higher rate, they're going to emergency rooms.


Emergency rooms with cuts and stuff like that, because they have a higher levels of anxiety and depression and they, and they're they're getting bullied and they're worried about what people think of their posts and are they going to like it. And all this and it's causing a major major problem and he says the one thing you have to do is you got to verify people you have to know who they are. They can't be anonymous and he talks about in his one-minute, video I'm going to show you how Elon Musk talks about authenticating all units. So take a look at this real, quick. So, okay!


So here's an idea about social media developed through social media from Elon, which is um uh. You know everyone freaks out because they think either you know always going to do less content moderation. The left is freaking out because they want more content, and moderation. The right is celebrating because they think the people doing the content. Moderation are on the left, but there was a.


There was one. I think it was a tweet um where he said three things he was going to do to make it better and was that would defeat the boss or something, but he said, um authenticate All Humans, yeah, and this is a hugely important statement. Um and it's pretty powerful that this guy can put three words in a tweet, and actually, I think this could change the world even if the bid fails the fact that Elon said that that he thinks we need to authenticate All Humans is huge. Now he's talking about the bid for him to buy Twitter and now, all of a sudden he doesn't care about that bid. He's like I'm not paying this anymore.


Now that I found out up to 20 could be Bots, but in that podcast, he talks about a lot of things that are wrong and a lot of those things are what we're trying to do to fix it. Uh, we have a friends and family button that you guys are going to see as well, where, if you go away with your friend, you know your family and you want to put those photos up and don't want to show it to everybody that follows you. You don't have to it'll go into your friends and family section, so you'll see when we go through the beta test right now, I'm going to show you the video, so you can see what the platform looks like hey. Everyone just wanted to show you quickly what your connect social profile will look like right now we are in beta, so everybody who's using the platform is just testing out the beta platform for us, but we want to give you a look and feel for what this Looks like so I have just logged in to my profile. You can see that all of our users who are testing out our beta platform right now are sharing some content.


Some photos, some posts, which is awesome. You can see up here. My coin balance: if I click on there, you can see my balance based on the value and again this is beta, so I've got 100 coins for signing up. I've got 25 points for each person. I'Ve referred if we go here.


This is back to the news. Feed I can choose public friends connections. All there, we've got social information, we can check out our friends and our connections, our personal Network, which is the people we referred, the extended Network, which are the people that our personal Network have referred. This is where the shops will be, which is going to be so awesome. Carmine will show you an image of that afterward.


That's being developed right now and we'll be a part of our live platform, this fall and then we've got where we can upload our receipts and all of the information on our wallets. So our dashboard of our wallet, our network earnings, where we can purchase coins, Etc. Here's our notifications, so this is where you'll be notified of posts that go up that you want to see where you're getting messages. All of that then, we've got just a search area. Here you can search for friends there.


Again, we've got our wallet area here where you can purchase coins in here. So we'll have all of that information. You just go to purchase coins you'll be able to pick packages as we launch live here, and then this is back to your own personal profile. I can go to my profile here. This is where I can change my background image.


I can change my photo. I can do some posts choose who can see what I do is absolutely awesome, and then here is also where we can send invites out where we can check on our KYC status. Minus complete, otherwise you'd see a notification up here that I need to complete it, and this is where you send your invites. So once we're live, you're going to be able to share this link – or you can just enter an email in here and hit, send and be able to invite your friends but guys. If you go over to imconnect.


o right now and you scroll down, we've got a full 12-minute video on all of logging, in how you can send your links. Everything in detail about the platform we're so excited to be able to share this with you in the beta form. Right now, until we go live, go thank Angel for doing that. Video uh, that's just a peek into what the platform looks like we're. Actually going live October, 1st, which is Saturday night worldwide, you guys are sitting in a tremendous opportunity.


I hope you guys realize that so connect shops. Now. Here's what's very interesting right now for merchants they're paying 30 on Amazon, with connect social they're, going to pay 13 percent ubereats doordash they're charging 25 to 30 for small business owners and they're getting crushed by these these margins. They just can't support. You know anybody has a small, you know sandwich shop Pizzeria.


They just can't support giving 25-30 away to these companies. Now one of the things that we also designed is a delivery service app and the way that works is any driver that can download our app. Can accept to any job that they see that they want to accept. So if they pick up somebody's pizza and they see that uh connect social member or wants to get a phone case from his local Merchant or a pair of sneakers, he can accept that job. As well – and we will pay him in cash as well as in coin the equivalent, so now he has an opportunity to make two or three times more money, but the beautiful part is the connect social member is going to receive that product at its store.


In one hour now think about what we've just done, we've taken the shopping locals who are helping our local small business Merchant out in our community. We give a better experience to the consumer because they're going to get their product in an hour, not in maybe a day or a couple of days or a couple of weeks from they don't know if it comes from another state or another country, and we also Lowered the course for the small Merchant, instead of having to pay 25 30 to the Uber Eats and ellipse. So what we're doing is we're supporting local small businesses and local communities and that that's the key to this whole program now for consumers, they're going to receive five percent back in Connect coins, we're buying back their verified data, we're basically thanking them for their verified data. Consumers get paid to connect, help connect grow as well, and I'm going to go through that in a second for you now, as angel said on that video, this is what what they call the uh wireframe. This is what the Merchant's feed is going to look like, so you can see how it looks this is in beta, but this is what it's going to look like.


You can see all the categories to it: [, Music, ] and then we go to connect local. This is a coupon book on your mobile phone. Only local small businesses, local savings Merchants are displayed by GPS location, so the closest one to you is going to come up first, get paid to shop, five percent for your verified consumer data in our coin. So this is what it looks like on. The far left is going to be your profile.


You open it up, you're, going to have categories you're going to open up subcategories, so you go to restaurants and you go to pizzerias and then it's going to open up like GPS, so the closest location is going to be on top and they could put whatever Offer they want to put in that exclusive offer, buy one get one free bottle of soda, whatever they want to put in there to entice you to come into their business okay. So how does this work? We talk about the CR. We talk about connect. Coin right: well, let's talk about what this industry is all about right now and what we've done to make it much much safer.


We believe it's going to be the most secure coin on this planet and the reason why is right now these coins are decentral, decentralized, and Anonymous. The governments don't like them, they're riddled with their fraud and Market volatility, and that's why a Bitcoin can go from 20, 000 to 65 all the way back down to now it's around 17 and a half 18 Because it's only backed by people's perception of its value, this is going to be backed by a true ecosystem, a true economy that we're building out now. How is it different, well, connect social has built this. What's called a closed-loop, centralized system, what that means is that we are going to own the blockchain, we're going to own the exchange and we're going to own the coins, and what that means is that we can reverse any charge. Any transaction because we'll have all the information, because it's all what they call closed looped, it's not Anonymous, it's not decentralized and that's the big difference between what we've built and what a lot of these cryptocurrencies are doing.


Now we believe it's going to be much more secure for merchants and for consumers, and why that's so important is when you see a couple of slides all the different ways to generate coins with us. We wanted to make sure that people were basically protected, that nobody could hack their wallet, take their coins from them after the hard work they put in to help us build this out and generate all these coins. So we built it on it closed loop, centralized system now transaction speed over 10 000 transactions per second, and if you don't know anything about Bitcoin, it could take a couple of minutes to a couple of hours to over a day to get a transaction approved. It's just not practical: we've we've already pre-mined 10 billion of these coins and that's what it'd be 10 billion and we'll never create any more than that. If you understand the just the economics behind this, as transactions grow, meaning more members come in and more Merchants come in, more transactions take place.


The coin value slowly climbs until we hit momentum and then it will start to really take off it'll, be the most reliable, secure coin out there. We truly believe that hold on one-second little glitch here on my computer, okay. So how does this whole thing? Work so it's very simple Merchant joins for free. They just have to agree to give us a kyc.


We'Re gon na know who they are as well, and they have to agree to pay us 10 in coin and I'll connect coin. We don't we, don't we don't invoice them. Okay. Now, that's the beauty of this whole program is they're going to come in and they're going to try the program and once they like everything, they're going to have to have these coins in their wallet to make the transaction work. So the Simplicity of it is if we took a hundred-dollar sweater, the coin's worth a dollar.


When we go live, we will put the coin out at a dollar. The reason why we're doing that is, first of all, we're going to give the first million people 100 coins each for just getting involved, and the two-tier affiliate program is going to get 25 coins. Each I'll explain that in a second now, in this example we'll make me the customer, I'm in the yellow, I'm going to receive five percent back. Thanking me for shopping in the community. For my verified data Angel, who directly referred me into the community, is going to get three-quarters of a percent and Brett who basically introduced it to Angel, is my extended network is going to receive three quarters of a percent a coin as well.


Now, let's go to the other side, John, on the left. John is the person who brought the merchant into the community now just think about this, for a second John is going to receive a half a percent in coin on every transaction that Merchant does with any member of this community. Now I want to repeat that, because I want you guys to understand the mechanism of Leverage that this has created for people. If John goes out and gets 20 30 100 Merchants over the next six months to a year, he will generate a half a percent. In coin on every one of those Merchants, no matter what person in this community deals with that Merchant in a transaction that is serious Leverage, now we are paying out 70 of the dollar back to the community between me, five percent three-quarter percent Angel three-quarter percent To Brett and a half a percent to John just think about if Facebook ever did that for us think about how long some of you have been on Facebook, how much money you have accumulated by now, it's quite staggering!


So there are four ways to generate coins with us. Let's talk about these because this is really powerful. The first way is your verify data we're going to give you five percent back on all purchases, Thank you for your verified data. We will never take it from you, we'll always pay you for it social influence. What does that mean?


If you go back 25 years ago, it's called Word of Mouth advertising, it's called. Who do you go to the doctor? What movie do you did? You watch tell people about a book. You read whatever it might be now it's social influence because of social media, but it's your social credibility in the marketplace and we're going to pay you for that as well.

We built all these platforms by telling people get on them and never got paid for it. Well, you're gon na get paid here also for sharing with Merchants, like I said, a half percent in coin to those Merchants from I'm sorry on those uh on those uh transactions, you're gon na get a half per percent from uh connect social. When you bring merchants in the last way is really interesting: we're never going to have a Walmart a Target or Costco on this platform. But if you go there, you could take that receipt and you could upload it to your back office into the portal and we will pay you for that verified data once again. Why?


Because we're building a larger profile of who you really are with real verified data of who you are and what's beautiful about that – is that you're going to now get advertisements of things you really want to buy, because we're going to know who you are and the Merchants are going to be able to Market to people that really want to buy their product, what a concept! So why are we all here right now? Well, this is what we call the founding partner opportunity: okay, we're looking for up to a thousand people to help us build this out by the end of October, and the way it works is very simple: we're going to pay 70 back to the network for helping Us build this whole thing out, we're looking for the first thousand people they're going to be called founding Partners, I believe, we're in the 350 or some somewhere around there. I think I saw 326 the other day and we put some on since then, but we're looking for a thousand founding partners and we hope everybody shows up on October 1st next Saturday night, eight o'clock Eastern to 11 o'clock – we'll talk about that more. But there's some really cool things that are going to happen.


So how does this work? This is our pre-sale right now it started August 1st. It goes to the end of October of this year for as little as 100 you're going to get these coins at 10 cents. You'Re gon na have a thousand coins for 500 to 9.99 eight cents, and you can see it goes down: six cents, four cents at ten thousand dollars, they're one penny and you have a million coins.


Now we truly believe just by the mathematics of understanding the projections of this business model that this coin will be seven to ten dollars within two years and we believe it will be a thousand-dollar coin over within the next seven to ten years. Just by the growth and the expansion of the marketplace now November of this year, price goes up April of next year. We do a worldwide launch and Treasure Island is Unleashed on this world and we'll explain that to you in a little bit more detail in a minute and that's when we open at one dollar per coin, so just think about it for ten thousand dollars, you get A million coins if it goes to two dollars three dollars: six dollars twenty dollars, you can figure out the kind of math. That'S here. The first one million people like I said that join will receive a hundred coins and those two-tier Affiliates would receive 25 coins.


Each now you have an incentive to tell people get on this platform check it out, they're going to receive a hundred coins, a hundred dollars to go shop in the marketplace and you're gon na receive 25 And you could do that as many times as you want over and over again until we hit a million people now. Connect social to the end of October is offering an opportunity to help us bring money into the community and we're going to pay you back as well. You earn 10, your extended Network earns five percent and you can take that and cash in coin or cash or coin. Excuse me, depending on what level you came in on the previous page, is where they're going to accumulate for you in coins. So if somebody puts a thousand dollars in you have a hundred dollars, ten percent, your extended network has 50 or five percent, and you can take it and cash.


Your coins, just remember wherever you come in the previous page, is where they're going to accumulate now. These are all the timelines of what's going on, so we started October 1st and we're going to the end of October, with our pre-sale pricing November 1st, to April 1st of next year, the coin sale. The price will go up drastically October with onboarding consumers. We start that October 1st, at eight o'clock Eastern time on Saturday night December, we're on board the merchants December. We'Re going to do the shops platform, the shop and the apps will become live and then January connect exchange will go live now.


We're never going to have a Bitcoin or Ethereum, but what we're going to have is a place where the merchants will go and purchase the coins and where we could take all coins and turn them back into Cash turn them back into Fiat and then April we Got our official launch where we launch across this planet and we're going to utilize, what's called Treasure Island and at this point I'm going to bring Angel back she's a chief marketing officer at a company. She works directly with the whole Treasure Island project and she's, going to explain to you exactly what it is and how it works so angel. I'M going to turn it back over to you. Thanks Carmine always excited to talk about Treasure, Island and what we're doing there. So, if you're new here – and you haven't heard about this and you're going, what are they talking about you've seen how big this whole project is all of the things you can see the list there of everything that's going to be coming up as uh.


You know you're a part of this. Almost you know the very beginning of what we're doing here and all of the things that we have coming up. We could potentially put millions of dollars into advertising to do the traditional ways of getting in front of people and having them see, connect social. But we have this super creative way of doing this through Treasure, Island and we're tapping into social influencers, and you know, I'm sure, you've heard that word floating around or you follow a few of them online. These are people who have built a massive brand, a massive following uh generally in a specific niche of people who watch all of their videos, buy everything they promote.


Um they're, really a celebrity status in social media right now, and it's actually a multi-billion dollar industry. There are a lot of businesses out there right now solely focused on influencer marketing and what that does for their products. So what we're doing is we're going to bring 100 of those social influencers into a game which is like a Survivor Amazing Race ultimate escape room. A little bit of MTV Real World in there because we're going to be feeling kind of behind the scenes, so you can see into these social influencers lives but we're bringing them together in a challenge for one million connect coins they're going to start in 10 groups Of 10 and be doing challenges, and then it will move into an individual game. But the great thing about this – that's never been done before as well.


Is that as these influencers are going through these challenges and say they've completed a challenge. Now they get a puzzle or a clue to something else. They can then go to their followers and say hey guys. I just got this super complex clue. I need you guys to help me out and those people that are watching are going to be sending messages.


Oh, this is what I think it is so really we're taking the viewing audience and bringing them into the game and with the influencers that we have cast so far, there's a total following of over 300 million people. So these are just the people that follow those influencers. When you bring into that also the viewing public who are love their reality TV I mean it's like 50 of Netflix out. There is reality TV. So you know people love watching this kind of stuff.


It'S going to be over 14 days, it's really uh crazy, because we, you know film. On Monday, it's going to be airing by Thursday. It'S going to be an interactive experience and connect social will be everywhere on it as a sponsor in the ad encouraging people to come, and we're going to talk about a bonus where you guys right now benefit from Treasure, Island but I'll. Let Carmine play the video for Treasure Island, so you can see more join us in an exciting, never seen before. Reality event.


We are bringing 100 social influencers together from across the United States to participate in the ultimate treasure hunt, taking place over the course of 14 days on a beautiful tropical island. This Dynamic show will have these influencers compete in Epic challenges and solve complex riddles to move towards their ultimate goal. An amazing treasure follow each influencer as they Advance through each challenge to find the next clue, which will put them one step closer to the big prize. Each influencer can enlist their social following to help them solve the puzzles. This will intensify the competitive drama while allowing the home viewer to become immersed in playing the challenge along with their influencers.


So what do you get when you combine 100 social influencers in a tropical Paradox, along with millions of their own social followers, while crowning one ultimate winner at the finale? Only the most exciting, intense and emotional social challenge ever were played out. Welcome to Treasure Island [, Music ], I got ta tell you, I get more and more excited every time. I watch that now, for I want everybody to understand how massive this project is. This project has been being put together in concept for years.


This is not something that a couple of people put a website together. There are over 80 programmers and five countries building this out. Okay, this is this is massive. Now, where is this going to be? Well, that's another thing we built out.


It'S called connect TV and that's our version of YouTube, and this is going to be one of the show is that's going to be on I'll connect TV. Now, what is connect TV? It'S basically YouTube with a lot more features and a lot more benefits to everybody involved for Content creators they're going to earn more money than they may make right now on YouTube, there's no fear of being censored or de-platform. Anybody has a YouTube channel knows what that's all about. No lengthy processes become a creator.


Anyone can become a content creator and make money. Everybody today wants a brand themselves. Everybody wants a YouTube channel, everybody wants an Instagram. Everybody wants a tick tock. It'S the way that everything works right now everybody wants to become their own motivational speaker.


They want to become their own Fitness coach. I mean everybody wants a brand their own. You know individual um, whatever their product is now for merchants advertised to verified consumers with verified consumer data once again, you're now going to have an opportunity, instead of watching YouTube commercials that half of them you're not interested in they're, going to know exactly who you are And they're going to show you what you really want to buy local Merchants can advertise to local connect ambassadors. How great would that be to get a local advertisement from a local Merchant on something you really want to buy, and then you can literally just order it and that driver will bring it to you in an hour. What a concept for ambassadors, the audience ambassadors get paid to watch an advertisement.


How cool is that we're going to pay you in coin, just for watching the advertisement networks get paid when the Ambassador watches the advertisement, so those two-tier Affiliates will also get paid when that person watches the advertisement and targeted Advertising based on consumer data, so we're capturing All the data from the small Merchants they're going to have an opportunity to Target us, plus the big corporations like the Walmarts, the target, we're going to know all the data and we're also going to help these Merchants make more money by utilizing that data by giving Them an understanding of what really sells and what doesn't and that's that's for another conversation, but when I tell you that everything here is designed to have value to everybody involved, that's what it's all about. So the first bonus we're going to talk about is, if we hit a thousand founding partners by the end of October, everyone's coins will double. Now we want to give you guys an incentive to help us build this out. We want this to go viral. We want this to go and spread across this planet and we're giving you every incentive to help us do that.


There's literally four of them on this board right now we're going to talk about, but right now this is the first one. If we hit a thousand and you're a founding partner, your coins will double so, for example, if you put 10 000 in and got a million coins, you would now have two million coins now think about. If the price does go to eight dollars or twenty six dollars or forty three dollars the kind of money that is here, it's pretty staggering when you really think about it. The second bonus is we're offering a million coins each to the top 10 producers. Our founding partners and that's open to the end of October, meaning whoever brings in the most money into the company, is going to receive an extra million coins, the top 10 producers, so we're giving you incentives to help us build this out like nobody's ever done before.


It's very simple: if you want to join as a founding partner, just go to connect Io everything is there, like Angel, says on that video. You got a 12-minute. Video gives you a good overview of what this is all about: a 12-minute beta video as well the Treasure Island video is there as well all the information you're going to need. As you scroll down the page, you come to this little slip. It says your first name, your last name, your phone number, your email and who referred you to connect.


It'S called connect, social for a reason, we're all connected. There's no individuals here and then, if you want to do a wire or you want to do a cryptocurrency option, they're available as well just email us at, we'll be happy to get you those instructions as well. But when you go to the checkout page boom, this little page will pop up and you can see it's a very simple little slip to fill out. Not a lot of information is needed.


You put in the connect loan. How much you want to loan to connect and once again, wiring options are available, just email info for that, but it's a very simple process and you'll become a founding partner for as little as a hundred dollars. You're a part of this whole game with us. So these are a couple of bonuses.


i'm going to ask Angel to pop back out at this point, she's going to go through these, for you, hello, hello, all right. Those are great bonuses, so guys those are the bonuses running all the way through till October 31st. So you can imagine that now, once we go live on the first and you're able to still share those bonuses still share that special pricing all the way through to October 31st, that's a huge incentive for people to come into the platform, especially since we're live, but These are two bonuses that we've had running for you, guys that are going to expire on the 1st of October 100, this one here we had extended from September 15th, because school was starting and everybody was kind of getting back into the swing of things. So we wanted to give you guys a couple more weeks to take advantage of this one which you guys are, it's so great, to see we're essentially paying out 100 commissions across tier one and tier two right now. These are coin commissions.


So if I had referred Carmine and he did a thousand dollars, I would get the equivalent of 50 of the coins that Carmine received and then we go a little bit further. We go to tier one and tier two. So if I referred Carmine and then Carmine referred Sue Sue's purchases, ten thousand dollars or a million coins, both Carmine and I are going to receive 500 000 coins as a bonus. So that's where the hundred percent total coin purchase commission is coming into play again. This does expire October, 1st.


What you guys are going to see as we go through. You know the Strategic launching of the company on the first is that you'll see your coins go up as you as you join and then, as you refer people these bonus commissions and these bonus coins that you will see them reflected in your in your coin. Balance over the coming week give us some time just to make sure that we have everything completely perfect for you guys, so you will see that bonus come into your coin balance there and then we've got this awesome bonus, which I know you guys love. We love it too, and you just heard me talk about Treasure Island and the fact that connect social is going to be front and center all over uh Treasure Island. And so we know that we sit here on these presentations and we let you guys know that people have to be referred to connect social in order to come in.


That's the whole point of what we're doing is, recording or recording rewarding you guys for the people that you're referring, and so we know during Treasure, Island. There's going to be a lot of the general public that don't have a link aren't coming in through an influencer. I haven't heard of connect social before, and this is the first time their eyes are on this, so we created the orphan pool, and what that means is that all of you who become founding partners and again as Carmine shared to become a founding partner, it's as Little as a hundred dollars and you get those thousand coins, but you are one of these founding Partners before October 1st you're, going to benefit from this pool of people that we have that are going to want to join connect social. So let's say we get our thousand founding partners, and then we have a hundred thousand orphans as we call them signing up in April that want to join connect, social. They will be distributed into the network of those thousand founding partners, and the distribution of those orphans is based on your financial commitment.


So, for example, if I owned a thousand and Carmine did ten thousand he's going to receive ten times more of those orphans than I will so we will literally be placing those people into your personal tier one networks, so as Treasure Island the Airing over those 14 Days, you're going to see your personal Network grow. That means your coin. Balance is going to grow. That means that you're going to benefit from the shopping that these people do within connect, and I think this is just a huge uh bonus for you guys. This will not be extended.


I know that question came up this week, but it will not. We really want to say thank you for those of you who joined before we were even live before the platforms even live. We know October is going to be a huge month for us. We know we're going to have a lot of people joining getting their free coins coming in as accounting Partners. We want those of you who were with us in this period of time to really benefit from this from this, and we think this is a great way to say thank you for believing in us and seeing the vision and being here with us and then we've Got the party next week so in one week from now 8 P.


. Eastern, we are doing our connect. Social live launch party. That link will be coming out to you guys this Monday, but what we want guys is is for you to invite people over have a viewing party. You know how they do that for the bachelor and bachelorette.


Do it for this, this is fun. Have some drinks have some food get some people to join your you're at the beginning of the launch of a massive platform, you've seen everything we're going to do. This is just the beginning and it's exciting and you'll get to see it. You'll get to uh you'll. Get your emails from us telling you your next steps and who you need to invite everybody will be interacting live.


We've got some awesome speakers that are coming um, some celebrities, some athletes, some Founders that have been with us for over a year. I'M just sharing with us what they see and connect. Why they're here, where we're going um we're going to have a thousand seats available so hopefully we'll be able to accommodate everybody and but yeah just invite as many people as you can that you know you want to share this with and just to be a Part of something you know, we've all watched The Social Network and how that all got started. You're sitting at the beginning of the connect social um and it'll be great to be able to share that with you, we're going to have some fun, and uh and yeah it'll just be a historic night for everybody yeah. I hope everybody enjoyed this presentation because me and the angel will be emcee in the uh live three-hour Zoom as well.


Yeah um, I'd like to just say in closing. Listen, I appreciate everybody's time. Anybody that knows me knows: I'm really not this hypey. You know kind of rah-rah kind of I don't blow smoke, I'm here, because I truly believe in this project this whole concept. I believe it's going to change the way people think about business and how they're treated by businesses and corporations and big Tech going forward.


I really think, and the reaction we've been getting from people they, they think this is absolutely incredible and they all want to be a part of it. I've got ex-NFL football players, x-MBA basketball players uh. They are excited to be a part of this thing with us. Some of them are going to speak on the live launch at uh. You know between 8 and 11, but the bottom line is if this resonates with you guys.


You know what we've talked about today. Come along with us, it's going to be a lot of fun and I could just promise you between all the things I'm working on plus Treasure, Island uh people are going to tell you about this. It's just a matter of when they get to you. It could be a couple of weeks, it could be. Six months could be a couple of years, but I promise you, people were telling you about connect social that I can absolutely guarantee.




Tim Moseley

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Have an open mind. Internet marketing is not taught in school, you are a business owner and also thus made from a one-of-a-kind sort of tenacity as well as grit. Effective entrepreneurs don’t surrender, they don’t know everything, they look for services, make blunders, and they stand up as well as attempt once again. Be a DOer, not an analyst, not a deep thinker, yet somebody that rolls up their sleeves digs in, obtains dirty as well as insists on results.

I have actually been in the online home-based business sector for over twenty years as a business owner, trainer, as well as a marketer. I have actually seen it all. People are available, delighted, eager, and figured out. Some last a few days, some a couple of months. Then you come down to a really little portion of individuals, the absolutely figured-out, individuals I have actually dealt with for many years. The one common attribute the champions, and the non-quitters all have is – are you ready for this?

STRENGTH. These people weren’t at the top of their course, they weren’t at the bottom, they are typically individuals who have the ability to recover quickly from difficulties, from a difficult life, from a path full of challenges and also bumps. That amongst us doesn’t have “stuff” in our lives, problems, or distractions that keep us from achieving our objectives. The difference is just how you recoup from life’s challenges and take place.

Below’s the real interpretation of RESILIENCE from Merriam-Webster:


: the capability to come to be solid, healthy, or successful once again after something negative takes place

: a capacity to recoup from or readjust quickly to misfortune or change

If you are a resistant, one of those strong, established individuals that never ever quits I devote this post to you.

It’s over to you now. Do you have what it takes to be a successful online marketing expert?

Do not begin advertising online reasoning you are going to get rich overnight, or also in a few weeks or months. Think on your own to construct your own success not in the pitches that making money online is easy or instant.

Develop your online sources, build your lead list, construct your customer listing, and grow your earnings by nurturing your business. Locate online marketers, internet communities, Facebook groups, mentors, and similar people who believe as you do. I’ve been in the online house organization sector for over twenty years as an organization proprietor, a train, as well as an online marketer.

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Gold gains on short covering bargain buying pullback in USDX

Gold gains on short covering, bargain buying, pullback in USDX

Gold prices are higher in midday U.S. trading Tuesday, on short covering in the futures market and some bargain hunting and/or safe-haven demand in the cash market. A weaker U.S. dollar index and pullback in U.S. Treasury yields on this day is also working in favor of the metals market bulls.

December gold was last up $9.70 at $1,684.70 and December silver was down $0.10 at $19.52.

U.S. stock indexes are mixed at midday. Dour comments Monday on the global economic/political outlook from the respected chief of JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon, as well as an escalation in the Russia-Ukraine war, are keeping a “risk-off” trader and investor mentality in the general marketplace.

The U.K. government bond market is still roiled, as the Bank of England was forced to stepped in to buy inflation-linked bonds to its bond-buying program. There are worries U.K. pension funds could be lost in any more serious U.K. bond market rout.

The key outside markets today see the U.S. dollar index weaker on a corrective pullback from recent strong gains. Nymex crude oil prices are lower and trading around $89.25 a barrel. The U.S. Treasury 10-year note yield is presently fetching around 3.9%.

Traders are looking ahead to key U.S. inflation reports on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. The producer price index report for September is out Wednesday and the consumer price index report for September is out Thursday. The consumer price index is expected to come in at up 8.1%, year-on-year, following a rise of 8.3% in August.

Technically, the gold futures bears still have the solid overall near-term technical advantage. Bulls’ next upside price objective is to produce a close above solid resistance at the October high of $1,738.70. Bears' next near-term downside price objective is pushing futures prices below solid technical support at the September low of $1,622.20. First resistance is seen at $1,700.00 and then at this week’s high of $1,707.40. First support is seen at today’s low of $1,667.50 and then at $1,650.00. Wyckoff's Market Rating: 2.5.

The silver bears have the overall near-term technical advantage. Silver bulls' next upside price objective is closing prices above solid technical resistance at the October high of $21.31. The next downside price objective for the bears is closing prices below solid support at $18.00. First resistance is seen at $20.00 and then at this week’s high of $20.21. Next support is seen at today’s low of $19.225 and then at $19.00. Wyckoff's Market Rating: 3.5.

December N.Y. copper closed up 215 points at 345.20 cents today. Prices closed nearer the session high today. The copper bears have the overall near-term technical advantage. Copper bulls' next upside price objective is pushing and closing prices above solid technical resistance at the September high of 369.25 cents. The next downside price objective for the bears is closing prices below solid technical support at the July low of 315.55 cents. First resistance is seen at 350.00 cents and then at the September high of 359.30 cents. First support is seen at last week’s low of 335.20 cents and then at the September low of 324.30 cents. Wyckoff's Market Rating: 3.0.

By Jim Wyckoff

For Kitco News

Time to buy Gold and Silver on the dips

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Your Marketing Strategy vs The BIG Earners

Your Marketing Strategy vs The BIG Earners.

Your Marketing Technique vs The BIG Earners. What They DO that you DON’T.

Affiliate advertising and marketing is something everybody can do.

In its easiest form associate advertising and marketing includes advertising unique links for a company, when someone uses your link to make a purchase you earn a sales payment.

Yet … Some people gain no money, some will make a little cash, and a couple of individuals earn a great deal doing affiliate advertising.

If you go about it the wrong means or the right way, just how a lot you make in the industry depends on.

Better claimed, there is a smarter way to deal with it, so your company expands faster and is also more profitable over time.
The even more methods you can promote the sales web links, the even more exposure you obtain and also therefore the better opportunity of making sales and making a commission.
The huge income earners in associate advertising and marketing, the people referred to as GURU know exactly how as well as where to promote as well as notably exactly how to obtain the best results.

This story is about what THEY DO, and you DON’T that is costing you development as well as sales.

What do the BIG EARNERS do … ask yourself if you doing any type of or every one of these?
Otherwise, this works as your plan to hop on the success track.

Beginning with a base for your online business, your own website is professionally hosted with a great domain.

Gather your advertising products, touchdown page, ad swipes, banners, and links for your online homes.

Choose your preferred places to promote then stay with a CONSISTENT publishing timetable.

Include in your promotion daily/ week to reach new markets. Stay clear of fishing in the very same fish pond on a daily basis, and discover brand-new lakes.

Set objectives for list structure, lead generation, and sales goals, daily, weekly, regular monthly, and annual..

Begin building your own listing and also as that happens “obtain” various other trusted listings by running solos or buying highlighted marketing.

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YouTube videos as well as channels. Develop your particular niche, construct your brand name, and be the “specialist” on something. You don’t have to be perfect, simply sincere, and interesting.

Social Media. When you can upload to numerous platforms at once for better reach, Use automation.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. Integrate data based upon Google Analytics however do not become stressed with it, the search engine optimization rules are always changing, and focus on high-quality material…

E-books, compose your own or utilize rebranding solutions to save time.

Offers are the trick to lead and note building and SALES, make your own stand…

Identify your Brand after that service recognition as well as structure. Identify who you are, what you provide, and also why individuals ought to get it from you, after that DELIVER as guaranteed.

Do Testimonials, composed or video, in any case, incorporate keywords, and solid top quality web content. Get a held blog site so you’re advertising on your own, not another person…

Customer Treatment, maintain your consumers delighted as well as you will have a lifetime of prospective business.

For vital solutions Stay clear of FREE – what occurs to release solutions? Free solutions typically vanish – therefore do all your effort, material, and also web links. Don’t risk your organization.

Obtain some aid to prevent aggravation as well as costly mistakes by straightening yourself with the right people. Use a reliable source for arranging, taking care of as well as expanding your service, a proven time-checked system for advertising and marketing that includes training like the services at Worldprofit.

Worldprofit has been the affiliate marketing market leader for over 25 years, a quit resource for associate marketing professionals with every little thing you need to start and also grow your online business, a platform for your success.
Don’t listen to any person telling you it’s EASY to make thousands, and millions in affiliate advertising and marketing in a short period of time. Make your goals practical. Affiliate advertising and marketing are enjoyable!

Do not risk your service.

Don’t pay attention to anyone telling you it’s EASY to make thousands and millions in affiliate advertising and marketing in a short duration of time. Make your goals reasonable. Associate advertising and marketing are fun! Do a little or do a great deal – however with the ideal perspective and system you can savor the benefits from your efforts for years to come – and also hi – also if you don’t take it as well seriously – it’s amazing to function for yourself and also take pleasure in the additional spending funds.

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Strong USDX rising US Treasury yields stingy Fed punish gold silver prices

Strong USDX, rising U.S. Treasury yields, stingy Fed punish gold, silver prices

Gold and silver prices are sharply lower near midday Monday. The safe-haven metals are being hit hard by a higher U.S. dollar index, rising U.S. Treasury yields and weaker crude oil prices to start the trading week. An aggressively tight monetary policy from the U.S. Federal Reserve is also serving as an anchor on the precious metals markets. December gold was last down $34.30 at $1,675.00 and December silver was down $0.61 at $19.645.

Global stock markets were mostly lower overnight. U.S. stock indexes are weaker at midday. U.S. government offices and many banks are closed Monday for the Columbus Day national holiday. Stock market traders will focus on a barrage of corporate earnings reports out this week.

Risk aversion is still elevated. The Russia-Ukraine war has escalated as Russia launched missiles into several Ukrainian cities after a strategic bridge for Russia in the Crimea region suffered major damage from explosions, with Ukraine’s military likely the culprit. Meantime, North Korea has test-fired ballistic missiles to provoke the West in an already-tense global geopolitical environment.

The short-squeeze won't last, silver price to end the year lower warns Metals Focus

The key outside markets today see the U.S. dollar index solidly higher. Nymex crude oil prices are weaker and trading around $92.00 a barrel. The U.S. Treasury 10-year not yield is presently fetching 3.9%.

Traders are looking ahead to key U.S. inflation reports on Wednesday and Thursday. The producer price index for September is out Wednesday morning. The consumer price index report for September is out Thursday, which is expected to come in at up 8.1%, year-on-year, following a rise of 8.3% in August.

Technically, the gold futures bears have the solid overall near-term technical advantage and gained fresh power on momentum today. Bulls’ next upside price objective is to produce a close above solid resistance at the October high of $1,738.70. Bears' next near-term downside price objective is pushing futures prices below solid technical support at the September low of $1,622.20. First resistance is seen at $1,700.00 and then at today’s high of $1,707.40. First support is seen at $1,662.00 and then at $1,650.00. Wyckoff's Market Rating: 2.0

The silver bears have the slight overall near-term technical advantage. Silver bulls' next upside price objective is closing prices above solid technical resistance at the October high of $21.31. The next downside price objective for the bears is closing prices below solid support at $18.00. First resistance is seen at $20.00 and then at today’s high of $20.21. Next support is seen at $19.25 and then at $19.00. Wyckoff's Market Rating: 4.5.

December N.Y. copper closed up 560 points at 344.35 cents today. Prices closed nearer the session high today. The copper bears have the overall near-term technical advantage. Copper bulls' next upside price objective is pushing and closing prices above solid technical resistance at the September high of 369.25 cents. The next downside price objective for the bears is closing prices below solid technical support at the July low of 315.55 cents. First resistance is seen at 350.00 cents and then at the September high of 359.30 cents. First support is seen at last week’s low of 335.20 cents and then at the September low of 324.30 cents. Wyckoff's Market Rating: 3.0.

By Jim Wyckoff

For Kitco News

Time to buy Gold and Silver on the dips

Tim Moseley

Gold and silver need more than a short squeeze

Gold and silver need more than a short squeeze

Precious metal analysts have been warning investors for a few weeks now that a sharp downtrend through the summer pushed gold and silver into oversold territory. Bearish sentiment in the marketplace is at its highest level in years, and both precious metals were ripe for a short squeeze.

Those forecasts proved to be correct, with silver seeing, at its peak, a 12% gain this week, as prices pushed above $21 an ounce. Meanwhile, the gold market saw a 4% rally as prices drove above $1,730 an ounce.

However, heading into the weekend, momentum is starting to wane as gold ends the week testing support at $1,700 an ounce and silver tries to hold on to $20. While this past week's rally has been a welcome move for some, analysts note that the market still lacks a critical ingredient: bullish investors.

Ultimately, the gold and silver market lacks solid bullish conviction to see a sustained rally for now. Many investors continue to sit on the sidelines as the Federal Reserve and the U.S. dollar dominate financial markets.

Despite the growing threat of a severe global recession, the Federal Reserve continues to aggressively raise interest rates, which is supporting the U.S. dollar at its highest level in 20 years. At the same time, bond yields are near 12-year highs. This is not a positive environment for gold.

These headwinds for gold are not expected to ease anytime soon. Even some market heavyweights are starting to embrace the idea of a strong U.S. dollar. Ray Dalio made headlines this week, announcing on Twitter that he no longer thinks cash is trash, a position he has held for a few years.

"The facts have changed and I've changed my mind about cash as an asset: I no longer think cash is trash," wrote Dalio. The following day Dalio announced that he would step down as Bridgewater's co-CIO

Last month, Dalio said that he expects the Federal Reserve to push interest rates to 4.5%, which will cause the S&P 500 to fall another 20%. In the current environment, the U.S. dollar is seen as the safest asset right now.

There is a growing divergence between physical gold and the paper market – WisdomTree

The reality is that gold continues to face a difficult environment and the volatility we have seen this week can frustrate many investors; however, one recurring message we keep hearing from market analysts is that investors need to look past this volatility and keep their eye on the larger picture.

The Federal Reserve is maintaining its aggressive monetary policy action in a vacuum. They are focusing on the domestic labor market and ignoring the impact that the U.S. dollar is having on the global economy.

While the U.S. economy has remained relatively resilient, the global marketplace is at a breaking point. Monday, the United Nations even stepped into the debate and warned that central bank rate hikes will push the global economy, particularly emerging nations, into a recession.

In its latest economic projections, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development lowered its economic growth forecasts seeing global GDP expanding 2.5% this year, down from its previous estimate of 2.6%. At the same time, global growth is expected to slow to 2.2% in 2023.

The advice I am hearing from market analysts is that even as this short squeeze fails, the current price still represents long-term value.

By Neils Christensen

For Kitco News

Time to buy Gold and Silver on the dips

Tim Moseley

How to interpret today’s jobs report and what does it mean fo price ofgold ?

 How to interpret today’s jobs report, and what does it mean fo price of gold ?

Today’s jobs report for September showed a decrease in monthly gains, with 263,000 new jobs added last month, a decline from the prior month in which 315,000 new jobs were added.

The deep impact it had on almost every asset class in the financial markets was not because of the tepid numbers but rather hopes by the Federal Reserve that these numbers would be even lower. The Federal Reserve had hoped that today’s report would reveal even slower growth because that would indicate progress by the Federal Reserve in reducing inflation.

Inflation is still greatly elevated at a 40-year high even after the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates at every FOMC meeting since March. The Fed raised rates by 25 basis points in March, 50 basis points in May, and 75 basis points in June, July, and September. The Fed took their benchmark Fed funds rate from between 0 and 25 basis points in February to between 300 and 325 basis points in September.

Although today’s report indicated slowing job growth it is believed that this contraction is not enough for Federal Reserve to slow down its current pace of interest-rate hikes.

According to CME’s FedWatch tool, last week there was a 56.5%% probability, yesterday there was a 75.2% probability which today swelled to an 82.3% probability that the Federal Reserve will raise rates by 75 basis points for the fourth consecutive time at the November FOMC meeting. This probability indicator forecast the probability of FOMC rate moves by using the 30-day Fed Funds futures pricing data.

Today’s report had a profound effect on U.S. equities. As of 2:35 PM EDT, the Dow is currently trading off by 661 points a decline of 2.22%. The NASDAQ is currently down 3.75% a decline of approximately 415 points, and the S&P is down 106.16 points or 2.90%.

Today’s report also had a deep impact on gold pricing which opened at $1721 and then traded to a high of $1722.80 before the release of the report which took gold futures basis the most active December contract to today’s low of $1698.40. Gold futures did recover trading to approximately $1714 a few hours after the release of the report. However, as of this writing at 3:20 PM, EDT over the last hour gold has been trading between $1702 and $1706.

So, what does this mean for the future of gold pricing? I believe that although this report is extremely important in an exceedingly important data set that the Federal Reserve will use at their November 2 FOMC meeting, it will be next week’s CPI inflation report for September that will be much more significant. But in terms of the long-term effect of the Federal Reserve on gold pricing, it is highly likely that if the Fed continues to raise rates and inflation remains persistent at some point market participants will have to focus on the high level of inflation rather than being laser-focused on rising rates. If that assumption is correct, it could take gold dramatically higher. But it is also likely that there will be more pain ahead.

Our technical studies indicate that the first level of resistance occurs at $1710 the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement which is based on a very short-term Fibonacci retracement data set from September 28 to October 7. Major resistance occurs at $1738 the recent high of the rally which began after gold hit its lowest value in years at $1621. The first level of support occurs at $1693.80 the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement and then at $1689.40 a 42% retracement.

By Gary Wagner

Contributing to

Time to buy Gold and Silver on the dips

Tim Moseley

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