5 Characteristics Of Winners


5 Characteristics Of Winners


Life is tough, it can feel too hard to deal with sometimes. Despite that, there are plenty of people who manage to walk away winners constantly. How on earth do they do it? They seem to have an endless measure of magic stuffed in their pockets, a supply they dip into when they need to sprinkle success on everything they do.

The truth is that the qualities necessary for success at the beginning of time remain the same as they are now. The path to success never changes, yet we're all guilty of trying to find shortcuts to speed up the road to success. Winners tend to have certain characteristics; however, they apply them. Let's talk about five of them.

1. No Excuses
Do you make excuses when you're late for work, miss a workout, or forget to tackle meal prep? Winners don't make excuses and it's easy to find justification for not doing what you're supposed to do. The difference between winning and excuse-making is that the latter will only give you an out to quit, give up, and walk away. Winners stick to it, even if the conditions aren't ideal.

2. Priorities
Winners know how to prioritize. Do you look at everything that needs to be done and work out a plan to knock each of them out in the order of importance? Or do you walk blindly through your day, disorganized, and stressed out because you have no idea what's going on. If you prioritize you can make plenty of time for work, home, and hobbies, too. Winners do.

3. Consistency
Do you know what winners know how to do? Win! All the time. They're winning constantly because they are consistent. It's not a one-off, it isn't a sometimes thing, winning is a lifestyle. It becomes a habit. Winners are consistent. A yo-yo diet is the perfect way to describe what winners avoid. They don't start off dieting on Monday morning only to give up after they slip-up come Friday night. They find a way to avoid future slip-ups, and they press the reset button on Saturday morning.

4. Team Work
Winners understand that sometimes success is a team effort. When someone else succeeds it doesn't mean they can't. When they see others succeed it simply fuels their want to succeed more. They don't just aim to succeed for themselves, they also build others up physically, spiritually, and mentally so that everyone can succeed.

5. Risk-Taking
Winners win because they're willing to take risks. If you never take a risk, then you will never succeed for success lies outside the comfort zone. Winners know that by taking risks and controlling things where possible they provide the best chance to succeed. Winners don't worry about loss; they don't concern themselves with the potential disaster that awaits them because they're too busy doing absolutely everything possible to ensure their success.

A winner has a good grasp of who they are, they aren't afraid to be honest with themselves. They know when to recover and when to push and they're not afraid to push themselves to the limit. Winners believe everything is possible. They know their purpose, they compete, they train, and they do it meaningfully. Winners don't waste time. They remain focused on people and activities that build them up.

If you want to be a winner, then you have to look at life differently. It isn't a race; it's a journey and that journey will be filled with twists and turns. Do you have what it takes to keep moving forward? If you can't answer yes to that question right now, I encourage you to take the necessary steps to ensure you can in the future.

Tim Moseley

Perform Opposites Bring In?

You’ve heard the outdated claiming “opposites draw in.” Yes they are doing……if you will be a magnet. About picking somebody, though, I lean more toward the concept that individuals perform well when they are with similar folks.

This is certainly true in specialist conditions, class options and social groups. Why must romantic connections be any various?

I do believe there’s something to be said for males and ladies whoever serious temperaments tend to be balanced by their own lover’s unique character, as well as in because of this, opposites perform work collectively.

Including, if you should be naturally high-strung and your date is actually mellow, he will help soothe you down when you inspire him is more inspired about existence. In case you are a shopaholic in which he is a frugal Freddy, he’ll coach you on ways to be a good idea with your cash although you show him simple tips to stay a little.

Usually, however, other attitudes and passions can produce real dilemmas.

Such as, if you value the best in the open air and then he’s an inactive, it’s likely that, you’ll be doing most lonely sightseeing. If you’re a Buddhist and he’s an atheist, you are probably going to get discouraged rather rapidly.

With regards to those things you will be passionate about, you should choose a partner exactly who feels in the same way. Relationships are about two people revealing a life together, and that means you must discuss similar interests, perceptions and ideas.


Valentine’s Day for Singles: It Wantedn’t Be Lonely!

Valentine’s is any occasion that honors really love and relationship, therefore it is generally a difficult time of the year to-be solitary. But, be assured, additionally, it may act as a catalyst for singles interested in really love and give their particular look the boost it requires!

Valentine’s Day, looked forward to by lovestruck lovers and willing wooers, is mingle2 com reviewmonly a significantly dreadful time for a number of from the singles that aren’t positively within the relationship video game. Within EliteSingles Valentine’s review, 75per cent of people hated valentine’s solely since it reminded them they had been unwillingly solitary. As novelist Joan Bauer put it “It was bad sufficient not having a boyfriend for brand new Year’s Eve. Now I got to cope with Valentine datelessness, feeling consummate social pressure out of every store in the usa just who caught minds and cupids on their windowpanes by January second to rub it in.”

Is February 14th a body weight on your own arms?

It looks like annually there is more and more buzz around Valentine’s Day, getting pressure on the shoulders if you aren’t at this moment experience successful within relationship, despite how well maybe you are carrying out in other areas of your daily life. Watching lovers satisfying, swapping gift suggestions, honoring their own really love, hunched over candlelit tables whispering nice nothings in both’s ears… it could be difficult to just take. But as just one have you thought to change romantic days celebration into one thing positive?

Find out more: Are you ready for a relationship? All of our helpful test will allow you to determine!

Stating thanks but no as a consequence of Valentine’s Day?

When you find yourself single for valentine’s, two situations are most likely that occurs:

First situation: One yearns to obtain a partner over time for romantic days celebration to who they can devote each of their attention. Since time attracts nearer capable come to be despairing of not having discovered someone that is likely to make it a particular day for them.

2nd scenario: One can entirely reject a single day by denigrating love and all their trappings, talking up his or her celibacy, stating that a person is better off by yourself compared to terrible business, that getting solitary these are typically without obligation, they have liberty and autonomy and get fundamentally dodged a round to avoid most of the headache of February 14th. Interestingly sufficient, the male is a lot more accepting of ‘bad organization’ than women. 64% of women proclaiming that the worst possible Valentine’s was one spent with someone they didn’t wish to be with. Evaluate this with men, of who just 1 / 2 believed exactly the same way. Men happened to be in fact a lot more inclined to say that the worst romantic days celebration is certainly one invested alone. Probably women aren’t the needier sex?

Read more: The Sociology to be solitary – read our very own article regarding condition of singledom.

An alternative solution option…

There is actually a third, less revolutionary, circumstance that requires nearing the time with a very positive frame of mind. For a start, commemorate your self! One in ten folks send themselves blossoms on romantic days celebration, so why not treat you to ultimately something good. Whenever considering it just a little you’ll started to realize that romantic days celebration is generally a celebration of friendship and additionally love. Consider meet up with buddies (ideally solitary pals) to simply take stock of the past year, and every select brand-new targets which can be calibrated in accordance with your objectives. Speak to the man or girl that ordinarily you might be as well chock-full of trepidation to approach, with lighting center with no expectations. Head out more regularly with pals in order to meet people, begin brand-new activities including signing up for a novel dance club or a climbing centre, or think about signing up for a dating site. End up being pro-active, but never put extreme stress on your self. Most likely, it is yet another time. If you’re determined to not ever end up being solitary you will find the way in which is best suited for you sooner or later.

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All stastics obtained from an authentic EliteSingles study, 2013.

Gold price rallies modestly as US jobs data close to expectations

Gold price rallies modestly as U.S. jobs data close to expectations

The gold market is holding on to modest gains but is still looking to end the week on a sour note below $1,750 an ounce as the U.S. economy continued to add slightly more jobs than expected last month.

Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said 315,000 jobs were created in August The data beat expectations economists were forecasting job gains of around 295,000.

However, the unemployment rate jumped higher than expected, rising 3.7% last month. Economists were expecting the rate to hold steady at 3.5%.

The gold market is seeing some buying momentum following the latest employment report. December gold futures last traded at $1,721 an ounce, up 0.68% on the day.

Although the headline number was positive, the report noted sharp downward revisions for June. The bureau revised June’s employment data down by 105,000 jobs to 293,000. July’s data was revised down to 526,000 from the initial estimate of 528,000.

Also positive for gold are signs that wages could be plateauing, a sign that inflation pressures continue to ease. The report said that average hourly wages increased 0.3% or by 10 last month. Economists were expecting to see a 0.4% increase. For the year wages have risen 5.2%.

The weak wage inflation data’s positive impact on gold could seem counter intuitive for some investors. However, market analysts have noted that easing inflation pressure could prompt the Federal Reserve to slow its pace of monetary policy tightening, which would be positive for gold.

So far, the data has not had much impact on interest rate expectations. According to the CME FedWatch Tool, markets still see a 75% chance that the Federal Reserve raises the Fed Funds rate by 75 basis points later this month.

Avery Shenfeld, senior economist at CIBC, said that although the data was positive, there was still enough “bad news” in the report to bring some relief to markets.

“In an US overheated economy, slightly bad news should be good news for markets, and today’s jobs data had a small taste of that,” he said. “The bond market has been selling off in the days leading up to the data and will see a bit of relief today, and even equities might be happier with a somewhat cooler temperature reading on what has been a too-tight labor market.

By Jim Wyckoff

For Kitco News

Time to buy Gold and Silver on the dips


Tim Moseley

eHarmony’s 3rd Annual Joy Index Reveals What Exactly Is Maintaining US Partners Together In 2020

Sex. Politics. Equality. Psychological state. Climate change. Willpower. These represent the situations on partners’ thoughts in 2020, relating to eHarmony’s third yearly installment of “The Happiness Index: like and relations in the us.”

Eight-two per cent of US lovers say they truly are pleased inside their recent passionate connections (down simply slightly from this past year’s 83percent). However, there’s no specific research to creating a satisfying relationship, surveys such as these present understanding of why is winning couples thrive. Two facets on top of the list are sex and high quality time.

Lovers in 2020 are more likely to focus on sex than couples in 2019. In 2010’s Happiness Index learned that 86 percent of couples with gender employing lover weekly are content. The 78 per cent of partners with gender month-to-month and 66 percent that have intercourse several times annually are less delighted than their own counterparts. But it is not only sex that matters — lovers whom give attention to both intercourse and high quality time together are more happy (87 percent) than partners who concentrate only on intercourse (69 per cent) or high quality time (82 percent).

In a tumultuous election season, it’s no shock that politics and social issues are on every person’s brains. Couples in 2020 tend to be more likely than lovers in 2019 to disagree about politics at least once weekly. Their particular most significant issues feature overall economy (15 %), climate modification (19 per cent) and terrorism (29 per cent). Ladies are inclined than guys are concerned about environment change and terrorism, while the male is much more concerned with an economic crisis and epidemics.

Those weren’t really the only splits the 2020 joy Index found along sex lines. The study learned that, probably as opposed to dated stereotypes, men are 9 % happier than ladies in their own relationships. Although men are much more likely than ladies to think that staying in really love is more crucial than getting married (70 percent vs. 64 %), they are also more inclined than women to believe that becoming married made or tends to make their union more happy (68 per cent vs. 46 per cent). Seventy-three % of men wish to spend remainder of their own physical lives together with their lovers, basically upwards from this past year’s 67 per cent.

“As champions of love, the audience is thrilled to report that couples are using time to concentrate on their commitment through measures just like the top quality time they invest with each other, intimate intimacy and looking at the other person as equals,” mentioned Gareth Mandel, COO of eHarmony, in a press release. “We’re also monitoring new developments for partners of various age groups, specifically Millennials and Gen Z, with regards to really love, dedication, social problems and pleasure since these generations have become up within the digital get older where online dating sites has-been omnipresent.”

“The joy Index: adore and relations in America” 2020 report had been accredited by eHarmony and executed by Harris Interactive. Over 2,390 members who were elderly 21+ and married, cohabiting or even in a long-term connection participated. Outcomes were weighted getting nationally representative by get older, sex and region.

To get more about this matchmaking service you should check our our eHarmony software and site overview.

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The Five Tenets Of The Great Reset: What You Can Do To Reject And Counter The New Normal

The Five Tenets Of The Great Reset:

What You Can Do To Reject And Counter The New Normal

The famous quote by Winston Churchill, “Never let a good crisis go to waste,” has been used in many contexts. The first context was the creation of the United Nations at the end of World War Two. This quote has been touted quite a few times since the start of the pandemic but has become more evident in the context of the World Economic Forum's (WEF) Great Reset

I started researching and writing about this topic from another perspective two years ago when many claimed that it was “nothing but a conspiracy theory,” with the majority of ordinary people oblivious to what was being planned decades ago. 

As it turns out, it isn’t a “theory”; it’s real, with the elites and NGOs conspiring behind closed doors with their plans to implement a global environmental, social and economic shift under the guise of sustainability with a primary focus on Stakeholder Capitalism. Klaus Schwab, the leader of the pack at WEF, has been very open to letting the global population know that “we will own nothing and be happy.”

2020 virtual event in Geneva, Switzerland – Video

It’s all laid out in Agenda 21/30 and based on a 2020 book, The Great Reset, which Klaus Schwab co-authored with a lifelong colleague, Thierry Malleret.  Now that the cat’s out of the bag and the new normal is starting to take shape, many more people are becoming aware of what’s happening, but a growing number of us ordinary folks are not in favor of it. 

What matters now is that we take the steps needed to secure our personal and financial freedom so that no one can infringe upon them. There are ways in which we can effectively resist any pressure to conform to a “new normal” – whatever that may be. So today, we’ll review the Great Reset, discover ways to resist it and determine which cryptocurrencies will withstand the global shift. 

Who Really Created The WEF?

The WEF is an international organization based in Switzerland. It comprises some of the world's most influential individuals and institutions, including current and former presidents, media moguls, big tech CEOs, asset managers, banks, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). As stated on the WEF’s website, the organization's explicit purpose is to “…shape global, regional and industry agendas.” It does this by supporting individuals and institutions that promote its agenda.

The WEF is headed by Klaus Schwab, a German engineer economist and former professor who served as its chairman since it was founded in 1971. Interestingly, the WEF wasn’t simply Klaus Schwab's brainchild but was born out of a CIA-funded Harvard program headed by Henry Kissinger and pushed to fruition by John Kenneth Galbraith and the “real” Dr. Strangelove, Herman Kahn. 

These three powerfully influential men from the American political elite were the driving force behind the European-based globalist organization. They recognized Schwab’s potential and saw a reflection of their own intellectual desires in him. Back in the late 1960s, they recruited and mentored Klaus Schwab, helping him to create the World Economic Forum. You can read this fascinating story here

Almost all the WEF’s agendas are based on Klaus and his mentors’ ideas. Today, Klaus and his cohorts consider the pandemic to be on a par with another world war as far as its global disruption goes. It presents an opportunity to replace capitalism with stakeholder capitalism. 

Stakeholder capitalism is one of Schwab’s ideas, and it fundamentally replaces shareholders with so-called stakeholders who basically decide what everyone does. If you're wondering who the stakeholders are, Klaus has made it clear in interviews and at many events that the stakeholders are the individuals and institutions who are a part of the WEF. 

In crypto terms, you can think of stakeholder capitalism as being the total centralization of control in the hands of the world's most powerful people, corporations, and organizations. 

Three Phases Of The Great Reset

According to Klaus, there are three phases to the great reset, and the first two relate to the pandemic. These are “Restrain” (fight the virus), the phase we are in currently. Then, “Recover” is the next phase where the world enters the “new normal.” 

Now, the third and final phase is “The Great Reset” itself, which focuses on the following five points;

  1. Redefining the Social Contract 
  2. Decarbonizing The Economy 
  3. Digitizing Everything 
  4. Implementing Stakeholder Capitalism
  5. Global Rollout of all the above ensures those first four tenets find their way into every country. 

As to how exactly the WEF will roll out the great reset around the world, Klaus states that this will be achieved primarily with the help of the WEF’s network of so-called global shapers and young global leaders who will all push for the great reset in their respective nations. The WEF hopes to have it all in order by 2030.

The WEF’s 2020 virtual event in Geneva, Switzerland, focuses on the great reset and their new book in more depth, and you can hear it straight from the horse's mouth in this video. They blatantly tell you what they want and how they plan to get it, which blows the “conspiracy theory” out of the water. 

So now that we know what the great reset is and how the WEF elites plan on rolling it out, we can prepare for its five points outlined above. It’s worth noting that there seems to be quite a bit of overlap between these five points, and it sounds like they will be implemented simultaneously, not in sequential order. 

It's also important to remember that these points are already slowly being implemented. This means you must bare in mind how a change in one could affect the other when preparing to avoid or resist them. This could become difficult since part of the WEF’s agenda distorts traditional definitions of inflation, well-being, and economic growth. 

This distortion of definitions lies at the core of redefining the social contract, as this involves replacing all of the above with ESG-focused metrics that prioritize diversity and inclusion over actual productivity. 

1: Redefining the Social Contract 

ESG has its roots in an initiative spearheaded by the United Nations and some of the world's largest corporations. As time goes on, the ESG criteria are becoming more aligned with the United Nations sustainable development goals (SDGs). 

Image Source: United Nations

There are 17 SDGs in total, noting a couple of examples mentioned in the great reset virtual event video above of what the WEF wants to see from a few of them. The 4th SDG is quality education, and co-author of the book, The Great Reset, Thierry Malleret, stated at the virtual event that the WEF doesn't like that a science degree from one University is considered more prestigious than a science degree from another University. 

As such, the WEF would like to see all degrees eliminated and replaced with specific skills training that would last until the end of your life. In other words, you'll be in school until you die and never even get a degree. Plus, there’s also the WEF indoctrination you're likely to endure. Now the switch to skills training also ostensibly implies that there will be no more small businesses or entrepreneurs, just mega corporations where everyone is a worker bee. 

This sounds ridiculous until you realize it relates to the 10th SDG, which is reduced inequality. Here, the WEF is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that economic inequalities do not continue to increase. It includes making sure you’ll own nothing and be happy, as brazenly stipulated in the WEF’s infamous video.

Instead, you'll rent what you use from the stakeholders who will own everything, and remember that these stakeholders are all the folks at the WEF. Historically, attempts at making everyone equal tend to end very badly, as making everyone equal usually translates to making everyone equally poor and miserable except for the select few. The select few in power are subsequently forced to kill anyone who tries to reject that poverty and misery. 

Ironically, the WEFs push for eliminating inequality comes from the fears its constituents have about the riots, revolutions, and migrations that will inevitably occur if inequality continues to increase. A few WEF members have admitted this on stage, including at that Great Reset virtual event. 

Fortunately, there's an easy way to resist this redefining of social contracts, and that's to reject any ESG or SDG-related criteria, especially when it's being used to redefine what a recession means. Instead, stick to tried and true social contracts, and reinforce them with your friends, family, and community. 

Better yet, invest your time, money, and energy in individuals and companies who vocally oppose ESG, SDG, and other top-down decrees coming from technocrats who are out of touch with what life is like for the average person. 

Pro tip – Stay away from companies that force you to pay a subscription service to use a “physical product” that should be entirely in your ownership. The moment you purchase it, your future might just depend on it. 

Image source: The Verge

2: Decarbonizing The Economy 

The second point of focus for the great reset is decarbonizing the economy, and here's where things get a bit complicated and contentious. That's because many would argue that moving away from fossil fuels is a good thing. 

However, there is a right and a wrong way to transition to more renewable energy sources. So telling farmers to stop using fertilizer during a food crisis or shutting down nuclear plants during an energy shortage is not how you decarbonize the economy; It's how you destroy the economy. 

It's also important to remember that many environmental elites see the average person as a form of carbon that should be reduced, if not eliminated. It is why they're eager to implement lifestyles and diets that are objectively unhealthy. Such as constantly living in the metaverse 24/7 and eating insects. 

Another problem with the WEFs green energy agenda is that the energy structures it envisions will result in the hyper-centralization of the electricity grid, probably by design. That's because if everything runs on electricity, it becomes pretty easy to control everything.

Another thing that's probably by design is the focus on wind and solar, and that's because not every country has the ability or resources to create its own wind farms or solar panels. This forces them to trade with other countries for energy, which promotes the globalized world, the WEF wants to see. 

Now, as with redefining social contracts, there’s an easy way to resist the WEFs warped decarbonization doctrine, and that's to advocate for renewable energy solutions that actually make sense. Educate your friends, family, and community about the risks of decarbonizing too quickly. 

Additionally, acquire solar panels and power generators to become as energy independent as possible. Also, learning how to build gasifiers will come in handy when they start making it more and more difficult for the average person to buy petrol and petrol-powered cars. 

On a good note, Bitcoin will not be banned because of its energy use or carbon emissions. That's because even the WEF knows that the energy and carbon emissions associated with crypto mining are a fraction of a percentage of the global total, as explained in this article

They're just upset that they can't control BTC like other cryptos, which is why ESG-obsessed asset managers are impelling green energy disclosures from crypto miners. They are also investing in publicly traded crypto mining companies; it's their attempt at taking control, and it will fail. 

3: Digitizing Everything 

Bitcoin relates to the third focus of the great reset, and that's the digitization of everything. Essentially, every asset will be tokenized on a permissioned blockchain that the government and the central bank run. To clarify, the BIS is heavily involved with the WEF, and many of its members are so-called agenda contributors. This means they are directly engaged with the WEF’s great reset plans. 

The tokenization of all real-world assets in such a manner means the government and central bank could turn off your ownership of anything at any given time, for whatever reason it sees fit, including your identity. But having said that, we’re apparently going to own nothing anyway! I go into more detail in this article about the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and its vision of the future financial system.

Furthermore, the digitization of money, specifically the development of a central bank digital currency (CBDC), is something that just about every central bank is planning on rolling out, courtesy of the BIS.

A Blueprint for Digital Identity | weforum.org.pdf

To complete the CBDC puzzle is the dystopian digital identity. This is a prerequisite for the rollout of a CBDC since you need to be able to identify individuals, and it’s no secret that governments have been working hard on proof of concepts for digital IDs during the pandemic. 

A digital ID is also a prerequisite for widespread internet censorship, which the WEF apparently wants to implement with the help of artificial intelligence. It’s not surprising, given that information about the WEF and its affiliates is spreading like wildfire these days. 

To be candid, resisting the WEFs digitization will be extremely difficult. Of the five focuses of the great reset, it's the most critical pillar because if you control the flow of information and the flow of money, you truly control everything.

Case in point, Klaus Schwab explicitly stated at the great reset virtual event that they need digital infrastructure, such as digital identity, facial recognition, human tracking, etc., to enforce ESG criteria and all the upcoming social contracts the WEF cronies are cooking up in the organization's Ivory Tower. 

That means that it is imperative that you reject any form of digital identity that is not entirely decentralized from top to bottom. It also means you must acquire some form of currency that cannot be easily tracked, censored, or confiscated by a centralized authority. This includes cash, precious metals, and select cryptocurrencies. 

Also, familiarize yourself with decentralized social, video, and broadcasting platforms, like Markethive, the social, market, and broadcasting network, where your information and content are free from censorship. Freedom of speech. liberty, financial sovereignty, and autonomy are the tenets of this ecosystem built by the people and for the people. A sanctuary where entrepreneurs have every form of media at their disposal to further their entrepreneurial goals. 

It would be impossible for any so-called authority to shut down distributed data centers globally and sovereign servers which are entirely autonomous. Decentralized blockchain technology and cryptocurrency create an entire ecosystem, ultimately free from subjugation, and the solution for entrepreneurs and small businesses to thwart the opposition and continue to thrive.

Other platforms include Odysee for video, Theta for live streaming, and Arweave for uploading information. These cryptocurrencies will be significant as we endure this tyrannical shift being forced upon us. There are many alternative websites popping up; however, it’s good to be aware that many purporting to be for the people are essentially controlled opposition. 

It’s essential to understand the freedom of information and the freedom of money are the ultimate deterrence to the great reset. That's because the truth eventually overcomes indoctrination, no matter how often it's labeled disinformation or misinformation. 

Overcoming this depends on the ability to financially support the individuals and institutions speaking and propagating these truths. So it’s time to abandon the tech giants in favor of a new world order and get behind platforms with your best interests at heart. 

Pro tip: keep physical copies of all your most important records, such as land deeds, home ownership, documents, passports, driver's license, crypto wallet seeds, and the like. Even if expired, they will help preserve your identity if you become persona non grata for opposing the WEF’s ever-expanding agendas. 

And if you think that complying with them will save you, recent events have shown that it will only make things worse for you and everyone else in the end. The only winners in this system will be stakeholders at the WEF, which ties into the 4th factor; the great reset. 

4: Implementing Stakeholder Capitalism

It’s unclear how the WEF will introduce stakeholder capitalism, mainly because it's not entirely evident how its stakeholder capitalism governance structure works. The WEF has over 4,000 individual members and hundreds of institutional partners, with 100 of them labeled as strategic. 

How they all come to a consensus is anyone's guess. Even if we assume, it's just the 100 strategic partners calling the shots, it's hard to imagine that they're all on the same page about every issue. 

It was evident in one of Klaus's speeches from one of the WEF events earlier in the pandemic, where it sounded like he was desperate to keep the interests of these so-called stakeholders aligned. Now you'd think the real stakeholders are governments, but the great reset co-author  Thierry Malleret admitted at the virtual event that the private sector effectively controls the public sector through lobbying. 

In another article, I discussed the enemies of cryptocurrency and that Wall Street is one of the most prominent lobbyists out there. This means that the real stakeholders are the big banks, asset managers, and the central banks, as they ultimately determine how money moves in the economy.

BlackRock and Bank of America have been explicit in their intentions to direct capital to anyone advocating ESG and remove capital from anyone or anything that offends their sensibilities, regardless of ESG status, such as Tesla. So, this is how stakeholder capitalism can be fought, and that's to exacerbate the differences in interests between the different stakeholders at the WEF wherever possible. 

Image source: Twitter 

It's important to point out that centralized power is inherently unstable. That's because, as more power gathers, in one place, the more profit someone stands to gain if they stab the other participants in the back, especially if it earns them the support of the people. 

Arguably, elite figures like Elon Musk fall into this category. He may be seen as benevolent, or maybe because he figured out that he stands to gain much more by siding with “we the people.” He’s already richer than all the other elite figures, so he’s won their hierarchical game.  

So, supporting breakaway figures like Elon might be our best bet at encouraging more of them to defect from the WEF and ruin its stakeholder capitalism. There’s a strong possibility there are more stakeholders who are not happy with being hated by the public and can't stand Klaus and his clown company, who would love the get the same sort of fanfare as Elon Musk. 

5: The Global Rollout

The final factor of the great reset is the export of the WEF’s endgame to every single corner of the earth. Klaus explicitly stated during that virtual conference that the WEF would leverage its network of global shapers and young global leaders to ensure the great reset is implemented in every country. Klaus also specified that over 10,000 of these recruits are slowly slipping into various positions of power worldwide. And he repeatedly stated that the great reset’s success depends on this. 

This makes sense because there's only so much the WEF can achieve from the top down, and the pandemic proved this. Klaus and his cult followers saw the pandemic response as a “test of the great reset philosophy.” But, this top-down test didn't go nearly as well as the WEF had hoped, which seems to be why they are leaning so heavily on the global shapers and young global leaders lately. 

It's an inorganic bottom-up approach that pushes the WEF’s agenda in major social and economic hubs, and it's no coincidence that most of them seem to have been on-boarded during the pandemic. 

Notably, it’s convenient that the global shapers and young global leaders' websites are searchable. The former lets you see which WEF agents are looking to change things in your city, and the latter lets you see which WEF agents are looking to change something in your country or region. 

If you see a global shaper or young global leader running for public office, vote for a different candidate who represents your views but isn't aligned with the WEF. All it takes to double-check is a quick search on the WEF website, the Global Shapers website, and the Global Leaders website. 

Interestingly, the WEF blocked someone on Twitter for commenting on just two posts saying to vote against its young, global leaders. Note that the WEF gets lots of hate on Twitter daily and doesn't block everyone. So it would seem that undermining the WEF’s subverters may well be the organization's Achilles heel.

Klaus Schwab admitted at the end of that virtual event that they might not succeed, so let's ensure they don't. And remember that we only have until 2030. So, make the next eight years count through your selective spending, full attention, directed energy and informed voting. That's really all we need to do to defeat the WEF at the end of the day. 

Once the WEF has been defeated, the next order of business will be to create robust decentralized, autonomous organizations to replace institutions like the WEF and its affiliates. We need to prevent this degree of centralized power from ever happening again so that the average person can finally live in peace. Also, fix the monetary system, which has been the driver of this centralization since the dawn of time. 


Coin Bureau
World Economic Forum



Editor and Chief Markethive: Deb Williams. (Australia) I thrive on progress and champion freedom of speech. I embrace "Change" with a passion, and my purpose in life is to enlighten people to accept and move forward with enthusiasm. Find me at my Markethive Profile Page | My Twitter Account | and my LinkedIn Profile.






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Tim Moseley

Gold logs a 5th straight monthly decline its longest losing streak in 4 years

Gold logs a 5th straight monthly decline, its longest losing streak in 4 years

Gold and silver prices softened for a fourth straight day on Wednesday. JOEL SAGET/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGES

Gold and silver prices softened for a fourth straight day on Wednesday as traders bet that the Federal Reserve is likely to keep benchmark interest rates higher for longer following Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s Jackson Hole speech last Friday.

Meanwhile, gold ended the month of August with its 5th straight monthly decline — its longest monthly losing streak in about four years.

Price action

Gold futures GCZ22 GC00, +0.78% for December delivery were down $10.10, or 0.6%, to settle at $1,726.20 per ounce on Comex. Prices for the most-active contract fell 3.1% for the month, down a fifth consecutive month — the longest monthly losing streak since the six month drop ended Sept. 2018, according to Dow Jones Market Data.

Silver futures SIZ22, +0.16% SI00, +0.16% for December delivery retreated 40 cents, or 2.2%, to $17.882 per ounce, for a monthly loss of 11.5%.

December palladium PAZ22, -0.20% fell $8.90, or 0.4%, to $2,078.90 per ounce, down 2.4% for August, while October platinum prices PLV22, -0.01% lost $5.10, or 0.6%, to $827 per ounce, for a monthly decline of 7.1%.

December copper HGZ22, -0.37% shed 3 cents, or 0.9%, to $3.5185 per pound. Prices were down 1.5% for the month, also their fifth monthly loss in a row.

What analysts are saying

In a “tug of war” game between gold and silver prices on the one end, and higher interest rates and a strong U.S. dollar on the other end, the two precious metals have lost the battle, Adam Koos, president of Libertas Wealth Management Group, told MarketWatch.


“Until we start to see rates ease, the dollar fall, and a ‘real’ recession poke its head above the surface, I think we’ll continue to see lower metals prices,” he said.

Powell’s speech on Friday drove Treasury yields and the dollar higher, dulling the luster of the yellow metal.

“The catalyst for gold’s reversal in fortunes was the switch in policy by the Federal Reserve to a more hawkish monetary policy in April that has resulted in a series of interest rate hikes in recent months as well as a reduction of the amount of the debt it holds,” said Rupert Rowling, a market analyst for Kinesis Money.

The 10-year Treasury yield TMUBMUSD10Y, 3.198% was up 1.3 basis points at 3.124% in Wednesday dealings, while the ICE Dollar Index DXY, -0.07%, a gauge of the dollar’s strength against a basket of rivals, was up 0.1%.

Gold and silver both ended the month with a loss, down a fifth straight month, and of the two metals, silver has significantly underperformed gold this month.

Read: Gold is down 15% from its record high but here’s why it may still be key to a diversified portfolio

“These metals have been on the struggle bus since early March, and when the weak hands start to hit the sell button across the board, if one holds up, it’s going to be the camp that has its own church,” Koos said.

“The bigger, more loyal fanatics are without a doubt, the congregation of the church of latter day gold bugs,” he said, highlighting the yellow metal’s popularity with investors over silver.

Time to buy Gold and Silver on the dips

Tim Moseley

Strong greenback rising Treasury yields lower oil sink gold silver

Strong greenback, rising Treasury yields, lower oil sink gold, silver

Gold and silver prices are lower in midday U.S. trading Thursday, with gold hitting a six-week low and dropping below the key $1,700 level. Silver today scored a more-than-two-year low. Falling crude oil prices, a strong U.S. dollar index and rising U.S. Treasury yields are all bearish elements punishing the metals markets bulls. October gold futures were last down $18.80 at $1,698.10. September Comex silver futures were last down $0.277 at $17.65 an ounce.

U.S. stock indexes are lower at midday hit five-week lows. Risk aversion is higher on this first day of September, a month that history has shown can be a rocky one for stock and financial markets. Gold and silver market bulls are hoping some safe-haven demand develops if September sees rough trading waters.

There are new reports of major Covid lockdowns in China, the world’s second-largest economy. Reports said 21 million people have been locked down in a major industrial region of the country. Economic data out of China Friday was also dour, with the purchasing managers indexes (PMIs) and housing/property indicators showing weakness. This has prompted concerns of slowing consumer and commercial demand in China, which have pressured raw commodity markets this week, with crude oil leading the way down. Other major economies are tightening their monetary policies, which will also work to slow their growth. Many market watchers fear U.S. and global economic recessions are setting in.

Traders are awaiting Friday morning’s employment situation report from the Labor Department. That report is expected to show the key non-farm payrolls growth number at up 325,000 in August versus the July report showing a gain of 528,000 non-farm jobs.

The key outside markets today see Nymex crude oil prices lower and trading around $87.00 a barrel. The U.S. dollar index is solidly higher and hit another 20-year high today. Meantime, the yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasury note is fetching 3.25%. The 2-year U.S. Treasury note yield hit a 15-year high today. The inverted yield curve is another clue suggesting a U.S. economic recession is imminent.

Technically, October gold futures prices hit a six-week low today. The gold futures bears have the solid overall near-term technical advantage. Prices are in a three-week-old downtrend on the daily bar chart. Bulls’ next upside price objective is to produce a close above solid resistance at $1,750.00. Bears' next near-term downside price objective is pushing futures prices below solid technical support at the July low of $1,686.30. First resistance is seen at today’s high of $1,713.10 and then at Wednesday’s high of $1,728.70. First support is seen at today’s low of $1,689.80 and then at $1,686.30. Wyckoff's Market Rating: 1.5

December silver futures prices hit another more-than-two-year low today. The silver bears have the solid overall near-term technical advantage. Silver bulls' next upside price objective is closing prices above solid technical resistance at $19.00. The next downside price objective for the bears is closing prices below solid support at $17.00. First resistance is seen at $18.00 and then at $18.50. Next support is seen at today’s low of $17.40 and then at $17.25. Wyckoff's Market Rating: 1.0.

December N.Y. copper closed down 1,030 points at 341.60 cents today. Prices closed near the session low and hit a four-week low. The copper bears have the firm overall near-term technical advantage. Copper bulls' next upside price objective is pushing and closing prices above solid technical resistance at the August high of 378.35 cents. The next downside price objective for the bears is closing prices below solid technical support at the July low of 315.55 cents. First resistance is seen at today’s high of 351.65 cents and then at Wednesday’s high of 359.90 cents. First support is seen at 340.00 cents and then at 335.00 cents. Wyckoff's Market Rating: 3.0.

By Jim Wyckoff

For Kitco News

Time to buy Gold and Silver on the dips

Tim Moseley

BiggerPockets: wie Erde größter Immobilien Hub kann Partner informieren und befähigen sein finanziell unabhängig zu werden

Der sucht ihn in Köln Brief Version: Basierend auf Denver, Colorado, BiggerPockets gemacht einen Ruf für sich selbst als Drehscheibe von wirtschaftlich info unterstützt von einem weltweiten Gebiet von Investoren, Vermietern und anderen Spezialisten. Die Website liefert Männer und Frauen die Methoden die sie brauchen verstehen Immobilien, werden bewusst eigene Ausgaben Gewohnheiten und erreichen monetäre Stabilität erreichen. Kostenlos Personen können Durchsuchen einer großen Anzahl von Inhalt zusammengestellt von erfahren Finanzexperten, während abonnierte Personen an {Konversationen|Diskussionen|in den Message Boards oder generate Rabatte von online Marktplatz. Diese benutzerfreundlichen Tools Unterstützung Anfänger studieren über sachkundige Käufer machen und trainieren gut informiert Entscheidungen über ihre finanzielle Futures. Partner können verwenden diese Sammlung des Wissens machen weise Finanzinvestitionen die helfen sie gehen früh in den Ruhestand und Geld sparen Zeit miteinander.


Mindy Jensen, Community Manager von BiggerPockets, tatsächlich erreicht am besten Gleichgewicht zwischen Arbeit, Familienmitgliedern und Spaß. Während des letzten 10 Jahre, sie ist umgedreht zahlreich Häuser in Colorado und gegeben der Frau Anleitung als finanzieller Experte an viele Menschen über einen Blog und einen Podcast. Sie zusammen mit ihrem Partner Reisen häufig zu Sprechen Verlobungen und / oder {Ferien|Ferien Kurzurlaube im Ausland. Sie haben sowie anderen wirtschaftlich themen. Touting von sich aus einst das Planet größte Immobilien Center, Website hat erstellt globale network of people that enjoy speaking about and learning about insider economic recommendations. The community provides advice in a segmet of life many men and women do not feel effective at navigating themselves.

“no one covers cash and investing,” Mindy stated, “but it is extremely crucial. In case you are a normally cheap person, little adjustments in your life can deliver huge monetary gains, and it also all starts with being money mindful.”

Mindy shares her insights as an individual who achieved monetary stability at an early age to help other individuals determine what they could do to get on their own in which they want to be. Cash could be a tremendous supply of conflict for partners dealing with debt or living paycheck to paycheck — therefore obtaining understanding to increase your wide range and financial competence can boost your union along with your mate.

Becoming financially independent isn’t just about removing tension from your own existence — it’s about giving your self longer accomplish the things you love making use of the folks you like. Mindy informed you the woman union together with her partner has actually cashed in on advantages throughout the years. “We have longer with each other because money isn’t something,” she mentioned. “We never fight about money. We now have this type of a great union because do not have the money problems that tends to be so soul-crushing for other lovers.”

100 % free Members get access to Forums, Blogs, Webinars & Videos

Over 977,000 folks (and 25,000+ organizations) have joined the BiggerPockets neighborhood to increase special accessibility honest economic details. Your blog features over 46,000 entries compiled by 14,720 people. Town discussion board has more than 3.3 million articles produced by people getting information or supplying responses centered on their encounters.

No-cost membership on BiggerPockets includes entry to unlimited file downloads, property analysis computer software, personal texting to 1 associate at a time, forum keyword notifications, alongside benefits. It is possible to check the web log, see informative movies, and listen to the podcast. Most of these complimentary resources supply valuable insider Richtlinien von erfahrenen Steuerexperten.

100% kostenlos Personen können nicht Artikel Anzeigen während des BiggerPockets Immobilien Marktplatz ansehen, wo Benutzer Artikel Wohnimmobilien auf dem Markt, vorherige Zwangsvollstreckungen, sowie anderen Anzeigen. Dies ist ein lukrativer Methode für Immobilienprofis und Händler sein auf dem Markt ihre Dienstleistungen oder Besitztümer durch Netzwerk zusammen im Web. {Sie können|Sie können|Sie können|Es ist möglich|Sie können|Sie können|Sie können|Sie können sich als Plus Mitglied oder ein Fachmann Mitglied, um Nutzung der online Marktplatz. Außerdem können Mitglieder hochladen so viel wie dreimal pro Monat, während Pro Mitglieder zweimal täglich veröffentlichen und alle 5 Tage erneut posten können.

Nur Personen können veröffentlichen in BiggerPockets Marktplatz und Community-Foren , aber jeder kann sehen Gespräche los auf dieser Seite, und es ist oft ansprechende Studie. “viele Angebote sind verfügbar auf dieser Website “, sagte Mindy. “Aber viele kostenlos Informationen sind zur Verfügung gestellt gleichzeitig. “

BiggerPockets hilft eine Sammlung von finanziellen Details und Ressourcen zugänglich für alle im Internet. Sie können verwenden diese Elektrowerkzeuge beginnen arbeiten in Richtung Schulden Ziele, also Sie und Ihre Begleiter machen viele der Energie zusammen.

Der BiggerPockets-Podcast, vorgestellt jeden Donnerstag, tatsächlich ein bodenständiger Tipps Leitfaden für Anfänger zu Immobilien. Joshua Dorkin und Brandon Turner sprechen mit Händlern was alle effektiv und was Ratschläge {sie würden|sie|würden|sie könnten|sie werden diese nur beginnen. Sie bleiben in Kontakt mit Fachleuten von verschiedenen Hintergründen und Märkte, zusammen mit Symptomen auch haben faszinierende Imbissbuden für Publikum.

Dieser Podcast wurde so profitabel das ist gegründet ein weiterer Podcast über grundlegend Geld Themenbereiche. Geld Show beantwortet üblich Bedenken, normalerweise gezogen gerade durch Website Community-Forum, einschließlich “How do Ich schuldenfrei zu werden? ” und “nur wie mache ich auszugeben ohne Bargeld und schlechte Kredite? ” Mindy Jensen ist Co-Moderator dieser tv series zusammen mit Scott Trench.

“Menschen weiß nicht Wege zu nutzen benutze Bargeld. Sie wissen nicht wirklich sehr gut wissen was damit zu tun, “Mindy erwähnte. “Wir versuchen das viel besser zu machen indem wir Menschen die Info sie sollten Geld verwenden weise. “

Ein junger technisch versierter Gruppe hilft eine Gemeinschaft von Investoren

Während die BiggerPockets Publikum reifer verzerren (normalerweise in 35-50 Sorte), die Website ‘s Gruppe enthält größtenteils jung, technisch versiert Profis. Das Business Tradition lockt lebenslustige und fleißige Liebe BiggerPockets ‘Ziel zu coachen Menschen über finanzielle Probleme .

From the Wandraum für das Büro werden Sie werden bunte Porträts von jedem der Internetseite, kann ich zu gehen, etwas Unterstützung “, sagte sie. “wir großes Gefühl für Teamwork und Wertschätzung für den Anfang einen anderen. “

BiggerPockets zusätzlich hat häufige Geschäft Ausflüge zum Bergsteigen Turnhallen, Kochen Kurse, Go-Kart Strecken, zusammen mit andere Spaß Orte. Von den Team Anlässen zu seinen flexiblen Arbeitsumgebungen, die Organisation sicher, dass ihre Mitarbeiter fühlen zufrieden und entschlossen von täglich.

Die BiggerPockets Gruppe arbeiten schwer bis etablieren benutzerfreundliche Methoden, sehr sogar Computer-Analphabeten Menschen werden {ihre|ihre|ihre|eigene|ihre einzigartige|Weg zu hilfreiche Informationen und ein unterstützendes Diskussionsforum. Das Ganze Zweck sollte erstellen finanziell information viel mehr zugänglich für Begegnungen und Informationen. “

Geld ausgeben sorgfältig Sie können einige Zeit Zusammen

BiggerPockets bietet ein Wohngebiet von Fachleuten {um|zu helfen|zu helfen|zu helfen einfach helfen, {Anfängern verstehen Feinheiten von komplizierten wirtschaftlichen Themenbereichen verstehen . Zahlreiche Fiskalexperten bieten kostenlos maßgeschneiderte Vorschlägen zu der Internet-Website ‘s Diskussionsforen, die eine dynamische Konversation zwischen Männern und Frauen in Immobilien.

{Sie können lesen suchen die Website, {hören|einstellen|hören|auf Podcasts achten|oder ein Anliegen in den Message Boards zu erreichen Fachwissen das helfen kann du wirst treffen fundiert Entscheidungen für Ihre finanzielle Zukunft. “es ist möglich viel Geld wenn Sie wissen was Sie ausführen, “Mindy erzählte uns, “und eigene Website verbindet Personen mit das Wissen sie müssen ausgeben ihr Geld vernünftig. “

“Ich geschätzt dein Beitrag. Klein und zu -the-point mit vielen gut ressourcen verwenden. “ – Ted Spencer Mcafee in einem Kommentar zu einem BiggerPockets article

BiggerPockets fördert ein dynamisches Diskussion zwischen Mitgliedern in finanziell werden getrennt getrennt. Menschen können verwenden diese Quellen ausführen ihre Forschung und fertig machen diskutieren gewichtige Bargeld sprechen Probleme mit einem Partner.

Sie müssen über Geld früh in einer Beziehung, weil inkompatible Ausgaben Gewohnheiten einige Konflikte zwischen verbitterten Liebhabern verursachen. Wenn eine Person Partner Ausgaben zu dem Haushalt in finanzielle Verpflichtung, das glückliche Paar ‘s Verpflichtung kann angespannt weil sie zu kämpfen Rechnungen zu bezahlen.

jedoch, Erreichen monetärer Stabilität kollektiv kann eine Verpflichtung stärken und kann anbieten Paare ein größeres für individuelles Vergnügen und Vergnügen.

“Niemand hatte ein Kind angegeben. “Warum arbeiten mit ein halbes Jahrhundert wenn Sie nicht müssen? wann immer Sie können machen klein Optimierungen in Richtung Leben und jetzt erreichen genießen die Anreize von zahlreichen Jahren klug Entscheidungen und scheinen Bargeld Verfahren.

{ 40s wenn du tust es richtig “, sagte Mindy. “Sie können verwenden Geld weil Werkzeug es ist das dir helfen wird erreichen wirtschaftlich Unabhängigkeit. “

Gold silver down as crude oil drops US Treasury yields rise

Gold, silver down as crude oil drops, U.S. Treasury yields rise

Gold and silver prices are lower in midday U.S. trading Wednesday, with gold hitting a five-week low and silver a more-than-two-year low. Gold prices were well up from their daily lows, however.

Eroding crude oil prices and rising U.S. Treasury yields at mid-week are bearish outside market elements working against the metals markets on this day. October gold futures were last down $4.10 at $1,722.70. December Comex silver futures were last down $0.307 at $17.985 an ounce.

Today’s ADP national employment report for August showed a paltry rise of 132,000 jobs, which was well below the gain of 300,000 that the marketplace expected. The marketplace showed little reaction to the report, which has a recent history of not being a good indicator of Friday morning’s more important employment situation report from the Labor Department. That report is expected to show the key non-farm payrolls growth number at up 325,000 in August versus the July report showing a gain of 528,000 non-farm jobs.

Global stock markets were mostly lower overnight. U.S. stock indexes are weaker at midday. Traders and investors remain tentative at mid-week, following the Federal Reserve’s annual Jackson Hole symposium that saw U.S. Fed officials, including Chairman Powell, lean aggressively hawkish on U.S. monetary policy. Other major central banks of the world are also tightening their monetary policies—all in an effort to tamp down problematic price inflation, even if it slows global economic growth.

Speaking of inflation, the Euro zone got more hot readings as the August consumer price index rose 9.1%, year-on-year, which was slightly above market expectations.

The markets have not reacted much, but are paying close attention to reports that Taiwan’s military fired warning shots at drones, thought to be from mainland China, that were flying close to Taiwan.

The key outside markets today see Nymex crude oil prices solidly and trading around $90.00 a barrel. Reports are now indicating OPEC-plus will not cut its collective crude oil production. The U.S. dollar index is lower in midday U.S. trading. Meantime, the yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasury note is fetching around 3.12%.

Technically,October gold futures prices hit a five-week low today. The gold futures bears have the solid overall near-term technical advantage. Prices are in a three-week-old downtrend on the daily bar chart. Bulls’ next upside price objective is to produce a close above solid resistance at $1,780.00. Bears' next near-term downside price objective is pushing futures prices below solid technical support at the July low of $1,686.30. First resistance is seen at today’s high of $1,728.70 and then at Tuesday’s high of $1,743.10. First support is seen at today’s low of $1,711.70 and then at $1,700.00. Wyckoff's Market Rating: 2.0.

December silver futures prices hit a more-than-two-year low today. The silver bears have the solid overall near-term technical advantage. Silver bulls' next upside price objective is closing prices above solid technical resistance at $19.50. The next downside price objective for the bears is closing prices below solid support at $17.00. First resistance is seen at today’s high of $18.39 and then at this week’s high of $18.83. Next support is seen at today’s low of $17.80 and then at $17.50. Wyckoff's Market Rating: 1.0.

December N.Y. copper closed down 340 points at 351.70 cents today. Prices closed near mid-range today and hit a three-week low. The copper bears have the overall near-term technical advantage. Copper bulls' next upside price objective is pushing and closing prices above solid technical resistance at the August high of 378.35 cents. The next downside price objective for the bears is closing prices below solid technical support at the July low of 315.55 cents. First resistance is seen at today’s high of 359.90 cents and then at this week’s high of 370.10 cents. First support is seen at today’s low of 344.45 cents and then at 340.00 cents. Wyckoff's Market Rating: 4.0.

By Jim Wyckoff

For Kitco News

Time to buy Gold and Silver on the dips


Tim Moseley

The Artist that came out of the Winter