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A Beginners Quick Start Guide To The Customer Journey

If you are new to business and online marketing, welcome! I know from experience that it can feel both exciting, yet overwhelming to know where to start. This article shows you how to get off the mark with the customer journey to your first few clients. It will address three core reasons why businesses fail as it relates to the customer journey. The three areas are, no product to market match, no compelling offer, and lack of funding. It will also cover some free and low cost assistive tools for online deployment.

Business Failure: No Market to Product Match

Before looking at all the bells and whistles that might comprise your marketing resources and essential toolkit, it's important to take inventory of what you are looking to bring to the table through your gifts and talents by way of a product or service. Having determined that, who is your target avatar and how does your product or service fit with the market? 


Since a no product to market match is one of the cited reasons a business fails in the first few years, it is important to avoid the temptation to second guess the market. Let the market give you the feedback.

Step 1 – Collate

Compile research on your topic area from both a market data and educational perspective. Look at opposing viewpoints too. A simple free tool to start is to use your google browser to type in a buyer keyword to see what people are predisposed to buying in your category. Artificial Intelligence has also developed free tools such as SIRI and Google Voice. Google Keep and Evernote are valuable tools for capturing information.

You could also use social media sites such as facebook, linked in and google ads, or you could use special interest forums. Alternatively you can use sites like Fiverr or Upwork as a low cost way to get your research off the mark.

Step 2 – Engage

It's important to speak to your target market, in order to further test how your product or service will meet their needs. This will help you develop and refine your offer as you customize for an optimal fit. You can use typeform or google forms as a free tool to compile a brief survey. You could also print your form off and do this informally in your community or at your local business event. If you want to gather survey data on a more global basis, you might want to consider survey monkey as a more specific alternative to social media ads. This is a paid service.

Bear in mind that any data and research will form part of your marketing collateral later. Here is a free guide on how to create a lean canvas, which is a streamlined one page diagrammatic layout for your business model with research tips, by Ash Maurya. Keep it simple.

The Customer Journey

The whole process of sales and profits is not simply about how good your product is but also about the prospect you foresee becoming your customer. So it pays to understand the journey of sales from their perspective, not just yours.

Source Image: Customer Journey

For example there are various models which give out a structural formula from your perspective, and the most common one I see is the AIDA formula, which stands for Awareness or Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. That is client acquisition from your perspective, so you may wish to consider a more expansive process that covers the relationship from initial awareness to what it would be like to have a long term customer who is happy to espouse your services to others.

It is worth taking the time to profile your client as that will give you a depth of understanding which will enable effective communication as you create touch points. Psychographics is the term often used to describe this activity, where you examine attitudes, buying behaviours, desires etc.


Touch points are the various ways in which you will communicate and educate your prospect throughout the customer journey. This may include email, direct messaging, business events and phone conversations. They will take on board the demographic profile of your prospective customer too. Demographics are to do with location, job, income for example.

If your solution is solving a problem a potential client does not even know they have, education is going to be a key part of your communication process. Bear this in mind as you move forward. Touchpoints should be a secondary consideration to building on the foundation of understanding your customer, as Mckinsey & Company conclude.

“We found that a company’s performance on journeys is 35 percent more predictive of customer satisfaction and 32 percent more predictive of customer churn than performance on individual touchpoints. Since a customer journey often touches different parts of the organization, companies need to rewire themselves to create teams that are responsible for the end-to-end customer journey across functions.” 
McKinsey & Company

You can create a visual template that maps out the customer journey using free tools such as mural. Or you could use microsoft dynamics. Here is an example of a simple design overview.

Source Image: Customer Journey Template


This is an important factor and needs to be done in a way that rather than simply persuade, will help your prospect make an informed decision. This means including the benefits but also the downsides, or who this is not for. This approach helps to build trust, which is at an all time low in general. So be willing to take the time to build trust. An automated way to educate your prospects in a drip feed manner is by the use of an autoresponder. This way you can pre-sequence and deliver content at a reasonable pace.

Autoresponders do not come cheap and increase as your audience grows. The only exception to that which I found is trafficwave.net which keeps a consistent low price regardless of audience size. Better still is Markethive’s free autoresponder which has a one click sign up facility and great deliverability. For a walk through on the setup of this autoresponder watch this video tutorial.

You can combine that with a medium to educate your prospects such as live events or video. You can use audio too if you are camera shy but video is best in a world where trust is at an all time low. Education is where you get to showcase your expertise as to how your offer will significantly benefit your prospect. This may happen in an experiential online or offline event. 

The more you can show rather than just tell, the better.  You want your prospect to be able to experience a different future as a result of purchasing from you. Assistive free tools you can use are zoom’s video conferencing tool to interact, which is free to use for 40 minutes for a maximum of 100. You can also record videos too. OBS is a free video and live broadcasting tool which you can download to your computer and create educational content too. Markethive will shortly be coming out with its own inbuilt video conferencing in due course as it comes out of beta. So watch this space.

Business Failure: No Compelling Offer

When you offer your product it is important that it is a compelling offer, otherwise you will fail on execution. This is where proof of concept comes in.

Proof of Concept

Proof of concept is where you get to test the viability of your product or service through confirmed sales, prior to a full launch. This may come in a break even or beta form, where you give a discount in return for your prospects trial of your offer, and their video feedback for example.

The results can become part of your marketing on a bigger scale later. In the meantime, it is important to bring clarity and confidence to the prospect if they are to buy from you. While it is possible to conduct sales manually, you will also need to consider an online website and payment structure. 

When it comes to websites, your choice will depend on your business model. You could use a simple lead capture page to start with, which will allow you to integrate your chosen autoresponder. Markethive also offers free capture pages. WordPress is a popular free drag and drop website platform with free themes which shape the look and feel of your site. 

You will need a domain name and hosting for your website if you choose this route. You also may need to acquire a bit of technical knowledge to put it together. Here’s a tutorialA less usual but cheaper and faster alternative is amazon S3 web buckets. Canva is also a great free resource where you can use templates to build websites and create graphics to get started.

For a cottage industry, you might prefer to start with a low key way to test the water and build community so one option might be Buy Me A Coffee, which has less of a corporate feel, and where you can connect to a payment provider called Stripe. For payments in general, you can always use paypal, stripe or wise, both of which have an invoice feature, and are global providers.

Business Failure: Insufficient Funding or Lack of Capital

This is a common reason for business failure and many funding attempts fail and are unable to compete with global corporations. However, If you construct your business plan in the manner described in this article, you will stand a better chance because you will have demonstrated a compelling offer to market match.

New funding sources are emerging all the time yet many of the conventional ways still are not working for entrepreneurs. Creativity is needed and it may be that you start simple with a self-liquidating approach where you use a skill as a side hustle to acquire cashflow for your business.

Another consideration that has serious merit is Markethive. Markethive is an example of an innovative ecosystem which has overcome the product to market match, has a compelling offer and a funding solution for the new and existing entrepreneur, in action.

Firstly, Markethive is meeting a demand in the markethive place with a compelling suite of offers in both free and paid membership. Built from the ground up, it is now powered by the blockchain as a social network and inbound marketing ecosystem combined, with free and cost-effective tools to help level the playing field for the entrepreneur just starting out. 

If you need to acquire marketing tools to reduce costs, you get at least $2000 worth of that in the free membership alone, including an autoresponder and lead capture pages to name a couple. You also get rewarded for contribution to the platform. When it comes to cash flow its unique ILP offer [initial loan procurement] provides a paid subscription which gives you even more tools while sharing in the profits of the company as the company grows. 

This unique offer is shortly to expire, so check out all this ecosystem has to offer and see where it might fit your needs. It was built for you. Consider how it will help you future proof your business.

Launch Party

When you finally launch your offer, celebrate! Consider having a launch party where you create a special offer for first time customers.  It is no mean feat to have created an offer to market match and one that is compelling. You have set your business up for success! Although this article has addressed how to get off the mark, the sale is just the start, and it will bode well to remember that. 

How you nurture your client, so that they become a returning customer, where appropriate, is going to be down to how you nurture and support that relationship, as well as the value-added improvements you make to your offer. You will also need to consider how to scale and automate key parts of your business, such as social media content sharing so you can focus on your expertise.  

Also remember to continue to communicate with those who did not purchase. Many buy later in time. Lack of follow through is also responsible for lost sales. According to one report 60% of customers reject offers four times prior to an eventual purchase.

On a final note, the beauty of surveying prospects is that they too can become a part of the journey of your compelling offer, helping you to craft the perfect offer through their feedback. This makes them more than a purchaser, someone who has become part of the creative journey and solution. They are your community, the ones that are likely to act like your marketing arm or ambassador in the future. Look after them and your business success will increase.



About: Anita Narayan. (United Kingdom) My life's work is about helping individuals to greater freedom through joy and purpose without self-sabotage, so that inspirational legacy can serve generations to come. Find me at my Markethive Profile Page | My Twitter Account | and my LinkedIn Profile.







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The Psychology Of Marketing

The Psychology Of Marketing


Marketing aims to identify and satisfy customer demands by providing products and services. The marketing process includes exploring, creating, and delivering value to meet a target market's needs, whether online or at trade shows and public events. 

The decision to launch a marketing campaign is reasonable based on several factors, such as the availability of products, the need to correct erroneous information, or a desire to drive traffic to a particular website. 

You can implement a marketing campaign to emphasize specific themes or attributes and select a target audience. These themes or features may inform customers about the value of that particular product or service or inspire them to purchase it. It is essential to know your target demographic, as it allows you to tailor your ads to meet their needs and desires.

Marketing arose as a result of the rapid development of civilization. As long as there was an excess of demand over supply, manufacturing companies could concentrate on production only. However, with the rapid growth of technology, the production process accelerated, and gradually the market began to satiate until supply began to exceed demand. At that moment, solving how and what to produce was already necessary. 

With the modernization and simplification of production, the number of companies on the market also grew, and consumers got more choices. With increasing competition, companies began to address the question of what steps to take to make consumers choose their products. And hence there was space for the emergence of marketing.


Thus, marketing creates links between the market and businesses. It is based on human needs and desires. The human factor is applied and manifested both on the demand and supply sides. It is evident that psychology will also play a role in marketing.

Five Basic Psychological "Tricks."

1. Reciprocity (commitment)

    – give a little something for free, and then it'll come back to you

      as no one wants to be in debt 

2. Liquidation Offer and Consistency

    – we don't all like to make decisions 

    – we are afraid of the new and the unknown

    – we'd better shop at a friend's

3. Price Anchor and Contrast

     – When something's on sale, we go and shop

4. Paralysis of Decision-making

    – make it easier for people to make a choice and make an offer that, at a glance, 

      is the best possible solution you can buy

5. Social Proof

    – a lot of people have already bought it.

More About These Five Points:

What is the principle of reciprocity?

One person gives another a "gift," and the donee feels obligated. Thus, they feel a natural obligation to return the gift (to meet the following requirements of the donor).

What is a liquidation offer?

It is an offer so convenient and cheap that we do not have to think about buying for a long time. The price tag of such a liquidation offer is often meager, so we just do not have to consider for a long time whether it will pay off for us or not.

How does the principle of consistency work?

The principle "advises" us not to take risks and do what we already know and have tried. It protects us from the fear of the unknown. It is the principle people follow when they shop in the same supermarket for years, even if a few meters away is a new modern supermarket, which is cheaper and has a broader range.

What is a price anchor?

Discounts in marketing can work precisely because of the price anchor. It is the price tag or value of the goods. For example, when a product costs 100 USD, the price anchor equals 100 USD. When the goods suddenly have an "action" price of 69 USD, it seems advantageous to us thanks to the price anchor.

What is the paralysis of decision-making?

It is caused by more similar offers where the customer hesitates on what to choose.

Eliminate selection where possible or pre-select the most crucial option – the most effective solution to decision paralysis.

How does contrast work in marketing?

It is similar to a price anchor. In short, we compare two variants (more expensive / cheaper). And naturally, we choose the more profitable one. 

If it is not evident at first glance which offers are better, then follows a decision paralysis. In this case, customers often choose neither because they are looking for the best possible solution (convenience, savings, etc.) and cannot make a choice.

What is social proof?

It's confirmation from other people that our decision is the right one. These are references, sales figures, but also, for example, restaurants full of people.



Half of all our activities are based on habit. 

In marketing, on the contrary, we need to break the potential customer out of his habit. But psychologists have observed that we are most accessible when we have a life change – we are moving, we have a baby, we are approaching 20., 30., 40., 50…. birthday. 

Finally, Something About Colours

Colour psychology is the study of hues as a determinant of human behaviour.

Carl Jung was one of the pioneers of the interpretation of colours and their significance for the human psyche.

Jung said,"colours are the mother tongue of the subconscious." Colour influences perceptions that are not obvious, such as the taste of food. Colours have qualities that can cause certain emotions in people. They can carry a specific meaning.



What Is New In The Last Years

Biochemical marketing, as the new type of marketing is called, can increase efficiency by up to half and reduce costs by 70-80% in the format of low-cost multi-layered marketing. And in doing so, it is enough to know and use the biochemistry of four substances generated in a healthy human body: serotonin, dopamine, endorphin, and oxytocin.

Each of these substances has its own features and functions. Still, they are all responsible for positive changes in the human body, increasing the level of trust between people, reducing stress and anxiety, and creating a sense of well-being. And thanks to this, low-cost marketing can be done through public relations, social media, events, etc., with the help of biochemistry.


In no case should we forget, whatever methods we use, that our goal is a satisfied customer who returns. The applied psychology of the marketing world helps to find the necessary keys to understanding how the human mind works and is the basic knowledge of getting potential customers to buy your products eventually.


Although, at first glance, marketing may seem like a simple matter, if you delve into the issue more, you may start to feel a little lost. Markethive will provide you with comprehensive marketing tools. It is a platform for entrepreneurs with many innovative features. You will find all the tools for your business under one roof and have the opportunity to contribute to the spirit of friendly cooperation.

"Marketing is a war of perceptions.“         Ivo  Toman









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The entrepreneurial spirit is a gift that inspires others to become the best they can be. Entrepreneurship is the act of starting a business, and it requires creativity, drive, and the ability to solve problems. 

An entrepreneur takes a risk and works hard to make money. There are many types of entrepreneurs. Some start businesses from scratch, and others buy already-established companies. Some entrepreneurs work alone, while others need employees to help them run their businesses. 

The word “entrepreneur” comes from the French word “entreprendre,” which means to start or undertake a business venture. Although it can be a lot of work, entrepreneurship is rewarding and very fulfilling. The essence of entrepreneurship is having a dream and a vision for changing the world, being willing to take risks, and sometimes being misunderstood. 

Also, be willing to put in the work, put in more than those around you, and be ready to be the one who is not afraid of the darkness but rather the one who steps into it first. Entrepreneurship is more than just having a great idea and starting a business; it’s about changing lives and improving our world.



From passion and positivity to leadership and ambition, here are the entrepreneurs that best define the entrepreneurial spirit.

Armour Of Entrepreneur – Main Features


No one embodies the word "passion" quite like Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin mega-brand. Part of Branson's passion lies in his insatiable appetite for starting companies. Founded in 1970, the Virgin Group has expanded to more than 200 companies, ranging from music, publishing, mobile phones, and even space travel. "Businesses are like buses," he once said. "There's always another one coming."


Jeff Bezos knows the power of positive thinking. Living by the motto that "every challenge is an opportunity," Bezos set out to create the biggest bookstore in the world with a little internet startup called Amazon.


Having the ability to adapt is one of the greatest strengths an entrepreneur can have. Every successful business owner must be willing to improve, refine and customize their services to continually give customers what they want.


A good leader is someone with charisma, a sense of ethics, and a desire to build integrity within an organization–someone who's enthusiastic, team-oriented, and a great teacher. All of these attributes were embodied by the late Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, a company that has helped more than half a million women fulfill their dreams of owning a business.


At age 20, Debbi Fields didn't have much. She was a young housewife with no business experience, but what she did have was a great chocolate chip cookie recipe and a dream to share it with the world. 

Fields opened her first Mrs. Field's store1977, despite being told she was crazy to believe a business could survive solely on selling cookies. Fields' headstrong determination and ambition helped her grow her little cookie store into a $450 million company with more than 600 locations in the U.S. and 10 foreign nations.


Once More – The Main FIVE

– Passion, Positivity, Adaptability, Leadership, Ambition

Most of it you cannot learn from books. It is in your character, in your experience, and in your life journey. 

You hear it all the time from famous entrepreneurs: Long before they were running multimillion-dollar companies, they were flexing their entrepreneurial skills by selling lemonade on the corner, building gadgets in their garage, or hosting weekly college beer pong tournaments. It seems that behind every successful mogul is a kid who grew up knowing they were born for business.


If you notice where those who represent some of the most successful entrepreneurs come from, much of the world is missing out. In many countries, private business was interrupted by political developments – it was sometimes very limited, often totally prohibited. In some parts of the world, it was not possible for teenagers to sell products house-to-house or set up their first small business in a garage.

Those who spent their youth in countries with limited opportunities now have to catch up with many. Sometimes it's like jumping on a moving train and not knowing where the train is going. And that's why people from these countries, without business tradition or continuity, need something extra. A good dose of :


  • Courage 
  • Enthusiasm
  • Self-confidence
  • Persistence
  • Support of their loved ones

While they often lack the money for investment to have a good start, if they have true entrepreneurial courage in their hearts and can mobilize their energy, then with a little luck, they have a chance of success. 




Tim Moseley

The Marketing System For Rejuvenating Struggling iHubGlobal Business

Several months ago I stumbled across a marketing system that has forever changed the way I operate on a daily basis.  That marketing system is called iWebatool.  It is unlike any other marketing system I have ever seen.  iWebatool is jamb packed with all the capture pages, landing pages, videos, autoresponders, tutorials, etc. . . all the tools a marketer could ever need.  The entire platform is designed to provide all those marketing tools to anyone who wants to use them but they have already been pre-built with several preselected opportunities.  At this point in time, there are approximately 25 different opportunities that have been chosen by the CEO and his team of experts have built a complete marketing package for each one of those 25 businesses.

That's how the system operates.  They don't go to all the trouble of building out those powerful marketing funnels, complete with professionally written followup emails, for just any opportunity.  These 25 or so opportunities have been hand picked by the CEO himself.  One thing I absolutely love about this system is that it is only $25.00 per month.  And believe me, that is super cheap when you consider all the time and effort you save in building out the funnels themselves. 


One such funnel was built (and is continually being updated and enhanced) for the iHub.Global business.  As a matter this is his favorite of the entire group.  This particular funnel is being used by marketers around the world and it is estimated that this funnel has been and still is instrumental in over 160,000 enrollees into the iHub.Global business.

iWebatool and Markethive have many similarities yet they are different in many ways.  I love Markethive and iWebatool both.  I feel they compliment each other nicely.

So if you have a iHub.Global business and you are struggling with enrollment, you may want to take a look at the funnel you could be plugging into for only $25 per month.  Here is an example of what I am talking about:  THIS LANDING PAGE IS DESIGNED TO GET NEW iHub.Global AFFILIATES FOCUSED ON THE RIGHT THINGS

The CEO gives multiple ZOOM meetings on a weekly basis.  Some are specifially for iHub.Global business owners and the Zoom meeting on Monday is how to use the iWebatool Marketing System itself.

One last item, the CEO buys upwards of half a million clicks a year all from the same source and as a result he gets a massive discounted price per click.  A perk that all members get when purchasing these high quality clicks is we also get to buy clicks at that massive discount which help enormously when it comes to building your list right there at iWebatool.  Members also get to send daily broadcasts to their lists and I can attest that many signups for my various programs have come from the followup work I do from that list at iWebatool.  I just can't say enough about how effective iWebatool is.  

There are so many other items I could cover here but I will save those for another time.  So if you are an iHub.Global business owner already that link above is for you but if you are not an iHub.Global business owner yet, then you need to CLICK HERE.

Tim Moseley


Tim Moseley