Elon Musk buying Twitter

The social network Twitter was opened to the public almost 16 years ago, on July 15, 2006. It allows users to post and read posts posted by other users, known as tweets.
US billionaire Elon Musk has agreed to buy the Internet company Twitter for $ 44 billion. The company announced it 25th April 2022. Musk will gain control of the influential social network used by millions of people around the world. Following the completion of the transaction, Twitter shares will be withdrawn from the exchange they entered in 2013.

Already in early April, Musk announced that he had bought a 9 percent stake in Twitter. In mid-April, he came up with an offer to take over the entire company. The company said today (25th April) that its board of directors unanimously approved the transaction.

Now the agreement has yet to be approved by shareholders and regulator.
According to Musk, it is necessary for Twitter to be transferred to private ownership in order for it to develop and become a real platform for free expression.

"Freedom of speech is the foundation of a functioning democracy, and twitter is a digital square where fundamental issues for the future of humanity are discussed," Musk said in a press release to Twitter today. "Twitter has huge potential. I look forward to working with this company and the user community to leverage it," he added.

The future of Twitter is uncertain,  boss Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal told employees after announcing the deal. 
The takeover is expected to be completed within a few months, with Musk indicating for a long time that he wants to fundamentally change the way the social network works with tens of millions of users around the world.
However, the details of his plans, which apparently concern the moderation of the content and transparency of the platform, are not clear, which is also reflected in Agrawal's words. "Once the agreement is reached, we do not know which direction the platform will go," he told Reuters.
According to Musk, it is necessary for Twitter to be transferred to private ownership in order for it to develop and become a real platform for free expression.

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And it has recently been written that shareholders will try to dilute Musk's share and somehow prevent a "hostile" takeover. Suddenly he buys Twitter. The turnaround is really interesting.

As the rich man begins to buy the media, his entry into politics approaches.

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HOLY MOLY Bitcoin amp Crypto About to Have a HUGE WEEK Elon Musk Buys Twitter

HOLY MOLY! Bitcoin & Crypto About to Have a HUGE WEEK! | Elon Musk Buys Twitter

Yes, welcome back everybody to altcoin daily, my name's austin in today's video. I want to share with you the latest news involving bitcoin involving elon, musk and twitter, involving higher cap crypto coins, lower cap crypto coins and, much more so like always check the timestamps down below. In the video description hit the like button and let's jump in starting with bitcoin grayscale renews push with the sec for a bitcoin spot etf. The securities and exchange commission has so far approved only btc, futures, etfs and, of course, the biggest difference on why spot etfs are so much better is because the contracts have to be settled in real bitcoin, meaning that the etf has to buy and own real bitcoin. Instead of the futures, where you can just speculate on the future price and you never actually have to own the btc and based on some new information, grayscale is a very confident that this one will be approved and here's.


Why, in a letter sent last week to the sec, seen by the financial times, grayscale's attorneys argued that the manner in which the regulatory agency, the sec, approved the fourth bitcoin futures etf techrium earlier this month, opened the door for a bitcoin spot etf. So here is the precedent that they say the sec just set and it has to do with the 1940s act versus the 1933 act. This is gon na sound, maybe very complicated, but here's. The explanation, grayscale's attorneys, argue the point that the first three bitcoin futures etfs were approved by the sec under the investment company act of 1940. However, the techrium etf was approved under the securities act of 1933, which is a first and according to grayscale's attorneys.


We believe the tequim order confirms the fundamental point that when it comes to approving exchange-traded products, there is no basis for treating spot bitcoin products differently from bitcoin futures products wow. This could be the bitcoin catalyst we have been waiting for. If this gets approved, the sec will likely decide on grayscale's etf application by july of this year and just weeks ago, grayscale ceo did state that he'd consider suing the sec if the bid gets rejected. So this is all coming to a head, something to keep on the radar next piece of news involving elon musk, twitter and the crypto market dogecoin surges on reports that twitter will now consider elon, musk's buyout offer and actually right in the middle of taping of filming. This today, twitter and elon musk will reach a deal on a buyout to be announced shortly.


So this is happening, and this is happening today and how did the crypto market respond? Well, the popular memecoin dogecoin jumped more than 12 percent in the past hour. Following the reports on this buyout and actually twitter stock also jumped more than five percent, actually much more than that. Now, amid the news now, what does that mean for you as a twitter user as a crypto holder as of this morning, elon musk states. I hope that even my worst critics remain on twitter, because that is what free speech means so give me your thoughts on this down below, in my opinion, any move that stifles censorship and promotes freedom.


I think that's good next piece of quick news involving ethereum warning. The board ape yacht club, instagram and discord have both been hacked. Do not click the links board. Api club's, instagram account and discord. Server were both hacked on monday, with an unofficial, mint link being sent out to followers in a direct tweet from the bayc.


There is no mint going on today. It looks like diyc's instagram was hacked, do not mint anything click, links or link your wallet to anything and if you're wondering what was the bait, what were they telling their instagram followers that they would get if they, if they clicked the link? The fraudulent link claimed that users could meant to land in the board api club's upcoming, other side meta, which is due to launch later next week, so in their upcoming metaverse, that we don't really have that. Many details on that was the bait, which of course, was fake. It is estimated that around 54 of those nfts valued around 13.


million dollars were stolen by the hackers. So please use this as a cautionary tale and next up, let's talk altcoins and again feel free to check the timestamps find the altcoin news that is most relevant to you, but next up, shiba inu launches a burning portal to reward ship token holders. So this is a major upgrade for the shiv ecosystem. The team behind the popular meme coin, shiba inu has launched a new burning mechanism designed to decrease the token circulating supply, while rewarding hodlers with a yield generating token. So the shib burning portal went live over the weekend with the team tweeting on monday that over 8 billion tokens actually now almost 12 billion tokens have now already been burned.


Now. Why would an individual do this? Yes, it potentially makes everybody else's tokens more scarce, but then you lose your tokens. So why would you choose to burn your tokens? Well, the ship burning portal was launched in collaboration with royosus vision, roy, she and erc20 token, aimed at supporting the growth of the ship ecosystem users who decide to burn their ship.


Tokens are given another token called burnt ship which pays rewards in roy. She tokens at varying rates, according to the developers, point four nine percent of all roy. She transactions will be distributed to the owners of burnt ship tokens wow. Quite the experimentation going on in crypto. Give me your thoughts on this down below and next up.


I want to take 60 seconds and give a big shout out to sponsor of the channel the ftx app for some background. Us is one of the largest and most respected exchanges with fees up to 85 percent cheaper than competitors so check out the link down below or use code altcoin daily. When you sign up and number one, you can earn a free crypto on every trade over ten dollars, that's a huge incentive and also get up to a hundred dollars back in crypto with altcoin daily. So how do i take advantage? How do i get free crypto with altcoin daily, well download the ftx app and enter code altcoin daily when you sign up fund your account, start buying selling trading and then earn up to 100 in crypto?


I will include a link down below for you to check out all the details, but essentially how you would make that happen when you trade, 100 or more earn 10 in crypto, when you trade, 500 or more earn 50 in crypto, and when you trade, 1, 000 Or more earn 100 in crypto get started today with code altcoin daily or by using this qr code. And, of course, let me know down below your thoughts. What you like about the ftx app take advantage link down below and next piece of lower cap, altcoin news step in impersonators, stealing user seed phrases warn security experts so use this as a cautionary tale. Do not let hackers steal your seed phrases just as a reminder, step in is a solana based game where gamers buy non-fungible token nft sneakers to begin playing and basically, while we're seeing so much play to earn hype in the crypto space step in is sort of Like exercise to earn or walk to earn the app monitors users movement through the gps of their mobile phones and gives them in-game tokens called green satoshi tokens gsts. These coins can then be traded for usdc or seoul, allowing users to cash out.


So that's steppin, but the news today is this: peckshield, a prominent blockchain security firm exposed the existence of numerous phishing websites for the web3 lifestyle, app step in on monday. So, basically, just like the board, a biat club news that we discussed earlier users were signing over their wallets for maybe scam, giveaways or just signing transactions and then signing away their funds to these phishing scammers. Next piece of news on altcoin injective injective pro the premier derivatives dex built on objective, is now the first ever exchange to launch an nft floor price perpetual market with the board ape yacht club, slash wrapped eth listing, meaning users can now trade. The popular board api club collection with as little as one dollar, so, if you believe in a decentralized future, this is what you like to see and essentially what this the problem that they're solving is the multi-hundreds of thousands of dollars. Nft price tag on these board api clubs likely has kept most users from that exclusive club.


Well, now, board api club floor price perpetuals on injected pro lowers the barrier to entry by enabling users to trade based on the floor price of the collection without having to purchase the nft itself. So again, we have tools like this, not necessarily for board api club. Yet but tools like this on centralized exchanges, cool to see now decentralized derivative exchanges, implementing upgrading and providing more value to users. Next piece of growth, news for the lrand ecosystem, we're excited to announce the moment. You'Ve been waiting for ithium is officially coming to the mayor.


Exchange, so if you like eagle, do you like this and just for some perspective on what is ethium? And i am a token holder. Ethium empowers data ownership in web3 and metaverse ecosystems and creates new market value for your data, and we enable this by providing decentralized data brokerage technology if that still doesn't make sense. Basically, it's a suite of tools that enable high value data to be bridged from web 2 to web 3, keeping you in control and then traded via peer-to-peer sales, our data nfts. Let you fully own and control your data and, in addition, our nfme id technology allows you to immerse yourself in the metaverse, an nft representation of your data on the blockchain, so keep the power with the users.


This is a part of the lrund ecosystem, always cool to see the growth and final quick piece of news for ethereum openc openc has just acquired ethereum nft aggregator gym in their push for pro users. So jim, that's the name of the company lets users batch, buy nfts from multiple platforms to save on fees and openc plans to integrate its functionality. This is interesting because this means openc is potentially about to have a pro side, just like coinbase and coinbase pro. Maybe we'll see an open c and openc pro two versions of the same platform in a direct quote from openc as the nft community grows, we've recognized a need to better serve more experienced pro users and offer more flexibility and choice to people at every level of Experience and again just for perspective, gem is a single platform that connects various nft marketplaces, including openc, looks rare and wearable and lets users purchase assets from any of them in a single transaction, so cool to see the progress cool to see the growth of the ethereum Nft ecosystem, that is the video. My name is austin.


Tim Moseley

Gold silver plummet as raw commodity sector pounded on Covid fears

Gold, silver plummet as raw commodity sector pounded on Covid fears

Gold and silver prices are sharply down and hit two-month lows in midday U.S. trading Monday. Gold dropped below the psychologically important $1,900 level. The entire raw commodity sector was hit hard today by concerns regarding demand as Covid cases in China, the world’s second-largest economy, are spreading rapidly. Serious near-term technical damage was inflicted in gold and silver today, which has emboldened the chart-based bears. June gold futures were last down $38.20 at $1,896.10 and May Comex silver was last down $0.579 at $23.69 an ounce.

Global stock markets were mostly lower overnight, led by the biggest drop in Chinese shares in two years. U.S. stock indexes are pointed solidly lower at midday. There are growing worries about the economic toll of China’s strict zero Covid policy, as lockdowns spread to Beijing. The Chinese yuan dropped to its lowest level against the U.S. dollar since late 2020. The Covid flareup that shut down much of Shanghai appeared to worsen over the weekend. China ordered mandatory tests in a district of Beijing and shut down some areas of the capital of more than 20 million people. This situation is expected to further disrupt already strained global supply chains and likely drive already problematic inflation still higher.

The Russia-Ukraine war that shows no signs of de-escalating continues to sap trader and investor risk appetite. Metals traders on this day decided to focus more on the bearish implications of less demand for gold and silver coming out of China, and less of the bullish implications of keener risk aversion in the marketplace.

Here's what latest gold price pattern tells investors about the metal's next move

The key outside markets see Nymex crude oil futures prices sharply lower today and trading around $96.50 a barrel. The U.S. dollar index is solidly higher and hit a two-year high early today. The yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasury note is presently fetching around 2.776%.

Technically, June gold futures prices hit a two-month low today and a price downtrend has been started. Bulls have lost their overall near-term technical advantage. Bulls' next upside price objective is to produce a close above solid resistance at $1,950.00. Bears' next near-term downside price objective is pushing futures prices below solid technical support at $1,850.00. First resistance is seen at $1,915.00 and then at $1,925.00. First support is seen at today’s low of $1,891.80 and then at $1,883.00. Wyckoff's Market Rating: 5.0

May silver futures prices hit a nine-week low today and a price downtrend is in place now. The silver bears have the overall near-term technical advantage. Silver bulls' next upside price objective is closing prices above solid technical resistance at $25.00 an ounce. The next downside price objective for the bears is closing prices below solid support at $23.00. First resistance is seen at $24.00 and then at today’s high of $24.24. Next support is seen at today’s low of $23.42 and then at $23.00. Wyckoff's Market Rating: 4.0.

May N.Y. copper closed down 1,620 points at 441.90 cents today. Prices closed near the session low today and hit a 2.5-month low. The copper bears have gained the overall near-term technical advantage. A price downtrend is now in place on the daily bar chart. Copper bulls' next upside price objective is pushing and closing prices above solid technical resistance at 470.00 cents. The next downside price objective for the bears is closing prices below solid technical support at the January low of 428.80 cents. First resistance is seen at 450.00 cents and then at 455.00 cents. First support is seen at today’s low of 440.65 cents and then at 435.00 cents. Wyckoff's Market Rating: 4.0.

By Jim Wyckoff

For Kitco News

Time to buy Gold and Silver on the dips



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SpaceX is getting serious about putting humans on Mars

SpaceX is getting serious about putting humans on Mars…

by Jeff Brown, editor, The Bleeding Edge


All eyes are on Elon Musk and Twitter right now. So, I wouldn’t blame us if we missed another major announcement from Musk.

But this is one we don’t want to miss. Musk’s latest announcement is out of this world and has huge implications for space exploration.

Elon Musk just announced that SpaceX plans to build 1,000 Starships over the next 10 years. This will give SpaceX the ability to send one million people to Mars by 2050. It’s getting real…

We have talked about SpaceX’s Starship several times in The Bleeding Edge.

The Starship is the world’s first reusable all-purpose spacecraft. It’s made of stainless steel and shaped like a giant corn silo. Which makes it a bit crazy that this is the spacecraft that will power NASA’s manned mission to the Moon in 2024.

As for its measurements, the latest version of the Starship is 394 feet tall and 30 feet wide. It’s capable of carrying over 100 metric tons into space. Here’s a visual:


SpaceX’s Starship

Source: Space Flight Insider


Here we can get a sense of just how massive the Starship is. This is the spacecraft that will enable humanity’s first interplanetary colony.

And that brings us to perhaps what is Musk’s most innovative idea for Mars expeditions…

Mars is rich in raw materials like oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water ice. These materials can be used to create methane, which is a great fuel propellant.

Musk’s plan is to build a fuel manufacturing facility on Mars. That will be a major priority for some of the first manned missions to the Red Planet.



Being able to make fuel on Mars will reduce the need to carry extra fuel into space in order to support return missions. By manufacturing fuel on Mars, it will enable many of the Starships to return back to Earth to be reused again, which will reduce the overall costs of inhabiting Mars.

But in order to pull this off, we’ll need a lot of spacecraft. That’s why the announcement of 1,000 new Starships is so incredible.

What makes this announcement even more meaningful is that all the technology to make this happen exists today. Musk and his team at SpaceX have already built the heavy launcher, and the Starship has already had a series of successful suborbital flights.

Musk thinks that with reusability and mass production, SpaceX can ultimately get the cost of an individual ticket to Mars down to about $100,000. That’s not exactly cheap.

But it is a price point that those who are willing to make the journey could save up for. I could even envision companies sending some of their executives and employees to the Red Planet to support the expansion of their businesses. Who wouldn’t want to be part of building a multi-planetary business operation? 

The bottom line is that we could very well have a manned presence on Mars within the decade. This idea would have sounded crazy 10 years ago… but not today. The technology exists. And SpaceX already has a clear plan in place to make it a reality.

Of course, there are still some major milestones that SpaceX must hit before any missions to Mars.

The company is gearing up for its first orbital launch of the Starship next month from its Boca Chica facility in Texas. That’s the next step. Presuming things go well and SpaceX has a series of successful test flights, it is theoretically possible to support a manned mission to the Moon in 2024.

After that, Mars won’t be that far behind.


New Opportunities Are Emerging For Citizens of The World.

Freedom and democracy may appear to be struggling to stay alive in America, but there may be a knock-out punch ready to be released. The evolution of the blockchain-enabled metaverse is going to enable the 'Citizens of the World' to gain their own Freedom by democratizing power and creating a new world with new rules, new players, and new opportunities. For 99.99% of us, the metaverse will improve our real-world lives through the democratization of power and opportunity.

Along with the major long-term trend of society towards decentralization and smaller-scale organizations, there are new opportunities developing to help 'Preparers' in the cryptocurrency sector. Businesses are beginning to issue their own Crypto Coins that can be traded on Cryptocoin Exchanges.

Markethive.com for example will be releasing its HiveCoin (HIV) in the coming weeks. It has tremendous upside potential that is outlined in a Video by Founder Tom Prendergast, "Entrepreneur Advantage…".

Not only that, if you go to their website and register as a FREE Member, you will be given 500 HiveCoins for "FREE" along with access to several Earning Opportunities and online tools to increase your HiveCoin balance.

Be sure to check it out today – Markethive.com


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Bitcoin Core 230 Released: What’s New

Bitcoin Core 23.0 Released: What’s New

by Namcios 


ecosystem for entrepreneurs

The newest version of Bitcoin’s original software launched by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 brings improvements on privacy, security and user experience.

A new version of the original Bitcoin software client launched by Satoshi Nakamoto has been released today.

Bitcoin Core 23.0 was worked on by 132 developers over about seven months to bring tangible improvements to Bitcoin Core’s wallet, peer-to-peer communication and network, fee estimation, and much more.

This article explores some of the main changes.

Wallet Updates Taproot Support

Bitcoin Core now enables the user to choose the new Taproot address type when creating a new wallet. Even though that isn’t the default, as many wallets in the ecosystem can’t send to a Taproot address yet, the user is given the option to create Taproot receiving addresses in newly-created wallets.

The Taproot address created by the Bitcoin Core wallet for receiving bitcoin is a simple, single signature one. Therefore, users won’t automatically save BTC in fees compared to regular Bech32 single-signature addresses, as bigger savings come from porting more complex spending conditions and address setups into the Taproot scheme.

By adding native support for Taproot addresses, Bitcoin Core takes a step in the direction of encouraging a wider adoption of Taproot. As more users opt into the new upgrade’s features, its benefits are able to best permeate through the userbase.

ecosystem for entrepreneurs

Descriptor Wallets Are Now The Default

Bitcoin Core wallets now default to using descriptors when created, a significant change that promises a better backup and recovery process for bitcoin funds.

Since the advent of hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallets, a Bitcoin wallet will typically use the recovery seeds (usually 12 or 24 words) to generate a master private key. The wallet then uses that master private key to generate a master public key, which can be leveraged to generate a nearly infinite number of receiving addresses through derivation paths, that as the name says, guide the wallet to what path it should follow to correctly derive an address.

Recovering funds in a Bitcoin wallet therefore commonly depends on that derivation path, as most applications today default to HD wallets. (The usage of different derivation paths by wallets is the reason why it is common to see a user attempting to recover funds in a second wallet finding a balance of zero.)

However, descriptor wallets make it much easier for the user to recover any funds by explicitly stating the derivation path in the descriptor. The user is thereby relieved from having to care about the derivation path their wallet used – a big improvement in user experience (UX).

Typos On Bech32 Addresses Can Now Be Spotted

Bech32 addresses, the format in which the address begins with “bc1,” have an interesting property that enables the spotting of possible typos. However, it wasn’t until Bitcoin Core 23.0 that the user could benefit from that.

Bitcoin Core will now alert the user about up to two errors in a Bech32 address. The tool is currently only available on the command line, through the “validateaddress” RPC, though there are plans to integrate it into the graphical user interface (GUI) in the future. If more than two errors are made by the user when typing out the address, then the typo-finding tool cannot guarantee success.

The limit of errors the tool commits to finding is important because attempting to find a large number of typos could lead to undesired behavior. If the user typed an address with several mistaken letters, even if the tool could spot all of them it could end up suggesting a totally different address than what the user intended to send to in the first place – a much worse outcome.

Freezing Coins

A Bitcoin Core user has had the option to choose what coins, or unspent transaction outputs (UTXOs), to use in a transaction for years now. But this coin control feature required manual selection of what UTXOs to use every time – a cumbersome and tiring process that is highly prone to error.

Now, Bitcoin Core allows the user to indefinitely “freeze” a UTXO. The freezing process is still a manual one, but the user only needs to do that once and can then rest assured that the coin they froze won’t be automatically spent by Bitcoin Core until the user unfreezes that coin.

Carefully selecting which UTXOs to use in funding a transaction is important to prevent undesirably linking addresses that have conflicting purposes. For example, a user might not want to join UTXOs they obtained through know-your-customer (KYC) methods with non-KYC coins. If they did, any observer of the blockchain would be able to infer that that user, whom they could know because of the KYC information provided, also owns the non-KYC address and its coins – hurting user privacy.

Changes To P2P Communications Port 8333 Preference Removed

Broadly speaking, computers need two vital pieces of information to communicate with each other on the internet: an IP address and a port number. While the IP address serves as an identifier for a computer in a network, helping determine its location, the port number helps inform what type of communication is being done on the internet as each communication protocol usually defaults to a specific port number. As a result, ports enable a computer to run multiple types of traffic at the same time while easily differentiating between them. For example, the web’s HTTP protocol defaults to port 80, while its more secure counterpart HTTPS usually runs on port 443, and email’s SMTP protocol leverages port 25.

With Bitcoin, it is no different. Historically, upon starting Bitcoin Core, computers default to running on port 8333 and looking for peers using that same port.

While ports facilitate the communication between computers on the internet, it also makes it easier for internet service providers (ISPs) to monitor traffic as it is easy to assume what type of communication is being done. In an adversarial setup, an ISP could filter and block certain traffic based on the destination port. Despite not being the most effective censorship mechanism available to ISPs, it is the easiest, and an attacked protocol would need to change its default port of communication to bypass the censoring or throttling.

By removing the port 8333 preference, Bitcoin Core now mitigates the easiest path ISPs have for filtering or blocking Bitcoin traffic. Additionally, nodes not running on port 8333 now will have less friction getting inbound connections from other nodes as the network no longer prioritizes that port.

Support For The CJDNS Network

Bitcoin Core 23.0 also protects users from adversarial ISPs by adding support for CJDNS, a security-enhanced alternative to the standard internet protocol (IP).

CJDNS leverages public-key cryptography to implement an encrypted version of IPv6 – the most recent version of IP. By providing end-to-end encryption natively, CJDNS improves upon IPv6 and IPv4 (the previous IP version that is still widely used) with increased security and privacy as it protects nodes that use it from traffic analysis and filtering.

The addition brings new optionality for users interested in protecting their traffic from prying eyes or increasing the security of their Bitcoin setup. While Tor and I2P exist as alternatives to clearnet IP, CJDNS serves as a complementary option that can enhance robustness for the Bitcoin network and its nodes.


Better Fee Estimations

Bitcoin Core’s built-in fee estimation tool has just gotten a bit more complete.

According to a blog post by John Newbery on the subject, Bitcoin Core’s fee estimation “simply records and reports meaningful statistics about past events, and uses that data to give the user a reasonable estimate of how much fee they need to attach in order to have their transaction included within N blocks,” with N being the number of blocks the user is willing to wait to have their transaction confirmed.

The algorithm calculating such estimates used to take into account all transactions on the mempool, Bitcoin’s “waiting area” for transactions that haven’t yet been included in a block. However, since the introduction of replace-by-fee (RBF) transactions, which enable the user to effectively bump the fee their transaction is pledging to miners in an attempt to get a faster confirmation, Bitcoin Core did not account for the new transaction type when estimating fees out of doubts whether the feature would be widely adopted by users and miners.

Now, with Bitcoin Core 23.0, RBF transactions are taken into account on Bitcoin Core’s fee estimations, providing a more accurate estimate for users leveraging the software for sending transactions.

Support For Tracepoints And Userspace, Statically-Defined Tracing

Bitcoin Core now includes experimental tracepoints in its release binaries for Linux with userspace, statically-defined tracing (USDT).

USDT allows users to get detailed information from their node that can be used for review, debugging and monitoring. The feature makes it possible to keep track of custom fine-grained statistics and monitor otherwise hidden internal node events while having little to no performance impact when unused.

One example where this is useful is to spot and likely prevent attacks. A security researcher could set up multiple nodes and trace the messages received from peers to possibly identify attacks ahead of time.

Thanks to Aaron van Wirdum for information and feedback.

For more details and other changes, see the Bitcoin Core 23.0 release notes. To download Bitcoin Core 23.0, navigate here. Details about Bitcoin Core 23.0 are also explained in audio in the Bitcoin Explained podcast episode 56.

Tim Moseley

US investors realized 6x more crypto gains in 2021 than UK investors

US investors realized 6x more crypto gains in 2021 than UK investors


Crypto investors from the United States realized nearly $47 billion in gains during 2021, outpacing the U.K. by a factor of six.

US investors realized 6x more crypto gains in 2021 than UK investors​​​​

Crypto investors from the United States realized crypto gains nearly six times higher in total than the United Kingdom, the second-highest country in terms of realized gains. 

According to a report by Chainalysis, crypto investors in the U.S. accrued a record $46.9 billion in realized gains throughout 2021, leading the rest of the world by a wide margin. The U.S. is followed at quite some distance by the U.K. at $8.1 billion and Germany with $5.8 billion.

Total realized cryptocurrency gains 2021: Chainalysis.

The report comes as global cryptocurrency adoption continues to gain widespread traction. The U.S. witnessed a massive increase in adoption and realized gains, with the total estimated gains for 2021 up 476% from $8.1 billion the year before.

Special mentions were given to countries that outperformed their “traditional” economic rankings. Despite Turkey being globally ranked as number 11 by GDP, the country was ranked number six when it came to realized crypto gains.

China was one of the only large nations that did not see the same massive gains as other countries. In 2021, China’s total estimated realized cryptocurrency gains stood at $5.1 billion, up from $1.7 billion in 2020, which equates to a year-over-year growth rate of 194%. However, this is still impressive growth considering the extensive crypto bans that were progressively enacted in China in 2021.

China’s result pales, however, besides other countries such as the U.K. and Germany, which saw a respective 431% and a 423% increase last year.

Related: What is driving institutions to invest in crypto? BlockFi's David Olsson explains

Another notable trend was the increase in total gains from Ether (ETH), which saw ETH investors around the world cash out a total of $76.3 billion, beating out Bitcoin (BTC) as the highest realized earnings crypto asset in 2021. However, Bitcoin inventors still performed well, with the global crypto investing community securing $74.7 billion in gains throughout 2021.

Tim Moseley

Inflation in European Union

Inflation in European Union

The annual inflation rate in the European Union (comparing same month of the year 2021 to this year) rose to a record 7.8 percent in March from 6.2 percent in February. This was announced by the European statistical office Eurostat. The Czech Republic had the third highest inflation in the EU, at 11.9 percent.
Inflation in the euro area is now well above the European Central Bank's 2% target. Upward it is pushed especially by the rising energy. In March, energy prices in the euro area increased by 44.4 percent year-on-year.

The highest inflation in the EU was recorded in Lithuania, where consumer prices increased by 15.6 percent year-on-year. Second place went to Estonia with inflation of 14.8 percent. Czechia takes third place.

In an interview with the BBC,   the president of the World Bank, David Malpass said that war in Ukraine will make food more expensive by up to 37 percent, and the looming food crisis will cause human catastrophe in many poorer countries. Hundreds of millions of people are at risk of poverty and malnutrition if the crisis is not stopped.
The head of the World Bank warned that there is enough food for everyone in the world, and according to comparisons with the situation in the past, there are also high food stocks. But there is a need to change the way food is distributed to get where it is needed.

Here some examples of prices how it is influencing Czech Republic:
prices gasoline and diesel January 2022 were at petrol stations in the Czech Republic for an average of CZK 36.20,(approx 1,68 USD/liter) . But beginning of April gasoline was approx 2,27 USD/liter which means 38 % more  – this influences of course also the prices of public transport and transport of goods  – 22% up.
Foods – flour 63% more expensive than a year ago which has of course big influence on prices of bakery products. Butter and milk very similar. Bread – some economists say that in the second half of this year 1kg of bread can be even 70 CZK/3,10 USD – that might be increse by 40-50% in comparison with the price now.

This price development is supported by the fact that Czech government is inactive and does not want to do anything against this development arguing it is against rules of Europen Union – while for instance Polish government  decreased the VAT on foods.

This graf shows average prices of electricity in capital Praha – New year 2021 compared to New year 2022 = growth 48,49 %

The complicated situation applies also on enterprises
More than half of domestic enterprises expect their energy inputs to become more expensive by 50 percent or more. At the same time, the vast majority of companies will increase the prices of other cost items, such as input materials. This follows from the survey of the Chamber of Commerce. The most acute situation is in the manufacturing industry and construction.

A few days ago was published that inflation in Czech republic now is near to 13% – and if government will not do anything against it will still grow most probably.

But not every state in Europe has the same aproach – for instance Hungary  – The Hungarian government since 1. February  reduced prices for wheat flour, sugar, sunflower oil, milk, pork  and chicken breasts.

Evidently member states of European Union have different approach to the inflation, some politicians have more courage and the development this year might be still quite wild.

                            Thank you for reading



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Batteries Are Everything These Days

Batteries Are Everything These Days

by Luke Lango, editor, Hypergrowth Investing

Batteries Are Everything These Days

We need batteries. Literally everywhere.

When you sit back and think about it, pretty much every technological megatrend out there requires batteries to power it.

Electric vehicles? They run on lithium-ion batteries.

Energy storage systems? They, too, run on batteries.

Artificial intelligence? Built on software, which is run on computers, which are powered by — you guessed it — batteries.

What about smartphones? VR headsets? Charging stations? All those end markets need batteries, too.

Morgan Stanley aptly summed it up in a research note just a few weeks back by saying:

"We need batteries. Literally everywhere."

The purpose of the research note was to illustrate that the world is about to embark upon a battery infrastructure spending boom over the next decade so that countries and companies can produce enough batteries to power all of these tech megatrends

We couldn't agree more with that thesis.

Batteries will be the epicenter of our tech-dominated future. Demand for them is going to increase at exponential rates in the 2020s. But there is not an infinite supply of batteries. If anything, we have a supply shortage today. Therefore, there is going to be a battery spending boom over the next decade, wherein companies all along the battery manufacturing supply chain will make a lot of money.



It will be a "Battery Gold Rush."

The Forever Battery Is the Holy Grail of This Gold Rush

The "holy grail" of the coming Battery Gold Rush will be a special type of battery that I like to call a forever battery, and it's going to change the world as we know it.

To understand why we need to take a quick trip back to chemistry class…

Batteries comprise three things. A cathode, an anode, and an electrolyte. Batteries work by promoting the flow of ions between the cathode and anode through the electrolyte.

A graph depicting the percent change in the Nasdaq following a yield curve inversion

Conventional lithium-ion batteries are built on liquid battery chemistry. That is, they comprise a solid cathode and anode, with a liquid electrolyte solution connecting the two.

These batteries have worked wonders for years. But, due to the physical constraints of dealing with a liquid electrolyte, they are now reaching their limit in terms of energy cell density — which basically means that if we want our phones, watches, and electric cars to last longer and charge faster, we need a fundamentally different battery.

Insert the solid-state battery.

With solid-state batteries, the name pretty much says it all. Take the liquid electrolyte solution in conventional batteries. Compress it into a solid. Create a small, hyper-compact solid battery that — because it has zero wasted space — lasts far longer and charges far faster.

Of course, the implications of solid-state battery chemistry are huge.

Solid-state batteries could be the key to making our phones sustain power for days… enabling our smartwatches to fully charge in seconds… and, yes, allowing electric cars to drive for thousands of miles without needing to recharge.

That's why solid-state batteries are dubbed by insiders as "forever batteries" — and it is why these forever batteries are the holy grail of the Battery Gold Rush.

Competitive advantages in the 2020s will be gained by companies using the best batteries. The better the battery, the better the performance of an electric vehicle, phone, energy storage system, and more.

Therefore, there won't be any rush for old-school batteries built on old tech. But there will be an unprecedented mad dash for these solid-state batteries.

Said differently, the Battery Gold Rush of the 2020s will be focused on solid-state batteries.


New Opportunities Are Emerging For Citizens of The World.

Freedom and democracy may appear to be struggling to stay alive in America, but there may be a knock-out punch ready to be released. The evolution of the blockchain-enabled metaverse is going to enable the 'Citizens of the World' to gain their own Freedom by democratizing power and creating a new world with new rules, new players, and new opportunities. For 99.99% of us, the metaverse will improve our real-world lives through the democratization of power and opportunity.

Along with the major long-term trend of society towards decentralization and smaller-scale organizations, there are new opportunities developing to help 'Preparers' in the cryptocurrency sector. Businesses are beginning to issue their own Crypto Coins that can be traded on Cryptocoin Exchanges.

Markethive.com for example will be releasing its HiveCoin (HIV) in the coming weeks. It has tremendous upside potential that is outlined in a Video by Founder Tom Prendergast, "Entrepreneur Advantage…".

Not only that, if you go to their website and register as a FREE Member, you will be given 500 HiveCoins for "FREE" along with access to several Earning Opportunities and online tools to increase your HiveCoin balance.

Be sure to check it out today – Markethive.com


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After touching 2k why did gold price tumble 70?

After touching $2k, why did gold price tumble $70?

After touching the $2,000 level at the beginning of the week, gold tumbled more than $70 as the U.S. dollar climbed alongside the U.S. Treasury yields. Here's a look at Kitco's top three stories of the week:

3. Gold price continues to consolidate as Fed's Powell reiterates hawkish stance

2. Is gold the next big play? Gold price heading to $2,100 – Wells Fargo

1. 'Turning point' for the U.S. dollar is near, says billionaire 'Bond King' Jeff Gundlach


By Anna Golubova

For Kitco News

Time to buy Gold and Silver on the dips


Tim Moseley



Could it be that the tide is turning for entrepreneurs to be accepted by an overwhelming majority to the political platform? With all that is revealed recently, and many corrupt politicians and bureaucrats facing indictment, perhaps it's time to let the entrepreneurs take the helm. Think Hunter Biden & Co, Burisma and Ukrainian connection.

We all saw what an entrepreneur could do for a country for a short time that has gone down in history as triumphant by many, all to be destroyed in one year when a political puppet with his cronies seized power in what many considered as a coup d'état.

Many entrepreneurs are stepping up to thwart the dictator-driven hierarchy that is not even an elected official. Such as the World Economic Forum headed by Klaus Schwab pushing for a one-world government, one kingdom of a new world order where "you will own nothing and be happy." And where all governments across the world are answerable to it.

One entrepreneur and investor, Peter Thiel, is stepping down from the board of Meta (Facebook) with a focus on helping elect Republican candidates that support former President Trump's strategies. Candidates such as J.D. Vance and Blake Masters, also entrepreneurs, will be directly backed by Mr. Thiel for the 2022 midterm elections. 

These non-politicians have all the hallmarks of entrepreneurship; they are critical thinkers and innovative individuals who focus on real people's lives and do not follow the dogmas that have manifested over the last few decades. They can empathize with their constituents on a simpler level; delivering their message the people can understand and follow through with positive action is just one example of what they would bring to the table.  

On the other hand, politicians deliver lip service with an agenda that suits them rather than society. We've seen it play out, especially in the last two years, in such a blatant fashion that it’s incredulous. Some politicians are also ignorant of emerging technologies to the point where they are apathetic and show disdain for fear of losing their grip on power. 


Some Get It – Some Don’t

Their skewed perception of world affairs results in poor, even detrimental decisions for us ordinary folk worldwide. In a recent congressional testimony based around interest rates, Jerome Powell, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank, was in the hot seat where questions were asked about crypto. 

Senator Elizabeth Warren rants about how corporations are causing inflation and how Russia is evading sanctions by using cryptocurrency in the second hearing. She even slammed cryptocurrency exchanges for refusing to sanction regular Russians; Powell stated that it was outside of his area of expertise.  

Senators Jack Reed and Kyrsten Sinema voiced their concerns regarding the global trend away from the US dollar, explicitly noting that some superpowers have accelerated their abandonment of the dollar in the wake of the Russia/Ukraine war. It’s most likely the superpowers saw that Central Bank assets are fair game for sanctions. 

Kyrsten also confirmed that US politicians are becoming concerned that their sanctions against Russia are doing more harm than good to the dollar. And Jerome essentially said that the damage to the dollar depends on how long this situation lasts. 

It seems the FED may have found itself backed into a corner that it can't get out of easily. As much as it's tried to stay neutral and avoid becoming politicized, politicians have been unscrupulous in using the dollar as a political weapon against International opponents. 

Notably, the international community has known this for some time, and many have been trying to move off the dollar for years. Many wars were started to preserve the American dollar as the reserve currency. When Moammar Gaddafi created an evaluated currency for Africa, western military power went to Libya and assassinated Gaddafi

When Saddam Hussein announced in Iraq that he would no longer accept the US dollar for oil, two months later, the war broke out in Iraq, and Saddam Hussein was murdered. The current conflict has accelerated this process, giving the edge to crypto and its benefits because it can be used to cut through the corrupt and fragile fiat financial system that is failing in every capacity. 

Some countries such as El Salvador have realized that fiat currencies are futile and have turned to adopt currencies that aren't controlled by any other nation. Currencies that maintain their value and can't be turned off for any reason. 

Jerome Powell’s testimony indicates that fiat currency’s days are numbered. We are heading towards a trend of decentralizing national currencies, and for many, favorably in the form of cryptocurrencies and not a Central bank-run digital currency. (CBDC)

Below is a snippet of the essential points of the second hearing relating to crypto from Guy at Coinbureau. 

To watch the full video of Guy breaking down Powell's testimony of both hearings into its most critical parts, giving you his take on what this could mean for the markets, click here. – 30mins.


The SWIFT System Weaponized

Since the sanctions on Russia by certain western countries and corporations, including the globally used SWIFT system. Founded in 1973, Belgium-based SWIFT is used by banks for cross-border financial transactions. It facilitates trillions of dollars of payments between 11,000 financial institutions in more than 200 countries making it the backbone of the international financial transfer system.

The Central Bank of Russia has since permitted its largest bank, Sberbank, to act as a cryptocurrency vendor to circumvent sanctions imposed by the U.S and E.U and a way to avoid the massive downward pressure exerted on Russia’s ruble.

The above decision, along with other contingencies such as India purchasing oil from Russia using rupees instead of dollars. And Saudi Arabia is working on selling oil to China in yuan instead of dollars. 

It’s worth noting that most of the world has not joined the sanctions against Russia, including Argentina, Brazil, China, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Israel, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Pakistan.

In 2014, Russia launched the System for Transfer of Financial Messages (SPFS), a Russian alternative to SWIFT. In 2015, China launched the Cross-Border Interbank Payment System (CIPS), a Chinese alternative to SWIFT. CIPS processed around $12.68 trillion in 2021. CIPS has 1,280 financial institutions in 103 countries and regions.

Combine the Russian System for Transfer of Financial Messages (SPFS) with the Chinese Cross-Border Interbank Payment System (CIPS), and you see the foundation of a new Russian-Chinese cross-border payment system bypassing SWIFT speeding up global de-dollarization.

Interestingly, Russia has the ruble, which is fully backed by gold, unlike fiat with no intrinsic value except faith, trust, and acceptance of the people in their governments. India, China, and Russia have long had a different monetary system apart from SWIFT.

As recently as November 16, 2019, Vladimir Putin said

“The Dollar enjoyed great trust around the world. But, for some reason, it is now being used as a political weapon to impose restrictions. They’ll collapse soon. Many countries are now turning away from the Dollar as a Reserve Currency.”

What is happening here is that some misinformed or even corrupt self-serving decisions are giving rise to a multi-polar world, which is quite the opposite of a one-world government. In effect, the countries that have sold out to the United Nations supporting their Agenda 21/30 are creating their own demise.  


Are You Ready For Some Truth Bombs?

An award-winning journalist, and former newscaster, Lara Logan, drops a few truth bombs in this interview that rocks the world. The alternative media exposes the NWO, EU, US, NATO, the UN, CERN, the WHO, the CIA, the MOSSAD as all one big snake pit connected up the dark evil pyramid of the elite.

You are not hearing this on mainstream media as they are facilitating the agenda and narrative of corrupt politicians whose thoughts and strategies are a polar opposite to entrepreneurs with life experience and a humanitarian approach. 

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be . . . The People cannot be safe without information. When the press is free, and every man is able to read, all is safe."

Thomas Jefferson


The Crypto Industry Takes A Firm Stand. More Entrepreneurs Stepping Up

The dollar as the Reserve currency all countries align is diminishing rapidly. The cry for regulation of cryptocurrencies by corrupt governments shows the corruption and mutiny within organized financial system bodies like the SEC, revealing how protected Bitcoin and Ethereum are.

Some governments asked entrepreneur and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk to block Russian media outlets from its Starlink satellite broadband service. In a tweet he sent out on March 5th, Musk declared the company would not comply with the request "unless at gunpoint." According to Musk, the demand hadn't come from Ukrain, and he added, "Sorry to be a free speech absolutist." 

The sanctions to squeeze Russia's economy and sever the country from the global financial system have forced companies and financial firms to halt business. But many of the world's largest crypto exchanges – including Binance and US-based Kraken and Coinbase refused to ban Russian clients, despite a plea from the Ukrainian government. 

They said they would screen users and block anyone targeted by sanctions. The standoff illustrates the ideological difference between the traditional financial sector and the world of cryptocurrencies, whose origin lies in the ideal of liberty and distrust of governments. The crypto exchanges argued that cutting off a whole nation would counter Bitcoin's ethos of offering access to payments free of government oversight.


A Turning Point In History And The Rise Of Kingdoms

The world’s state of affairs may look bad to some, but it's a turning point in history, with Russia now seeming to lead the way out of the Matrix, leaving behind the corrupt financial system and mainstream media. This is perhaps the start to implementing a free world outside of the matrix of the cabal that we have been trapped in for centuries.  

We now have what can be considered separate kingdoms of sovereignty emerging that are all fundamentally on the same page and supporting each other. It includes social media marketing cryptocurrency ecosystems that can help an expanding community in times like these where the world has reached a level of volatility unprecedented. 

Unlike the tech giants, Markethive will not be or will ever be involved in sanctions that hurt people at the very core. Every individual from every country is welcome to the sovereign kingdom of Markethive and escape the tyranny that surrounds it but will not penetrate it. 

Aptly recognized as the Ecosystem for Entrepreneurs, Markethive stands for freedom of speech, critical thinking, self-expression, and liberty, cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit to keep it alive. Perhaps it’s time to get the entrepreneurs back into government—empaths with substance and have no agenda except to help humanity thrive. 


An Individual Thinker – An Entrepreneur Of Medieval Times

I will finish off with a quote from Roger Bacon, who was born in 1220 and died in 1294. A scholar with a background in experimental science, philosopher, educational reformer, he later became a friar and was subsequently condemned to prison for daring to speak his mind and his penchant for millenarianism. 

He also predicted the hot air balloon, the flying machine, and the magnifying glass. He was the first person in the West to give exact directions for making gunpowder.

Bacon displayed prodigious energy and zeal in the pursuit of experimental science. His studies were talked about everywhere and eventually won him a place in popular literature as a kind of wonder-worker. Bacon, therefore, represents a historically precocious expression of the empirical spirit of experimental science. He is what I would call an entrepreneur of medieval times. 

“True knowledge stems not from the authority of others, nor from a blind allegiance to antiquated dogmas, but instead is a highly personal experience. A light that is communicated only to the innermost privacy of the individual, through the impartial channels of all knowledge and of all thought.” 




Note from Editor; This article is an alternative view to the mainstream narrative. After much research, I felt the need to put it out there. After all, there are two sides to every story. 


Also published @ BeforeIt’sNews.com https://beforeitsnews.com/economics-and-politics/2022/03/entrepreneurs-vs-politicians-sovereign-kingdoms-vs-one-world-government-2529469.html


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