Some things are better some stay the same – Lundin Group’s Adam Lundin on mining gaining favor

Some things are better, some stay the same – Lundin Group's Adam Lundin on mining gaining favor

Governments are more responsive but some organizational issues persist, said Lundin Group chair Adam Lundin when asked if mining is any easier due to the sector gaining favor due to energy transition.

Lundin spoke to Kitco mid-September at the Canadian Securities Exchange office in Vancouver, B.C.

The Lundin Group has a controlling stake in a number of miners and juniors, such as Lundin Mining, Lundin Gold and Filo. All are up sharply over the past year, countering a tough commodity market.

Governments in the Americas and Europe have been more supportive of mining to ensure a flow of critical minerals needed for electric vehicles. Lundin noticed some benefits.

"You can get access to government officials and people you need to talk to. That's extremely helpful," said Lundin. "At the same time I still find the U.S. very challenging when it comes to permitting. You have a bunch of agencies saying let's support the metals business, but they're not necessarily all talking with each other. It still takes time to get that permit."

Lundin is re-organizing the businesses geographically. Energy and renewable business will be run out of Geneva. Mining businesses will be located in Vancouver.

"What we're really trying to establish is a center of excellence," said Lundin, noting that business challenges can be tackled more effectively as a group. "It's easier when you're all in the same town."

Lundin said the junior sector is tough.

"I admire and respect everybody who wants to have a go at it," said Lundin. "It takes deep pockets, and if you miss the cycle, it can be tough. Make sure you cater to your shareholders and local communities. You can have success but obviously exploration is a challenging game."

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