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What Impact Will Web3 Have on the Digital Marketing Industry?

What Impact Will Web3 Have on the Digital Marketing Industry?

by Diana Ambolis 


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Web3 has recently become a buzzword. It’s dubbed “the new internet” by fans. It has the same ring to it as the start-up Pied Piper from HBO’s hit show “Silicon Valley.” As a result, Web3 is the internet’s decentralized version. Not only can we read and write, but we can also control our interactions across the networks we utilize on a daily basis. According to this perspective, the internet’s future looks substantially different from what it is now. Web3 is about putting properties on the internet that are identical to those in our real world.

What is Web3

What led to the creation of Web3?

During the 2008 financial crisis, governments utilized public funds to bail out financial firms. To ‘play’ the market, these need a lot of leverage. Satoshi Nakamoto, an unidentified individual (or group), stepped forward. As a result, the Bitcoin blockchain was implemented. Thanks to the blockchain, banks and other central intermediaries are no longer required. It enabled participants from all around the world to send money in a safe and secure manner.

As a result, Web3 was born from Bitcoin money on the blockchain as we know it today. Consider decentralized finance and smart contractsNon-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are two examples (DAOs). When Facebook switched to Meta, it emphasized the connection between hardware (in Web3’s instance, AR and VR devices, as opposed to routers and modems in Web2). As a result, Web3 is a catch-all name for the latest data-driven digital technologies. This incorporates artificial intelligence and blockchain.

What is the definition of digital marketing?

Simply said, marketing is the process of identifying a person who is interested in the thing you are selling. Let’s use chocolates as an example. It seems as if the entire world is a customer of chocolates (except diabetic people). However, a closer examination reveals that there are different chocolates for different occasions.

In today’s world, digital marketing entails determining how individuals spend the majority of their time online. As a result, digital marketing entails locating people who are interested in your goods via the internet. The second step is to figure out who you think will be most interested in your product or service. For example, you want to discover folks who play football at least once a week for your protein product. It makes sense to target them by blogging about it or using social media to do so.

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ecosystem for entrepreneurs

What impact does Web3 have on digital marketing?

Web3 is expected to be smarter and more sophisticated than earlier internet eras. We can expect marketing to change as newer, more immersive technologies become available. The most prevalent method of locating audiences and clients is through digital marketing. This is due to the widespread use of platforms that combine users and content.

Consumer Brands will be able to experience an immersive environment thanks to the Metaverse.
Consider yourself to be in a parallel universe. However, you have the impression that you can travel around the world. What should we do when the Metaverse allows us to transcend the confines of space? Brands will be spoiled for choice when it comes to doing something unique. They want people to use their product, so they’re trying to entice them. This is done in a pleasant, engaging manner that is tailored to them.

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Tokens Have Emerged as the Next Big Thing in Marketing

A digital marketer’s job is to get people to engage with them. They have the impression that a close friend or family member is speaking to them. Tokens will replace loyalty points as the future digital marketing medium. Tokens can be used to engage, buy, sell, and actively define the brand’s community’s future.

NFTs will transform the marketing landscape.

Blockchains can communicate with one another. Digital marketing NFTs will change the way we think about marketing. For the first time, marketers can create NFTs of their products and establish a direct connection with their customer base. Businesses can utilize digital marketing to create genuine communities.


The term “Web3” refers to all of the technologies that will shape our future. As we speak, the way we live, earn, and socialize is changing dramatically. It feels like we’re back at the dawn of the internet era. The greatest way is to have an open metaverse where anyone can enter and exit whenever they choose. This is where everyone can locate initiatives and communities that they care about.


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