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The glow of American Independence by Bitcoin security

The glow of American Independence by Bitcoin security

by Diana Ambolis 


To help finance World War II, our government dispatched combat veterans to towns around the nation to sell war bonds. They would have to defend the need of the battle and use public funds on it. Despite the presence of Nazis, the government had to present its point. They were assigned accountability. This responsibility no longer exists.

In 1971 United States abandoned the gold standard, bringing in the modern age of fiat money. No longer exists any feeling of duty. You are not obligated to purchase from the government, as was the case during World War II. They are not required to assume any kind of accountability. They employ a specialized machine for printing money. The money printer ensures the government’s ability to spend all freshly minted cash on war and cronies.

This present fiat system is not only destructive to the financial well-being of individuals but also significantly contributes to global evil. Fiat is undoubtedly the driving force behind all evil in the world today. If rulers could not generate money out of thin air, war, murder, and destruction would not reach the current proportions. There will be less disagreement if the government receives less money. Bitcoin is a valid alternative.

Politicians would need a valid justification to seize your money in a world with sound money since they could not manufacture it out of thin air. If politicians had to persuade the public of the merits of for-profit prisons, the drug war, or drone bombs in the same manner as they did during World War II, we would not be living in the same country. In addition to the economic world, irresponsibility is the source of all evil.

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The Constitution is the United States’ ultimate law because it protects all citizens’ individual rights. Our Constitution protects the right to free speech, and the courts have determined that computer programming is expressive activity. Bernstein v. Department of Justice has a rock-solid foundation for Bitcoin.

This solid foundation of liberty should aid in establishing the United States as an example for the rest of the world. The ideal situation does not include the government supporting Bitcoin and distributing Bitcoin wallets to people. Governments in this world are indifferent to Bitcoin, and the financial and political sectors are diverging in the same way that Church and State once did.

Some individuals have radically divergent points of view. Some people feel that money may be used to persuade others to comply with one’s desires. Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and other regulation and control systems should be categorically rejected. Due to these concerns, I’ve decided to run for public office. I believe that sound money can do more for peace and good than I could in government, but I also feel that more voices for liberty are needed in Washington. I’ve enjoyed speaking with so many people during the presidential campaign about the significance of individual freedom and a robust economy. It’s nice that people recognize Blockchain Magazine as a Bitcoin expert and ask us about it. This is not only a hobby for nerds; it can pave the way for a more emancipated society.

The basis of both the American system and Bitcoin are liberty and the permission of adults. It makes perfect sense for the United States and its citizens to embrace the technology of freedom to build our nation and protect our independence from the fraudulent fiat currency system. If we can restore fiscal order, we can heal our nation.

Tim Moseley