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This week @ Markethive June 06, 2018

This week @ Markethive

We produced our first Press Release to primarily get our PR machine up and running in anticipation of Markethive lifting off heading to the moon soon.

We have had immediate effect with media organizations reaching out to us, for articles, radio interviews, and joint ventures. This is incredibly fortuitous for us.

Shortly after the distribution of our first Press Release Markethive enters the race to replace Facebook”, Charlie Hernandez (Senior Account Executive) and Charles Warner (CEO),  of “Innovation and Tech Today” called us. I was on the phone with Doug and intuitively answered the phone with Doug connected to the call. To say fireworks occurred, excitement and chemistry between us would be an understatement.

These guys are going to partner with us, utilizing our Blogging platform, offering writing assistance, future press releases, massive full-page ads, articles, trade shows etc. After the call, Doug and I had to go for walks and sort it out as it was literally mind-blowing.

This Sunday @5pm (central) they will be our special guests on our weekly show. Do not miss this. Markethive is special, unique and positioned to become the next giant of the realm.

Brian Bishop

We have contracted one of the top Bitcoin developers to work for Markethive Bryan Bishop.  Bryan Bishop creates and builds software that is changing the face of modern finance, enabling startups to raise tens of millions of dollars in venture capital and pursue their revenue opportunities at full throttle.

He is also a public speaker and published scholar (Nucleic Acids Research, J. Comp. Inf. Sci. Eng., etc.). “Do-It-Yourself biohacker” with hobby projects involving DNA synthesis using phosphoramidite chemistry, and projects involving genetic engineering and more speculative technology development regarding cryonics, brain scanning and emulation, nootropics, molecular nanotechnology, automation, etc.

And now Brian has contracted with Markethive to build our unique Markethive Universal Income Market Network platform. You can count on Brian appearing often in our Sunday meetup webinars.


Major Markethive upgrades will be installed next week. David Hickman General Manager of our engineering partners, Menlo Tech and Doug Yates are overseeing the upgrades. Now folks with literally 300+ engineers now on board you can only imagine the pace we will reach, and projects like our Avatar Webinar system will become a reality very, very, soon.

I will be demonstrating this cutting-edge system most likely next week.

Tip of the Spear.

I will always look to the membership first to find willing talent and skills. We will create a reward system to recognize leaders in Markethive too.

Sue Bennett (Press Secretary) because of her dedication and assistance in leading our Twitter war has Markethive.tv as her personal Markethive blog with full assistance in setting it up with the Social Network Auto Post program giving her the potential sphere of influence into the millions. This is one of the perks.

We are instituting our Twitter offensive and you are invited. Join the Group and follow the blog with your Twitter account. https://markethive.com/group/markethivetwitter

Other team leaders are being sought out for Redditt .  LinkedIn, Facebook, Delicious, Diigo, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.  along the same design. As we move forward we will be hiring contract writers and Journalists to ultimately staff our many traffic portals like allaboutbitco.in

Contact me via Markethive messaging @ Markethive.com/marketing or via Telegram @markethive (https://t.me/markethive

Please join the following channels too:

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See you on the Internet

Thomas Prendergast

Thomas Prendergast