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The Persecution Begins


“The culture war is over—and we lost.” So says Dr. J. Paul Nyquist, president of Moody Bible Institute, in his latest book, Prepare: Living Your Faith in an Increasingly Hostile Culture (Moody Publishers).


However, this is not an alarmist rallying cry nor a white-flag opus, but rather a prophetic call for American Christians to prepare to live righteously in the face of persecution, not pining for the “good old days.”


For nearly 250 years, Christians in America were able to live in relative freedom from persecution—the societal marginalization of believers with a view to eliminating their voice and influence. “We’ve enjoyed freedom and respect from broader society for our entire lives. With those privileges rapidly disappearing, we don’t know how to respond,” the author explains.


American believers expect their lives to be marked by general prosperity and societal acceptance … persecution is strange. But biblically, it’s reversed.


“The American church has missed a vital element of discipleship. Important spiritual formation cannot be realized without experiencing suffering,” Dr. Nyquist says.


With America’s cultural shift, the church has an opportunity to revisit the New Testament and learn how to apply the many passages on persecution in new ways, he adds: “Persecution gives us the chance to demonstrate to a watching and hostile world what true discipleship looks like. Persecution supplies the life-shaping tools God skillfully uses to mold us into Christ’s image. It’s the next chapter in our stories. Now’s the time to prepare.”


It looks like a recipe for depression. Our beloved nation wracked by cultural change, once-protected freedoms evaporating, the persecution of believers looming. Anyone with sense would either stock up on Valium or claim a cave in Montana. But as Christians we have reason to hope.


“Since before America’s founding, this land has been the scene of gracious visits from God through revival,” the author notes.


He concludes, “If God graciously visits this land in a powerful way, the current cultural trends will be immediately arrested, biblical values will return, and the threat of persecution will disappear. And you won’t need this book. May we each fervently pray to that end.”

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This has been the message I have been getting for many years.

But now, I believe “time is pretty much up” for America.
This will be the 3rd judgement Shemitah year.

First Judgement #1: 2001 World Trade Center 9.11.2001
Second Judgement #2: Stock Market financial collapse  9.08.2008
Third Judgment “coming”: Expected to be extremely severe around September


I pray my older children’s curiosity draws them here on occasion so they, more than anyone else, read this warning.

“America! America! You who started off so fair, so full of faith and trust in Me. From what great height have you fallen! Where once faith was honored and protected, where life was sacred, where government was subject to its people, where I was enthroned on your praises. Look at you, a fallen woman! You have become common, a woman of the streets, dirty and diseased. Yet you know it not, says the Lord. REPENT and return to Me, and I will restore your glory! If you do not, you will sink into nothingness as the Romans and the Greeks did. Their great empires destroyed and given to others.

Do you wish to be great again? Then return unto Me, and I will restore you. If you continue in your ways, My hand will not be for you, but against you, says the Maker of heaven and earth. I can make you great again, or I can break and destroy you. The choice is yours.

Forsake your abominations of homosexuality and the great sin of abortion! You do not honor My chosen way for marriage, one man and one woman. You do not honor life, the life that I have created! Choose this day, Whom will you choose? Your own desires and lusts or the Way of truth and blessing. I will NOT contend with you as a Nation much longer, says the Lord.

As for My chosen people, those that love Me and Jesus the Christ, I say: Fear not! I will provide protection for My own. But, the days are coming when those who do not serve Me now in Spirit and in truth will go through a Great Tribulation. Then as they return to Me, the world will hate and persecute them even unto death. COME, return unto Me, My backsliding children! Let Me hide you under My wings, says the Lord!”


My Last and Final Wife. How I love thee more than oxygen, more than water.

I do not wish to say my second wife or my current wife. Annette is my true love, my only wife, my last love, my last wife. My eternal woman for ever after and eternity. I could not live without her. She fills up my senses, like a night in the forest.

She takes my breath away. Her gift of love is the desire of every man’s heart. How her eyes sparkle when she looks at me, when she smiles and tells me that she loves me, the way she wraps her arms around me and nestles into my chest. She fills up my senses. She is my goddess whom I adore. Her love disarms me and dispels all my fears. She is a wild rose growing unashamedly in a barren landscape. She is water for my thirsty soul, nourishment for my hungry heart. She comes to me in our private garden, unveiling her femininity and awakening the passion that stirs within me. My eyes can only see her. My heart aches for her alone. In love’s eternal moments we are forever one. ~ Daniel Nielsen

When she sent me this poem today, she commented that this man must have a love like we do.

I would post more, but I am going to make my bed then pick my wife up and carry her to it and make love to her for the rest of the day.

Thank you Jesus, for this great love, this awesome blessing, this final woman for me for the coming eternity. I am forever grateful to my Lord.

Is it Spring yet?

Veretekk has been my life line, my vision and my love. It was built during the most challenging period of my life, the divorce that even my attorney, Margery Hunting (the best attorney in California) said was something so bizarre it trumped ever other divorce she had ever been involved in or even heard of. Lucky me, huh?

The foundations of Veretekk started as back in the early 1990s, and then evolved into to be born officially as, Inc. with the web address Don’t ask why the names, it was a long and crazy journey, starting out at the very beginning of the Internet, so no one knew what they were doing, neither did we. My background in advertising and my love and compassion to help people is what drove it then and still drives me today.

By the way, I am writing a book about the divorce, it is called Divorced Cake. I have just set up a blog to assist me in this endeavor.

Veretekk may very well have kept me sane during the trials and tribulations from 2001 to 2009. And I have made a fortress of great friends in the process. My new wife came from Veretekk, Annette and the finest friend and business partner Mike Darling. Then there is the brain trust, the investors, the pack of fine friends that are without a doubt, heaven sent and between them, Mike Darling and Annette Schwindt, renewed my faith in people. They are: Aaron Newby, Alan Zibluk, Alexander Credle, Amante Samraj, Andrea Pellini, Annette Salina Vais, Ben Powell, Ben Carnes, Bill Doonan,  Bjarki Bjarnson, Brad Delorme, Brian Walters, Bruce Jacobs, Carlos Pereira, Ced Reynolds, Charles Juarez, etc…..

I do miss and have appreciation for the fallen heros of Veretekk primarily John Vrouletis and Pat Hoffman who both gave selflessly to others that others would find success as well as offer support during their time with us. Both passed away too early in life from cancer. Others have also passed to that I will miss, some from death others from hardened hearts, who fell away as friends will also be missed. Now, I must sell or shut down Veretekk. And I have good reasons.

I am getting older, good grief I have turned 60, I am remarried and have a new young family to take care of, I am getting back into my artwork, you know, oil painting, intaglio, the fine arts. I also have a new project that Mike and I have been working on for a little over a year ago. A completely new idea, that when we shared the idea a year ago, we raised close to $500,000 to build it. We are more than half way there to launching it. And I have decided to write several new books, one about my walk with the Holy Spirit, One about the Dreaded Divorce and one about Veretekk.

Veretekk For Sale:

The Veretekk prospectus is available at if you are interested in making an offer, and / or we will pay a 10% commission to anyone that brings the sale to us. This begins the aggressive intent to sell Veretekk and all of her assets, which are quite significant. Based on a professional analysis, the company should fetch around $250,000.

The Hive

In the meantime, we also have a few openings available for those savvy investors in the new platform (The Hive) Mike and I started building a year ago. At that time we filled all the positions but over the period of a year several of the pledges have fallen to the side and this means you can pick their positions up for half of what they went for a year ago. For more information about this, and for a full presentation as to why this new platform will offer real competition to LinkedIN and Facebook, fill out the NDA and return it to me. The NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) can be found here:


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It means, building an advisory board, a consortium, a union of likeminded individuals who all seek the goal to build a livable income.

A solid business opportunity must have at least 100 customers to 1 distributor to be solid and maintain for a long time. It is this primary goal that we shall focus on and by this goal, we will identify the necessary tools and services, compensation and products that we will seek.

I am building a group and invite you to become part of this group as we gather to embark on our great exodus in our quest for the promised company to build a new future with. I invite you to join us as we prepare this adventure in a world that grows darker in these “The End Times” of our age.

Heavy huh?

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