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Content Curation: What Is It? What Are The Benefits? 


Content Curation: What Is It? What Are The Benefits? 

What is Content Curation?

Content curation is a term that has been used in various contexts. Most marketers are familiar with the practice of sharing other people’s content on social networks, what we’ll refer to as social content curation. Content curation actually covers much more than just social sharing and can help your content marketing results in so many other ways. 

Content Marketing is known by any smart marketer to be the pinnacle of any and all marketing strategies. Content is the foundation of your lead generation efforts – if it inspires, educates, and gives answers to your visitors’ questions. Only then it will convert. In other words, your content must resonate with your audience to be effective. 

What’s more, content curation can assist the different departments of your company to share knowledge or reinforce training programs. If you’re just getting started with Content Marketing, then you may find this blog interesting.


A Definition Of Content Curation

Beth Kanter, probably the most knowledgeable influencer in curated content, explains what content curation means: 

“Content curation is the process of sorting through the vast amounts of content on the web and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way around a specific theme. The work involves sifting, sorting, arranging, and publishing information. A content curator cherry picks the best content that is important and relevant to share with its community.”


What Is The Curator’s Role? 

Let’s take a good look at the details in 3 steps; 

1. Select

As there is a colossal, ever-increasing amount of data on the web, the curator needs to emphasize the best already existing content on a specific topic. Monitoring the best sources in any given industry and be on the lookout for new ones is first and foremost.

Obviously, the curator would need to evaluate the quality of the source and be able to distinguish the good pieces from the bad ones. This will avoid sharing content of poor quality (or false) and set you apart from the surrounding noise that already exists on the internet. Choosing good quality content is not only the first step of the process, but it’s the cornerstone of content curation as well.  There’s no good curation without good content.

2. Edit & Enrich

To make the distinction between a wise content curator from a simple user who shares content on social media, the difference is clear, expertise. As the curator, you are seen as an expert in your field. You need to add value, provide context to the piece of content you have selected. At this stage, it’s not just about hitting publish, it’s also about editing the post or blog. Beyond simple formatting, bringing context to your audience adds value and helps establish yourself as a thought leader and show your expertise.

3. Share

If you as the curator take the time to select and enrich a piece of content, the next step is to share it to meet your audience. Curation is usually intended for a targeted audience, but it could be done for larger audiences, publicly.  When your blogs are shared and consequently clicked on, they move up in the search rankings. If you’re providing quality content, your readers will want others to know. Of course, the only way to make sure your blogs contribute to your website’s popularity is to value add to your content, provide answers for visitors, and then share your blogs to millions using the Markethve Blogcasting feature.

Notably, content curation is not necessarily public. It can be used for sharing knowledge internally. Companies want to leverage their employees’ knowledge and need them store, share, categorize and disseminate it to the largest possible number. Curation is a good answer to that. The main objective is that everyone can carry on with the same amount of information and is able to make the right decisions. 

Also with Markethive’s ability (feature) to create unlimited Groups each with a different cocktail of content curated, aggregated or from multiple Group memberships, the options to produce meaningful unique content for unlimited WordPress blogs controlled from within Markethive is unlimited. Groups are excellent platforms for blogging. Simply set up a Curating Group for yourself and Swipe the blogs in Markethive as a collection of content you may want to use in your publications


The Benefits Of Content Curation

If curating content means finding the most relevant content in your space and presenting it to your audience, then the main objective – and benefit – should be to show that you are knowledgeable about your domain by relating the most useful information available to your audience. Yet, there are many more benefits that attract marketers to integrate curated content into their content marketing strategy. Some of these benefits are:

  • Keeping a social media presence: Content curation allows to share great content on social media regularly.

  • Feeding your website: many marketers, and especially marketers who don’t have time to create content to feed their website. Using content curation and integrate it into their website is an easy way to do so.

  • Scaling your content production: If you find yourself buried in marketing tasks and don’t have enough time to write a complete blog article every week, content curation allows you to publish more content easily.

  • Be credible: With content curation, you will show that you are not the only one to give a certain argument.

  • Establish thought leadership: Sharing the gems in your domain will help you establish as a thought leader.

  • Building brand awareness: As you can work your own online reputation with content curation, you can also build your brand awareness;

  • Sending love to influencers in your space and interact with the actors in your space: By curating content from influencers and other actors in your industry, you will be identified by them and they will be glad to be quoted.

  • Increasing your traffic from search: Sharing fresh, regular and quality content on your website will help you get better SEO rankings for your content and get more traffic from search.

  • Creating a space for efficient social selling activities. Social selling is all about using social media to generate relationships, leads, and eventually, sales. The people who do social selling – entrepreneurs and salespeople – are connectors. They aren’t necessarily content creators or writers, and they would find it nearly impossible to keep up with the demands of a sale job as well as write a blog post everyday. 

Content curation is not only helpful for marketing, but it will also be useful in market intelligence too:

  • Sharing knowledge with your colleagues in order to get better collectively.

  • Monitoring what is being said about your industry: It keeps you posted on what is being published in your space by experts, magazines, competitors, etc. You know what your audience likes to read (given the number of shares of the articles) and you can curate accordingly to answer questions your audience is asking.



After you have found the articles you think would be interesting for your audience, there are four different – and complementary – ways you can curate them. Most marketers already practice social content curation, i.e. sharing other people’s content on social networks, but this is not the only nor the most efficient way curated content can be used to reach marketing objectives.

1. Social Content Curation

When you find a good article on the web and you share it on your company profile (with or without a little note saying ‘great piece’ or ‘a new take on’, etc.), you’re doing social content curation. Social curation is the most spread out form of curation you can find. It is easy to do, it allows you to keep a social media presence even if you don’t have time to write original content, and it helps you get noticed by the other actors in your space (because you’re sharing their content).

2. Curated Blog Posts

A curated blog post is an article on your blog that starts with a quote and a link to another piece of content. You’re using an existing piece as your introduction, and then you add your own commentary/insight to it, making it your own.

3. Curated Content Groups In Markethive

A curated content group is a place where you aggregate your own content and curated content to provide easy navigation and presentation of content with your added insights to introduce it. A curated content group is a great way to show your entire expertise and thought leadership on any given topic.

4. Curated Email Newsletters 

A curated email newsletter provides a useful and engaging roundup on a given topic by combining your own original content and curated posts. This can be done with the Email Autoresponder feature in Markethive. Just one of the many features available to you as a free member.


How To Curate The Right Way?

To curate content in an effective way you should:

  • Select carefully the piece of content you want to curate. It must be fresh and of good quality. No need to share every single piece everybody shares. You have to know why you curate it.

  • Be careful with the layout. Whatever media, it’s easier to read when well-formatted. Titles should be catchy, images have to be polished and the subject has to be clearly identified.

  • Systematically quote the source, it’s a golden rule. The author must be mentioned and a link must go to the original article.

  • A short quote yes, a copy/paste no! Don’t copy the article and make sure to mention the author – those two rules go hand in hand! It’s important not to make another piece of content yours – for ethical reasons obviously, but also for SEO purposes (Google blames severely duplicate content).

  • Broadcast it at the right place. Be logical when it comes to your audience and your objectives.


Copyright Directive 

With recent legislation enacted in March 2019, namely Article 11 (link tax) and Article 13 This law is designed to stop users uploading copyrighted content by forcing platforms to build massive filters or face huge lawsuits and fines.  Markethive simply gives you your own domain for all your content, videos and images to originate from. 


When you join Markethive you receive (for free) a CPanel control panel and WordPress system built into your assigned domain, a subdomain of AKA This way you control all your content, without the worry or hassles of government overreach and anti-freedom regulations designed to stifle the start-ups and small entrepreneur.


Free System – Free Speech

All of this for free incorporated into a transparent blockchain system, the platform is completely decentralized delivering on our principles of privacy, transparency, and free speech.
We are not spying on you; shadow banning you; or terminating accounts, for any reason

ecosystem for entrepreneurs


By blogging, you build relationships with your readers, position yourself as an expert in the field, and perhaps most importantly, provide new content for Google to index.

By joining Markethive you build relationships with thousands of others who are actively building a business, blogging, researching, etc. basically being “entrepreneurs” and advancing their businesses and agendas. Often you can join with these people as friends, group members and subscribers of theirs via Blog Casting, Blog Sharing, and Blog Swiping. 


Deb Williams
Market Manager for Markethive, a global Market Network, and Writer for the Crypto/Blockchain Industry. Also a strong advocate for technology, progress, and freedom of speech.  I embrace "Change" with a passion and my purpose in life is to help people understand, accept and move forward with enthusiasm to achieve their goals. 

Sourced from author Helene Brevet


Thomas Prendergast

Ethical Technology – A Real Opportunity


Ethical Technology – A Real Opportunity

Incentivized Social Media & Marketing Platforms

2019 will be the springboard into new more ethical technologies in the years to come. Last year we saw the demise of many ICOs and outright crypto scams. We’ve also seen how users of huge Tech companies are extremely disgruntled and are challenging the way the conglomerates are using their data, manipulating the behavior of users, building AI, joining forces with certain government agencies. The community is now seeking a more humane and advanced technology as they demand ethical consideration. This has given rise to new business models that are not reliant on harvesting or advertising. 


What Is Incentivized Social Media?

As it stands now, incentivized Social Media is recognized as blogging platforms mainly, like Steemit and Steemit being the market leader, pays its users to contribute by writing or curating content, as opposed to Facebook and Twitter which harvest user’s data. In the case of, the community pays to view the articles that are posted by the writer. This can range from $0.10 to a few dollars depending on how much the writer believes the readers will be willing to pay to view it. Both Yours and Steemit have an upvoting system that also pays. Yours pays in BCH. Steemit in their three native digital currencies: SteemPower, Steem Dollars, and Steem, which can then be converted into BTC or other cryptos on 3rd party exchanges. 


But what about the-not-so savvy or avid Writer or Blogger? 

Is there anywhere on Social Media where they can earn for their efforts and time? What about the marketer? Instead of paying to advertise their product, is there somewhere they can go where they get rewarded for their marketing efforts? What about the complete Newbie? Is there a place where they can learn how to market, curate, and learn the fundamentals of the platform while getting paid to do so? 

Blockchain Technology and the cryptocurrency sphere have enabled businesses to align themselves with the users’ need to be in control of their data and how they use their time to monetize their efforts. There is one launching in 2019, with their mandate being the rise of the entrepreneur and the fall of the tyrannies that plague society. Created by a visionary who saw this coming and much needed to empower social media users, create equality and universal income to enrich society on the whole on every level. 


Introducing Markethive: The Social Market Network

Markethive has been in beta for 4 years with a successful history as an inbound marketing platform for around 20 years. Markethive’s decision to convert to the blockchain was multiple reasons. 

  • To create their own asset coin as an instrument to their ecosystem for entrepreneurs. 

  • As a blockchain system to guarantee and deliver a secure system to each subscriber. 

  • To offer security to assure members they own and control their data, Markethive doesn’t. 

  • To ensure nothing like banning, shadow banning and political agendas ever control the network. Only blockchain offers this solution.

Markethive is a social network, but as a next-generation, they are not just another social network launching on the blockchain, but as a market network. This means they are secure, private and decentralized, delivering to you a social network integrated into a state of the art Inbound Marketing platform, a growing selection of commerce platforms and another growing sector of revenue generators called traffic portals. 

Markethive is also a highly competitive Market Media and Content Publisher offering Press Releases and Sponsored Articles at a negligible cost and with a reach well beyond existing social and market networks. After comparing 480 other news media sites with regards to their social reach and followers and Alexa ranking, Markethive sits at Number 8 with an Alexa ranking of 24,445 at the time of writing. This continues to drop daily as subscribers flock to join the Markethive network. 

The News Feed being nearly identical to other well-known feeds is easy to use. But unlike the others, Markethive has replaced Likes with Tips, tips that allow you the option to give your friends a small token or coin of appreciation. Your News Feed is 100% responsive to any device; therefore your device web browser is all that is needed. Saving your phone disk space and assuring you greater security and privacy. As far as the algorithms on the platform? You determine and orchestrate your algorithms. Not Markethive.

So Markethive will establish their niche as the only social (Market) Network that has an infinity Airdrop and a system that rewards the users for using it with additional micropayments called a faucet.


The Markethive platform pays you micropayments of Markethive coin, similar to faucets. After you have 3+ people subscribed into the free Markethive Network via your profile page, the faucet, micropayment system activates and from there on, all activity within the system pays you small but consistent coinage to your wallet daily. Being the entire system runs on Markethive coin, you can expect the volume demand and increased velocity of the coin to also drive coin value accordingly. This is one of the main reasons Markethive refers to their system as being a legitimate alternative to universal income, one based on ethics and integrity, not government-mandated theft and graft.


Markethive is truly dedicated to your education, success, and sovereignty. This is why they have made the Inbound Marketing Platform free (Compared to Marketo that costs as much as $25k per month), they pay you up to 500 coins just for joining, pay you micropayments just for using the system after you have qualified by signing up 3 new subscribers (similar to faucet systems that pay out micro amounts of Bitcoin), and Markethive also pay you for taking the tutorials (no qualifications required, just a Markethive Wallet and each lesson you complete you receive an accolade on your profile and coin in your wallet). How cool is that?


MHV On Exchanges

Notably, the Markethive Coin [MHV] was listed on its first of many public exchanges in March 2019 at 1 penny or $0.01. It is now valued at $0.25 USD at the time of writing this. This is prior to Markethive launching its own exchange in the very near future. The coin is classed as a Consumer coin used by the members of Markethive internally. 

The Consumer coin, MHV, is being utilized within the Markethive exchange by way of airdrops and the faucet system which rewards associates using the platform, so the coin is used within the commerce of the system thus creating the velocity. The Revenue is a vehicle that is used to buy the Markethive coin back in the free market so it can be redistributed into the economic vortex of the system.

The Markethive coin will not be dependent upon speculative value as is the case with other cryptocurrencies and platforms, thereby creating eternal economic velocity in the entrepreneur ecosystem within Markethive. This is a fundamental difference to the other systems currently out there today.  The Markethive system has been developed to produce revenue in the traditional sense with the added benefits of the blockchain taking it to the next level.


Bottom line, by joining Markethive you will get a Market Network Inbound Marketing platform worth $2500 per month for free and get “Airdropped” paid up to 500 Markethive coins, MHV just for joining. You will continue to receive these coin assets for the duration of your life within the hive. You will enjoy a social media interface which pays you to learn, post, in fact, all activities are rewarded, not just writing good content. You’ll have to forfeit likes for tips. I don’t know about you but I prefer a tip. If they tip, it’s assumed they must like it. And then use Markethive’s coin exchange to convert and withdraw your earnings. 

As stated by the Visionary, Co-founder and CEO of Markethive Thomas Prendergast: 

“Markethive has built a system to empower the Entrepreneur, with amazing valuable Inbound Marketing systems integrated within a social network with multiple commerce platforms. All of this on a blockchain foundation, which above all the other benefits, allows Markethive to pay its members, regardless of free or upgraded Entrepreneurs to engage. We are focused on providing a Universal type of income for aspiring entrepreneurs. We believe sharing our resources with you as you build your business and seek to reach your goals, benefits all of us.

We welcome all to our collaborative world of the Entrepreneur, the Markethive, built for you, by you and with you.”




Deb Williams
Market Manager for Markethive, a global Market Network, and Writer for the Crypto/Blockchain Industry. Also a strong advocate for technology, progress, and freedom of speech.  I embrace "Change" with a passion and my purpose in life is to help people understand, accept and move forward with enthusiasm to achieve their goals. 




Thomas Prendergast

The Fall Of The Tech Giants – The Rise Of The Entrepreneur On Blockchain


The Fall Of The Tech Giants – The Rise Of The Entrepreneur On Blockchain

Free speech is constantly being redefined and controlled by the silicon valley elite, the big tech oligarchs. They’ve accumulated so much power at such a rapid rate it has become so far beyond our ability to regulate or even comprehend. Never in the history of the western world have we seen so few unelected people achieve so much power and influence in such a short period of time. This has been done without the free flow of information from the tech giants. 

Recently, we have seen US Senators, speak out, enraged at the level the issue of freedom of speech, censorship, deplatforming, privacy, selling personal data, surveillance, etc, is escalating and has become preeminent. 

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO), one of the most vocal critics of the big tech Masters of the Universe in the U.S. Senate, delivered a speech at the Hoover Institution last weekend highlighting the dangers posed by social media business models to American society. He questioned whether Silicon Valley was as valuable to America as it is often portrayed. 

Sen. Hawley’s thesis as he states is this, 

“I think the evidence is more and more strongly suggesting that there is something deeply troubling, maybe even deeply wrong with the entire social media economy. That it does not represent a source of strength for America’s tomorrow but is rather a source of peril.”  

Even  President Trump tweeted, “I am continuing to monitor the censorship of AMERICAN CITIZENS on social media platforms. This is the United States of America – and we have what’s known as FREEDOM OF SPEECH!” 

Now Chris Hughs, Co-founder of Facebook is publically suggesting Facebook needs to break up or be dismantled, stating,

“We are a nation with a tradition of reining in monopolies, no matter how well-intentioned the leaders of these companies may be. Mark’s power is unprecedented and un-American. It is time to break up Facebook.”

So how is a break up of a firm, initiated and dealt with? 

The government would need to demonstrate that the conglomerate has the monopoly of the market in the industry and that it is hurting consumers by manipulating price hikes and/or reducing product quality. In this case, a lawsuit would be filed to seek a structural break-up. 

 “The case law as it stands today would make the structural breakup of any of these companies very challenging,” an antitrust expert based in Washington said. "It is rare for the government to seek to break up an existing company, but it has been done.”


What about privacy issues?

U.S. lawmakers are also considering privacy legislation that would weaken companies like Facebook by reducing the amount of personal user data they control, thus reducing their value to advertisers.

Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act states information service providers like Facebook and Google are protected from expensive libel lawsuits and other forms of risk that publishers face. Those protections allowed the oligarchs to build their businesses. The staggering nefariousness of our public discourse is not accidental. It is a game, which is structured for the profit of billionaire monopolists, and which encourages addictive use. 

The result has been the creation of a socially toxic void at the heart of American democracy, from which the information consortium like Google and Facebook have sucked out all the profit, leaving their users predisposed for top-down surveillance, manipulation, and control. 

While they mull over the results in the last 20 years on the internet and web 2.0 and endeavor to come up with a solution or a way to counteract this precarious subliminal takeover, technology along with a few extraordinary visionaries have purposed a way to move on from all the drama the world has and still is caught up in.  


In The Nick Of Time 

The technology, being Blockchain is advancing just at the right time. It offers a truly private incorruptible means of communication that is sorely needed. It has now been integrated into a platform that transforms all others including every aspect of social media, inbound marketing, advertising, commerce, publishing, in fact, any form of entrepreneurialism you can think of, is now being born and is part of the next generation or Web 3.0. While the “powers that be” strive to bring a balance back into the world of social media platforms and network neutrality in general of the past 25 years, let’s move forward into a new era where freedom of speech and privacy is a priority. Autonomy, free enterprise, creativity, and collaboration are rewarded. 

The Rise Of The Entrepreneur

Thomas Prendergast, author of 7 books included bestseller The Masters of Marketing, inventor, architect, and founder of Veretekk, established in 1994 and the first inbound (automated) marketing system on the Internet, has much to say about empowering the Entrepreneur, the coming rise of the Entrepreneur and the state of the economy of the world today. So much, in fact, he put his words into action and built Markethive for all.

CEO and Founder of Markethive, Thomas Prendergast says,

“I built Markethive to be a powerful social network for entrepreneurs. It has been my vision and life’s work.  It is similar to other networks making it easy to navigate, but I integrated the most advanced Inbound Marketing technology as part of the platform. I did this to give the struggling startup entrepreneur, the little guy, and gal entrepreneur, the small business, the moderate business, the home business, the work at home Moms and Dads real advantage, an advantage that sells for up to $6000 per month elsewhere. I built this platform for you to have total access of, with free membership and affordable upgrades”. 

Thomas Prendergast CEO reveals,  

“After raising $400,000 in 2013, Markethive became a reality in mid-2016 and has already begun making success stories and changing the playing field. My decision to convert to the blockchain was multiple reasons. To create our own asset coin as an instrument to our ecosystem for entrepreneurs, as a blockchain system to guarantee and deliver a secure system to each subscriber, to offer security to assure members that they own and control their data, we don’t, and to ensure that nothing like banning, shadow banning and political agendas ever controls the network. Only blockchain offers this solution.”

Mr. Prendergast finished by saying, “I am fully committed to building the members of Markethive into huge success stories. This is my way of helping make this world a little bit brighter and helping the struggling entrepreneur to have a lot more advantages to reach their goals”.


A Real Option-Escape The Rat Race

We most definitely have an avenue to deflect or even bypass the dramas of what is happening with the tech giants of web 2.0. Let it play out and in the meantime be part of the next generation that is a passionate advocate of giving the power back to the people and impervious to the perils the oligarchs are now facing.  


Markethive – The Revolution in Blockchain

Social Network, Inbound Marketing, Media Content Broadcasting, Privacy, Security and Collaboration.

Markethive is a multi-dimensional, deep level linking dynamics, social organizational integrated system. Integrating vast Social networks reaches, internal social network connections, unlimited interconnected WordPress blogs, the vast API news sites like NBC, Wired Magazine, Bloomberg, Western journal, Mashable and 1000s of other news sites, that continue to expand due to the power of your own Markethive network and the collaboration of separate Markethive groups all working in union with each other. The ability to register and assign your many social networks into the Markethive matrix produces reaches into the literal billions. 

So now Markethive is a highly competitive market media and content publisher with a reach well beyond existing social and market networks. After comparing only 480 other news media sites in terms of their social reach and followers plus Alexa ranking, Markethive sits at Number 8 with an Alexa ranking of 24,445 at the time of writing. This continues to drop daily as subscribers join the Markethive network. 

Our technology is revolutionizing the online marketing, social networking, commerce portals and media content provision across the globe to empower, entrust and validate the startups, entrepreneurs and media marketers without the financial challenges. 



Free Speech and Privacy is here! Away from the tyrants of Tech Giants. Markethive will become mainstream social media with a big difference. A complete autonomous Market Network. 

Find out more and join us


Deb Williams
Market Manager for Markethive, a global Market Network, and Writer for the Crypto/Blockchain Industry. Also a strong advocate for technology, progress, and freedom of speech.  I embrace "Change" with a passion and my purpose in life is to help people understand, accept and move forward with enthusiasm to achieve their goals. 

Thomas Prendergast

Balkanization Of Social Media – Now Crypto Adoption For The Tech Giant? 


Balkanization Of Social Media – Now Crypto Adoption For The Tech Giant? 

Where’s The Freedom Of Choice? 

There are many more Social Media Platforms rising up in opposition to the tech giants, where the users hope to get a modicum of free speech and privacy. Freedom of choice is sorely lacking on the oligarch's platforms as to what we can view. Apart from the recent deplatforming of certain high profile individuals, if Facebook doesn’t like a link to an exterior site, it will block it so it cannot be accessed from the platform. This has become all too common and causing much frustration among its users. We’re talking about innocuous topics like Dolly Parton, and even if some found it offensive, shouldn’t it be the users' right to unfollow, ban, or not visit that particular medium? 

Personally, I don’t think any individual company will dethrone Facebook but it’s apparent that social media is balkanizing into a plethora of smaller platforms seemingly taking on the master hoping to get a huge chunk of the market. Many of these platforms need a hook to interest disgruntled users. Being built on Blockchain ensuring privacy, free speech, and autonomy is a very big advantage. This restores sovereignty and positions the platform on the next level to the reigning centralized social media of today. 


Blockchain And Crypto Education Is Required

Education about Blockchain and cryptocurrency is much needed so the individual and society as a whole can make well-informed decisions as to what platform is best for their business and humankind in general. Over the next few years, this will happen and we will see a major shift in popular platforms. Cryptocurrency aligned with a company’s blockchain creates a complete ecosystem within the platform and as the coin is traded on the free market, this is essentially good news for the unbanked of the world making it possible to realize financial and personal freedom. 

Blockchain technology provides new infrastructure to build the next innovative applications beyond cryptocurrencies. It'll drive profound, positive changes across business, communities, and society.  Simply put, there is privacy, transparency and any data or information stays the ownership of the user, not the company where it can be sold or shared for profit. Any startup company in the social media realm will need to stay one step ahead of this evolving and revolutionary technology or get left behind. 


To Blockchain Or Not To Blockchain?

Being on the Blockchain allows a company to create a coin or cryptocurrency, which creates an ecosystem within the platform. Many startups have failed, due to the fact there was nothing underpinning its coin or token, therefore after the hype and when the dust settles the coin plummets in value never to return. For the companies that have products and a plan on how to increase the velocity of its coin will stay ahead of the curve and are able to offer real rewards and income for its users. Then listing the coin on exchanges and the free market allows for liquidity and also further growth. This truly creates a legitimate income, not just coins or points sitting in your back office with no way to cash out.  


What about Social Media Startups Not On Blockchain? 

Then there are smaller social media platforms not on the Blockchain, promising free speech and even offering some sort of remuneration for inviting members to join, and if the member upgrades to a monthly subscription, residual income is possible in fiat currency for the inviter. Webtalk is one such company. As I recall when they first came on the scene, the hype around the company, especially on Facebook, was prodigious. Their membership grew and Alexa ranking at 26,000 which is amazing for a startup company in such a short time. They have since lost ground and are sitting at around 47,000. This is just one and there are many which prove to me balkanization and segregation are happening, but who will survive?  

Call me lazy, but I find regularly visiting all these different Social Media sites on a daily basis makes my head spin. Generally, these platforms are vertical and are limited. They just don’t do or offer everything I need for branding to the fullest extent. 


Facebook Wants In? 

There have been mixed feelings and views about Facebook.s new coin, Libra, But here is what I consider to be the low-down. Facebook wants in. They have just recently published their Whitepaper regarding the Libra Coin. Many financial conglomerates have hopped on board, including Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal paying $10 million each. These validators stand to make a lot of money with the way Facebook will conduct business. 

According to the author, futurist, systems architect, and thinker. Daniel Jeffries, The following explains how it all works; 

 “Libra is backed by a reserve of fiat money. That will work out to a beautiful ROI for the validators. Fiat money will flow in from all over the world as people change it out for Zuckbucks. The validators could hold that money, invest it, swap it and trade it. If they hold it in the traditional banking system the interest alone is enough to make their original $10 million dollars look like chump change.

In other words, the validators keep the interest and you get nothing.

Your Internet funny money won’t increase in value like many other cryptos, so you won’t get Interest and you won’t get new value. That’s because the Libra coin is designed to stay stable. It won’t swing wildly like Bitcoin and the other deflationary coins because it’s pegged to a basket of currencies, like the Yen, Dollar, Euro, and Pound, which means it inherits the inflationary monetary policy of central banks.”

Facebook’s whitepaper states it is on the Blockchain, but it is a non-blockchain Blockchain. With the research I’ve done it seems to me that this is just a glorified fiat currency with many unexplained promises that cannot be implemented in the true sense of decentralization, autonomy, and privacy. This is not a cryptocurrency. Although it claims to make a payment system easier and look after the unbanked, it’s a great way to track you even further where the companies and governments will know exactly what you’re doing. 

To the loyal Facebook users who don’t care about their privacy or are unaware of the implications, they will love this, however, for the crypto enthusiasts who dream of creating a sovereign currency or self-sovereign money, away from the monopolies and corrupt manipulations, this is a disaster or maybe, could be, even a joke? Time will reveal all. 


Will It Affect The Cryptocurrency Industry? 

The Consumer Coin or Utility Token and decentralized blockchains probably won’t be affected, since they don’t really compete with the Libra Coin. Libra is for individual or organizations who are scared of everything and want something that is controlled, much like Ripple.

Decentralized blockchains, which are more secure, more censorship resistant are for the people and are long-term. Conglomerates want something where they can exert control and they can do that in Libra, but not in decentralized blockchains like Iota, Etherum or Markethive.

That’s where Libra can get corporations on board, but as soon as corporations understand blockchain and how it works, it’s quite possible they will transition into more decentralized blockchains eventually.

Notably, it has been said that Facebook’s Coin will create awareness to the masses about cryptocurrency so that in turn will be good for the crypto industry in general. 


A Social Market Network On Blockchain Rises Up

About 4 years ago an Inbound Marketing company of 20 years, saw the vision and where things were heading. It started out on its journey to introduce the Blockchain into their system and subsequently their coin. The Markethive Coin (MHV). 

The CEO of Markethive, Thomas Prendergast, passionate about Privacy, Autonomy, and Freedom of Speech says,

“Our collaborative community is founded for, as well as built, run and used by entrepreneurs and is self-governing, independent and sovereign by design. Our continuous objective and mission are to provide a social environment, complete with an arsenal of technology, that champions the rise of the entrepreneur. What to date has become the “norm” of social platforms having full access to your private and other data to use for their benefit is over. Your voice is yours, and yours alone, and you should benefit from it.”

Markethive’s culture is not fixed. It is a decentralized, autonomous, fluid environment which includes manifestations of intellectual achievements, social habits, innovation, music, literature, technology, commerce, and the arts. Integrated with state-of-the-art blockchain, cryptocurrency, inbound marketing, and decentralized database technologies, Markethive has constructed a social market network that provides a “Universal Income” created exclusively with entrepreneurs in mind. Markethive is a free system incorporated into a transparent blockchain system. The platform is completely decentralized delivering on Markethive’s principles of privacy, transparency, and free speech. Markethive does not spy on you; shadowban you; or terminate your account, for any reason.


Markethive Consumer Coin Explained

The Markethive coin will not be dependent upon speculative value as is the case with other cryptocurrencies and platforms, thereby creating eternal economic velocity in the entrepreneur ecosystem within Markethive. This is a fundamental difference to the other systems currently out there today.  The Markethive system has been developed to produce revenue in the traditional sense with the added benefits of the blockchain taking it to the next level.

The Consumer coin, MHV, is being utilized within the Markethive exchange by way of airdrops and the faucet system which rewards associates using the platform, so the coin is used within the commerce of the system thus creating the velocity. The Revenue is a vehicle that is used to buy the Markethive coin back in the free market so it can be redistributed into the economic vortex of the system.


Continual Innovation and Endurance 

Market Networks combine the best elements from social networks (such as Facebook) with top qualities of marketplaces (akin to eBay) plus a portfolio of software tools, SaaS, (as with Adobe), a complete inbound marketing system (comparable to Marketo) an autonomous video hub (commensurate with Youtube), a content curation & blogging platform (parallel to Steemit), an entrepreneurial business hub (similar to LinkedIn), a digital media site (much the same as Cointelegraph) a messaging system (resembling Telegram) but with a secure wallet built in.

Although still in Beta, Markethive is at present, operational executing infinity airdrops and micropayments (faucet) to its members. Its Alexa ranking is something to be noted, sitting at 25,654, at the time of writing, and continues to improve daily.  Now is the time for accumulation of the coin prior to the Markethive Coin Exchange being rolled out soon. Meanwhile, build your business with incomparable reach to billions with Markethive’s cloud and broadcasting capabilities. There’s nothing like it. No hype or over-promising, just getting on with it in the Entrepreneurial way.


Markethive’s culture is one of Innovation, the DNA of our entrepreneurial ecosystem, inspiring and fueling its entrepreneurs through excellence. Although times, cultures, technology, politics, people, and economies change, the entrepreneurial spirit endures. The era representing the rise of the entrepreneur has arrived, while other organizations, inbound marketing providers, blockchain implementers, and cryptocurrencies are still frozen in time.

It’s become obvious that social media really has no choice but to become widespread with an emphasis on facilitating doing business, which means evolving into commerce-friendly Social Market Networks or risk becoming irrelevant.


Deb Williams
Market Manager for Markethive, a global Market Network, and Writer for the Crypto/Blockchain Industry. Also a strong advocate for technology, progress, and freedom of speech.  I embrace "Change" with a passion and my purpose in life is to help people understand, accept and move forward with enthusiasm to achieve their goals. 


Thomas Prendergast

The Markethive Hive Rank Explained 


The Markethive Hive Rank Explained 

Markethive’s Hive Rank calculates the amount of work you do and the results of the work accomplishes with the interactivity it causes within the Markethive system. 


How Is The Hive Rank Activated

First of all, to activate the Ranking system you must have at least three referrals registered to Markethive through you. Doing this activates the Hive Ranking system, tracking your engagements which includes activities such as commenting on posts, following people, subscribing to blogs, messaging, joining groups, tipping, etc. 

Also, productions including writing or curating blogs, posting, creating capture pages, capture widgets, setting up autoresponders, creating groups, etc. All of these assigns various calculated values to determine your score. These values have a  half-life which means depending on your activity, they will diminish which causes your score to fluctuate. 

Scores can reach into the thousands, depending on how consistently active you are on the platform, along with your utilization of the inbound marketing tools at your disposal and marketing efforts. High scores can also increase faucet earnings, Infinity Bounty awards, achieving Super Status and becoming qualified to achieve the coveted Royal Bee of the Day. This has great benefits which I will discuss later. 

The Key 

It’s not just what you do within the Markethive Platform, your Hive Rank is also driven up by the engagement you receive when you post or market your blogs and/or capture pages. If your content gets a response and a lot of traffic coming to your site that also increases your hive rank. For example, when you create a capture page and promote anywhere on the internet, that capture page will, in turn, drive your Hive Rank numbers up.  So it’s not just what you do within Markethive, your hive ranking score increases due to the results of what you do. 

The key is to be active and consistent with all that Markethive offers to achieve these generous rewards which can only increase your universal income within the Markethive Ecosystem. 

Notably, there are limits to certain activities.  For example, you can’t produce 10 blogs with one line of content on any given day just for the sake of increasing your score. The system will limit you to 2 blogs a day. You can publish as many blogs as you wish, however it won’t affect your hive ranking. So, in essence, the system cannot be gamed. 

Like a credit score of your activity and actions, Markethive monitors actions you conduct and rates then into an algorithm to display a rank level commensurate with your activity, engagement, and behavior. 


Super Status – Royal Bee Of The Day

Royal Bee which is Level 6 on the hive rank score is the highest one can achieve. The trick is to stay there. One of the benefits is you will be given the accolade of “Royal Bee For The Day”. This achievement can only be acquired once every 30 days. While you reign in this esteemed position for the day, you will receive all the new signups into Markethive for that day produced by the Markethive Marketing Department. That means as an Entrepreneur Upgrade, you will also receive the 500 coin matching bonus for each verified registration. Faucet or  Micropayments will also be increased for any activity performed.  

Not to despair! Those who are a free member can still achieve the status of Royal Bee For The Day. This will put you in Entrepreneur Upgrade status for the day and you’ll receive the same rewards accordingly. As a rule of thumb, you do not receive the matching bonus, as a free member, however, the associates you acquire through the system will be held for you as your associates and if you decide to upgrade within the first 30 day period you will be paid a 100% of the matching bonus of 500 coins. This also has a half-life as illustrated in the image below.   

Markethive Has Got You Covered 

Markethive has got you covered with an excellent gamification system that produces real income. It also enhances the building of your business with Markethive services and makes it fun and rewarding! There are many other platforms that are gamified, however, it is all in-house. You are rewarded with points or credits only. This only allows you to use those credits within that certain platform for advertising your brand, which otherwise would cost you money to do so. Markethive being the complete ecosystem built on the Blockchain, with its own Exchange (in development) Crypto Coin (MHV), mining hives and products for sustainability will provide you with universal income and the liquidity to use that income. 

This is the next generation of all things social media and marketing. So “get with the program” and conduct your business and online activities with a system that truly rewards you so that you may have the success and create wealth that will surpass any other social media platform out there today.  






Deb Williams
Market Manager for Markethive, a global Market Network, and Writer for the Crypto/Blockchain Industry. Also a strong advocate for technology, progress, and freedom of speech.  I embrace "Change" with a passion and my purpose in life is to help people understand, accept and move forward with enthusiasm to achieve their goals. 

Thomas Prendergast

Too Little Too Late For Some? What’s On The Horizon. 


Too Little Too Late For Some? What’s On The Horizon. 

The spread of disinformation and hate on Youtube is being seen as too big to completely control. YouTube has increased its team significantly to monitor the videos being shown on the platform and banning what they believe not to be appropriate. In fact, they’ve hired thousands to handle this. Last quarter they removed over 9 million videos and it is an ongoing process. However, given the enormity of the platform, they struggle to keep up with censoring what they deem to be harmful to the public. 

The CEO of Google Sundar Pichai has acknowledged it’s a monstrous task to execute. Due to the large scale of organizations and systems like YouTube which is owned by Google makes it difficult to get it right 100% but expects to get it down to a very small percentage. He says they have gotten much better at using a combination of machines and humans. Where do we draw the line between hate and free speech? That is the ultimate question. Should the public be able to choose what interests them? Or should the service providers choose? Where is the autonomy? 


Privacy In Crisis Mode

Privacy in itself has become a crisis. Due to the scale of which information is flowing, users do not have a good sense of how their data is being used. It has been said that the tech giants put the burden on users and better frameworks are needed to alleviate the user, giving them peace of mind. Essentially have them feel they have control or agency over their data. Can Big Tech implement this? And to what extent? 

What about intrusive Advertisements that play consistently throughout any given video that is being viewed? And have you noticed the Ads are congruent with what you’ve been searching and viewing online? It’s like someone is watching you. YouTube does provide a subscription service that offers an ad-free experience and now Chrome has an incognito mode, but is it enough? Should we need to pay for a service that should be our right of passage? 

We are now seeing more video platforms with varying degrees of privacy and free speech, but will they ever surpass the giant that the masses have come to rely on? There are many questions that will be answered as new technology is adopted and implemented. Blockchain has and will continue to help level the playing field in these times of intrusion and uncertainty. There have been speakers, journalists, and peaceful activists that have been deplatformed resulting in loss of presence and subsequently their income due to the rules, opinions, and bias of the oligarchs. 


Blockchain Based – A New Era 

One particular platform, Markethive, has been built on the Blockchain. Currently in Beta, however, many of its vertical platforms within Markethive is already in full operation. Markethive will offer a complete hybrid video channel system, [in development], similar in function to Youtube and Hangouts, but will also auto-upload your videos to your other channel accounts like Roku, Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook. It will have an interactive news feed or community and comprehensive personal channel page to showcase your branding.

The conference rooms at Markethive will operate by virtue of a  peer to peer system via the Blockchain which is secure and private. It’s run with an Avatar Engine, procured via an API so the room is branded according to you. There is also an Image Sharing platform which will be hosted on each members’ unique domain when Markethive launches its exclusive CPanel option. Essentially it means each member will have their own assigned domain. This way you control all your content, without the worry or hassles of government overreach and anti-freedom regulations designed to stifle the start-ups and small entrepreneur.


Free System – Free Speech

All of this for free incorporated into a transparent blockchain system, the platform is completely decentralized delivering on Markethive’s principles of privacy, transparency, and free speech.
We are not spying on you; shadow banning you; or terminating accounts, for any reason.


Benevolent Visionary Sees The Bigger Picture

Markethive has been a vision of Founder and CEO, Thomas Prendergast, spanning more than 20 years of his Entrepreneurial existence online. After much success in his previous companies, he saw what could be achieved for the betterment of all when the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency came on the scene. Although operational and experiencing rapid growth, Markethive has been in Beta for the past 4 years perfecting the system. Now his vision is fast becoming a reality with Launch imminent in just months.

When you develop a proprietary suite of advanced, effective inbound marketing tools, News & PR site and integrate the entire system into a LinkedIn, Hubspot, and eBay like social network and interface on the Blockchain, you have the world’s first entrepreneur business person’s social network. 

Then offer the entire system for free to the entire worldwide market of entrepreneurs. That includes small businesses, local businesses, regional businesses, global businesses, cottage industries, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, insurance agents, affiliate marketers, software innovators, musicians, churches, political platforms, political candidates, distributors, network marketers, innovators, and dreamers! Which one are you? 



So we have Google wishing it had addressed the problems sooner with an acknowledgment that they didn’t get it right as YouTube has come under fire in the last 2 years and now we have a Blockchain Platform springing up with new technology and a meritocratic, autonomous system that embraces privacy, freedom of speech and transparency making the individual accountable and also gives them the freedom to choose. The idea of a hierarchy choosing and banning what they think should be online and the likelihood of peoples information being captured and used even under the guise of helping us have a more user-friendly experience is highly autocratic in my opinion. Let the people decide what to remove, block or ban from their accounts. 


Published on Blokonomi



Deb Williams
Market Manager for Markethive, a global Market Network, and Writer for the Crypto/Blockchain Industry. Also a strong advocate for technology, progress, and freedom of speech.  I embrace "Change" with a passion and my purpose in life is to help people understand, accept and move forward with enthusiasm to achieve their goals. 

Thomas Prendergast

The Future Of Online Marketing and Social Networking – MARKETHIVE


The Future Of Online Marketing and Social Networking – MARKETHIVE

What Is Markethive?

Markethive is a Market Network, a hybrid: part social network, part marketplace, part SaaS with a News and Press Release Site built in. 

  • Social Network. An online service or site comprised of a connected interpersonal network of individuals, such as friends, acquaintances, and coworkers. Social networks are designed to connect people with others who are a part of the network. This environment nurtures the building of relationships, providing the necessary stepping stones for the growth of “virtual online communities”. Social networking websites offer the ability to stay connected with existing friends, plus opportunities to meet new people.

    Think of a social network as a dedicated website or other application that enables users to communicate with each other by posting information, comments, messages, images, etc. Think of a social network as a 360-degree spherical connection where individuals can share personal information with others in their own network. Some networks even offer private messaging services to provide the ability for real-time communication between members or the ability to leave messages privately.

    As a general rule social networks are not particularly business-oriented or commerce-friendly by design.

  • Marketplace. The term market comes from the Latin Mercatus ("market place"). A marketplace is a location where people regularly gather for the purchase and sale of goods and services. Marketplaces allow for transactions between multiple buyers as well as multiple sellers. A marketplace is an arena of competitive or commercial dealings; the world of trade.

    Fast forward to the realm of the Internet of Things (IoT), and now a marketplace is more commonly seen and represented as highly accessible, streamlined commercial transactions being conducted electronically on the Internet, with an outreach that has no boundaries or limits.

    An online marketplace literally has the ability to expand the borders of even a local business to that of a nationwide outreach, or even worldwide exposure. With the advent of computers, the internet and networking, anyone can do business 24/7 from the comfort of their home or from anywhere, provided they have a computer, laptop, tablet, SmartPhone, and WiFi.

  • SaaS Tool. SaaS tools are for making your job easier. SaaS is the modern way to run the software and integrated tools to enhance, leverage and assist the subscribers’ success to achieve targeted goals within the construct of a particular sphere. Software as a service is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. It is sometimes referred to as "on-demand software”. Reduces complexity, helps to keep pace with innovation, and provides access to experts for support to provide a clear path for your day-to-day tasks and projects.

    One of the most popular forms of cloud computing is SaaS, defined as a software distribution model in which a service provider hosts applications for customers and makes them available to these customers via the internet. The era of installing software from a CD or from a data center’s server is coming to a close, as Internet-delivered software makes applications available anywhere, anytime.


Just as brick and mortar businesses have been and still are falling by the wayside to make room for much bigger and better ways in which to do business online without borders, traditional social networks will need to either evolve into being much more business- and commerce-friendly or get left behind.


Technology, Visionaries, Progress pave the way

In today's economic and technological cultures, what had been seen previously as traditional jobs and long-term employment are now things of the past. Statistics have shown that employees and laborers now work on average for only 4 years or less. More and more, the faces of this new paradigm shift are Entrepreneurs. Reid Hoffman founder of LinkedIn is quoted as saying, "All human beings are entrepreneurs."

Hence, the impetus for designing a platform that will ultimately create real Universal Income that is available for everyone. Essentially that means giving every single person, skilled or unskilled, an avenue and a purpose to get up in the morning and apply themselves every day where they will achieve an income that will grow and eventually give them the autonomy and financial success whether it be through a service they provide, a business they are marketing or a passion they are pursuing. Therefore not worrying or relying upon a job market that is in the decline, but looks forward to retirement and fulfillment on every level. 

It should be noted that Universal [basic] Income has become a new focus of elites, such as Elon Musk. However, this has a different meaning to what I’m talking about here. Although the reason for this topic does affect us which gives rise to the possibility where autonomy, time and financial freedom is an opportunity at hand with Markethive’s Universal Income. [and it’s far from “Basic”]


Attributes of a Successful Market Network.

If you recall from history, back in the days of the Gold Rush, it turned out to be those who provided the tools and resources for the miners who benefited the most financially.

In a Market Network, a many-to-many transaction pattern is key. A Market Network often starts by enhancing a network of professionals that exists offline. Many of them have probably been transacting with each other for years using various offline methods of doing business: phone calls, fax, checks, and overnight packages. When moving all these connections and transactions into software, the creation of a Market Network makes it much easier for professionals to operate their businesses and for clients to get far better service.

  • Market Networks target more complex services. The highest value services are neither simple nor normally objectively judged. They can be more involved and longer term. Market Networks are designed for these types of services.

  • People matter. A Market Network is designed to acknowledge that as a core tenet while providing the best possible solution.

  • Collaboration happens around a project. The SaaS at the center of Market Networks focuses the action on a project that can take days, months or even years to complete.

  • Market Networks help build long-term relationships. For years, social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook have helped build long-term relationships. However, until Market Networks, they hadn’t been used for commerce and transactions.

  • Referrals flow freely. The Market Network software is designed to make referrals simple and more frequent.

  • Market Networks increase transaction velocity and satisfaction. The Market Network grows the closing ratios on proposals and expedites the payment process. The software also raises customer satisfaction scores, reduces miscommunications, and makes the work appealing, with outstanding results.



Starting NOW, there will be many more forward-thinking entrepreneurs stepping forward, with their sights set upon creating increasingly innovative, highly synchronized business models and solutions to doing business in the 21st century and beyond. Those who will be most successful will not only keep up with the speed at which technology continues to change, but they will align themselves ahead of the curve at all times.

Markethive built on the Blockchain with its own coin has made this whole system immutable, transparent, private and autonomous. This is the next generation in Social and Market Media. 

The potential payoff is predicted to be huge. Market Networks like Markethive will have a massive positive impact on how millions of people work and live, and how hundreds of millions of people buy and sell better services. 


Published on Ethereum World News



Deb Williams
Market Manager for Markethive, a global Market Network, and Writer for the Crypto/Blockchain Industry. Also a strong advocate for technology, progress, and freedom of speech.  I embrace "Change" with a passion and my purpose in life is to help people understand, accept and move forward with enthusiasm to achieve their goals. 

Thomas Prendergast

Own A Piece Of Markethive - Lifetime Income Opportunity


Own A Piece Of Markethive – Lifetime Income Opportunity

The Entrepreneur Program Explained.

Markethive, the first Social/Market Network built on the Blockchain introduces The Entrepreneur Program 

The Entrepreneur program is designed to leverage your system. Your free Markethive system is a market network, like a social network, but with powerful inbound marketing tools integrated into the system. This premier hybrid social network includes news feeds, blogging platforms, video channels, chat channels, groups, image sharing, link hubs, resume, profile page and peer to peer commerce. But more than a social network, we have also delivered to you “Inbound Marketing tools” like broadcasting, capture pages, lead funnels, autoresponders, self-replicating group tools, traffic analytics, and more. Plus, we are built on the Blockchain which allows Airdrops of 500 Markethive Coin (MHV) upon joining and micropayments for using the tools mentioned above. This is all free to you. 


The Markethive Coin – MHV Consumer Coin

Notably, MHV was listed on the first of many exchanges, including its own exchange [in development] in March in 2019 and is currently valued at $0.16. The Markethive coin will not be dependent upon speculative value as is the case with other cryptocurrencies and platforms, thereby creating eternal economic velocity in the entrepreneur ecosystem within Markethive.

The Consumer coin, MHV, is being utilized within the Markethive exchange by way of airdrops and the faucet system which rewards associates using the platform, so the coin is used within the commerce of the system thus creating the velocity. The Revenue is a vehicle that is used to buy the Markethive coin back in the free market so it can be redistributed into the economic vortex of the system. This is a fundamental difference to the other systems currently out there today

The Entrepreneur program is designed to add gold plating to an already stellar and unbelievably valuable system you receive for free. 


The Next Level

First, we begin with the AIRDROP. That means you receive a 100% Matching Airdrop bonus on all referrals from you so you build quality leads, not just friends. You are also included in the Markethive’s Advertising Co-op and receive new associates via the ad campaigns and traffic sponsored by Markethive. So if you struggle with recruiting friends and traffic, then just sit back and let us work for you.


Friends or Associates

As a free member by referring 3 people you activate the Markethive faucet or micropayment system and all free referrers are immediately made friends, just like Facebook does. Access to friends is limited to internal messaging and posting on their profile newsfeed (according to their settings) just like Facebook. 

As an Entrepreneur upgrade and when your traffic signs up through you, they become nurtured leads we call “Associates”. This gives you access to all their data, verified cell phone, email, GEOlocation and the list and links to all their Social networks they share in Markethive.


Traffic Portals And Banner Program 

You also share in our Traffic Portals, the traffic they produce, the revenue and the leads. Markethive’s many traffic portals include our Exchange, our Web Builder, our Commerce System, and our News Release sites. And we plan on releasing more on an ongoing basis. This one feature can produce for you a lifetime of success. We refer to them as money machines and share their success with you. 

You receive the exclusive Banner Program to publish three sizes optional banners within the Markethive dashboard and all the traffic portals. This means you get unlimited Banner advertisements in all of our traffic portals and Internet properties. This offer is incredibly valuable. Markethive properties are already receiving significant traffic and as we grow, that traffic is exclusively yours as an Entrepreneur upgrade.


Entrepreneur Profile Page

All subscribers have a profile page, but upgrading to Entrepreneur turns your Profile page into a capture page. When any traffic decides to subscribe to Markethive through your profile page or any of your Markethive blogs, they become an “Associate” (a highly qualified and nurtured lead) 

It essentially turns your Profile Page into a lead funnel acquiring the best quality leads on the Internet. With full data, their social networks verified phone, and text verified email and a contact management system that tracks data, stores dated notes, sends messaging and calendars events reminding actions on your Markethive calendar like callbacks, email, etc. And, of course, you also receive a 100% matching coins bonus from all direct registrations via the Infinity AirDrop Campaigns.

Become A Shareholder in Markethive (Limited Time)

You also get an equal ILP share after 12 months of continuity with the Entrepreneur program. This is only available for the first 1000 Entrepreneur upgrades. What that means… Liken to an ICO, your monthly payment is accrued and if you stay current for 12 straight months, we contribute to you a full 10% ILP which pay out a share of 20% of Markethive revenue for 20 years and longer. 

Receive matching ILP shares for all Entrepreneur Upgrades that come via your account and exclusive ICO like portals; Exclusive loyalty award program assigning a 10% share of an ILP for every 12 months of consecutive payments towards the Entrepreneur program. That is a minimum value of $1500. ILPs are the revenue engine for holders of these shares. 

Don’t know what an ILP is? Check out Initial Loan Procurement

This offer is only assigned to the top 1000 active Entrepreneurs in the program by seniority. The Entrepreneur Program is $100 mth, so with all you get, we are basically paying you back as well for the contribution for life.



The 8 points of upgrade

  1. Profile Page turns into lead “associates” capture page

  2. 100% matching bonus from the airdrops via your “associates”

  3. 100% matching bonus from your direct “associates” upgrade

  4. Loyalty Program 12 straight months, we contribute to you a full 10% ILP

  5. Unlimited Banner advertisement in all of our traffic portals

  6. Equal share from Markethive’s co-op advertising

  7. Traffic Portals seller classification

  8. Receive your own ILP site receive matching ILP shadow shares

During Markethive’s crowdfunding, all Entrepreneur upgrades also receive their own ILP site, assuring matching ILP shares as a reward for sending funding business to Markethive via your own personalized website. Similar to an ICO Site.

We are all entrepreneurs, and we know the future can have the greatest potential for those who take command and aggressively build their dreams. Markethive is dedicated to your dreams and has not only spent over 20 years perfecting our systems, but it’s also now built on the Blockchain ensuring your privacy and autonomy on a decentralized platform and have now built this Entrepreneur upgrade to accelerate your path to success. 


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Deb Williams
Market Manager for Markethive, a global Market Network, and Writer for the Crypto/Blockchain Industry. Also a strong advocate for technology, progress, and freedom of speech.  I embrace "Change" with a passion and my purpose in life is to help people understand, accept and move forward with enthusiasm to achieve their goals. 


Thomas Prendergast

Proof Of Concept Bounty Program

Proof Of Concept Bounty Program

We have been given a letter of intent. If we can show the mega power of Markethive building a recruiting machine for a particular opportunity issued by a certain wealthy entrepreneur, then he will fund us the revenue that will complete our last private fund raising campaign and fast track us to the end of summer launch. Are you in?

But I want to take it much further than that. You see, I am known for, on occasion, to break records in building huge organizations. I have always done this to help others, as I believe the greatest reward is to selflessly serve others. I believe in the concept of MLM, however, I also clearly recognize the horrid failure rate and I have many perspectives as to why this is a business that 97% fail at.

This is at the core of why I built and continue to improve what Markethive does and is all about. But that story is long, detailed and covers many decades of the history of Markethive. What I want to focus on here is the evolution of building record breaking organizations for the average citizen or netizen so to speak. Is that gender neutral enough for you?

In the business evolution process, and our preparing for our official public crowd funding launch end of summer, I met a dynamic angel investor, entrepreneur, who also engages in MLM occasionally. His interest is in fully funding Markethive. But he wanted to see Markethive prove itself, verify it’s ability, a Proof of Concept challenge. This is not uncommon in this industry and such a challenge is never backed up and rarely if ever followed through with.

Such was the case a few years back with Valentus. We answered the challenge and broke all the records, but the commitment to us was never met. Such as it is in this industry.

But this time seems different. The challenge was backed up by a letter of intent, simply stated, If we do this, He will do that (fund Markethive). Instead of just “doing that” we are building Super Groups to facilitate these challenges and our facilitating system to move this forward is being labelled Infinity Bounties.

We have already reached our first milestone with this campaign by fulfilling the terms of the letter of intent. But that is just going to be phase one. But there will be several phases with our goal to break records again with what has been termed the Prendergast effect.

I want you all to know, I have not taken a position in this deal. Nor has any principles of the company. We will be running this campaign, to drive the technology in our Super Groups.

Pay attention, because I will be building this out to break records and gain notice by doing so. This is what Markethive is built to do.

The future phases will be coming, after the letter of intent has been completed. So stay tuned, join the Super Group @

Thomas Prendergast

Thomas Prendergast

The One Bounty to rule them all

One Bounty To Rule Them All

Markethive’s flagship Coin Bounty is our “Infinity Bounty” (social registration and social following) with at least 9 of your social accounts following 12 of our social accounts. This Bounty affects all of our future bounties. Here is how it will work:

Step One: Make sure you have setup the following social networks for yourself. You can set up even more if you like but that is not required for this Bounty just the 12 listed here.

Step Two: Go to your Markethive Social Network control panel found in Markethive settings and register your social accounts there.

Step Three: Navigate to our social networks and follow us on the following: Twitter | Telegram | Reddit | Instagram | Youtube | LinkedIn | Pinterest | Facebook | Tumblr | Medium | Diigo | VKontakte

Step Four: The Infinity Bounty logo will now appear on your Profile page and the icon at the top above the nav bar in the Markethive dashboard signifying being currently active and qualified for this infinity bounty campaign. The ICON in your navbar tray will appear red when active and grey out when needing attention.

Summary: The “Infinity Bounty” program is designed to enhance most of our future and current Bounty, Faucet and Airdrop programs. IE: when you are fully qualified with the “Infinity Bounty” program, your faucet (micro payment) earnings increase by 10%. You will receive matching airdrop bonuses when your Associates upgrade to Entrepreneur. You will receive your first month in Entrepreneur program for free.  You will receive greater benefits from our other Bounty programs too.

Join our Infinity Bounty Group to stay up on the current direction we are going.

Thomas Prendergast



Thomas Prendergast