This has been the message I have been getting for many years.

But now, I believe “time is pretty much up” for America.
This will be the 3rd judgement Shemitah year.

First Judgement #1: 2001 World Trade Center 9.11.2001
Second Judgement #2: Stock Market financial collapseĀ  9.08.2008
Third Judgment “coming”: Expected to be extremely severe around September


I pray my older children’s curiosity draws them here on occasion so they, more than anyone else, read this warning.

“America! America! You who started off so fair, so full of faith and trust in Me. From what great height have you fallen! Where once faith was honored and protected, where life was sacred, where government was subject to its people, where I was enthroned on your praises. Look at you, a fallen woman! You have become common, a woman of the streets, dirty and diseased. Yet you know it not, says the Lord. REPENT and return to Me, and I will restore your glory! If you do not, you will sink into nothingness as the Romans and the Greeks did. Their great empires destroyed and given to others.

Do you wish to be great again? Then return unto Me, and I will restore you. If you continue in your ways, My hand will not be for you, but against you, says the Maker of heaven and earth. I can make you great again, or I can break and destroy you. The choice is yours.

Forsake your abominations of homosexuality and the great sin of abortion! You do not honor My chosen way for marriage, one man and one woman. You do not honor life, the life that I have created! Choose this day, Whom will you choose? Your own desires and lusts or the Way of truth and blessing. I will NOT contend with you as a Nation much longer, says the Lord.

As for My chosen people, those that love Me and Jesus the Christ, I say: Fear not! I will provide protection for My own. But, the days are coming when those who do not serve Me now in Spirit and in truth will go through a Great Tribulation. Then as they return to Me, the world will hate and persecute them even unto death. COME, return unto Me, My backsliding children! Let Me hide you under My wings, says the Lord!”