My Last and Final Wife. How I love thee more than oxygen, more than water.

I do not wish to say my second wife or my current wife. Annette is my true love, my only wife, my last love, my last wife. My eternal woman for ever after and eternity. I could not live without her. She fills up my senses, like a night in the forest.

She takes my breath away. Her gift of love is the desire of every man’s heart. How her eyes sparkle when she looks at me, when she smiles and tells me that she loves me, the way she wraps her arms around me and nestles into my chest. She fills up my senses. She is my goddess whom I adore. Her love disarms me and dispels all my fears. She is a wild rose growing unashamedly in a barren landscape. She is water for my thirsty soul, nourishment for my hungry heart. She comes to me in our private garden, unveiling her femininity and awakening the passion that stirs within me. My eyes can only see her. My heart aches for her alone. In love’s eternal moments we are forever one. ~ Daniel Nielsen

When she sent me this poem today, she commented that this man must have a love like we do.

I would post more, but I am going to make my bed then pick my wife up and carry her to it and make love to her for the rest of the day.

Thank you Jesus, for this great love, this awesome blessing, this final woman for me for the coming eternity. I am forever grateful to my Lord.